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Game Boy Advance Emulator Made An Appearance On The Apple App Store

game_boy_advanceFor a short time, a Game Boy Advance emulator appeared in Apple’s App Store for $1.99. The emulator, which was disguised as a baby name generator application called “Awesome Baby Names,” made it possible to play Game Boy Advance games on an iPhone or iPod Touch without having to jailbreak the device. Don’t bother searching for Awesome Baby Names, as it has been rightfully removed today from the App Store and is no longer available for download. Are you itching to play Game Boy Advance titles? The Virtual Console service on Wii U will eventually offer Game Boy Advance games, so try to be patient!

80 thoughts on “Game Boy Advance Emulator Made An Appearance On The Apple App Store”

            1. You know there are girls in the real world. Try talking to one some time, I gurantee you’ll enjoy the experience.

  1. Crazy disguise name. Makes me wonder If there are others similar too it…o.O

    on that note, lucky ambassadors and there GBA virtual console games -.-

        1. As a side note, I give my Ipad for my cute little kitty to play games for cats. He’s My Sweet Sweet Cringer Cat, the most cutest kitty In the Universe.

      1. Apple wants their phones to be well known for mobile gaming but then Sony android and Playstation came along to show them how a gaming phone is done.

    I’m sorry, but I find this hilarious!
    All this time people have been saying “Phone games are gonna phase out handheld stuff! 3DS isn’t gonna get sales forever!”
    And now we have someone who’s so desperate for better games, that they made an emulator for the app store to play GBA games.

    Just pick up a damned DS or 3DS, people.
    Quit being such cowards over what others think of you for having a dedicated gaming device!
    Buy the device that gives you the games you want instead of worrying over whether people think you’re a kid for owning any specific system.
    Only idiots and trolls are that judgmental.

  3. Well I also find it funny I have a GBA/NES/SNES emulator on my windows phone with skydrive support :P. Get off the iPhone and get a windows phone problem solved.

  4. Meh most of the world plays them on emulators anyway. And paid? What lol. Hundreds of websites where you can get them for free. And a simple jailbreak on an iPhone can get you a emulator too.

  5. If they left that App up for any longer, there would of been a Nice Juicy Lawsuit for Nintendo to take Advantage of. XP

  6. even if they ban emulators on google play you’ll still be able to install them on android without jail breaking if you get it from another site because emulators are legal and on windows so google allows it

  7. That app is already far better than most of the games on there.

    I loved the Angry Birds gag in Family Guy last night, it took a nice stab at phone games. He falls with a parachute and kills most of the pigs except one. It gives him that shit-eating grin and he says something like “Quit smiling. You know, most people playing this are taking a crap.” Not very relevant, but I can’t say I play my handhelds while I take a crap.

      1. the service was for Old ppl(like me) that bought the 3DS before the price cut
        nintendo said they intented to implement but not soon

          1. Exactly. Putting originally portable games on a home console seems…unintuitive?

            Anyway, you could always do things the old-fashioned way and just get no$gba for your PC. As a bonus, it serves as a DS emulator as well. Or get a GP2X Wiz, or whatever its current successor is…

  8. Same here. I got a Gameboy Advance, SNES, and PS1 emulator on my Android. FF tactics and tactics advance in my pocket FTW!

  9. Why is nintendo giving us GBA games on a wii u? Does no one else find it odd having to play games that were meant for a portable system on a home system? I think having them on a U is kind of pointless, bringing them to the 3DS would be a better move but whatever, Nintendo is kind of known for making really dumb decisions now .

      1. That’s different. If you owned GB games, you obviously owned a GB so you could still play your games outside your house.

  10. If people have a real smartphone like an Android and not a poor glass excuse of an iPhone they can download emulators from anywhere in the web.

    By the way APPLE IS IRRELEVANT in the phone and gaming market so they shouldn’t be seen as competition. They can compete with EA for the title as worst company in the universe.

  11. Emulators on tablets are pretty good really, I got one on my Samsung-a-ma-jig tablet.

    I doubt Nintendo will bring every single Megaman Battle network game to the 3ds virual shop, and it’s too expensive to actually buy the cartridges, which is indeed a pity.

    I do miss buttons though, poor buttons.

  12. It doesn’t make sense why they removed it.. Emulators are legal, just not the roms. And I mean it’s not like this will hurt much of the business especially if gba games are very cheap and sort of old I think. And especially if you probably already bought a game, and download it again. :P

    Update: I read the article, I notice it had roms in it so that could be why.

  13. I still want to have the ambassador games on my 3DS, for a price, of course. It’s been long enough and the exclusivity to players who bought the system earlier is a little annoying at this point. I would have bought a 3DS earlier if I knew that was going to happen.

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