Online gaming publication Kotaku recently got the chance to speak to Alex Ward, the Creative Director of Criterion Games. It turns out Ward is very fond of the Wii U and thinks that Wii U owners deserve the best version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which is why they have used the PC graphics assets in the Wii U game and included Miiverse support. Here’s Wards thoughts on both Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Wii U and the Wii U itself.

“Well this is our first game on the hardware. We wanted to go back to like we used to be. If you know we’re doing the game, you know we’ve looked at the hardware and said, ‘What’s the best damned thing we can do on that?’ We’re going to support everything we can. We support MiiVerse fully, online play.”

“Everyone wants to talk about this and that on the hardware, and it’s not as interesting to me. What’s really important is what we’re doing with the player experience. The games I’m playing on Wii U—Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U—what Nintendo [does], they just deliver excellent gameplay. It’s probably one of the big problems in the industry at the moment. Everyone—you guys—like to talk about specs and this and that. We’ve got to get back to just playing the game. And that’s what this game is about. It’s about a simple, fun experience. It’s not about 10,000,000 polygons and who does this and who does that.”




  1. Everyone—you guys—like to talk about specs and this and that. We’ve got to get back to just playing the game. And that’s what this game is about. It’s about a simple, fun experience. It’s not about 10,000,000 polygons and who does this and who does that.”

    I’ve been trying to say that for a LOONNGG time now, but the only thing my friend’s children play are Call of Duty and Halo. Oh well, they’re missing out.


  2. I’m surprised a developer under EA is praising something nintendo related. Also it’s funny how the people who ported high-end assets is actually the one saying it shouldn’t be about the graphics. neat


  3. So agree with this guy. If only some gamers would stop being so over obnoxious about graphics and specs, maybe things can move forward within gaming communities. It’s so refreshing that a developer who actually has deals in technology – not just wannabe internet “spec-quoters” – has made the point about overall GAMING ENJOYMENT over 10,000,000 polygons, CPU, GPU this that and the other. NFSMW U Looks amazing and looks fun and I will most likely get it after I get my Wii U. Proof that the Wii U can deliver.


  4. Alex Ward is what most western developers should aspire to be. Talented and intelligent. Add humility to that and we shall be having gaming gems this generation.


  5. Applause.. Seriously.

    Also I feel like I felt last year a few months before E3. Nintendo has a lot to prove/show. Too many doubters out there who haven’t even touched the Wii U. E3 is their chance to really make a push. And lastly…MARKETING! Where did all the commercials go? Hopefully they are shooting new ones for ALL target markets.


  6. Criterion Games are truly passionate about making Need for Speed: Most Wanted U the definitive version for Nintendo’s console… the Wii U. Alex Ward is truly one of the many Nintendo supporters from around the world. We need more people like Ward today, tomorrow, and beyond.


  7. Well said, Alex Ward. I wish all developers and publishers had the same mentality as you do. The industry would be a much better place. Leave luck to heaven.


  8. hate bland gameplay, the graphics are so good, im like this game is so fun, why do you think that snes and n64 games are still fun, im not even from the snes era, i was to young to be able to play it, so it shows how i think about games


  9. You sir have earned my undying respect. Much MUCH kudos to you friend. We finally got another developer who cares for just playing/crafting a good game not about the aesthetics


    • I really hate to tell you this, Adarazz… but I have to agree with you and you’re right. The more we see developers taking full advantage of the Wii U hardware, the better. You’ve earned your respect.


  10. Support the devs. We need to support the devs and not worry who the publishers are. If we don’t start supporting the devs they have nor eason to take Nintendo hardware owners serious.
    Nintendo has the least 3rd party support of all 4 platforms it is getting better. But for once we can actually show the differences now devs no longer have the excuse of what they can’t do WiiU has it all now. So supporting devs on WiiU other devs and publishers will start to see that our money looks, smells, feels and spends the same as everyone elses. Example why Black Ops 2 still have no confirmed DLC for WiiU. The game plays amazing on WiiU but the lack of sales is probably why they wont even bother to hit at DLC only patches. And for the first time ever I am glad I got a multiplatform game on Nintendo hardware. Just hope Activision wises up as much as some Nintendo gamers.


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