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Wii Mini UK Launch Is Disappointing


Several major retailers have told Tech Radar that the demand for the Wii Mini has been virtually non-existent in the United Kingdom. One of GAME’s flagship stores told the publication that it wasn’t even stocking the console due to underwhelming interest, despite having pre-orders up on the site beforehand. HMV also told the publication that it is not stocking the Wii Mini at this moment in time, however it may sell it in the future if demand picks up.

99 thoughts on “Wii Mini UK Launch Is Disappointing”

  1. I am a big Nintendo fan but I do not see the point in having one. No Internet, No Gamecube and no component so it is virtually pointless to me. Least it was good in Canada though but I think UK aint the best place to be selling it.

  2. There isn’t even a reason to get this thing. There are 100 million Wii’s oit there that are superior to this thing plus 3 million Wii U’s that are able to play Wii games and an uncountable number of gaming PC’s that could play Wii games aswell.

  3. To be honest, this was expected to happen.

    The Wii Mini isn’t even worth buying anyway (for obvious reasons).

  4. This isn’t really surprising is it? I mean it’s a last gen console that almost everyone had at some point. You can now also pick up a second hand one with full Wii functionality at a fraction of the cost of this model so why anyone would actually want one I don’t know.

    1. Yet Sony is making average sells for. The PS3 super slim that was released near the holidays I believe

      1. but atleast that has the functions as the original … the wii mini has features like online,gc compat and wii shop taken out… ITS A POINTLESS BUY

  5. The only reason to buy a wii right now is for gamecube compatibility and this type of wii doesn’t have it so… why would anyone buy it. It didn’t sell well in Canada either so…

  6. Nintendo should realize that it is in serious trouble and that the players began to hate him!
    it’s all because of bad hardware in the Wii U game, and which are not, just gets old port!

    1. how the hell is having “bad hardware form wii u” affect Wii mini makes no scene? also you should realize this happen the same with gameboy micro i can believe people forgot about it.
      And ports has nothing to do with hardware sales.

  7. Well duh. It’s a dumb idea. If they didn’t gut the system and take out key features then perhaps it would’ve sold a few hundred. But taking out internet was the biggest, dumbest mistake. It’s a stupid console, it was a big mistake, and they should’ve never made the thing.

  8. I don’t know why they bothered even making one. The regular wii is a fraction of the size of an xbox or ps3 anyway. You don’t put out a mini version of a console near the end of its life either. You do it when it’s mid life. Seriously what’s going on with Nintendo at the moment.

  9. Is this one of those things that we should pick up now because it’ll be really rare and expensive in years to come…?

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  10. It would be a nice console if it had internet, usb and sd card slot, but without that, no VC and hell I cant even hack it to be an emulation device like my current Wii has been since everything was transfered to teh U.

  11. Statistically 1 in 10 people in England have or have had a wii. I’m pretty sure no one wants a wii mini. If this thing sells 1M+ worldwide I guess it served its purpose….

    1. Isn’t Nintendo making money from the Wii Minis in Canada? I think the console will just do terrible in the UK. BUT that is why UK stores ARE NOT stocking it. So Nintendo isn’t really losing money on this I don’t think.

  12. Didn’t even know it had been released.

    But everyone saying its pointless, it’s not aimed at you.

    The Wii has been used in hospitals and nursing/care homes. These are the target market for this system. A Wii in a hospital or care home does not need internet or gamecube support.

    That said, to release it now is a pointless move. The original Wii is much much cheaper. If it existed years ago when the Wii popularity was at its peak, and it was marketed as the version for these types of environments, it would have had a valid reason to exist and might have sold a somewhat reasonable amount.

    It would’ve made sense years ago, but now, no.

  13. there is no point to the Wii Mini, that is why nobody is buying it, are there even any games on sale next to the console on the shops shelves ?

  14. taku bink bonk weeaboo

    man nintendo iz dunn n shit. why they even bodder relesing the wii mini. i mean all thosse casuels already playin iphones n shit ya hear. man nintendo going down the drain man.

    1. not really i seen the other companies done more shit that this, like the new ps3 has no ps2 to play.

  15. Nintendo Commander

    While the Wii Mini is usefull for Nintendo Younglings, I don’t see any valid reason to release this in the UK region where not even the Wii U is in high demand right now…
    Only thing in some time I don’t agree with High Command…

    However, I bet this is just a little bump on the road of Nintendo…

    1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

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      1. Nintendo Commander

        If you think Nintendo is wrong for you, why don’t you and the rest of your pathetic corrupted friends go to a Microsoft or Sony forum instead?…

        And thanks for your money since you already bought a Wii U…

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            Keep trying, maybe some day your “trolling” skills will increase a little

      2. Ebay. If you hate it that much sell it at a loss, it will be scooped up right away. Your whole story is riddled with holes.

  16. The only reason I would ever buy one is for the novelty and collectivity of it. I like the way it looks and stuff. But still too expensive for the little features it has. GameStop sells regular Wii’s for like $80, and a lot of local pawn shops sell them for about $40-$50. So yeah, way too expensive.

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  17. Honestly, this is the UK we are talking about. It is in the best interest for all UK gaming stores to NOT sell the Wii Mini. It just won’t sell there at all. Nintendo should sell it everywhere it WILL sell like Canada and the U.S. UK gaming stores DON’T SELL THE SYSTEM!

    1. I think that’d be a great idea! Mario’s explored the galaxy and Isle Delfino, he’s been inside Peache’s castle, but we never really get to “explore” the Mushroom Kingdom in a sandbox style. NINTENDO PLEASE IT! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  18. I don’t see any point of getting one. If it was GC-compatible and has an internet-connection, yea maybe, but this must be the most stupid Nintendo-console released so far. Why? Why? Why?

  19. I didn’t want it here either. Give us more Wii U games. Maybe bundle the old Wii with Pandoras tower and Dragon quest X.

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  21. Well of course its not doing well. The wii u is out so if anyone’s gonna get a nintendo console it would be that. And if they don’t want to spend the money they would get a regular wii because who wants the stripped down version?

  22. You just know this system must have pissed a ton of people off after they got home with it. Unless Nintendo specified what it couldn’t do on the box. Even then, I’m sure a lot of people got pissed after unboxing.

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  24. At my local supermarket, regular Wii with Mariokart Wii costs less than this. I’m pretty sure someone pricing things at finaland don’t seem to get, that Wii Mini should be cheaper version.

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  26. Sooo… they choose to release a watered down version of their older console in a region where they are struggling to get a good market share on their new console? Good strategy! More competition is a better way to increase sales than to concentrate on getting the games that will begin really selling the WiiU. Jeesh! I’m not sure why they came out with the mini one anyway. They make the handhelds bigger and the consoles smaller. I don’t get it, I guess.

  27. Of fucking course it is!

    Who the fuck at Nintendo thought this was a good idea? Kill them. Kill them, revive them, then kill them again. Who in the hell wants a SLIGHTLY SMALLER version of an already small, outdated console that nearly everyone already has, and was outdated the day it came out 6+ fucking years ago?!

    Nintendo are losing it. Seriously.

  28. Is it just mii or is this the gameboy micro all over again, only without the better quality screen an customisability.

  29. duh, it was a big nonsense in the first place!!!!! I want to know who in Nintendo marketing/financial and sale team decided to sell that sh*t, it absolutely ludacris. Even a Wii 2nd hand will be cheaper and certainly far better than that. Did they think we are retarded in UK… well to be fair there are a lot but not the entire nation.

    1. Jeez, Amano. Are they trying to take down your entire country one territory at a time? Didn’t it release in Canada first? Now England. I guess it’s headed for Wales next, then Scotland, Ireland…

      1. Hi Eric, sorry if I misunderstand your comment but it seems that you think the Wii mini has just been release in England. If that the case I just want to draw your attention on a small detail.if you read the article: “Several major retailers have told Tech Radar that the demand for the Wii Mini has been virtually non-existent in the United Kingdom”. United kingdom means it includes Wales, Scotland and northern Ireland, so the Wii mini has unfortunately already landed in Scotland (for sure since I have a lot of friends there) and other part of the kingdom.

        Anyway It ‘s bad enough they release the Wii mini in Canada but release that console in UK it even more…. well…. i try to find a polite word…. stupid? illogical?.. it does not make any business sense. It’s bad enough they can’t sell the Wii U… saying that I am going to HMV on Friday to buy one zombiU bundle if they have still some in store since the price is now £199.99 which in point of view is the price they should have sell it in the first place. Sorry bit out of subject.

        From my point of view, if they carry on like this, they will release it in Germany and France after the UK. But since Cyprus and Greece are in total mess they may have a market there and make a lot of money LOL

  30. Is this like a portable console, by that I mean could I plug it in anywhere, the reason I’m asking is coz I could take it to my mums and my son could play on it there…he is obsessed with WII and Mario!

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