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Dead Island Riptide Developer Explains Why It Won’t Be Coming To Wii U


Dead Island: Riptide Creative Producer Alexander Toplansky has explained that Dead Island: Riptide won’t be coming to the Wii U. Toplansky says that in order for the game to come to Wii U the game engine would have to be rewritten and that’s not something they are prepared to do. Toplansky was also asked whether or not the game will come to the Wii U in the future, to which he replied “It’s not something I would categorically rule out, but it’s not something that’s planned.”

“One of the opportunities we had for Riptide was to continue the development of the engine, and really improve it and make a lot of refinements.”

“The things that are required to bring something to a new platform, you need to either really get to be integrating it deep into the engine, or you’ve got to [do] a port.”

“Neither one of those was a satisfactory outcome for us, so we decided to do what we got platform-wise and just make sure that we can deliver the best experience we can.”

Asked whether the franchise could appear on Wii U in future, Toplansky replied: “There are no plans for the moment.”

“It’s not something I would categorically rule out, but it’s not something that’s planned.”

154 thoughts on “Dead Island Riptide Developer Explains Why It Won’t Be Coming To Wii U”

  1. Aaand cue the Nintendo fanboys that will say they that they don’t care about this game.
    You know it be true.

      1. No is not a blow is a little bumb but not a blow and i say in the first post about this that i dont care.

    1. whether they are fanboys or not depends on whether they actually cared and if they’re lying, I don’t care because I honestly didn’t hear about this game in the first place. Er wait was this the game with the pre order torso

    2. Nintendo Commander

      Most still buys it for PC anyway so no big loss…

      A new game in the future would be better instead…

      1. I played the original Dead Island on PC. And I played it mainly for multiplayer, and since non of my friends own a Wii U I would’ve bought this on PC anyway.

    3. well, i don’t really care about the game, but i don’t care about zombie games in general… i don’t like horror games (yes, i’m a bit coward)

    4. Ganonseviltwinbrother

      I feel that this second one. Seem to be a repeat of the first that not muh has been added on. I wasn’t gonna get the game either for the wii u or my 360.
      But yea it is a loss.

    5. I’ll make that judgement once I’ve seen more about the game.
      I owned the first one, and to be honest?
      By the time I beat it, I was disgusted with it.
      Weapons wore out too quickly no matter how good you made them, and the variety in new ones wasn’t very good.
      Top that off with mostly uninteresting skill development in the characters and side-quests that were more tedious than fun, and it left me disliking the game, when I really came into it WANTING to like it.
      The second one is going to need some better skills for the characters and some adjustments to the various weapons one can find and upgrade, as well as better side-quests.

      If Rip Tide can make big improvements, I might get it.
      If it doesn’t?
      Then it doesn’t make me a fanboy when I say I won’t care if it skips the Wii U.

    6. Aaaaaand cue the trolls that will use this as fuel for the Nintendoom Troll Bandwagon. This IS true, it’s damn true.

    1. The Wii didn’t.

      If Nintendo had as an anemic of a 1st party lineup as Microsoft the 3rd party support would be very necessary. The only way that Nintendo would ever ‘need’ 3rd party support is if their 1st party titles don’t sell. There isn’t any shred of evidence of THAT happening so that answer is no, they don’t need it.

      These companies that are boycotting the Wii U only open up doors for new up and coming studios trying to make a name for themselves. What Nintendo needs to do is to make thins as easy as possible for independent developers.

    2. Pier Solar for Wii U!

      The Wii U doesn’t need Third-Party support. It’s never been about third party support.
      Did the 3DS started rising in sales because of 3rd party? No. It was Mario that sold it.
      It’s about getting those quality Nintendo games out.

  2. Seems weird….surely the next game will be on the newer consoles anyway, which are completely different internal architecture wise to the current ones (Sony have already stated no compatibility with PS3 games on PS4) so they need to re-write the engine now anyway…

  3. We really need to contact these game dev’s,
    And really make a statement to them and try to get their support on Wii U !!

  4. If i had a dollar for every time i saw the words “Developer Explains Why It Won’t Be Coming To Wii U”……………..

  5. Don’t worry folks , right now the installed base is scaring off some of the smaller devs. Where as bigger devs like Ubisoft aren’t hesitant to port their big games onto it.

    I’m happy with what has been announced so far. BTW , where the fuck is aliens colonial marines wiiu ? I at least want to see wtf has happened to that game.

    1. Trust me my friend your and your Wii U’s lifes are better when you don’t see, don’t buy and don’t play that game. It is a waste of money ! Even the superior PC version has ugly graphics and poor boring gameplay.

      1. So I hear , but I still want to see if the Wiiu version was better or worse :S there was a rumour that the ”good footage” shown was from the Wiiu version and the scanner implementation was bigged up.

    2. Nintendo Commander

      Was it not going to be out in April or something?…

      But it’s just too bad…
      So much hype for this game only to become a barely mediocre game…

      I’ll pass and buy something else instead like Batman or something…

      1. It’s not the hype or the game being bad. It’s the fact that one of the few “The Wii U is very powerful” statements was a straight up lie.

      2. I know , you never know though , maybe the wiiu version could be a 6.5 or a 7 out of ten as opposed to str8 up 4.5 piece of poo like the other versions…

        if it miraculously turns out good on wiiu I will buy it.

  6. I’m not going to say I don’t care about the game (although, I have no idea what it is) but I don’t mind being called a fanboy if the argument I’m about to make qualifies me as such…

    What I got from this article (a re-worded summary):

    “We’re frankly too lazy to make this work properly on the Wii U.”

    So, I hardly understand why this would reflect negatively on Nintendo or the Wii U… Go ahead, call me a fanboy. I’ll put that badge up here on my shoulder right next to the “I don’t give flying F@$& what you think” badge. ;)

      1. How am I hating on Wii U? I would of preferred to get it on Wii U. I was just saying looks like I’ll have to get it off steam now.

        1. lol , I think that is a troll pretending to be someone that he accused S-unit of being. At least that’s what my forensic evidence is telling me.

              1. Haha I saw that from the other article :P Great detective skills ;)

                Just on this site you don’t know if it is actually him or not. I still need a bit of confirmation first :P

        2. Cuz many Nintendo fans think that if you don’t “only” play on Nintendo consoles then you aren’t a true fan. -__- I have a Wii U, Xbox 360, PC and I play iOS games. As much as I would love the Wii U to get 100% I know it won’t get it. People need to stop thinking one console is better than the rest. They all have their perks and disadvantages.

          1. +infinite

            I don’t see why there are so many fanboys. Heck I don’t see why they hate on iOS games either. There are some pretty nice games on there.

          2. I’m sorry, but when was THIS a legitimate mind-set?
            No, not all Nintendo fans think that way.
            I’ve been a Nintendo fan since I started gaming, but I’ll gladly and willingly admit to being a Sony fan as well, if only for the multiplats they got during the Wii’s era.

            1. I think he meant fanboys. Fans in my books are one that respect other companies (or at least give mature reasons as to why they don’t like another company)

              1. This. I am a Nintendo fan and I collect and am passionate about Nintendo software and hardware. But that doesn’t mean I’m not gunna play the likes of GTAV and Ground zeroes (hyper tripple A games) just because they don’t come to Nintendo platforms. And if they do come to Wiiu , then yeah I will probably buy them on Wiiu to support the console and collect the awesome games that come out for it.

                With me , it’s simple . I just don’t feel the same way about my Playstation or Xbox as I do my Nintendo hardware. They’re both undeniably great platforms. But it’s the Zelda’s , Smash bro’s , Metroids , Mario karts etc that I really want.

                1. I was either considering that or the android logo :P But then I thought since I am pretty excited for LM2, it should get the spotlight :P

          1. Ok Tony, if it makes you feel better, you believe that.

            I’ll just go talk to people who actually want to discuss this article.

                1. I AM N-Dub Nation! Your just jealous Jealousbean cause you parents didn’t give you a Wii U for Christmas so now you just sit on your arse and praise PS3.

                  1. Actually. At the moment Sony is on my bad side. I don’t know why you assume so much. And I’m buying myself a Wii U soon anyway, so why do I care? My parents are long gone anyway.

                    1. Jealousbean I AM N-Dub Nation. Those assholes Aeolus and PS Prime hacked my Gravatar account.

                      1. Oh seriously? Did it happen recently or something? N-Dub commented on one of my posts not too long ago.

                        1. I don’t see how I am a hater. I’m psyched for several 3DS games coming, and I’ll be getting a Wii U. I just hate Nintendo fanboys. That’s all. Nintendo fans I respect.

                        1. You do hate the Wii U! Constantly bashing, dpn’t think we don’t notice. And my predictions are 95% of the time. Not just in video games but almost everything.

                          1. Bahahahahaha! You’re so funny Rey. I’ll leave you to your arrogant ways. I have to go to get some jobs done.

        3. Well, that stinks. Doesn’t mean we won’t get it, but if we do it will be a long ways away. I don’t particularly “like” horror games so it isn’t a big deal to me. However, I am an advocate for expanding the diversity of the Wii U’s gaming library as broadest as possible. Dead Island would have provided a spectacular difference amongst the typical Nintendo games. It could very well be similar to ZombiU which was non-the-less a success despite some reviews. Maybe next time ;)

        4. Fuck them! They are pathectic useless, disgraces to the video game industry! They are just jealous of how great the Wii U and would rather make games for 7 year old consoles. Toplanksy your vagina is bleeding.

        5. Nintendo Commander

          If these Third-Party Tribes did good ports of their games like Criterion did with NFS then our Nintendo population would invest more on their products…

        6. Yet another game not coming to Wii U. When will the Nintendorks get it? Developers hate the Wii U and it’s awful hardware.

          1. And you probably worship your PS3 and it’s cell processor, and come here talking about awful hardware…

          2. Allow me to educate you. Western third parties are grown-up xbots now. It hurts a lot of Americans to see a foreign company dominate their country at anything. Thus the term buy America! Worse still nintendo has something no American video game company has ever had, ORIGINALITY.

            It’s like this as an example not preaching :

            1) Nintendo = Messianic Jews and African + Gentile European Christians

            2) xbox Microsoft = jehovahs witness and worse still Mormons that claim Christianity when Israel exits = western third party developers.

          3. Nintendo Commander

            Only western developers “hate” Wii U because they are retarded and their minds are only filled with killing and shooting and nothing else…

            And the Sony Dominion is clearly going towards that path probably because of their western complexity they seem to have…

            If Sony starts going their own way some day in the future, that’s the day we will consider a truce…and even some sort of alliance like we managed with our former enemy, the Sega Kingdom…

            1. Not all Western Devs just make “Shooters”. I admit they are a great deal flowing in, but just open your eyes, there are some great developers. Japanese devs will always be the favourite in my books, but I can see there are some talented western devs.

                1. Totally. Half Life series.. My god the genericness. Mass effect series. God I should just stop listing such generic series.

        7. Not a huge loss, just means I’ll be waiting until its 50% off on steam sale after couple of months.
          Honestly, not really a must get game.

        8. I don’t really care because I’m not into horror, but developers need to stop making excuses sooner or later

              1. upcoming games that when compared to existing consoles, isn’t a ‘success’ by any stretch of imagination.

                oh and the vita just had two consecutive weeks of good figures in Japan, that “failing vita” is now generating interest with a more attractive price tag and library, so suck it up, chickenshit.

        9. I hate Sony fan boys they can’t just people enjoy what they enjoy and are in the dark that the wiiu is more powerful than ps3. The way I feel now I think people who shoot kids in schools are better people than Sony gamers.

        10. Dead Island and the Wii U would not be a good match. I played the first Dead Island on the Xbox 360 and the only fun I had was blowing up my friends with the explosive barrels. Otherwise the game was very boring and dry and it is a prime of example that developers need to stop making so many zombie games.

          1. I have to disagree with you. If they can get a splitscreen coop feature using the gamepad added then it should be good. Western rpg’s are good and this one is great. Same reason why i think borderlands 2 would work on wiiu.

        11. Wow! This makes me feel like my campaign to show third parties that Wii u owners want there games on the console is a big fucking waste of time!! What a bunch of bullshit!

        12. yea who cares, there right they would have to rebuild,or else it would just be another crappy port, id rather not have it, if its just a shitty port, that need for speed most wanted u is the only one thats actually not going to be a crappy port, because the wii u is 4 times more powerful than xbox and ps3

        13. Don’t care. Only third party games I’m looking forward to are Rayman, Watch Dogs, and Destiny (I have to see more on that one though).

        14. Getting kind of tired of hearing about all of the games that Won’t be coming to the Wii U. How about some good news for a while.

        15. Understandable since most last gen games are made with cpu in mind,and switching cpu too gpu they probably
          have to start from scratch .

        16. I remember the hype for this game on the PS3 when the first one came out. They had a huge promotion in PlayStation Home. I’m not into zombie games, so I didn’t care about it, but everyone else went gaga over it. I’m not surprised they are making another one, but I think it’s too bad they aren’t making it for the Wii U. It’s another example of how a lot in the industry is snubbing the Wii U. I still don’t get it…

          1. People fear change. Nintendo forces people out of their comfort zone and that angers the lazy and pretentious developers that feel they are only supposed to be able to cut-and-paste to huge profits.

            I think there may be a lot of jealously towards Nintendo because their 1st party titles seem to effortlessly rake-in TALL cash. Well, too bad. I think they also know that the n the 7th-gen the PS3 and 360 had a huge advantage of SD vs HD, yet the Wii still trounced both system. Now, even though the PS4 and XBOX Infinity are more powerful, Nintendo also has a powerful HD system and that is dangerous. Nintendo was able to show us graphics with games like Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, DKCR, Smash Bros, and Skyward Sword just scraping the bottom-edge of HD graphics with hardware comparable to a GameCube. No one knows more about how or get the absolute most out of a console than Nintendo. What ever the Wii U lack in terms of horsepower compared to the PS4 and Infinity can and will be made up with Nintendo’s art style no matter if people want to believe it or not.

            I honestly believe that if Nintendo released a game that had graphics better than anything anyone had seen before there will STILL be excuses as to why it’s not a big deal. I just hope Nintendo concentrates on us and not the clowns who are never satisfied nor want to be.


          Nintendo needs its main first party IP’s to start coming out and soon. With Donkey kong country 3ds being released this may, only a few months after it was made known to us, im hoping the same happens with the WiiU and some of its major releases.

          The Big guns need to start trickling out early summer and roll at a decent pace out till the holiday season. Im betting on Mario Kart to come out late summer, but we’re gonna need a top tier title before then. Im not counting Pikmin or Wonderful 101… awesome as those games look…I don’t consider them to be the automatic successes that some of Nintendo’s other IP’s tend to be.

          titles that push system sales will ultimately help Nintendo get a bit more 3rd party support

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        19. I don’t really care for this game, but I do care that it won’t be on the Wii U because if games like this don’t get made for the Wii U a lot of people will think that the Wii U will be just like the Wii and they won;t buy it

        20. DarklordNintendoFan

          Oh, yay. Another article about a dumbass developer who could come up with all kinds of potential uses for the Wii U gamepad, yet refuses to think of anything, telling us all as to why the game isn’t coming to the Wii U. Hey… all you lazy developers out there, there’s a LOT of potential for awesome games that use the gamepad if you actually TRIED! You see this? This isn’t trying… this is just being, “uh… yeah… well… um… we don’t really have a REASON per say as to why the game’s not being released on the Wii U. We’re just too fucking lazy to think up anything for the gamepad.” Here… I’ll help you! Map and inventory… there… DONE! That was soooooo hard, wasn’t it?

          Pathetic… absolutely pathetic…

          1. Dude…TRUST me, you guys did not miss a ‘thing’ with this game. It’s basically Dead Island 1.1-1/2; it’s the same as the first game, except with less gameplay(this game is VERY, VERY short), similar maps, a handful of different-yet-similar zombies who’re just aesthetically different, and glitches as far as the eye can see. In a nutshell: It. Is. Horrible. Doesn’t even have Developer’s Craft mods so you can have ‘something’ to look forward to replaying. Can’t max out all of your skill trees since the levels top out at 70, which also kills replayability. Everyone simply runs around spamming the new character John( the ONLY new character) who is basically a mixture of all four original characters, who each have barely a handful of new skills in the skill tree. However, everyone can upgrade similar skills of their own to be just as good as the other with each type of weapon, which basically kills character individuality for the most part. It s basically just the same game engine with the same fish-eyed, lopsided characters with deformed, seizure-like running and overall movement parameters. Except this time they are weaker, and slower. If you truly enjoy Dead Island, simply play through the first one. Techland has just delivered an embarrassment for $50 a pop. Sorry for the ranting, but I’m just soo sick and tired of companies just tossing out hot garbage simply because the console generation is nearing its end. It is unacceptable, yet people are just being ran over by it. They don’t seem to care. So perhaps we can convince them to care.

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