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Project Cars For Wii U Runs At 720p 30fps, ‘Looks & Feels Amazing’


Slightly Mad Studios Creative Director Andy Tudor has revealed that the Wii U version of the racing simulator Project Cars will probably run in 720p, but will ‘look and feel amazing’. Tudor made the comments to Now Gamer when he was discussing how the game looks and feels on Nintendo’s latest home console, Wii U.  Tudor believes that Project Cars will be a game that you will want to show off to all your friends. The game is due to be released on Thanksgiving.

“We always prefer to aim for 30fps generally in order to keep gameplay-specific features like having more cars on track or better weather effects etc.”

“So that’s standard across all consoles, and we’re more likely to utilize the native 720p support of the Wii U for launch especially since our physics and rendering systems demand a lot of processing power in order to deliver a truly next-gen experience.”

“All you need to know is that when you get the game, it’ll look and feel amazing and you’ll want to show it off to your friends.”


181 thoughts on “Project Cars For Wii U Runs At 720p 30fps, ‘Looks & Feels Amazing’”

      1. Well he did say they’re focusing that extra CPU power for other things like effects. Not a deal breaker if you ask me.

      2. Why ? I’m sorry but that doesn’t even make sense to me. What does Framerate or resolution have to do with games looking , feeling next gen ? I guess Killzone shadowfall isn’t next gen cus it runs at 30FPS ? LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. These consoles aren’t GTX titans with an I7 .

        Put it this way , If say Need for speed most wanted U has the same graphics as the PC version , but is 720p 30FPS that is impressive.
        And put it this way , If watchdogs (theoretically) looked the same on wiiu as it did on PS4 , except the PS4 version ran 1080p , 60FPS and wiiu version ran 720p , 30FPS but all the actual graphical assets were the same , then there isn’t that much of a difference worth caring about at all.

        What you should be actually concerned about is things like the lighting , anti aliasing , textures etc etc. People just seem to care about Resolution and framerate , sure they’re important , but 720p with AA @ 30FPS locked is 100% fine. anything more is a bonus .

          1. im a big gamer and i cant tell the difference between 1080p or 720p, i played the last of us (720p) and super mario world (1080p)
            AND HONESTLY they look no different, im bigger on frame rate though. if its 30 its fine as long as it stays a 30fps and doesn’t drop. if 60 than even better :D but rlly it doesn’t matter that much. im glad to hear they are all 30 fps. which means im getting the wii u version becuz i cant afford a Ps4 right now.

        1. Graphics are far from important. Graphics are worth N-O-T-H-I-N-G. What’s important is that the game is fun and it’s not fun if it runs in 720p 30FPS. I boutght the Wii U partly because I love Nintendo and partly because I want a console that does not lag (30 FPS is LAG!). Moreover, 720p is far from accaptible. Keep in mind that 1080p is more than double the amount of pixles!!!

          I rather play 1080p Mario run at 60 FPS than any 720p game or any 30 FPS game, and I say that while not being very found to the Mario franchise. I’m getting NFS for the WiiU, and I want it to be run with at least 40FPS (the engine can barely run at 30fps, even on the PC), and I do not care even the slightest about how my shadows, blooms and other shit looks.

          1. how’s 30fps lag? do you know that any smooth animation has 24 frames per seconds right? 30 fps is fine.

            Also this game is a racer simulator, it won’t have explosions, crashes and stuff like this, if they can lock the FPS at 30 720p with those amazing graphics from the teasers and screenshots, its a god dawn accomplishment.

            It shows that nobody is having issues with the wii u hardware, despite some inicial challenges.

            1. When you know where to look, 30FPS is not fine, especially not for a racer game. I envy the average people who don’t see all the choppy animations and choppy movements in many games, because spotting the difference really is a curse when it comes to console gaming.

              Go to:
              Add three balls with 24, 30 and 60 FPS and make the background stay still. Remove the motion blur, and then tell me you can’t spot the difference. It’s super obvious, and 30FPS is not what I want in any game.

              1. LOL I play sonic racing on my WiiU everyday, the 30 fps is very smooth for the high speed of the game. Sometimes, I notice the frame is droping, but at 30 is very smooth.

                Also F-zero GX on the GC which is a high speed racer game was 30FPS and there’s nothing smoother than that. The problem is only if the frame will drop, if it’s locked at 30fps, it will be smooth and you won’t notice any lag.

              2. Forza 4 runs at 30 FPS = the best racing game this generation on consoles , smooth flawless gameplay , 60FPS would make it look better , it wouldn’t affect gameplay at all.

              3. Slightly Mad Studios just said it will be 30FPS regardless of which console it’s released on, including PS4/720. Has nothing to do with Wii U limits. The only difference the PS4 version might have is native 1080p, instead of native 720p upscaled to 1080p, which isn’t a big deal.

            1. It has, however I agree that I’m using the term in a fairly incorrect context. Increased input lag is just another consequence to a poor frame rate.

              1. But you also need to take into account how many animations frame a developer puts in the game to notice such lag take a 2d figthing game for exsample.

          2. 720p is far from acceptable, eh?
            I guess that means you laughed at the ps3, and didn’t even bother looking at the Wii.
            Despite the fact that both have games that look incredible.
            The others are right, bro. Your standard of what’s deemed “acceptable”, are too high.
            You’d be better off sticking to pc gaming.

            1. I whish I could, but my hype for Nintendo exclusives makes me buy every Nintendo console I can come over. PS and Xbox doesn’t even impress or interest me the slightest. I consider them as an expencive and inferior replacement for a PC.

          3. “Graphics are nothing”

            so you would have no problem with atari 2600 visuals for the rest of your life in that case, and all of your favorite series would be the same as they ever have been with those kind of visuals and 0 advancements to graphics

            yeah, cool story, asshurt nintendroid :)

            1. “Graphics are nothing”
              This only applies when some jackass says a game like Ocarina of Time is a terrible game because the graphics are primitive, yet calls a game like Medal of Honor: War fighter a superb game even though it sucked horse anus

          4. Graphics and power aren’t important? Have fun playing this game on your atari 2600. Graphics and power are incredibly important. New ideas and abilities in engine can lead to more fun. More power leads to unlocking more of a dev’s imagination. Which in turn can only benefit games. Absolutely NO dev or console maker believes that power isn’t important. Otherwise there would be no consoles past the “brown box”. I a sick of people dismissing the importance of tech when it comes to games.

            1. I 100% agree with everything you just said, however I believe the proper way to put what he said is that graphics aren’t as important as ppl are making them out to be…yes they are important and do add to the game, but they aren’t the be all end all factor that determine a game/consoles worth.

          1. Of course it can, maybe not killzone at this point, because it’s a heavy game for the CPU. But simple games, like indie titles can pretty much run @60fps/1080p. Same applies to WiiU.

          2. Uhm, yes it can. There is absolutely no reason why it can’t do that and I’m not sure what Killzone is supposed to be proving since they chose to lock it at that framerate.

            1. So a titan gpu cant play battlefield at 60 frames but you think a inferior configuration can? You are retarded.

        2. You say EVERYTHING! The people focus in fps, resulution etc… But don’t see the real graphics in the console/PC. The people don’t look what the console can do, just see the hardware, that is the point.

        3. Running Crysis 3 at 80fps at 1080p kind of ruined gaming for me. It’s like playing my Wii or PS3 hurts my eyes because a lot of games run at 30fps and the framerate should really be higher. It’s mostly a personal preference to want at least 60fps, but it’s a preference that never existed before playing a game so visually stunning and smooth.

      3. then you might me dissepointed , if you want that sort of game to be running at 60 fps when buy a PC , and NO ps4 and 720 are not gonna be able to run this sort of game at 60 fps :P

        1. Says who? The PS4 is using some sort of GPU solution better than a HD7850 (close to a 7870, actually), and those GPU can more than run such framerates on a game like this. The very fact that consoles are DESIGNED purely for gaming would along give it a performance advantage against a PC with equivalent specs …and for LESS of the price.

          Stop talking out of your ass, especially when the HD7850 is one of the best mid-range/budget solutions for a PC build.

              1. ok I’ve seen most of your replies and I’m gonna need for you to tone it down a bit…I love video games just as much or maybe even more than the average hard core gamer, but at the end of the day they’re JUST games and JUST consoles. It’s not that big a deal dude, you’re only making yourself look like a loser with no friends whose only consolation for having a shitty life are the games you clings to so fervently due to the fact that they can’t judge you for being a complete and total dick.

                1. Man shut the fuck up you stupid fucking faggot. Tired of these whining bitches constantly bitching everytime I post, so I’ll just fucking insult you instead.

          1. I’m sorry, but I had to say this.

            I HAVE a 7850 with an 2nd gen i7 and 6 gig of ram + the 2 on the graphics card. It doesn’t run Battlefield 3 at 60 FPS at the highest settings.

            Though, mine has support for 4K. Not sure the if the PS4 has that.

            1. Actually, not even close. Usually around 35-48. So please, I know you might really feel strongly about your opinions, but graphics really isn’t the upper hand this generation.


                7850 bechmarks come in at around 54 fps at 1080p, since the PS4’s GPU is clearly better on paper and obviously going to run better than a system with “equivalent” specs, that figure can only soar higher.

                so just because your rig sucks at FPS, doesn’t mean you can speak for the next generation performance of consoles DESIGNED FOR GAMING and games MADE FOR THAT PLATFORM.

                thank you

                1. Okay, I’m going to make this simple, because to be honest, I’ve seen many points that have shut you down and you’ve just avoided reply or skirted answering it.

                  1. That’s on High, not Ultra. And it’s still sub 60 FPS.
                  2. The PS4 will be running much, MUCH more detailed graphics than a last gen, soon to be 3 year old game. Much more detailed. Which means, yep, less FPS.

                  My basic point is not that the PS4’s graphics will be bad. It’ll be amazing. It’s just that the benchmark for even this gen is going to be 30 FPS, because even with optimisation, the lowest they can sacrifice the FPS to is 30, and they can ramp up the details even more.

                  In other words, it doesn’t really matter. The only reason there really is to get a PS4, as much I’d love one, is exclusives. And that’s not worth the $600+ price tag.

                  1. 1: I never said it had to be Ultra, you idiot. I pointed out that in order to get at least something 1080p and near 60 fps, “high” would do quite fine.

                    2: No, it fucking doesn’t. Look up what “optimization” is. I don’t see how the shit does a goddamn multiplatform game have anything to do with the PS4’s potential performance. 60 fps will be possible in the next-gen on similar games and there is no way for you to prove it can’t be done other than retarded conjecture from an obvious dweeb who knows fuck all about development.

                    Except you were implying 60 fps isn’t happening due to your shitty PC situation with Battlefield 3 (which by the way, was released in 2011, so your math sucks ass if that’s soon “3 years old”), a game that already looks far better on that platform than the console versions do. I’m willing to bet Killzone was in development for quite a while and it already looks as good as it does with confirmation of it being a launch/launch window title THIS YEAR.

                    Really? Where’s the source that the PS4 will launch at that price? OH RIGHT, YOU HAVE NONE, DIPSHIT.

                    1. I believe the source is just common sense about what’s gonna be inside the system (that we know of) plus the fact that Sony apparently doesn’t bother trying to make their systems cheap at launch (PSP, PS3, PSvita).

                    2. How the fuck is it common sense? These are off the shelf and slightly modified parts. Not a fucking Cell Processor and new disc format, idiot.

                      Just like how people were saying the Vita was going to cost $399+ and all sorts of stupid shit, DEAD WRONG.

                    3. Aeolus you’re so irresistible :)

                      I love your way of punctuating every response with an insult. You’re so cute.

                      You must miss human interaction so bad. That’s why I won’t take your dissings seriously.

                      It is common sense as in “everybody with a slight memory and awareness of the ratios between integrated component’s state of the art and the price of the full system will get the idea that it’s gonna cost twice the price of a classic Wii U pack”, but since you’re apparently amnesiac or twelve years old, you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. All the others do, however.

                      See you on your next insulting and undocumented reply :)

            2. Okay and your point is? This discussion is 1080p and at least 60 fps, nobody is talking about maxing out a game.

        2. If it is the same as the wii U version from a technical level. Then 1080p 60fps will be simple. Porting the full pc version may require some sacrifices, then again maybe not. They are fairly powerful consoles and this is not a super taxing game.

          1. Aleous. John carmack confirmed most games on the ps4 and xbox 720 will run games in 30 fps…. stand down.

            1. he didn’t confirm shit, he’s doesn’t work at every company and he does not work on every game. Shut the fuck up.

                1. Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking queer. He doesn’t know SHIT what will be the “standard” in “most games” and neither do you; that’s a FACT.

    1. what is “next-gen” anyway ? The concept of nex-gen consoles are flaw today. Would be a nex-gen console one that only has higher specs or one that offer different gameplay ideas? Or better, one that do not use controllers at all ?

    1. no it isn’t

      there isn’t a Wii U screenshot or video of this game for that matter, and before some retard shows that one image of a car with a Wii U logo on it, read: there is thing called “promotion”.

  1. Xbox 360 and PS3 are 720p 30FPS dated , DX9 pieces of crap.
    Wiiu is a 720p 30FPS PC style breathe of fresh air. Need for speed Most wanted U proves it and Project cars will further prove it.

    1. Tell them NintEdward, even before Nintendo commander or Warrior arrive. They seem to forget that not all games need be in 1080 P. Give me monster hunter 4 on the Wii U in 1080P only after CAPCOM figured out how to use that format efficiently with the GPGPU boosting that marvelous IP.

    2. But then you can say “Snes is an outdated, 21Mhz piece of crap”. Being outdated doesn’t mean it sucks. PS3 and 360 where awesome when they came out.

    3. I think the wii U is the equivelant of DX10.1 correct? Therefore it is not current pc/ps4/NextBox. Which will be and is DX11 But there will be noticeable diferences over our ancient DX9 friends of the last gen. And similarities to the pc level and nextbox and ps4 level(if it comes to those consoles)

      1. No, Wii U is DX11 equivalent capable. Only the XBOX uses DX11. Sony and Nintendo use OpenGL and the Wii u is capable of DX11 effects.

    1. That’s with the Wii U gamepad streaming at a faster rate than the TV, while using 1/2 the wattage of the ancient xbox360 and PS3. Now tell me is that not too much for your brain? Wii U Direct X11 features too boot :).

        1. For the 666th time. THE WII U DOESN’T SUPPORT DIRECTX11!!!!. It MIGHT have EQUIVALENT capabilities but it will.never use DX11 because that is MICROSOFT OWNED.

        2. You just admitted that the Wii U is eighth generation unknowingly. You should purchase one as well. This is a guarantee, the Wii Had Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, 2 of the three greatest games ever made. It also had Xenoblade Chronicles the best rpg of the last generation. The Wii U is guaranteed ten of the best games of this generation, start counting from:

          1) Pikmin 3
          2) X from monolith
          3) Zelda on the Wii U
          4) Mist walkers last story 2 or other project
          5) Monster hunter 4
          6) Retro’s game
          7) Square Enix’s hidden project
          8) Segas hidden Wii U project
          9) Etarnal Darkness 2
          10) Shigeru Miyamotos new IP
          11) The next unknown second Wii U IP from monolith
          12) Platinum games others nintendo ventures
          14) Game Freaks Wii U pokemon rpg ( one can dream ).

          1. 2 of only THREE of the greatest games of all time? Hell no! There are over 400 greatest games of al time. There are to many to count! Where have you been? Look at gameinformers top 200 list! Those games ALL deserve that title and so do so many more!!

        3. you are one of the many PlayStation fans that I just hate. I’m a PlayStation fan myself but even I don’t care whether a game is at 720p or 1080p, I’ll still play it.

          Also, Wii U is as much of a next gen system as the PS4. So piss off and stop bashing a console that you probably haven’t tried.

          Wii U is a Next Gen system

              1. No it won’t be, as it won’t be able to compete with vastly more powerful and comprehensive devices. Period.

                1. Aeolus
                  I don’t want to be a jackass to you just because you hate the Wii U
                  I’m just telling you facts
                  Generations in gaming are determined by time
                  You know, BECAUSE THEY’RE GENERATIONS!!!!!

        4. Too bad that Slightly Mad studios said it will be at least 30fps on ALL consoles, including PS4/720. The best they can hope is native 1080p instead of native 720p upscaled to 1080p on Wii U. Not that big of a difference.

              1. Are you fucking stupid?

                This is like saying “oh gta V is coming to ps4 and 720” when there is no evidence or nothing said on the matter.

                nintendo fans need to step up, I think your shitty platform is clouding your sense of judgement

        5. What’s a gif supposed to prove on a graphical scale? Do you know about this format’s limitations and expect us not to, or are you just giving us the very tools to call you stupid?

    1. How is it a dissapointment? When he said it shall be across board. How is the 1080 P Crysis 3 treating us. Am mad as a hatter for ever wanting that game. 5 hrs of boring eye candy. Stop being butt hurt and play a real racing simulation :).

        1. But I’m not a troll, I am actually disappointed. Now that nintendo finally have capable hardware why aren’t titles fully using the potential of the wii u? I remember when F-Zero X was released on the N64 and it was 60fps, and so was GX, nintendo actually cared about framerate for racers back then, why not now? I mean, 30fps isn’t the end of the world but it seems like such wasted potential

  2. Monster Hunter Ultimate on wiiu runs native 1080p 45-60FPS . So I guess it matches a PS4 game then ? NO , it looks like a glorified wii game (albeit a sharp and smooth one) . But that proves my point.

    What looks better Need for speed most wanted U or Monster Hunter Ultimate ? Need for speed looks 10 times better and has a lower framerate and resolution.

    1. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U is a port of the 3DS version. Of course it doesn’t look better than a port of a PS360 game.

    2. These haters can’t seem to understand that Resolution has little to do with the texture quality, lighting and Anti-analising (ie Graphics).
      Look at Super Mario Galaxy, it ran at 480p and it looked More Gorgeous than Most of these SUB- HD games on PS3 and Xbox 360. :P

      1. “Look at Super Mario Galaxy, it ran at 480p and it looked More Gorgeous than Most of these SUB- HD games on PS3 and Xbox 360. :P”

        *Faith in humanity lost…..*

          1. I still think Halo 3 looks better than the 1st uncharted despite its resolution. The first UC looks hideous wherease Halo 3 has a beautiful art style. Same goes for super mario galaxy. I also think it looks better than the first UC.

  3. 720p30fps ?!?! Now we are playing with “power” huh ? My PC could do that at 1440p 90fps with even better graphics, even higher draw distance and even more “look and feel amazing”

    Are those devs stupid they sacrifice graphics for performance. I knew I shouldn’t trust Nintendo when they say “next gen hardware” and “tremendeously powerful”

    1. This is the result of cost cutting on hardware. If the Wii U is so “next gen” and so “much more capable than the PS3 & 360” then why don’t they up the framerate to 60fps.

      In the future we will get no 1080p60, 1080p30 and no 720p60 and in 3 years the Wii U will also be Sub-HD.

        1. That shadow fall demo looked aot better than Project Cars, had a higher draw distance, had more stuff going on onscreen amd was 2,5 times the resolution of the Wii U game. Also the GFX of the PS4 can very well leave the Wii U far behind because of its RAM. Let’s say the PS4-OS would use 1,5Gb’s then there would still be enough to PRE RENDER ingame elements and save them in the RAM with that kind of development trick they can save a huge amount of processing power because the object doesn’t have to be redrawn. If the Wii U would have had maybe 4*the RAM it has now we could have se

            1. Good point, from what I saw it just looked like More Generic Military Shooter to me, I don’t know why people were so excited by it, I guess they were Blinded by the GRAPHICS & 8 GIGS OF RAM!! lol XD Morons.

            2. i fail to see what that has to do with his point, and the fact that’s just your opinion

              it’s like you wanted to reply with something stupid for the sake of it.

          1. No, the Shadowfall demo did NOT look better than any of the stuff I’ve seen on Project Cars. They look about the same in terms of graphical intensity.

            1. the difference is a racer will typically look better than most games due to less going on at face value, compared to a shooter that seemingly has quite the gigantic world going for it.

            1. no, they are implying consoles currently available. there is absolutely no proof of there being a PS4 or 720 version

              nice damage control though

              1. There is also a tidbit that says the Wii U version will be the version most likely to feature native 720p, so if it doesn’t show up on PS4/720, that leaves only PS3/360, which won’t get the native 720p. Where is your damage control?

                1. oh no, wii u is glorious and standard ass 720p on a 2012 console compared to 2005-2006 consoles

                  oh no



      1. What are U a graphics whore? Just because it’s not the absolute Best looking it becomes absolute trash? Then what’s your opinion on Crysis 3?
        I don’t even get why Graphic whores even BOTHER with consoles. If U love graphics so much, just play on PC. Consoles have NEVER been about Power! Console gamers have surely lost their way over the years. -_- smh

        1. I completely agree with you. People can’t sit and enjoy a game anymore, unless something is exploding @60fps/1080p
          Consoles will NEVER be more powerfull than PC, that’s why games, movies/animations are developed on PC, because it’s a piece of hardware that you can upgrade.

          That’s why gameplay is all I care. I don’t care if its an indie tittle, an AAA game or even a Puzzle/Tetris-like minigame, I love to play games, I prefere Consoles over pcs because I can play local multiplayer with my friends and family, and I enjoy all types of games. From Dark Souls to Wii Sports.

          I can’t understand all this bullshit about graphics. people don’t even know how is the process of developing a game, the costs, decisions to make about the performace/graphics and concepts.

        2. consoles can deliver good graphics, and if they want good graphics on consoles, they should get them, rather than shitty graphics, like nintendo’s shitty games.

          I am not building an $800-1000 PC just for graphics

          thank you.

      2. You seem to be butt hurt by Sergio’s earlier coining of the PS3 and Xbox360 being sub-HD. MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE is running at 1080P 45-60 frames per second. We are love monster hunter not for the incredible visuals, but for it’s content and vast game mechanics; it hordes replayability like no other games out there, it’s father tri was given 40/40 by famitsu. It’s a gem of a game even in 240 P alá psp monster hunter :).

      3. Calm down dude. Rayman Legends on the Wii U is confirmed to be in native 1080p and will run @ 60fps. It is possible that Project Cars could’ve been developed on early Wii U dev kits considering that the final kits didn’t arrive until late November. You have to remember that this game is a direct port of the Xbox 360 & PS3’s version so a small gaming development company like Slightly Mad Studios can’t afford to go all out on the Wii U’s build

      4. It’s not about merely diplaying some video feed (circumstances under which only framerate and resolution would matter), it’s about dynamically generating video objects THEN displaying a render of them. Pixels and frames taken alone are of very few meaning as per the power of the system.

  4. Nintendo Commander

    First, if developers can make games look as good as possible with as lowest resolution then not only do they know their stuff, it shows just how hard they worked…
    Just look at the 2 games as an example, Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime from the Capcom Society and Retro Studios Division…

    Second, most western developers are the ones turning this industry into a superficial boring world where only pretty graphics and zero personality matters…
    Much like the current state of real life where retards and primitive apes are valued more than those with brains and talent…

    Third, comparing PC generations and specs with Console generations and specs is just wrong…

  5. It hasn’t even been half a year since the Wii U came out, how about U WAIT At least a Year/year & a half after the competition comes out to make Predictions. -_-

  6. Just like horsepower isn’t all about what makes a car fast. Even so, my money is on NFS U, love all the additions they’ve done for it and the added textures and graphics from the PC version.

  7. be greatful that you guys have 720p in the first place. i still own one of them shitty tvs with a back that only run at…whatever pre-HD tvs ran. also those people who say that either graphics only matter or gameplay only matter that is false. they are the 2 sides of the same whole i wouldn’t play a game with pretty graphics and crappy gameplay. at the same time i wouldn’t play a game with crappy graphics but good gameplay. cause lets face it if the gameplays good and the game looks like utter shit you’d get bored of it real quick. especially if its a open world game like lets say, skyrim. although there are some exceptions to the graphics side, i’ll play my gba games and have as much fun as i would with a game going at 1080p at 60fps…if i could use it….>__>.

  8. Well after all the stupidity I’ve seen on here from EVERYONE who’s arguing back and forth, all I have to say is this…just shut the fuck up, play your damn game and live your life. Who cares what who thinks about your preferred console/game either buy it or don’t…OAN: next gen doesn’t reflect a consoles graphical prowess, it’s a companies next piece of hardware. If the Playstation 4 came out and had the exact same graphics as PS3 it would STILL be a next gen console because it’s Sony’s next system….duuuhhh! and lastly ppl stop comparing graphics and resolutions and framerates back and forth, you’re not gonna change the other persons mind so just give up and stop letting ppl who have absolutely NO influence on your life effect your emotions so freely and substantially. *drops mic*

  9. Resolution and frame-rate are purely at the discretion of the developers. There were N64 games that ran at 60 FPS it is not a big deal. I think in the case of the Wii U, I doubt very many games will run at 1080p until late in it’s life cycle because most games will be rendering two screens simultaneously and ever since split-screen began decades ago frame-rates always drop. Some 1st party titles probably will, but most 3rd party will not. Game that don’t involve the GamePad for off-screen play probably will run at 1080p.

    Whoever said that resolutions are about screen-size rather than clarity has a point. 1080p was meant for large-screen TVs. Higher resolution is needed to retain the HD clarity on a larger scale. It juts like in printing. If you want a high quality image you need to print in a higher DPI. 72 DPI is great for computer monitors, but terrible for print. You need at least 300 DPI for quality prints and the larger the print is the higher the DPI is need to retain the quality without it getting pixelated.

    720p doesn’t look much different if at all than 1080p on the average HDTV which is in the 32″ – 50″ range. Neither the Wii U GamePad nor PSVita come close to 720p (much less 1080p) and yet the graphics look just as good as on the TV. On some Wii U games like Batman: Arkham City the screen on the GamePad in some places looks even better than the TV. So Wii U, Ps4, and Infinity games th run at 30FPS or in 720p won’t look at worse. And trust me, there WILL be games on the PS4 and XBOX Infinity that are 720p and run at 30FPS because as I stated earlier, it’s up to the developers to put the work in.

    All I care about is if it runs at a ‘CONSTANT’ 30 FPS. If it stays smooth or only drops of a few bars in high density situations then that is fine. As long as the game looks like what I have already seen before, and plays good, Project Cars will be fine.

    1. Actually 60 Frames per second goes back even further, if you look at the Super Mario World ads you will find them bragging it ran at 60.

  10. Pingback: Project Cars racing towards Wii U at 720p and 30fps

  11. Well am definitely buying this game as long as frame rate consistent at the 30 frames.On any console you won’t see the best untill year half to two years.I have been generally impressed with graphics on wii u so far,I can’t wait to see the graphics but more important gameplay in the future.

      1. People say that like it’s a bad thing, it isn’t…well, to me anyway. And who the hell plays a racing car game on a controller anyway? I think you would use a steering wheel, if you were playing a racing car game to begin with.

    1. No it doesn’t, at least not in conventional terms:

      1280 x 1080 = 1382400
      1920 x 1080 = 2073600

      It’s missing 691200 pixels and does drop from 60fps ; )

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