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Gearbox Software Says ‘We’ll See’ About Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U

aliens_colonial_marines_wii_u_box_artAlthough it’s supposed to be released by the end of this month, Gearbox Software is unsure of whether Aliens: Colonial Marines will arrive on Wii U. Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford told GameSpot that while he thinks Demiurge Studios, the developer behind the Wii U console’s version of the game, did an amazing job, it’s up to the game’s publisher, Sega, to decide when – or if – it will hit Nintendo’s latest console. Earlier this week, both Sega and Demiurge Studios declined to comment on the Wii U version of the game.

“We’ll see. That’s not our call. I think [developer Demiurge Studios] did amazing work. I think it’s really cool, but Sega’s got to figure that out. We’re doing the best we can.”

-Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford

69 thoughts on “Gearbox Software Says ‘We’ll See’ About Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U”

    1. Shut ya swagbro!!! Go play CoD on those clone consoles PS and Xbox!!! MY PC DESTROYS YOUR CRAP STUPID SWAGBRO NINTY IS BETTER!

  1. Either fix it or dont release it. Not that I think it will sell well, its an FPS on a Nintendo console and as Blops 2 showed, they dont mix well

        1. No it didn’t.
          WiiU Blops2: (estimated) 23k/425k = 5.4% attach rate
          X360 Blops2: 5.11m/40.6m = 12.5% attach rate
          PS3 Blops2: 2.92m/25.0m = 11.7% attach rate
          Considering it was released on a new console and the install base is low, and to buy it on Wii U is to invest money in a new console, it actually sold pretty okay. The numbers SEEM low but put up against the install base it sold alright.

          1. What figures are those ? Blops 2 on wiiu has sold 150K+ copies to date…
            Unless that’s america only figures , even then. there is about 1 million wiiu’s in USA not 425K … it sold more than that in its first week in USA.

            1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

              nah man. i just pick up cod on the new wiiu and it sux. no one online and framerate isues sub hd, man theis shitte givin me a headache ya hear. man the store wont ley mee retuitn my wii u so i suck with a stupid baby console n shit. fucking ping wing hoo or whoever the CEO of nintendo. ma nintendo going dobn the drain ya hear.

              1. it’s 60FPS on multiplayer and zombies and has the same resolution as Xbox 360 version. The campaign is about 45FPS on average. stop lying.

        2. I think that’s simply because blops 2 just isnt all thar great of a game. It’s mediocre at best, the cod franchise has been over done and is played out. I do own blops 2, but I wish i had passed on it. I don’t have anything against fps’s, just crappy ones. Bring TF2 to the Wii U lol.

          1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

            yeh man i knoe. cod so shit liek aww man. i pay liek 6000 yen fo cod man so shit. yeh givem siome tf2. dat shit soooo good like yep. man nintendo going down the drain bro.

            1. I agree with the COD thing, but not the nintendo thing. As far as blops 2 is concerned I found the Wii U the best version of the 2 that I have played between the 360 and Wii U. The use of the pad as a map and quick change for weapons without taking you out of the action (having to pause it) is awesome and simple, also as far as graphics are concerned it’s identical as is the frame rate, it’s just that the game isn’t all that great. The story sucks, and the multiplayer is handicapped by the stupid extras then dominate because of using the specials (can’t remember what they are called). Ya know what made Golden Eye (for the N64) so good? It was extremely balanced unless you played as odd job lol, and it was about skill and fun. Thats also what makes TF2 a great game. This uber stealth choppers and dropping bombs out of the sky while you camp is just shit. Half of the game is spent hiding in doors or shooting rocket launchers into shit in the sky. If I could trade my blops 2 in for the 007 game I would, but I don’t want to loose the money. That is the only “used” game at gamestop for the Wii U near where I live. COD, go crawl into a hole and die.
              Oh, and quit trying to pass as someone from Japan. You use too much crap slang to be believed. Every Asian I have met that can speak english and especially write english doesn’t use slang because it’s not a taught vernacular, it is only something that is generally picked up while speaking.

              1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

                nah man u racist man. im have japanese have black. man why yu being an iggorent racist man? plz man i multicultural from japan stop hating. anyway i tryed wii u isutter ruubish chunky cheap controoler, no cool games, bad online. man real next gen gonna crush dis shitte ya here.

                1. Lol. Yup, met many many multi-cultural people as well, I’m certainly not hating, however Japan has one of the best education systems in the world, just blows my mind all you would know is semi proper sentence structure but have no grasp of spelling, as well as use spoken generally american slang in your writing. Of course it’s possible as anything is. The thing that nags me is that you spout this rubbish about the Wii U. Like saying you purchased one then tried to return it and they said no because it sucks, now stating you “tried” it, past tense, as well as “bad online”. The online functions are the equivalent to the other consoles, and even a couple new features. The controller opinion is just that, an opinion, apparently biased, but an opinion none the less. The same can be said about the games opinion, however as lots of the released games are prior high ranked and best selling games on the other consoles, it once again sounds biased, as a good game on one console will be a good game on another.
                  I hope you aren’t looking forward to Sony’s and MS next gen systems too much because if you think they are going to blow the Wii U out of the water. You are going to be sorely disappointed as PC has not advanced enough in recent years to blow it out of the water. Weather you want to admit it or not, PC is the heavy hitter in this game, and consoles follow second string.

                  1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

                    ya man i got a pc rite hear man. good for gaming andvpowerful as shit man. but wii u sucks. i tried it but i cannet get into it. online terribke wen a friend comes online i have 2 pause the game to see and teh games suck with those graphics and framerate issuse man. gaming for nintendo is over ya feel me n shit.

                  2. Hahaha. I liked the part you said about educated people; we can see why the guy is confused. He tried lying his ass off but got bagged. Anyway, don’t mention PC gaming to him when he already has issues trying to figure out how to use the gamepad. He obviously will spend his money on the new XBox as it releases and get raped by the pricing and all their monthly subscriptions/additions. SMH

    1. This is a terrible comparison on your part, you cannot compare a game that came out on the other established consoles to sell as well on a new console a week after the game had already been out on the other consoles with a larger install base. And FPS and Nintendo mix just fine… What about the metroid prime series, or the conduit 1 and 2, or even the ports of the last few CODs onto the Wii?! You have no basis for your comment… Period! Just because COD didn’t sell as well on the Wii u as they might have liked, does not mean that FPS games and Nintendo “don’t mix”.

  2. I don’t think anyone cares if it comes to Wii U anymore, considering how badly it was received on other consoles. It’d have to be a mightily improved version, and even then it’d need a miracle to get it past the bad reputation.

        1. Guess it depends who you talk to. The average rating for survival instinct is around 30-35, aliens got around 50. But if you’re a huge fan of walking dead i’m sure that would boost it for ya. In the end it comes down to opinion i suppose.

    1. Only if they’d allow us to shoot them. Holy hell, I’d play the shit out of that game if that were to happen. GOTY right there.

  3. I wouldn’t touch the game with a ten-foot pole unless it gets some major improvements.

    Off-topic: Nintendo released a new vid of upcoming Wii U E-shop games a couple of days ago.
    Check it out:

  4. taku bink bonk weeaboo

    rest in peieces aliens man rest in peicess. dat gearbox yo. shit game why you lying and wastin the money sega gics u and making it on borderslands 2 yahear. man i was looking forward to dis but they blow it. wow rilly gearbox i just wanta cool akines game and ya fail me man. you racists man not wanna put it on nintendo console cuz they speak asian. man soo many iggonirenrt raists thesee days jeez. man i have jap have black. ya hear is multicultural. but thesses rascists trya mak a shit game juz to make asiasn sad. wow man gearbox. fuck yo dat wii u sux andywho. bad os and no cool game. man video game fad is dying,. rest in pieces video game rest in peieces man ya hear. you

  5. “I think [developer Demiurge Studios] did amazing work.”

    I’m curious how does one do amazing work porting a shit game?

    Does this mean they threw the game in the trash and made an entire new game from scratch? Cause I’m pretty sure thats damn near whats required with this title… Which is unfortunate. I was really looking forward to this game leading up to its release. …In fact, I do still hope it makes it to the Wii U, but only if they fix whats wrong with it and give us the game we saw in last years demo.

    1. Well, it’s not a port as that would require it to be finished and ported to another platform, this was being developed at the same time by a different studio. Similar to travelers tales developing the lego harry potter games for the wii/360/ps3 and fusion or a different team making the game for the ds. Same essential story, but completely different game. If you don’t know what I mean, then youtube the ds version then the other versions.
      Either way,if it’s finished just release it even if it’s only an eshop exclusive and try to recoup the expenses.

  6. Ofcourse because Randy Pitchford never lied about games and their amazing quality, except DNF and Aliens on the other consoles. They have to redo the entire game from scratch and fix everything that’s broken for me to buy it. Though I guess a digital release wouldn’t hurt.

  7. They better not do it, the game is fucking shit and now they’re expecting players to beg?
    These new neoliberalists, challenging the only flaw of their philosophy.
    Remember THQ? That’s what happens when a company likes to believe that it is the obligation of the consumer to beg for their shit, that’s the beauty of a system that otherwise rapes us every day, if they keep treating consumers like idiots they can kiss their asses goodbye..

  8. i hate cod… but ops 2 on wiiu with wiimote aiming is flawless and the game runs smooth… hopefully more fps games will use the wiimote because playing with a mouse and keyboard or controller is just dated and extremely boring and dull.

    1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

      fuck u. i tryed a wii u and it is garabage. terribel online, slow OS, no good games, overill viry viry bad system. nintendo going down that drain. rest in pieceses nintendo, rest in pieceses.

  9. didn’t tons of people buy this trash on ps360? shows how smart the average “hardcore gamer” is they dont read up on anything just buy buy what the tv tells you! what aliens?? thats teh core nerd shit right? ima cop that disc without reading any reviews or watch any gameplay… i mean avatar props?? it must be good it has a theme and gamer pics… has to be worth it… lol

  10. I’d laugh my ass off if it turns out that they’re reworking the game from the grounds up so that it’s completely different from the other versions of the game and it turns out that it’s actually decent. Oh, boy… if that happened to be the case, I can just see those Sony and Microsoft fanboys raging like no tomorrow. The PC elitists will try to talk down on us, trying to make up excuses as to how it’s still, somehow, worse than the shitty game on the PC. One can only hope that this is the case… why delay a game for so long unless you’re actually trying to make it good? You see… this is one of the upsides to delaying a game for the Wii U after it was already released for the other platforms. It’s a way to make it actually good if it sucked on the other platforms. Gearbox, please, give us a good version of a game that was shitty on the other consoles. It’s pretty well known that we deserve it.

  11. I lost respect for Gearbox after this game.
    Yeah, SEGA are cheap, but Gearbox literally just threw a shitty game together, not caring about it, and hyped it up so people would buy it, just so they could use the money for Borderlands 3.

    Not cool, Gearbox, not cool.

    1. Maybe they thought it was good and didn’t expect the fans to backlash so much. Gearbox is talented. I think they just took on a franchise they didn’t understand enough and didn’t quite grasp the level of importance that “Alien” is to people.

      1. Yeah, i dont see how Gearbox, the makers of Borderlands, made Aliens CM and thought “yeah, thts good”.

  12. You know.. The Wii U version of Aliens Colonial Marines is the best one as it is the one not yet released ;D

  13. I have mixed feelings. Clearly the game won’t sell well. However the game is done and I am sure there are some people who will buy it. I think the best thing to do would be fix the game(like REALLY fix it) and release it in a year…best I could come up with.

  14. This is not a bad thing. This guarantees us Borderlands 3. Let’s alone the trilogy. Think wisely as always nintendo gamers :). Ubisoft pulled back Rayman Legends and we got Watchdogs plus AC4 :). Splinter cell anyone?

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