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Rein Attempts To Explains Why He Laughed At Unreal Engine 4 On Wii U (Laughs Again)


We found out earlier today that Epic Games next generation game engine, Unreal Engine 4, won’t run on Wii U. This could mean that future video games based on the engine will be excluded from the platform. Epic Games president Mark Rein simply laughed at the idea of the engine running on Wii U at GDC. IGN asked him why he thought it was funny that someone should ask if the game engine can run on Wii U. Here’s his response.

Still laughing, “I just laugh at the question…Unreal Engine 4, we’re not PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii U. It’s next-gen technology. That’s what we’re aiming for.”

“The truth is, if a developer wanted to take an Unreal Engine game and put it on Wii U, they could. Unreal Engine 3 is kicking ass on Wii U. The best games on Wii U are made on our technology. What more do you want from us?”



318 thoughts on “Rein Attempts To Explains Why He Laughed At Unreal Engine 4 On Wii U (Laughs Again)”

      1. I remember when hardware manufacturers were the ones with all the power, and it was justified as it was those manufacturers who sunk time and money into developing the consoles.

        Now this dick is one of the most powerful people in this industry despite not spending a cent on hardware development, and we saw the early results of that with all the developers closing down last generation because of guys like Rein raising the bar far too high (and I’m talking about a shit ton of developers who’ve rarely, if ever, even worked on Nintendo platforms closing down).

        Where the hell did things go so wrong…

    1. if you are pretty sure? so,why all the big companies are saying that wiiu is pointless?
      EA has lost A LOT money with Nintendo.
      GTV not to WiiU.
      Battlefield 4 not to WiiU.
      Metal Gear 5 not to WiiU.
      Bioshock Infinite not to WiiU.
      Yeah they all are right, the WiiU is POINTLESS!

        1. Are u kidding me?! SSBB took everything that made Melee awsome & destroyed it! It was dumbed down & made way easy for casual players (noobs or kids) who had trouble getting back on the ring or needed a cheap Smash Ball to win a match w/o any skill WSE.

          1. Then play melee? its not like melee disappeared when brawl came out. Brawl is still competitive. Even if its different. Trust me I play all 3 competitively. :)

            1. Hey, we’re talking about which game is superior, not which game I should or shouldn’t be playing, & it’s more than obvious Brawl isn’t anywhere near Melee. Sorry, kid.

            2. & LMFAO @ “competetive”. I can beat the best Marth, Fox, Peach, Kirby or Ness player online using only Pikachu Thunder spam, Metaknight tornado spam, Fan spam or Sonic+Smash Ball. 4COL, I beat the entire game on the hardest setting using Pikachu+Thunder!

              1. You obviously have never played against real strong Smash Bros. players. I play all three, love all three, beat you on all three, and still consider Brawl a hell of a game. Suck it.

              2. You must play some sucky players lol. and you didn’t even say beat icies, snake, or diddy–all high tier characters that require thought and skill to beat. haha random newb

                1. It’s called a “word limit”, kid. Yes it does take skill to play as Diddy Kong, I tend to try imagining non-Nintendo characters like Snake & Sonic are don’t exist. As for Ice Climbers, they’re useful characters with some cheap moves & easy to manipulate.

                  1. Icies desynching is easy to manipulate? lol heck no same with their infinite chain grab. and even WITH people who have it down 90% of the time they still lose to better players due to spacing and being walled out. All it takes is 3 grabs and you’re done, but people still find a way to win. Tornado spam is cheap, but beatable. Thunder spam is laughed at due to reflectors.
                    why hate on 3rd party characters? Do you hate Sony that much?

                2. *are/typo
                  LOL, I also forgot to mention beating so-called “”Pr0 P14y3rZ” using only Zelda’s non-stop Din Fire+her reflective shield. SSBB=no skill wins. Smash ball=epic no skill pwnage. Tripping regardless of how good of a player u are= epic fail!

            1. On the contrary, my noobish friend, those who disliked Melee, were those who couldn’t bother mastering difficult techniques. I have no prob. with SB64 either, but Brawl… I already named all that’s wrong with it. What’s wrong w/ Melee? Too hard for you?

              1. Wave dashing is wrong. Infinite chain-grabs are wrong. Dr Mario is wrong.

                You call yourself strong on the game but i’m quite sure you don’t know that much technical stuff about the game.

          2. SSBB was a much more enjoyable game as a whole than Melee for many people. Melee was good for the 5% of people who understood all the game; Brawl was good for the 90% who could understand the game.

        2. Don’t even get me started on tripping at random. Whose “bright” idea was it to add tripping? SMH. Not to mention the addition of non-Nintendo characters like Sonic & Snake. Next thing you know, they’ll add Spongebob, Goku, & Elmo! Ugh…

          1. Adding more random is adding more fun. And real good Smash Bros gamers know how to win, regardless of one or two trippings, dumbass.

              1. Yup. The voice they chose to give him & most all his dialogue… I’d say Pit is just a bit more annoying than Sonic, in that sense.

      1. “I got my Wii U to play multiplats.”

        – No one ever.

        You get a Nintendo console to play high quality exclusives :) Especially the first party ones.

            1. Not everyone here has the money to buy two consoles, and is pointless to have a console only for their exclusives, Nintendo better give up if doesnt have third party support

              1. Yeah you’re right about most people not being able to afford more than one console. But you also have to think, most educated gamers know what the Wii U has to offer. They know when you buy a Nintendo console that you are probably not going to get the third party treatment that PS4 or the next Xbox will get. And most gamers are fairly aware of the specs and what they are cab able of. We knew for long time that the Wii U was basically playing catch up to the current gen. So anyone who bought a Wii U and is somehow shocked by this kind of news really shouldn’t drop that kind of money without doing some research first. That said, I bought a Wii U specifically for the first party and third party exclusives. And for local multiplayer gaming. I haven’t owned a Nintendo console since n64, so I’ve got a whole Wii catalog to catch up on too, which boosts its value in my particular case.

              2. How is it pointless? I for one enjoy Nintendos high quality single and multiplayer games more than most third party games, and I was perfectly content with just a Wii the last 7 years. Some of the games on 360 or PS3 lots of other people had, so I could play with my friends if I wanted to, but I didnt find any of those games to beat the fun of Smash bros, sure some of the games are better, but youll either miss one or the other, and Nintendo had a lot of high quality first party games.. You get consoles for exclusives. And then the rest you play wherever else you can, on PC, or somewhere else.

        1. hahaha yeah sure,i’m going to buy shitty console to play the same mariogames. hahaha WiiU = GameCube. see ya gaytendo.

          1. 2006 I would’ve bought a turd if it was able to play Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart U, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Mario Party 8 and 9, Super Paper Mario, Kirby’s Epiq Yarn.

            I could go on this list forever about great Nintendo first party games for the Wii U. But I think you get the point as I have covered pretty much every genre out there.

            1. *Wii. But soon enough I will be able to type a long list like this aswell about Wii U exclusives worth buying a terrible system for.

            1. yeah that is what they said about the Dreamcast ‘the best console ever’… and look now… where is Sega now? hahahaha

              1. There’s the slight difference in the fact that Sega had next to no money, whereas Nintendo still has a lot more than you’ll ever come close to.

              2. It’s always fucking hilarious to see people seriously consider the possibility that Nintendo is going down the same road as Sega. Do you even know that Nintendo has so much money that they could make losses for decades and go on (and no, they won’t even do that) :””””)


              3. You know, there’s a difference between a seductive product and a good product.

                The Dreamcast was a HELL of a console, it just happened to be a commercial failure, but it was an awesome product anyway.

          2. okay, if you think the wii u is so shit, why are you on a NINTENDO blog?
            sides, all you probably do is play the same old sh**y fps’s and shooters

        2. Indeed.
          I enjoy my Wii for the first party games and as a gamecube. And I will buy a Wii U once the strong exclusives will be released (Xenoblade 2 and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem)
          Meanwhile, I use my PS3 for the multiplatforms (or at least, that was my original reason for buying it).

      2. Idiot. Wiiu is about exclusives not the stuff you just listed. 3rd party support like watchdogs , injustice and Project cars is more than welcome though.

        1. "Big N" is "small n"

          But But but…..I wanted the Wii U to play all games because Nintendo PROMISED it…….I would feel ripped off as a Wii U owner. To gamers the Wii U will end up as a secondary system because Nintendo’s Retro studios, the EAD, next level games, Monolith Soft and some others aren’t enough to compete with 149 3rd party developers. Nintendo can’t release 10 games a year that’s why 3rd party support WHICH THAT F*****G IDIOT CALLED REGGIE PROMISED to Nintendo fans is esssential for a console’s success. If somebody breaks a promise then that person isn’t credible until he proves otherwise.

          To all the Nintendo Fanboys (not fans):
          Why should somebody get a Wii U woth 2 games a year if he could just get a PS4 which has ewually good exclusives AND 3rd party support? Wouldn’t that make a Wii U inferior

          1. oh come on, you’re seriously calling out fanboys with a username like that? Sony fanboy hypocrisy knows no bounds, and thus merits no answers

          2. Well, if that were true, then yeah. But it’s not true. The first party exclusives on the other two consoles are 2-3 a year, but for nintendo it’s about 5 times that, also the third party support is mostly exclusives as well, historically anyway. But the thing is, I have a PC for most of the third party multiplats and my nintendo consoles for the first party releases.
            It’s all about how you look at it though. Different perspectives.
            If the others release any exclusives that i absolutely must play I would probably get one though. But that hasn’t happened yet. Came close with gears of war though.

        2. all that games that you posted they will be on ps360… so why we need a WiiU? to play same mariogames? same pokemongames? same buring Zeldagames? yeah good luck with you WiiU shit and the SAME GAMES of gaytendo.

          1. You just named the three main reasons Nintendo consoles sell. Mario and Pokemon are the best-selling video game franchises, and the Zelda games are among the best reviewed. They do so well because they continue to evolve.

      3. HAHAHA Who SAID that Metal Gear Solid isn’t coming to Wii U?
        You’re very mature to bring up EA, rated the worst company for the 2nd year in a row.

      4. out of that list, the only games that i would even want on the wii uwould be gtaV and metal gear solid V. battlefield sucks on consoles, bioshock infinite is also better on my pc since they really beefed up the graphical options and any other ea game besides battlefield i don’t even have any interest in. so tell me, how do any of those games make the wii u pointless?

      5. Everything you mentioned here has been in development long before the Wii U had thieir kits sent out to devs. Only one that i’m in the slightest interested in is bioshock. Even then I could get it for my PC.

      6. Wii U 3rd Party Nintendo Direct. Bioshock, and GTA will come to Wii U. As for Metal Gear Solid have you people forgot the Miiverse hack? Yoshi Land U was revealed Resident Evil was revealed which is Revelations. The 3rd game that was mentioned was Metal Gear Solid, A Metal Gear game is coming to Wii U.

      7. get a grip sony and ms casual fans


      8. So why did we get NFS with PC textures and soon to be getting an improved version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Seems like companies aren’t saying the Wii U is pointless.

        1. Thanks for getting us back on the topic…lol! It seems the blog jumped the shark a few comments in!
          Anyway…you are correct. Some development studios are intrigued by the Wii U’s architecture and are willing to invest their time making games based around that architecture…but it’s the big companies they work for that have the final decision. So in short…Wii U may get third party games that take advantage of the hardware, but the companies won’t release any future support…(e.g. dlc/sequels)!



      1. Those 3 games are what wrong with the industry. gears of war: a forced prequel, Uncharted a great game but the only update it got was more cinematic, beyond 2 souls: you will be lucky to get more that half an hour of gameplay from this interactive movie.

            1. Indie devs arent restricted to being generic by publishers. They have nobody telling them what to do so Indie devs can make new fun games.

          1. "Big N" is "small n"

            The graphics aren’t the main purpose of the hardware! SONY didn’t make the PS4 more powerful than the Wii U just to have better graphics they did it to meet developer’s expectations. This is the main reason for powerful tech. This alone proves that the Wii U lacks the power for a generational leap and doesn’t meet developer’s expectations.

            By the way Epic has access to both Wii U and PS4 hardware so if they say Wii U isn’t next gen powered while PS4 is then……..

            1. Hmm… did you KNOW that a development of a high ass quality game means more budget? No, the fanboy stupidity is really going too high, man. PS4 isn’t really THAT much more powerful. PS4’s main goal is to attract people with graphics, because they DON’T learn from their mistakes, e.g. the Vita. It’s really sad to see this. You think that Sony supports third parties more than Nintendo? Bitch please, Nintendo can literally buy a cocaine building and not lose any money whilst Sony is losing money and striving to pay their debts. You see, Sony simply doesn’t have the budget or the focus to help out third parties, Nintendo is actually cooperating and promoting the third party companies as of this generation, because they can see that many people need third parties to actually be happy with their console purchase. Your point is legitimately invalid.
              By the way did you know that Epic are sell-outs? And did you know that they talked shit about the Wii U since the first ever announcement? If they say it’s not next gen, they’re just ignorant assholes, and you’re an ignorant consumer for believing every single word of theirs.

            2. By the way, just to clarify, Wii U, despite being a small step behind PS4 as far as the comparisons go, still IS a powerful as system. I can see visuals on it that surprise me even though I have a high-end gaming PC. (*Cough* Most Wanted *Cough*) So really, Wii U DOES fit in under the expectations for game development, the ONLY reason the games aren’t really coming to the Wii U at the moment, is because publishers and developers are scared that their games won’t sell well, and are waiting for the grand first party releases. It’s actually so simple and completely understandable, and you fanboys that come here just turn it into a giant problem. Nintendo has OVER 10 BILLION DOLLARS on their account. Do you know what they can turn the Wii U into if they want to? If you really think that they are just camping at home drinking tea, doing nothing, that’s really stupid of you to think so.

            3. Except that unreal 4 will eventually be supported by mobile platforms. The fact that epic is even trying to bring this engine to the mobile market is proof enough of how biased his statement is in regards to the wiiu. If tablets and phones are gonna be able to run this engine…then so can the ps360 and wiiu. Tablets and phones are far from next gen tech.

            4. It’s consumers that control the demand for better graphics, not the developers.
              If consumers wanted 8 bit games that is what developers would make. The higest graphic capabilities have always been and will always be computers. The kind that showed the tech demo, of course it was a high end machine. Only enthusiasts buy the near top of the line graphics cards (gtx 680), thats roughly 5% of PC gamers. The PS4 graphic capabilities aren’t anywhere near that GPU, it is more mid range.

    1. Nintendo: “Hey guys, this developer won’t support our new console with its newest engine. Oh well.

      Hmm… What should we do with our piles of money now?”

        1. “Hey, our Wii U sales aren’t too great, how about we release two Pokemon games on 3DS to print us some more cash we’ll just put away.”

          1. “hey, we are nintendo, but we don’t decide what gamefreak developers do, so they release harmo knight, oh new pokeoms that’s great too”

            1. “Hey, we are Nintendo and we do actually have a large influence on what games Game Freak release and when”

    2. western third parties devs and publishers aside from the indies, ubisoft and developers who supports Nintendo such as Need For Speed devs and Crytek who support Nintendo but EA is at fault. Other than those the rest doesn’t care about NIntendo.

    1. This. SO MUCH THIS.

      How does he expect to answer to that when they’ve specifically said it can run on MOBILE DEVICES. That’s so weak, it makes the PS3 hardware look next gen, yet where they’re ‘aiming’ is so much higher.

      If they scan scale, they can port. Remember the WiiU architecture is extremely easy to work with, according to devs. Like the 360 was.

    2. They are going to have to scale it down for the ps4 and nextbox so they could have for the Wii u as well, but they made up their minds about that a long time ago.

  1. Riiight… You mean the next-gen technology no developer ever will have the money to utilize? I really hope that developers soon realize there’s a limit for what their wallets can afford with the current market. I look forward for gamers acting like “WTF” when their games starts to cost 100-150$

    1. If Crytek can make games that stress Gefroce GTX 690 GPU WHILE being limited to the low EA budget then other developer´s with their own money can utilize the power of a HD 7850 level GPU.

      1. That’s one of the reasons I play so many more Nintendo games nowadays. The majority of Wii U games are priced around $70-80, making them much more affordable than PS3 and X360 games.

    1. I don’t wanna be ‘that guy’ but CryEngine 3 has a track record on current gen consoles like PS3 and 360, but UE4 definitely does not. Assuming that people, from a developer’s standpoint, would pair Wii U with the PS3 and 360 game consoles, it makes sense that these two engines would work with CryEngine 3 but not necesarilly UE4.

  2. Smug bastards like this guy are the reason I don’t buy third party games as often as Nintendo’s first party. I don’t give my money to dicks.

      1. It’s not the only reason, sometimes a game just doesn’t interest me or it’s not on the console I own. I’m planning to play a few PS3 games I missed when my brother gets the PS4 and I hopefully get his PS3.

      2. It’s difficult when you don’t want to enable these idiots further. We’ve had enough of buying the “test games” and then not ending up with real support. If it’s possible to scale the engine to the next generation Wii U, then say it’s possible and leave the developers to decide if they want to do anything with it.

        Spouting this misinformation just makes them look petty and childish.

      3. No. I’m that way too. It’s why I haven’t bought Fez.

        Also, every so-often I really want to buy a Playstation but when I research it, I come up with a ton of smug comments from the execs and the fanbase so I completely lose interest.

        And I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking about going 100% linux for my computer because I get fed up with the execs for Microsoft.

        I base a lot of my purchases on my respect for the maker.

  3. Next-gen. Last I checked that meant the generation following the current one, not… whatever this fool thinks it means. If you’re going to mock something at least do it in a way that isn’t itself laughable…

  4. Don’t really care… I will eventually get a PS4 myself. So if I’m not having fun on my Wii U, i will be having it on my PS4. Games are to be enjoyed, not to fight over which console is better.

      1. Hey, I will get a PS4 aswell ): IF they do not do a Microsoft and forces you to pay a monthly fee for just the pleasure of playing online.

        1. Yeah, it doesn’t even matter if you only own one system. You can own it and enjoy what it offers without constantly arguing about which system is better.

          I would like to own all of the next gen systems but I’m going to wait to hear the final specs and details on Microsoft’s next Xbox and the PS4 before I make a final choice. (Already own Wii U)

          1. Same here, but if Microsoft still has that horrible uncustomerfriendly pay to play online fee then I might pass as I am against screwing over the customers like that. If they keep it but adds nice stuff (like the IGC for PS+) or take it away I might consider getting it.

            1. Yeah, we’ll see. I have my 360 but I don’t use it that much anymore unless a good exclusive game comes around and those are becoming fewer and fewer.

              So hopefully Microsoft gives gamers a good incentive for the next generation. I need really good reasons to get their system.

      2. You’re acting like people who cannot afford more than one console are somehow NOT sensible. There’s nothing wrong with being annoyed by lack of support when it’s possible, and even more so by the blatant neglect of the Wii U because Nintendo don’t give you handjobs under the table.

        1. No it is not, but you do not need to be on this site long enough to see what kind of people Simply G talks about… Alot of fanboys and trolls here you know.

    1. Meh, maybe in graphics, but graphics aren’t everything. Of course, it’s not surprising they’re mistakenly thought to be in such a superficial society.

      1. Yes, but I don’t always want to have to buy other platforms for 3rd party games. We shouldn’t have to expect that. Just like Sony and Microsoft fans won’t have to expect it.

  5. the best games on wii u are made on your technology?! i love Gears of War, and Epic sometimes, but BITCH PLEASE, NintendoLand, is not running on UE, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it’s not running on UE, Pikmin will NOT run on UE, or you mean like Aliens: colonial marines?, that game is kicking ass?!, AC3 is running on UE?, get your head of your ass Rein

  6. HAHAHAHA!!! Well, this is clear! And that’s what I’ve always said. Wii U is current gen and the Wii was the same generation than the GameCube.

    1. Because one guy with a power mind set says so?
      Haha isnt cryengine 3 better anyways?
      I own a wii u and its a good console but nintendo needs to step it up Seriously not Saying that because of this guys laughing statement.

            1. I’m just saying it’s not only FPS and MMORPGs.

              Action Adventures, platformers, puzzle games, etc. A lot of them use Unreal – including some on Nintendo platforms (like Batman Arkham City on Wii U).

              1. Man, that was just an hyperbole about the proportion of the genres on the list. 1,2,3, 10 or 20 Action games, platformers, puzzle games. Okay. There are a lot more shooters. A LOT. And I’ve never played any game on that list.

  7. Whats so great about this engine?… Its not the Engine that makes it popular… its the game itself… you can play Batman arkham city and have fun on any capable engine

    1. IDK, I feel like it does… to an extent. You cannot use the full capability lf UE4 is what te guys are trying to say. I can’t tell though because the guy wont stop laughing when he talks!

    2. It probably does. He is rather vague in his statements, but it’s more likely they haven’t even bothered to see if it will. They aren’t currently making any games for Nintendo nor are others like DICE. Even in that announcement, DICE never said the Frostbite 3 engine wouldn’t work, only that they haven’t developed for it.

      The only problem with Nintendo right now is the terrible relationship with a few American publishers. I’d wager at least half of the ports we were supposed to receive this year alone have been canned simply because of this situation.

      Also in regards to that “Infiltrator” demo: although it looked pretty, it wasn’t gameplay which doesn’t mean squat nor does it mean the Wii U couldn’t handle it. It didn’t look any more spectacular than a ME3 cinematic and the story/theme did not appeal to me whatsoever, so I’m not impressed.

      Honestly I think Rein was just tooting his own horn over an engine that isn’t any better than its previous version let alone the competition. Moving on..

  8. WOW! His last statement sounds very arrogant. Also, he sounds very unprofessional. Anyhow, this is a prime example why I don’t like these video game “so called” journalists. This individual had a golden opportunity for a follow up question. For example, soon as he placed the Wii U in the same category as the Xbox/PS3, I would’ve asked, “so based upon your response, are you saying the Wii U isn’t next gen”? Now I’m sure he would’ve tried to wiggle out of that, but I would’ve keep pressing him until I got a yes or no. If these journalists would start doing their jobs more effectively, much of this foolishness would stop. However, I think many of these journalists may be bias.

    1. Maybe you should write then.

      I’m always hearing people complain about journalists, but few take action. I for one would like to see a change in the gaming media as well.

  9. Inb4 the Sony and Microsoft drones hate. If you really want the most powerful system, you would buy a high-end PC.

      1. Yeah, thats on an APU, so CPU and GPU together. So essentially it’s the same as the DDR5 on the vid cards except it’s shared…

    1. why dude,retro studio’s engine will be also aaaawsome believe me!!!!
      and unity engine can do the same thing what unreal engine can do, and that engine is full suport the wii u. so i don’t see the problem?

        1. The only way that could happen is if epic makes something to legaly stop the use of porting the game using the engine.

          1. Porting from one engine to another takes work and money and I think they want to avoid that as much as they can when doing multiplats. Especially for a console multiplats probably will sell bad on.

            1. I know it cost money but even if a developer is willing to invest epic will do something to stop them or improve the engine.

              1. Who the hell put that lie of a Retro Studios Engine into the world ? Seriously they are GAME DEVELOPERs and not ENGINE DEVELOPERS also they are not very much people so i don´t think that there is any chance of a “retro engine”

                1. Lots of game developers create their own engines. But yeah, I agree, not sure about a “retro engine” but it could happen.

  10. I don’t get something. They arre not bringing Unreal 4 on Wii U because they don’t want to or because the Wii U can’t handle it? That question is far from answered.

  11. First frostbite 3 and now UE4.

    Don’t want to seem like a hater but this is NOT good news for the wii u.

    Less engines compatible means less games making it to the system which means less sales.

    I mean even beyond that, having fewer options of games to enjoy sucks for gamers. Regardless of what system they are using.

    1. They never said Frostbite 3 wouldn’t work on Wii U. They just said they weren’t currently developing for Nintendo, i.e. no BF4.

    2. well, frostbite isn’t much of an issue cause it’s just EA/DICE that uses it, and if ties get fixed between EA and Nintendo then they will code it to support the Wii U. Just because epic isn’t using the engine on the Wii U doesn’t mean someone else won’t. They didn’t say it isn’t compatible they just said they aren’t using it on the Wii U. So basically we won’t get a new unreal game… who cares? the unreal tournament games weren’t that great in my opinion anyway.

  12. I would just LOVE to see the look on some of these “big name developers” faces if the PS4 and 720 bomb in sales and the Wii U is the only decent selling 8th gen console.

    1. I see what you ment, but i hope the PS4 doesnt bomb in sales and make sony bankrupt, i’ve been rolling with Nintendo and Sony my whole life. the Wii U has already won. Nintendo will drop the price to 200-250$ and nextbox and Ps4 will be about 599 US DOLLARS.

      1. I love Sony too, but given the choice I would rather they died off than Nintendo. Their first party games haven’t really interested me since they lost Crash.

      2. I hope the ps4 and next xbox bomb hard! We need companies like epic to go bankrupt so some common sense developers can take over the industry

        1. Sadly, i think they will. Nintendo should not be left unrivaled. Competition is healthy for the industry.

          1. I thought the SNES was one of the finest consoles of all time and their real only competitor was the struggling Sega.

  13. I honestly could care less. So what if the Wii U isn’t getting Unreal Engine 4, or any substantial graphical upgrades. Since when has Nintendo’s systems been on par with its competitors. Seriously it’s pissing me off to see everyone arguing nonstop >.> The Wii U can display up to 1080p & 60fps without breaking a sweat. May I add that the Wii U will have amazing 1st party games that’s all I need considering it’s a Nintendo system. If you guys are still complaning about “No Unreal Engine on Wii U” rather than worrying about future titles (Zelda HD, 3D Mario, Mario kart etc.), then get a PC. End of discussion.

      1. heh heh thanks I was typing way to fast for my liking.
        Anyway Yes, that’s what I ment. I wasn’t necessity gaming in the retro ages.

    1. “The Wii U can display up to 1080p & 60fps without breaking a sweat.”

      Moreover, Wii U game pad is able to replicate the gameplay action shown on the TV in real time. This is such a impressive feature.

      And who cares about powerful engines that are technically sub-used, I mean, used just for FPS? It’s nice to play that kind of game sometimes, but the western developers are currently been caught in this stupid FPS race from which they don’t seem to will to quit.

      1. Excactly. It’s pretty annoying to see people compain about Unreal Enginge not comming to the Wii U, despite the fact that it might just be another FPS. It’s like everyone forgot the fact that games are all about having fun, not starting flame wars.

        1. Right. I just can’t stand such in vogue blatant hypes on pointless things like the announcement of Battlefield 4, for example (I’m no longer talking about Unreal, since BF4 runs on Frostbite 3). Who needs another rendition of a flagrantly exhausted model? Who needs powerful engines if nowadays we face a lack of creativity?

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  15. WTF?! Does the guy not know how stupid he sounds? First of all Wii U IS NEXT GEN! Second, maybe he should not act like an asshole about this. He is a professional is he not?… I am starting to wonder…

  16. I think Nintendo is focus on indie dev for wii u n3ds e shop. That’s how is making more money than the 3rd party devs. It’s tryin to beat the mobile market. Not focusing on next gen. They’ll find out that indie devs r king than 70 or watever third party devs will sell.

    1. They are actually against gaming biggest enemies… the cell phone crap. People don’t notice but the industry is in more danger than people think and showing this engines will make it harder to recover.

  17. Graphical capabilities for video games dont need to get any better than CryEngine 3. With that what has CryEngine 3 brough to the table other than a couple generic shooters that put style before substance.

    I would rather developers go back to developing video games. If they want to keep making these interactive movies. They need to switch over to the movie business.

    I want to see an improvement in AI, unique worlds, and new ways to play games. When I started gaming, I did so for how fun the interaction was. Not to set through hours of cutscenes taken straight from the stale catalogue that is Hollywood.

      1. I confess I don’t miss that kind of jagged graphics… See OoT: pretty much better on 3DS.

        But, yes, people nowadays are concentrating too much on graphics and too little on gameplay.

        1. While OoT was better on 3DS, one of the problems I noticed was that while in the 64 version where you’d see people in like Kokiri village from say 10 metres away, on the 3DS version, you wouldn’t see them until you were about 6-7 metres away.

      1. It should hopefully come.

        Besides, this tech demo looks like a fossil compared to Crysis 3 (which runs on CryEngine 3) at max settings.

    1. It should hopefully come.

      Besides, this tech demo looks like a fossil compared to Crysis 3 (which runs on CryEngine 3) at max settings.

  18. I like it when a game developer that is no constructor whatsoever thinks he decides the borders between console generations.

    Arrogant more than Epic, I believe.

  19. Wii U is next generation. How would 3rd party dev accuse this of being weak if they never used the Wii U hardware? Its not about power but it is about trying to destroy a brand. The devs are avoiding WIi U not because it is weak because like PS4, it can handle PC texters. They are avoiding the Wii U because they are trying to promoted Sony and Micro. The idea is to copy Nintendo’s innovation and make it more powerful.

    1. When Nintendo was on it’s stride last generation, no third parties could even stand up to the might of the Big N’s first party titles. It caused a lot of damage to every dev other than Nintendo first and second parties.

      That’s one of the many reasons it’s like a Nintendo vs the world this generation.

      1. well normally they’d say if you can’t beat them join them but they are doing the exact opposite i wonder what happens if they fail against nintendo’s ip’s and they can’t recover

        1. There’s two things I’ve learnt about Nintendo in my life. The first is that they make great games and the second is to never ever write them off. Nintendo has always bounced back. They did after the GameCube the same as they did with the many failed business ventures between 1889 and the 80s.

  20. People, people. Buy a Wii U. Buy a PS4. Buy whatever you want to buy. Play the games and enjoy them. How is this so difficult?

      1. Yeah I can understand where your coming from and I hope Nintendo gets more third party multiplats. However, I was talking about the arguing and fighting over which console is the best and if the game has perfect graphics or not.

  21. For fucks sake! engines are made for hardware not hardware for engines. This developers may not make engines for the wiiu but others will look at the dead island developers and how fast they drop the lies of deep silver lies cause thats not business wise, criterion also shut them up and even crytek when against ea said about the engine

        1. Developers need freedom but they also need someone to guide them. Let to much freedom and the next thing they want is the profits of the console.I think sony made a mistake by making his console too powerful whit out being able to recover spences qucik

  22. Whoever claims to be offended by this, should maybe rethink this statement instead of calling it an assault on Nintendo.

    The engine isn’t made for the specs of the Wii U. Yes that machine is stronger, in some cases, than the 360 and PS3, but it is inferior to PS4 and will most likely be inferior to the Xbox 720 (or whatever it’s called)

    This cannot come as a surprise, so stop being butthurt and get real about it.

  23. Um What more do you want from us? Umm how about you to pull your head out of your ass.! I heard the ur3 engine can run on an iPhone so why not the wiiu? He is a real idiot. No wonder the game industry is failing if he is a representative sample of the kind of leadership the game industry has.

  24. Ok… theyre making UE 4 to smartphones, but not for Wii U, not simply that it cant run it, but that assholes at epic are nintendo haters?

  25. The truth is that there is a dislike of american third parties with the Nintendo consoles,it always existed and will not change today,the Epic Games is a company that has antipathy for Nintendo consoles,the Wiiu run any one of these engines usually,the problem that Nintendo is a traditionalist company and preserves a philosophy and a seal of quality.

    Nintendo doesn’t want mere ports of multi-platform games aiming at profit,they wants the thirds produce something exclusive to the console using the actual capacity of it.Create games for the Wiiu requires a level of ability and higher creativity of the producer,i have Nintendo consoles because only with them currently you play real games, and not only boring americans FPS with a control equal to 15 years ago(Dual Shock) (i sometimes struck me how the people can play a FPS today with a classic controller).They want to take players to a tendency to play movies and not games,the challenge and fun were played of sides by the majority of these thirds who only want to produce the same to acquire money.

    1. Spot on. They want to make lazy ports with no efforts, then they wonder why their games don’t sell. It’s pointing the finger of blame elsewhere and that’s wrong.

    1. Not that he had any credibility to begin with, but a comment like that really disqualifies him from EVER having any credibility.

      “The BEST game on Wii U are made on THEIR technology?” Is he serious? Did he REALLY say that. Talk about pretentious. Sheesh.

      Then again, at E3 2011 he said that UE3 could make the Zelda HD demo look even better. It didn’t dawn on me until now that he was actually making an insult to say how “superior” Unreal technology is to everyone else.

    1. *Sigh
      Developers should stop focusing on making games ”realistic” and focus on new gameplay ideas instead.
      I personally think games that have their own art style (animated art style, to be more precise) leave room for more creativity and end up looking much prettier.
      If all developers try to make their games realistic, all the games will end up looking the same.

      1. ^This, too many games nowadays look too similar in terms of content and artwork, there’s nothing wrong with alittle fantasy in gaming.

      2. Realism can add in new gameplay ideas as well (As much as Nintendo fanboys disagree). Let developers do it if they want. Realism in games like LA Noire would of been amazing.

        1. The problem is will they do add new gameplay ideas each time i see a new game on next gen console is like the only thing they are pushing is cinematics

  26. I don’t know haha maybe haha you haha end up haha sounding like an hahah pretentious asshole haha when you laugh ahahha at things that aren’t hahahaha really that funny hahahahahahahaha

  27. When it really comes down to it the ps 4 and Xbox whatever is still last generation tec the pc is current and can be updated and kicks both there butts anyways

  28. Screw Epic. Nintendo needs to make more collector editions of their games. Sometimes they do it with Legend of Zelda games. Why didn’t they make a gold Wii bundle with Skyward Sword. New Super Mario Bros Wii U should have had a collector edition with a red controller Wiimote. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon should have had a collector edition with artwork bundled with a green 3DS XL. Windwaker HD should have a collector edition with artwork, soundtrack, and Link action figure.

    1. I think you’re right. Your ideas might be a little gimmicky, but there is a superficial aspect to gaming that works and people do like those limited edition consoles/bundles. Nintendo shouldn’t be so afraid of that — after all, it’s part of what made the original Gameboy huge.

  29. I think the fact that they’re outright laughing at the Wii U, proves that EA is nothing but a Sony shill that’s doing everything it can to pay back Nintendo for saying no to Origin.
    They COULD make money on the Wii U if they actually put in the fucking effort, but they’re too sore over what they view as a past insult to grow up and seek to raise the install base with their own games, so that they don’t have to whine over it being too small to make them more profit.

    Of course, that’s just one out of many reasons why they were voted worst company last year, and are in it for the second year as well.

    Sony drones can gloat all the like; EA’s opinion of Nintendo means nothing, in light of their own past fuck-ups.

  30. I understand, but some people take the word “Next Gen” too seriously around here.
    Its not like anyone actually says the Wii is “So 2 generations ago” and right now, all the Wii U is doing right now, is catching up on what the Wii missed.
    Time will come when the Wii U is called “Next Gen” but while the majority of gamers are looking towards their future of gaming, they will call everything this point until 2014 “Current Gen”. Because they are playing current gen consoles and can compare the Wii U to their current gen consoles right now.

  31. That was hilarious that time that Nintendo saved the game industry and allowed your company to even come into existence.

    1. It’ll probably be better than UE4. Epic is overrated. I’m not deny they do same good stuff, but IMO the only good franchises they have done are Unreal Tournament and Gears Of War. If the garbage I played for Gear of War: Judgment is any indication of the direction of Epic Games, they can keep their stuff.

  32. and how exactly are mobile platforms “next-gen”? this smells like bs. unity is good enough anyway if you know what you are doing. and the huge indie support of the wii u is also good since indie games tend to be innvative rather then just being the next €60 graphic update with 5h of gamplay plus 1 more if you pay another €20

  33. wii u & pc > ps4 & xbox3

    you assholes can pay $79 for a ports ill take free fast patches free games and new games for $40 on pc and enjoy games with life color and charm on wiiu

    1. I’ll just buy all consoles and not limit myself. Aren’t you the same social reject who thought a certain school massacre was funny? And you’re calling people assholes?

  34. Wii U will eventually take off. When it does these companies will come back for a piece of the pie. All it will take is a couple of must have games (think Zelda, Metriod, Smash Bros., MarioKart, Etc.) and the word to spread on how innovative this thing is. I like it, I play it, and that’s all that matters to me.

  35. Don’t know, if I should really care! Most games today are either openworld -, climb-shoot-watchmovieclip – or watchmovieclip-presssomebuttons-games! Honestly, there were only a handful of games on XBox360/PS3 which I played, but the rest…

  36. Honestly, specs mean nothing to me.
    I don’t care what engine the game runs, or what’s exclusive or what isn’t, or what’s “next-gen”. I just want a fun game. If a fun game can be made with some aged technology, fine.
    If a game can be on a Nintendo console as well as a Sony or Microsoft console, fine.
    I just want to play my game without dealing with idiotic “console wars” or people who think their opinions are fact.
    Then again, if I wanted to deal with rational people and rational people only, I wouldn’t be talking about gaming on the Internet.

  37. This Article should be forwarded to nintendo to let them be aware that companies still think they aren’t doing ANYTHING to save their baby…they are terrible parents!



    He brought up some good points like how most major studios have their own engines anyway and don’t need UE4.

    Here is another things. Who is to say that Nintendo doesn’t have it’s own engine that is comparable or BETTER than UE4 that independent developers can and are using? Who is to say that the engine Retro Studios has developed isn’t as good or better than UE4? Since these clowns are running around with the immature banter and Nintendo hasn’t batted an eye, it could be that they indeed do has something lurking behind the door that no one knows about.

    All I know is that last time Nintendo was being publicly mocked, ridiculed, and backed into a corner, THIS happened……..

    …and even though it wasn’t called the ‘Revolution’ anymore it certainly lived up to it’s development codename and 10o million consoles later and 10 billion dollars richer, Nintendo had the last laugh. Don’t poke a wounded-animal with a sharp stick. It will strike back.

  39. Another unevolved one that believes PS4 and the Nextbox is in a next generation than the Wii U…

    Specs have nothing to do with a generation definition when it comes to the timeline…

  40. stop worrying about games on other consoles not comming to wiiu every real gamer sees what the wiiu can do with controls and the new network i dont care for gears gta and 38 army based games uncharted or any of that bullfrog shit i just want voice chat in game for mk and smash and so on.

    1. I’m sorry, but what business is game design (creative or not) to the developer of a graphics engine?

      Your gameplay vs graphics rhetoric is old, tired, and irrelevant.

      Thanks for playing.