Both Watch Dogs and Rainbow 6 Patriots from Ubisoft have shown up on an EB Games reserve list. Neither of these games have been announced by Ubisoft for Wii U so this firmly remains a rumour. You will also notice that they still have the original release date for Rayman Legends which has been delayed on Wii U and is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Thanks, Erich



    • thats true but the thats true but the final product is great just alot of poeple ar too lazy and go with the simple x box but istill got the os3 cause it only felt right


    • Naaaah. The PC version blows the ps4 and 720 version out of the water and the Wiiu version whilst probably the worst version , looks awesome at 720p and has some excellent features.


        • If the game is coming out on PS3 and 360 then it won’t be the worst in graphis…

          But honestly having the worst graphics out of PC , PS4 , 720 versions would not matter. As long as the core gameplay is the same , Off screen play , Miiverse and gamepad features Is what the Wiiu will use to make up graphical shortcomings…


    • Not really, since the Wii U can actually handle PC Texture quality and can run games like NFS: Most Wanted at a smooth 60 fps without a drop then its most likely that the Wii U version will look the same as the PS4 and Next Xbox versions.


    • Yeah because it’s all about power. Nothing new, nothing innovative, nothing creative… just power. No evolution towards the actual way of gaming or connecting to other gamers. Just. Power.

      Yehp. And then here comes the gaming PC which shits completely on the next playstation and next xbox.


  1. Awesome news for Nintendo direct: they announce that Rayman Legends is back to it’s original release date and that Ubisoft is also bringing Watch Dogs and Rainbow 6 to Wii U.


  2. I hope this isn’t announced at the Nintendo Direct as it would mean Europe won’t get these games! Would be especially good if they revamp the games before release too. Like that came Bully


  3. I saw walking dead and thought it was the Tell Tale game…unfortunatly, its not. Shame, people need to play it >.<

    Anyway i thought Ubisoft suspended Rainbow 6 all together?


  4. If this is true Ubisoft better work work hard on optimizing Watch Dogs for the Wii U. If there are any glitches and shit not present in the other versions then I will stop supporting them completely. They are on VERY thin ice from the Rayman delay.


  5. If you think about it, Watch Dogs is really a game made to be made for the Wii U, I mean it’s about a guy with a phone that controls the city’s electrical infrastracture, the U-Pad? hello?

    If thisturns out to be false then it would be such a wasted opportunity.

    But if it is true…Ubisoft would have redeemed themselves…for my part anyway considering I want that game more than Rayman.


  6. Also, they need to release Watchdogs and Rainbow6 for the WiiU at the same time as the other consoles to redeem themselves, otherwise they will still be A$$ holes.


  7. I have doubts about this. Rayman Legends still has its original release day, so… something smells fishy, here. Or perhaps Ubisoft came to their senses and decided to release the game for Wii U on the date that it was ORIGINALLY supposed to come out on? One can only dream.


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