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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Demo Coming Next Week To Nintendo 3DS eShop

pokemon_mystery_dungeon_gates_to_infinity_artNintendo of America has announced, via Twitter, that the demo for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is coming next week to North America. Beginning Thursday, March 7th, you can download the free demo from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. When the full game is released on March 24th, consumers will be able to purchase a physical copy from retailers, or they can download the digital version from the Nintendo eShop.

84 thoughts on “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Demo Coming Next Week To Nintendo 3DS eShop”

      1. Who said anything about the WiiU,The person said NINTENDO*steadily holds Bat*

        Leaving the WiiU aside.I not really into Pokemon Spinoffs,so meh.I think i’ll pass on this one if the Demo doesn’t really jump my exceptation.

          1. I never said that,did I? The person specifically said NINTENDO.If s/he wanted,s/he would have put “This has been a great two weeks for WiiU and 3DS” but s/he didn’t.

            1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

              Wii U is one of Nintendo main platforms. Wii U has not been selling well. What he should have said is, “This has been a great two weeks for Nintendo, in terms of…”.

              1. For all we knew,s/he was talking in terms of Nintendo games,not Nintendo CONSOLES.Your basing your statements on Implications.But enough of that,we know WiiU sells ain’t going well,it’s getting sort of good support from third developers(mainly Ubisoft) and many people are making apocalyptic theories that Nintendo well be left for Bankruptcy.And 3DS is going swell as usual.So let’s get that out of the way and focus on the article at hand.

              2. But it has been a good week for Nintendo overall is what he’s saying.The success of the 3DS has outdone the limited success of the Wii U, and Nintendo has had a good week adding it all up.

  1. Will check out the Demo. Was going to get the game cause its was the 1st 3D Pokemon game. (Rumble doesnt count) Then Pokemon X and Y was announced lol. So instead I’m waiting for Pokemon X.

        1. Bean Sprouts, Comes Out, Look South

          lol you tell em……………….. regardless of the right and wrong. Your statement hold some serious weight.

      1. Roberto Von Dyke XII

        You put ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’ in your comment and a question mark before the ‘why’. Why?

        1. Ohh excuse me sir for my little grammar error, did I have to remind you that we are not robots to be perfect all the time?…

          1. Well not being mean but, we are a “Right Click” and “Spelling and Grammar Check” away from be perfect……. one each and ever computer, well modern computer away.

  2. This is great news but i hope in the future Nintendo releases e3 demos as after the event is over this year. It makes no sense why just journalists can play them and tell us if its good or bad instead of us giving the demos a shot. Also the demo units at stores like best buy had mario 3d land to try out way before the game was released and not in the eshop.

  3. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

    Nintendrones will still buy the game even after discovering how shitty it is from the demo.

      1. I didnt even consider fire emblem and the demo got me to buy the game. Im not into that kind of rpg but its real fun. I hope this game does it for me as well

  4. This game actually looks pretty cake. The DS pokemon mystery dungeon games had terrible visuals. This one however is full on 3D! For that shallow reason alone , I think this game will be a lot better than the DS games which i did play and like a little bit…

    1. i read that they sacrifice the point of the game which was the awesome story for more 3D. the story sucks and its a disgrace for the mystery dungeon series.

          1. I know you are sad because digimon is now in Nintendo console but there is no need to cry but if you need to you can use my shoulders but dont kiss me in the neck that tickcles.

                1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

                  Killzone, Dark Souls, Uncharted, BioShock, God of War, Crysis, Elder Scrolls, Tomb Raider, Half-Life, Portal, Battlefield.

                    1. 10 cents he googled that list…………… wait a minute, only real men use google, i bet he Binged that list.

  5. Education :

    1) To new and young Nintendo gamers being introduced to this world of entertainment. You are now embarking on the greatest gaming systems and IPs ever created. From first, second and third party developers. Innovation like no other.

    2) On the Wii U you shall play innovative games that keep you intrigued and your intellect thinking. Puzzles in Zelda and danger on every turn, monsters hunter’s vast hunting and crafting plus twists galore. Metroid’s universe and her ice seeker missiles. Mario and Luigi’s stamp on making video games video games, saving the whole industry from the shambles the Atari 2600 and the Atari Game E.T. Left it in. That’s nintendo for you gamers, gaming PERSONIFIED :). blessed weekend, rest, do your homework, chores, love your ladies and eat great food.

      1. Yes indeed. Rated from e to m, and also other mescellaneous ratings lol :). Hope to catch you online for monster hunter 3 ultimate and needs for speed most wanted wonder edition.

      1. You are welcome. Also check out the Metroid prime trilogy for the Wii.

        Redsteel 2, I insist redsteel 2 on the Wii. On the 3DS play professor Layton, also Niño Kuni and Golden sun new dawn DS games that are games and work on the backward compatible 3DS.

        1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

          I’m talking about Gamer, Macarony64. Gonna get some of those sexy Puerto Rican girls, big man?!

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  7. The One and Only, after you

    YO the Demo was good, they removed the gay Belly system and added all 4 attacks to the L button and it don’t feel as if your your moving on squares, however you still get the aspect of it. It’s much better that the older Mystery Dungeons in game play and looks awesome BUT, and BUT, we can only wait to see if they nailed a good story like all the rest, cause the game can look good but if they story can’t hold meh, i don’t know about you all but a good story line is important. Put Simple You will Love the Game if you are a return Mystery Dungeon Fan, it demo stands out, to short but stands out. If your thinking to Try or Buying it, “IF” you have interest i this genre of gaming them it is something to consider. Me I’m buying it.

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  9. this is so cool I love what there coming out with for the Nintendo 3ds now This game then in june ACNL will be released too. though can’t grip the 3ds XL idea at all ruins the look of ds games and don’t like the color palette or bulkiness of the system.I will stick to my glossy shiny red 3ds. I love all the Pokemon Mystery Dungeons and have played them all and on March 24 I will be playing this one. I end up being a pikachu in every one of them, for the personality test at the start. can’t get into the other pokemon games anymore I played and beat all of them up to white 2 never got ahold of that one and never plan to boring and repetitive..

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