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Tomorrow Corporation Explains Why Little Inferno Is On Wii U

little_inferno_screenshotTomorrow Corporation‘s Little Inferno was released on Wii U and iPad. In an interview with Game Industry, Kyle Gray of Tomorrow Corporation explained why the puzzle game launched on those particular plarforms. Gray said that he and his team first developed the idea behind the game, and then they decided which platforms it would work best on. Apparently, thanks to its 6.2-inch touchscreen controller and compatibility with Wii Remote controllers, the Wii U is a perfect fit for Little Inferno.

Why did you go for the platforms you did?

Kyle Gray: We tend to develop the game idea first and then try and figure out what platforms it works on the best. As soon as we had a working version of Little Inferno we knew it was going to be a great fit for a pointer or touch based device. When Nintendo announced the Wii U, everything just fell into place.

An iPad version also seemed like a great idea. There’s something nice about controlling fire with your fingertips – it feels like it’s tapping into some primitive caveman desire. Like shopping.

20 thoughts on “Tomorrow Corporation Explains Why Little Inferno Is On Wii U”

    1. Could have been smart. And melted the Wii U in the mictowave and sell it as art online for 5 grand like that 1 guy did. Oh well trolls arent known for their intelligence.

  1. I rather play this than Crysis 3, nah i kid…i rather save my money, i dont even know what this game is even about…haha

    1. You burn stuff. Thats more or less it, but it’s actually really cool. And there is a fun tongue in cheek story.

  2. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

    The derp level surrounding wiiu and its controls by the industry and brogamer fanboys is beyond insane wiiu is the essence of gaming lol at thinking anything else

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