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ZombiU Team At Ubisoft Has New Multi-Platform Game In Development

zombiU_screenshot_multiplayerA Ubisoft Montreal employee’s LinkedIn resume has revealed that the company is working on a new game which is currently in development for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The LinkedIn profile says that Gregory Riachi’s game is a full physics related project, which the team started developing in November 2012.

44 thoughts on “ZombiU Team At Ubisoft Has New Multi-Platform Game In Development”

      1. Ubisoft wouldn’t make the sequel exclusive. ZombiU was a one time deal… In fact I expect it to be multiplatform.

        But of course I could careless about exclusives. I’m really hoping we can get a sequel to ZombiU, because the game would be amazing if it was polished.

    1. No, if they are creating another Zombie U game, it will be exclusive for the Wii U, but this game that they are talking about is for ALL consoles.

      1. A sequel could still be multiplat, considering the story could be very unrelated. It would be a shame to give up all the awesome GamePad features.

          1. Zombi2. Easy. Removes the U and gives it a sequel name.
            Honestly odds are if they made a ZombiU sequel, it would be multiplat and they’d probably build in GamePad features for the Wii U version.

  1. What they need to do is promote the Wii U more. People don’t even really know about it and what it can do yet. On another note, I am very excited to see what this game is

    1. You’re right! I think that’s where they went wrong, they didn’t create the hype they did for the original Wii. But at the same time, the Wii U’s concept is so much harder to understand! Everyone could imagine what a Wii remote could do, but the two-screen-experience is something you have to try out to understand ^^ I was even surprised how much I enjoyed Miiverse, even thought I knew what it was! :D

    2. But what motivation do they have for doing so? 3rd party developers rarely make exclusives for a reason, it vastly reduces that games market. Zombie U was an exception, and I think it was made planning for the Wii U to be a huge hit. Now that actual sales figures are released and Ubisoft knows how many sales they’d lose by making an exclusive, they’re playing it safe with multiplatform releases.

    3. Big N needs to show ASAP their first party porpular games, so the people will know the potential of Wii U. Let’s wait Wind Waker remake gameplay demostrations.

          1. I thought the reboot was probably the best one, if not only for artstyle, but i generally liked the mechanics better.
            Otherwise the games are just parcour that works 80% of the time, which is why time revserve thing is in the game anyway, and mediocre hack n slash.
            Least the reboot focus battles into more 1 on 1 type battles and platforming was more fluid.

  2. Sweet. You can’t argue with Ubisoft apart from the Rayman delay.

    Rayman Legends , AC4 , Watchdogs , Splintercell black list (pretty much confirmed) , Beyond good and evil 2 (pretty much confirmed) , This game….

    They really do have a pipeline on Wiiu games in development. They probably have 1 or 2 more in development , good games that is. They probably have just dance 5 and all that shit in development for Wiiu aswell..


    Words of wisdom. Ubisoft messing up, has allowed us to get ubisoft’s entire necessary library :). Now people stop crying about Rayman, just buy it used lol.

    1. I don’t buy anything used. I’ll be getting it new. That being said, I’ll be getting my Wii U soon (The special monster hunter bundle one) what other games should I get?

  4. I wonder if it could be Prince of Persia since it’s a physics based game? Hmmm…… Anyways I doubt it’s ZombiU 2 because of the description of it being a physics based game. It could also be a new platformer they are working on.

  5. Really misinformed article writer. The LinkedIn profile says he develops physics based projects on all platforms. It’s a phys engine developer. This “new game” can be any game, most likely AC4.

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