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Pre-Orders Open For The Wonderful 101

the_wonderful_101_charactersPre-orders for upcoming Wii U-exclusive The Wonderful 101 are now being accepted by retailers. To pre-order the action video game from GameStop, go here, or click here to pre-order it from Amazon. Nintendo has yet to confirm a release date for the title, but it was initially classified as a launch window game, which is the period beginning November 18th, 2012, and ending March 31st.

68 thoughts on “Pre-Orders Open For The Wonderful 101”

    1. Let me be the one to actually congratulate you instead of being a troll. *shakes hand* Good job sir! You won absolutely nothing!

  1. I’m getting this game! I know they won’t release one, but I want to play a Mario Kart Wii U demo or a demo of the next Smash! I have a couple of demos on my Wii U, the favorite being Rayman Legends!

    1. me too lol, but i hate the limit on how many times u can play the demo, since we hardly have any compelling games to play on wii-u at the moment,lucky iam a gamer who owns an plays on all platforms,the wii-u launch left me pissed at Nintendo,we need a 3d mario,or metroid game, but regardless i love my wii-u, the thing has potential, but needs Nintendo to get their ass in gear an launch some games,hell i cant believe pikmin still isnt out, WTF? pikmin, rayman all should have been launch games,not in 2013, an screw all this 3to4 month launch window, thats total bullshit! we need games, an we need them fast! my wii-u is depressed at the moment

      1. As a self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy I am inclined to agree with you. The Wii U launch was pretty suckish in terms of the software available at retail. Sure we got a Mario game at launch as well as a mini-game compilation but Pikmin 3 should have been ready to go or at least Game and Wario available in January/February. It reminds me a lot of the 3DS launch which was really bad (I’d say even worse than the Wii U launch) but that could be a good thing too……..if it ends up selling as fast as the 3DS is.

        1. Gotta agree with you both here. Ended up buying GOTY editions games on other platforms just to fill in the void. Not too bad though since I discovered some good ones but after the New Super Mario Bros & Nintendo Land hype, that got me buying a Wii U in the first place, I really felt that I could have waited until mid 2013 instead – only because of the lack of good games (that are not overpriced multiplatformers).

  2. The Wonderful 101 is just one of the two games developed by PlatinumGames that I definitely want on the U. The problem is that I’m saving up all of my cash to purchase Need for Speed: Most Wanted U.

    1. Eh, I more excited for Bayonetta 2 personally. Hopefully they package the first game as well as a bonus.

            1. I know right! The trolls on were are getting progressively more pathetic. Especially this Nova guy who’s been coming here the past few days.

              We have the classic trolls: Aeolus, Ness, Neutron, Zigfried, and Bill. The rest are just pathetic wannabes.

          1. i don’t give a fuck about bayo2,the first bayo i found it so damn gross, fuckin awful game. furthermore bayo2 will be a gross game ass.

            1. Wow! Could you please tell the entertaining trolls to come back? Because you are sooooooooo boring!

              1. i’m not here to entertain to anyone of the nintyfags i’m here to everyone hates me and by reading your post it seems i got it already hahahahahahahaahaha

            2. Never encourage anybody to take their life, because you do not know their situation, but seriously, dedicating your time to hating others and calling them names because you think it’s fun, and then on the internet? That you don’t even have the balls to do it in real life, so you could at least face consequences afterwards. I sort of hope your life is empty and hollow, and it’s not that your messages piss me off, they are a part of every gaming forum, it’s just that this site seemed so simple and cool, a place for Nintendo fans to be left alone and to enjoy the good news that’s actually coming for the Wii U, instead of all the bad stuff that the media is focusing on. Die in a fie.

              Regards Oliver.

    1. Talk about virgins…
      Even if you’re not taking part of the recreation of the younger generation,
      you could still try to find something better to do with your life?

  3. I think they’ve done a pretty poor job at communicating what this game is actually about. So far all I really know is “lots of superheroes”. Hopefully as release gets closer they’ll fill us in a bit better.

  4. At first I didn’t really care for this game. Now I can’t get enough information about it. I’ll definitely be buying this day one and the game can’t come soon enough. I mean it’s made by Hideki Kamiya, it has a superhero action take on Pikmin gameplay, it looks gorgeous, and it’s a new IP on Wii U. What’s not to love?

  5. We got screwed out of a lot of supposed “launch window” games. Wonderful 101, Pikmin, Rayman Legends, etc.

  6. It’s like Pikmin but with ACTION, Giant Guns, Robot Aliens, and Super Heroes!! And it’s made by Platinum who are experts at Fast-paced action games, so i’m definetly going to buy this game. :P (I just hope it’s not too short).

    1. I saw this game running at Wii U experience in last August. Frankly, it did not call my attention at all. Actually, I was really excited about Rayman Legends and the assymetric multiplayer… But… TW 101 can be a nice game. Never know.

  7. Nintendo better partner up with Platinum Games for more games if they want Wii U to survive. They should also partner up with Mystwalker, the people who made Last Story.

    1. Agreed. I think Nintendo should play a huge effort in getting an Anarchy Reigns Wii U port and a Madworld 2 exclusive (the have to publish it in all regions and handle the markerting plus ADVERTISE). They should also buddy up with Mistwalker too and try and turn The Last Story into the next Final Fantasy series as well as buddy up with Monolith and keep their games on Nintendo platforms. Those three companies would all be compelling enough to keep Nintendo systems relevant.

      1. I agree, but Monolith Soft is already a Nintendo First-Party(Like Retro) since the late 2000s(I forgot the exact year). So their games will always be a Nintendo Exclusive. (Can’t wait for to see X at E3) :P

      1. Hum, ok. Actually, regard to Rayman Legends: what bothered me is not the fact of it becoming multiplat, but being postponed. I hope TW 101 is launched very soon, since it appears to be a good game (at least there is a lot of anticipation on it) which can help to speed up Wii U sales.

  8. Something about this game always gets me excited when seeing news about this will definitely be a insta-buy for me.

  9. Can’t wait look really good and different which is good.By the end of the year I will be looking to have twenty to thirty games on the u and most of them quality wise brilliant.

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    1. The fanboys likely won’t beg for this game.
      They’re too used to shiny shooters to give anything with these graphics a fair shot, not to mention the controller would probably be too difficult for them to use.
      That and those fanboys simply despise Nintendo.

      Now, honest-to-goodness multiplatform gamers with some spare money for the system and game, however……

  11. What’s so great about this game? Shitty graphics and simple gameplay and looks like it could have been a downloadable game. Wii U has no games

  12. I have the hardest time understanding why people thinks this game looks so cool? I’m just not seeing it. Some say it”s cool because of looking similar to Viewtiful Joe (the art style). Well, that’s one of the reasons I DON’T like it. I HATE Viewtiful Joe.

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