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Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Storms Japanese Charts


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has taken the number one position in the Japanese software charts. The game’s competition was One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 which entered into the charts at number two. The Nintendo 3DS remained the best-selling hardware in Japan shifting 76,553 units, easily beating the PlayStation Vita, which sold 41,073 units. The Wii U had a slight sales boost this week as it sold 11,398 units this week compared to 9,539 last week. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

01./00. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
02./00. [PS3] One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
03./00. [PS3] Pro Baseball Spirits 2013
04./00. [PSP] Pro Baseball Spirits 2013
05./00. [PSV] One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
06./04. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
07./00. [PS3] Disgaea D2
08./00. [3DS] Pretty Rhythm: My Deco Rainbow Wedding
09./02. [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
10./00. [PSV] Atelier Meruru Plus: The Alchemist of Arland 3

  1. Nintendo 3DS: 76,553
  2. PlayStation Vita: 41,073
  3. PlayStation 3: 22,942
  4. PSP: 12,690
  5. Wii U: 11,398
  6. Wii: 1,720
  7. Xbox 360: 610

67 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Storms Japanese Charts”

    1. Rafael Monteiro with that wisdom once again :). Keep on educating our older middle and younger gamers. Logic is a commodity that is scarce nowadays; freely should it be given.

      1. No, one week a couple years ago, they got over 1,000 sold. Really I am not kidding four whole digits in Japan.

  1. My copy was dispatched yesterday. With any luck I’ll have it when I get home today, along with Lego City Undercover.

    Fingers crossed!

    1. I just got Lego city U and Luigi’s mansion 2 a day early here in UK .


      (sorry guys , I got over excited :( )

      1. You received them today?

        I’m in the UK too. ShopTo dispatched my games yesterday, so I’m hoping they’ll be at home when I finish work.

        1. I got them from the gamestore I go to. It’s an independent store And I know the people who own and run it so I get stuff early and reduced :D

          1. ohh man you really play only games for retardskids grow up man and play real games like GranTurismo,Bioshock,DeadSpace,RE2 and so. wow! Nintendo really brainwashed you with the samesgames. oh you poor thing,sorry for you :/

  2. The Wii U rises. Even without notable games the Wii U is selling Well in handheld dominated Japan. Imagine what will happen when the Wii U gets dragon quest, then a pouring of those freakish looking anime RPGs ( you should all not act like some of those games are not a little creepy looking lol ). Poor xbox360, at least the Japanese know it’s trash.

  3. I’ll laugh when Pachter says that 3DS is going on downfall, having this overwhelming charts over the 3DS on japan
    but as always Pachter will ignore Japan and say that now that the check has arrived, the PSVita is the best console ever

  4. I hope the sales of this game are so great that Nintendo greenlights Luigi’s Mansion 3. Next Level should make it again since I think they did a really good job with Dark Moon. Oh, and it should be on Wii U.

    1. what about paper mario u. I would like nintendo to put the partners again because they are the most important thing in paper mario.
      sticker star was going to be great if they’ve put some partners.

      1. Paper Mario: Sticker Star could have been so much, but yet so little.
        I hope the next Paper Mario game will be as good, if not better, than Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door.

  5. I can’t wait to buy animal crossing : new leaf (US), but at least I bought luigi’s mansion dark moon.
    Animal crossing looks cool ( since I’ve never played an animal crossing game before). So what do you say? should I buy it or not?
    ( plz answer me )

    1. It’s one of the most addicting games I ever played (I played the DS and Wii AC games), so if you like a carefree relaxing life-simulator games, you would be out of your mind if you don’t XD

  6. Playing it now. Great comedy from Luigi. First 20 mins of gameplay= 10 laughs already. His knees shaking, his humming to music etc. Cool graphics and animation as well.

  7. seriously Luigi’s Mansion : Dark Moon is one of the best games I’ve ever played. i also hope a third one is in the works.I’ts really amazing everything down to the minor details like humming the theme song or the fact you can use the d-pad to make Luigi talk and much much more, they really went all out and they deserve a huge standing ovation for this game, I’d say handheld GOTY contender already alongside Fire Emblem!

  8. Nintendo commander, what are your thoughts on this beautiful week, and the help the 3DS rendered to the PS Vita by creating a handheld market and Maintaining it until the vita recovered from sales flu? Also how are you anticipating your reaction to Luigi’s Mansion (2) Dark moon? Game on sir. Also what’s word from high command on Retro’s beasts?

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Fellow Gamer…

      Oh this and the precious week have been succesful so far, specially in the UK region where Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Nintendoland managed to penetrate the Sony defenses…

      When it comes to the Vita, I’m somewhat okay with its limited succes because frankly it was getting boring…
      Although nothing will top our 3DS…

      I’m so desperate for Luigi’s Mansion but my sector is heavily suffering from the current economic state so I have to wait a bit before I get my hands on that lovely piece of weaponry…

      Unfortunately I have no clue because this secret is being kept between High Command and Retro Studios only…
      I don’t even think the High Commanders (Game Developers like Sakurai) knows about it…

      1. Hahahahahaha about Retro not knowing what they are making, I thought of the guys that made luigi’s mansion darkmoon also not knowing what system they were developing the game for. Nintendo makes master pieces that way. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate shall get you through these great gaming times. This is the silver age of gaming nintendo has unleashed on us.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          Hmmm I didn’t say that…
          Obviously they know what they are making…

          I just meant that other High Commanders wouldn’t know because its that secretive…

          Yes I agree, the Silver Age…

          Hopefully the Diamond Age is still in the future…

  9. Remember how big of a fuss was made the the PSVita beat the 3DS in sales after a massive price drop and release of a long-awaited AAA title? Remember how we said that would be all over and things would go back to normal after Luigi’s Mansion 2 was released on the 3DS?


    1. Bro the 3DS reclaimed top spot last week even before Luigi’s mansion was revealed or better released in stores and the e-shop.

    2. Great points by the way. You stated that with precision style and manliness lol. Neutron shall appreciate :).

  10. I just played Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the first time this morning. Pretty cool so far. Feels just like the first game. However, I’m not too crazy about the R Button being the Poltergust button. I find it awkward having to press the R button to suck the ghosts up etc.

  11. I’m thinking of buying Animal Crossing New Leaf. I played and owned the one on GameCube and Loved it hell out of it. Also you got to put Mr. Resette on SSBB again. That had me cracking up using his niche on Animal Crossing forgetting to save it and using it on a game as a way to distract you. I know one thing to shut him up PLEASE PLEASE save the game first. He talks too damn much.

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