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Third-Party 3DS Nintendo Direct Set For Next Week


Nintendo Japan will be hosting another Nintendo Direct presentation next week, but this time it will concentrate on third-party efforts for Nintendo 3DS. Details are obviously scarce regarding what we might see, but it will certainly be an interesting one regardless. What third-party games would you like to see?

58 thoughts on “Third-Party 3DS Nintendo Direct Set For Next Week”

    1. Yes the Wii U really needs some third party support. I hope they do a direct in 2 weeks for third party wii u titles that we haven’t seen or haven’t been anounced.

      1. I mean if they come out and say “we have Watch Dogs, Rainbow 6 Patriots, Metal Gear Ground Zeroes and Star Wars 1313, that’ll be enough

        1. There is some good stuff coming!

          Monster hunter , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Need for speed most wanted , Watch dogs , Rainbow 6 , Obviously Modern warfare 4 *sigh* , Lego city , Sniper elite and more. Just need a few more announcements to beef it up a bit. And I’m pretty sure we will get them.

          1. I know and honestly, if i want multiplats i’ll just buy a ps4, but i would prefer Ground Zeroes and the like on WiiU, just because of the community, but i mainly want those games announced so people will finally shut the fuck up

            1. Indeed shutting people up is important. We have 2 games from straight right coming , Watch dogs , Rainbow 6 and much more yet to be announced.

              Having a game like Watch dogs with off screen play on Wiiu would be amazing. I will take a 720p 30FPS Wiiu version with gamepad features over a 1080p 60FPS PS4 version or whatever..

              1. What I actually want to see are some exclusives. Now that Rayman Legends is going Multiplat we don’t have that many third party exclusives this year.

    1. Yes, that’s what I’m hoping for too. I mean the Direct today should have been enough for the 3Ds. They should set their focus on the Wii U.

    1. Yes it does, IWATA is nintendo world president. He also gave us a promise of every nintendo project making it to the other world markets. Since the 3DS has been bought in droves world wide nintendo is even pushing bundles like the monster hunter 3 ultimate pack in Europe. Smile and rest easy :).

    2. So if a new final fantasy game or Kingdom hearts game or something similar was unveiled that will most likely come west you would not care ?

  1. Make no mistake people, Nintendo knows that the Gameboy generations alá 3DS XL have always supported the company and made it profits. The 3DS line is nintendo’s most important division since 1989-1990. The Wii U is sitting pretty right now. With the release of wonderful e-shop games this month. MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE, NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED and LEGO CITY UNDER COVER in Early march 18th and 19th. All is wonderful for the three century strong company from Kyoto Japan.

  2. that pretty much confirms that we will see a 3rd party direct in the near future. it’s a positive sign that they are seperated. shows that there are plenty of things to talk about the two system 3rd party games.

  3. more 3ds stuff? jesus, they really need to start focusing on the wiiu right now more than anything lol. and the fact that we’re not getting rayman legends this month means they really need to show something new coming for the system to keep people interested. oh well, still love my wiiu, just wish it was doing a bit better in the game library lol

    1. The 3DS has FAR too much content :S
      Just look at this list for Europe this year

      *takes a deep breathe*

      Luigi’s mansion 2
      Castlevania MoF
      Monster Hunter Ultimate
      Animal Crossing new leaf
      Fire emblem awakening
      Pokemon X and Y
      Pokemon mystery dungeon
      Donkey kong country returns 3D
      Mario and Luigi RPG 4
      Project X zone
      Mario golf world tour
      Code of Princess
      Etrian odyssey 4
      Inazuma 11 strikers 3D
      Lego city undercover : the chase begins

      And much much MUCH more. I feel overwhelmed , and we’re only in February , TONS 100%+ more games will be anounced to release in 2013 for 3DS.

      How the fuck am I gunna afford all that alongside the Wiiu games that pick up momentum late march.

      1. I KNOW lol. im losing my mind. way too many great games all coming at once. e3 with be quite the sanity challange if they start announcing tons of new games like the new zelda and showing off what retro has been working on along with a new 3d mario mario kart and smash bros…. EUAHAUAGUHEUAGUHEAUGEU

        1. They might damage the sales of each 3DS game if they’re all released in quick succession. But they will probably all sell like hot cakes anyway :S

          E3 will no doubt bring about 10 3DS games to be released in 2013 aswell.
          And 10 Wiiu games ….

  4. Virus, the Lone Axem Ranger

    Must be more economical for them to do Directs.
    Nothing can replace commercials, though. They’re keeping us fed AND keeping us hungry and its brilliant! 8D

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  6. Ii’m not that worried, the 3DS had worse launch games than Wii U in some ways…
    And today is the fastest growing one.
    I bet they’ll do the same with Wii U soon enough.
    Barely 3 months babes, our new weapons will arrive shortly >)
    The Vitanic is finished…in Japan…

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  8. Why wasn’t Wonderful 101 or Pikmin 3 at the last Nintendo Direct. If it’s get delayed one more time, I’m going to freak.

  9. I’ll pass. I don’t care about third-party games. Unless it’s a joint effort with Nintendo and some other company working together.

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