Saturine Games Announces Turtle Tale For Nintendo 3DS eShop

turtle_tale_screenshotDeveloper Saturine Games has announced that it plans to release Turtle Tale on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Turtle Tale is described as a gimmick-free, classic 2D platformer, and it’s inspired by platformers on the NES and SNES. In the upcoming game, players control a turtle who’s armed with a neutralizing water gun and help him defend his tropical island from unwelcome creatures. Click here to view more screenshots from the game.


  1. I do like the retro look of the game, but quite honestly it may not do well at this day and age. Sad face.

  2. This looks amazing.

    Did you hear about Hasbro’s partnership with Saturine Games? Apparently they saw some potential in it and they decided to include ride-able My Little Pony characters in it!

    Can’t wait for this game! <3

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