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Trade-In Xenoblade At GameStop And Get $45


An email going out to GameStop customers says that those of you that wish to trade-in Xenoblade Chronicles will get $45 trade-in value. The high trade-in value could be due to the fact that copies of Xenoblade Chronicles are now rather hard to come by. GameStop is also currently offering a 50% extra in-store credit for every game traded in.

Thanks, Martin

131 thoughts on “Trade-In Xenoblade At GameStop And Get $45”

        1. Indeed. It is one of few games I take breaks from when I play it just to absorb all the awesomeness the game contains.

          1. Fact. Everything is amazingly well-built in the game. Storyline, soundtrack, animations, characters. Alongside The Last Story (another masterpiece), the best RPG ever launched on Wii – I’d say even better than Zelda Skyward Sword. Now I’m in the countdown for Pandora’s Tower. Let’s see.

              1. If I were you, I would stop by a Game Stop store today – if you live in the US. I bet there are still some units available somewhere.

          2. I trade yours in damnit so I can finally get it >:T

            It’s so hard to find and whenever one pops up its ridiculously expensive.

            If its hard to find a Wii game now just imagine when Monolithes Soft’s X comes out.

    1. There are a few copies always at the one closest to me so evidently everyone is different. I imagine that pandora’s tower will be the same way in most stores when it’s released.

    2. I went in last week to get a copy, but was told the game was sold out everywhere. No online copies…I don’t want to pay $60+ on Amazon…

    3. Hahaha fuck that i want my Xenoblade bitches!! In the future it’s going to be displayed in a bullet proof glass case lol JK but i really love that game!

    1. Doubt it. I think fewer people will separate with it than the people who wants to buy it. If you do not camp your local Game Stop it will take a while.

  1. Amazon: 17 new from $179.99 11 used from $133.98 2 collectible from $195.00

    This is like the Conker’s Bad Fur Day of today. Released near the end of console’s life, praised by critics and fans, wicked expensive.

  2. First Metroid Prime Trilogy, now Xenoblade. Two Wii games that are extremely hard to come by and expensive for when you do find it. Who has both?

    1. I have Metroid Prime Trilogy and I really want Xenoblade, I live in Brazil so I can already give up(no GameStop in Brazil) D:

      1. I cannot understand why Nintendo only allowed one game store to distribute Xenoblade Chronicles in the West. Another weird – and stupid thing – is that the biggest retailer in the America, Amazon, doesn’t have the Wii U console officially.

    2. I got Xenoblade, but not Trilogy; since I own all Prime games seperately. Kinda regret not buying it, since I can’t play them on Wii U except Metroid Prime 3: Corruption :-\

        1. And this is the reason why I collect Nintendo games, because for the most part the value stays the same or goes up, depending on condition…GC(87 and counting), DS(22 and counting), Wii(23 and counting), 3DS(8 and counting), Wii U(7 and counting)…and probably 95% of those are in near mint condition with manuals and artwork…though I am mostly focused on trying to actually collect EVERY game for the GC right now, and I still have such a long way to go….

          1. I collect games too but mine are all sealed. Mario 25 anniversary red Wii and DS, Zelda 3ds bundle. 60 Wii games. Metroid prime collection, Zelda skyward sword limited edition, xenoblade, last story, mario all star included. 100 DS games. 15 3DS games. I love collecting and playing games. It’s my favorites hobby.

    3. Got both of them at the same time (along with DKCR) months ago. Glad I did that (sad part was that I also got Other M. I hate those controls).

        1. Why would you hope for the rumours not to be true ? Why would ANY gamer not want a gaming console to be great ? I don’t understand. It’s like saying “I want this gaming company to fail miserably”. And if you say that, you obviously are not interested in video games as a whole, but in those silly and childish fanboy-wars. That’s really sad.

            1. Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows!
              Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows! Wows!

    1. I most definitely am. It’s always fantastic to see new consoles get revealed, I simply love it and am really hyped every single time.
      Oh, and the video is plain awesomeness. I can’t even tell how many times I watched/listened to it today. The chorus is just brilliant, really.

  3. There are being heard rumours that,the playstation 4 will kill the wiiU and the next xxxbox.
    I don’t know about you guys but if the ps4 will come with better specs and games (i dont give a shit about graphics) and with a new controller the wiiU will might suffer.I wish Nintendo could had waited a little before they show their “project cafe”:

    1. Not that I care what is in it, but the rumors all the news sites(those that are waiting for the reveal anyway) are running do not have the system doing backflips over the Wii U…more powerful? Sure. More expensive? Also certain. Backwards compatibility? Looking like no to streaming from online servers(which means you need good solid broadband)…as a consumer, that would irritate me. Also looking like it will be pretty identical to 720, but the real kicker? All these news places seem pretty set(and apparently EA has said it as well, don’t know if that makes it legit, but at least more credible I guess) that both systems will be ditching used games. Now none of this matters to me, as I won’t be getting either system anyways, but if they actually do cut out used games then I think that is Bad News Bears, and will certainly spell disaster on a whole once the word spreads. Maybe not in the early going, but long term it will not go over well. But, alas, I guess we will see.

    2. If it comes with better games, maybe. But I doubt it. Nintendo have these console selling IP’s that pretty much prevents them to fail.

  4. For the insane prices this game is selling for on eBay and Amazon, 45 dollars is a ripoff. Like always when it comes to Gamestop.

  5. Sad Story: I saw this on the shelf visiting my parents in California. I said “I’ll wait until I go back to Massachusetts to avoid the higher sales tax.” I get back, no copies anywhere. XP

  6. I appreciate the Effort by GameStop to get this game in more people’s hands, but do they really think anyone is trading in one of the best game the Wii has? And do they really think anyone’s gonna take $45 for it when it’s worth at least 100-150 per copy?

    Nice try, Nintendo, make this a greatest hit & knock the price down to $30 & watch the cash flow in.

    1. Actually, I hate it when Nintendo releases the discounted Nintendo Selects games (formerly called Player’s Choice). Because I feel as if they’re not as special or valuable as the original releases (especially since they have to ruin the front cover art with the words NINTENDO SELECTS). Even though they’re the same game when they become a Nintendo Select, I feel like the Selects are only good for gifts, but not for myself. Except in cases where the Selects version is the only release available (like with New Play Control Pikmin 2).

  7. As soon as I heard it was going to be a gamestop exclusive, I knew I had to get it at launch. I won’t ever sell it!

  8. Not worth it, Xenoblade Chronicles is probably one of the best game I’ve ever played, I’m going to hold onto my copy

    1. They could…but now I just play it on the Wii U with the HDMI on 1080p and it definitely looks upscaled to me…I’m not technical expert, but the removal of jaggies and static and the vibrant look of the colors definitely look better than on the Wii…

  9. if u can’t find a copy just get the iso version and play it via usbloader gx on a softmodded wii/wiiu. just a thought.

  10. Wow, I got a used copy without the case for around $45, ima go sell it lollll. One day I’ll get a copy with the case and everything! Its my dream

  11. Hmm….the Wikipedia says that Xenoblade Chronicles was also available in the US at Best Buy stores. That might explain why I could swear that I saw it somewhere other than Gamestop. But I thought it was Wal-Mart. Oh well.

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