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Rein Says Developers Could Bring Unreal Engine 4 Games To Wii U, If They Wanted


Epic Games president Mark Rein now says that developers could create a game using Unreal Engine 4 and bring the product to Wii U. Rein also stated that developers could also bring Unreal Engine 4 games to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The downside to doing this is they wouldn’t look as spectacular as they would on the next Xbox or the PlayStation 4.

“You heard the stupid gaffe yesterday about the Wii U,” he said. “If someone wants to take Unreal Engine 4 and ship a game on Wii U, they can! If they wanna ship an Unreal Engine 4 game on Xbox 360, they could make it happen.” While that game might not look as pretty as it would on a “true” next-gen console, the new engine is scalable to a variety of platforms, including mobile.”

Thanks, SonofMrPeanut

453 thoughts on “Rein Says Developers Could Bring Unreal Engine 4 Games To Wii U, If They Wanted”

    1. I know! Why did he say ” Unreal Engine 4 won’t be coming to Wii U?” That kinda makes it sound like it won’t work with the system. Despite Nintendo fans thinking UE4 WOULD work because it is scalable. The guy just doesn’t know how to talk to the press. He gets everyone confused.

      1. if you look at his quote you’ll find that he didn’t actually say that.. only jokingly.,. he didn’t express himself clearly enough and hence his quote was misinterpreted

        1. is not him is the press that whant to out this headlines to catch poeplo attetiin this kind of news is what attract people. there also a news saying that forstbite 3 will not work on wii u that is Why battlefield 4 is not coming vut if this is true, and the engine is sooooo powerful that wii u can run it? why the game will be on ps3 and 360? the wii u have beatter gpu and ram, so why not? simple this are just stupid excuse to dont doit and blame the console, when reality is that they dont want to compete against nintendo software and they dont want to invest on wii u because they dont know if they will sell good and get there money back…DICE all ready say that is the reason they will not make BF 4 on wii u fir now they never say never ( also because EA orgins and nintendo online isue)

    2. A key thing to note is : A game using Unreal 4 from the ground up on Wiiu would look a nice amount better than it would on 360. Although it wouldn’t look DRAMATICALLY better like it would on the traditional next gen consoles.

      From now on , the way I see it is. Nintendo is doing their own thing. They are no longer part of traditional or typical ”generations” . This is can be viewed as good or bad depending on who you are. I see it as a really good thing in one way :) . Whereas Sony and Microsoft will be copying each others specs each generation , Nintendo simply just doesn’t give a fuck and is not prepared to supply super powerfull hardware at company threatening losses.

      They Could of scrapped Gamepad and made a console that could keep up with MS and PS graphically , but they decided that having a new type of controller is more important than a marginal graphical bump.

      1. From the wording that M.R. is using, I wonder if he’s even tested the capabilities of the Wii U’s hardware? Because everybody else knows that it’s at least *somewhat* more powerful than the 360, but he seems to put it at par…

      2. I hope Retro Studios and Nintendo’s graphics engines make UE4 look like Minecraft! That would be SO EPIC!!!!

        1. and on what hardware would they do that? even the PS4 is completely dwarved by the capabilities of the UE4 on PC

        2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was good one this idiots Nintendo knows only to milking Mario I have read about this Retro Studios they are famous with Metroid

          1. the nintendo EADs are actually very capable of using advanced shader techniques to get the most out of the available hardware

              1. no idea if what you’re saying is actually correct, but rogue squadron wasn’t developed by any of the nintendo EADs

      3. I want to add a minor correction a game built from the ground up can and will look beautiful. The key is who will step up and do something on a small scale. If i’m Nintendo I have EAD use the unreal engine on a game such as starfox that right there would silence the haters. But I love that everyone is forgetting the secret weapon. That unannounced Retro game Using there own newly created engine. I believe that engine is above unreal 3.

      4. it is a good thing for Nintendo and for Developers who care about good games. That from now on they are doing there own thing. This ensures that there will still be Nintendo consoles after this gen, which i don’t see with sony or microsoft, since PC’s good enough for decent gaming are getting cheaper and cheaper. if the PS4 costs 599 they will have a hard time justifying that price, since my laptop did cost that much and it can run games which make the ps4 demo look old

    3. He’s still trolling Nintendo with the comments of “it won’t look as good as a TRUE next-gen console.”

      He needs to just shut up at this point.

  1. This whole thing has been a farce. Why can’t he just say the “it’s scalable to different platforms as the developer needs” and just leave it at that. Why is the veiled Wii U insult even necessary?

    1. Cause he’s hardcore and if he doesn’t insult the Wii U he runs the risk of being called casual. It’s how the industry works.

        1. And that’s who’s currently running the industry, graphics obsessing fanboys. Nintendo and a few others (can’t think of any right now but i’m sure there are others) are the only exception who prioritize making a fun gaming experience over making a game that looks pretty.

          1. Why do you think they are running the industry? Nintendo runs the show. They have the most money and money talks.

              1. Not a fair comparison. They made all that money off of Windows and shit. Nintendo purely as a gaming company dwarfes Xbox division. Although Xbox is the new kid on the block and I’m sure Nintendo and Sony are both equally threatened by their emergence as a gaming super power.

              2. Microsoft has the largest market cap, however Nintendo has a larger investment because they are a gaming-only company where as with Microsoft the gaming division is just that. A division.

                While they could stand to invest the most money, the higher-ups at Microsoft do not want to do that.

              3. As a whole company yah Microsoft has the most money. But Nintendo has more money then Sony and Microsofts gaming divisions combined.

          2. Game Developers are running the industry (no devs no games) and to us he seems surprisingly unprofessional for a CEO. Not a good way to get publicity. and btw, real “hardcore” gamers play on multiple systems and most of them actually own a nintendo system too. CoD is not hardcore gaming, hardcore gaming is when you invest lots of time and money into gaming.

    2. IDK.. the guy is a moron. He laughs when he is doing an INTERVIEW(remember he is considered a “professional”) and he bashes the Wii U every chance he gets. Plus he doesn’t get his point across. He just needs to keep his mouth shut. He just causes confusion.

      1. he also allowed his team to present a poorly optimized version of the elemental tech demo at the PS4 reveal, which is an absolute no go on a public presentation!… and afterwards he complained about how people didn’t get that the tech demo wasn’t well optimized and were bashing the PS4s graphics capabilities (it’s still nowhere near as good as the tech demo on PC but the part of the tech demo they showed running on PS4 at GDC does look a whole lot better than what they showed at the announcement of the PS4)

        to be honest i think this man is just incompetent as a PR person

  2. Not a graphics whore, so I wouldnt care if the game lost some bling in translation.
    I cant really see the difference with 720p and 1080p anyways.

    1. "Big N" is "small n"

      So you would pay 60$ for 720p 30fps and drastically decereased graphics instead of 40$ for 1080p60fps and a glorious look ?

          1. Pc gamer are so stupid is like they say i bough a ferrari for 50,000 but it yearly eats 4,000 in gasoline

            1. "Big N" is "small n"

              A one time 800$ purchase lasts you five years, during that time you get refunds on steam, cheaper retail ges, games that are cheaper than the already cheap retail game, plays every game at 1080p60fps, has free and superior online, has much more people in one online session, gives you the freedom to choose between 360,PS,3rd party and Nintendo controllers and and and…..

              By the way after five years you only have to upgrade the GPU because modern CPU’s are well beyond today’s requirements.

              1. Computers break WAYYY more than consoles do. At least more than the Wii and Wii U. IDK they might break as much as an Xbox 360. That piece of shit breaks every week!

                1. “Computers break WAYYY more than consoles do”
                  that’s complete bullshit
                  people who know jack shit about computers break computers way more often than they’d break a console, that would be correct (i’m gonna assume you’re one of those people, thus your statement)
                  but other than that a PC is among the most reliable pieces of gaming hardware and if something breaks you only have to exchange part of the PC, not the whole PC

              2. I´m a very happy gamer that build a $400 PC to play games at better IQ than current gen consoles at 720p60fps or 1080p30fps (darksiders, bioshock, dead space, resident evil, and a lot of indie games). And I`m also a nintendo fan (both metroid series, zelda, family games, etc). I know that the PS4, NextBOX will be superior graphically, but being a gamer for more than 25 years and having my own family and children to play with (and spend on), makes me happy with the current graphical performance of even ps3 and xbox 360. Just saying, fell free to troll if you want.

            1. + $250 for a “decent” cpu @3Ghz, + $400 for a “decent” SSD with at least 120gb of internal storage, + $300 for a “decent” GDDR5 ram + $200 for a good Wi-Fi and wireless stuff, and +$300 to $400 for a Nvidia GeForce GTX 680. My computer cost around $2800, is not that cheaper as you think.

              1. 400$ for a 120GB SSD? are we living in the same universe? XD
                300$ for a decent GDDR5 RAM? wtf are you even talking about
                GDDR5 is built onto the graphics card and normal system ram doesn’t cost anywhere near that much, and the more expensive DDR3 ram doesn’t deliver a noticeable performance boost over the cheaper models

                all of your price points are extremely exaggerated
                if you actually paid that much for your components you deserve a really good slapping and to be pointed and laughed at

              2. Either you can’t add up or you got scammed, lolz. You can buy a perfectly good gaming computer for about £500, if you want a really good one then it would go up to about £1200 at the most. Paying £1000+ is completely unnecessary though, because half the games don’t even require that much “power”. Feel free to tell me I know nothing about computers, it won’t make it true.

              3. someone scammed you lol not even our Dev PC’s cost that much. also gddr5 is only used in GPU’s. 200 for wifi seriously? lol the only 2 things which have a normal prize here are the CPU (if Intel i7) and the Nvidia.

                1. technically the CPU is still overkill tho.. you could easily put a cheap i5 in there and the impact on fps in games will be 1-3% at most

      1. your paying that price same price for ps360 games that are inferior to pc games and pc games get cheaper faster than console games. so whats your point?

      2. If I only had a 32″ screen TV the resolution wouldn’t make a different anyway. Games have run at 60FPS since the 5th generation. It’s not a big deal.

      3. when thats what they try to sell the system on, over gameplay features that actually matter?
        You bet your ass.
        720p at 30fps works fine, but the wii u can handle higher. it just doesnt obsess over sparkles to sell itself.

  3. “While that game might not look as pretty as it would on a “true” next-gen console”

    Dude, I’ve seen what the PS4’s graphics look like. They don’t look anything better than the PS3 to me. You can give me comparison pics all you want, I’m not convinced that they’re better and I’m sure as hell not convinced that you can’t pull that off without downgrading the graphics when they aren’t much different to begin with.

    1. Oh fuck off, you’re delusional.
      No, the leap isn’t as big as PS2 compared to PS3, but just look at MGS5, Watch Dogs, Deep Down, they’re all pretty big noticable improvements, you cannot deny that.
      The reason being is because each publisher no has their own optimised engine for their games, their bound to look better, again, you cant deny it.
      Don’t judge on the Killzone 4 footage, which i agree, didnt impress me, but go watch the MGS5 trailer, the difference is big.

        1. I doubt very much that it’s coming to PS3.
          But lets for a second just take what you said into account.

          1. If MGS5 is a PS3 only game, for next gen systems, then have fun damage controlling a PS4 MGS game.

          2. Watch Dogs has only been SHOWN in PC and PS4 format, no not think for a second that its going to look the same on PS3, although depending on how much effort Ubi put in, i see WiiU being in between.

          3. Just 2 days ago MGS5 was known as Ground Zeroes, and The Phantom Pain, 2 seperate games. So what is Ground Zeroes? Is it as people are guessing, a PS3 prolouge game to build up to MGS5 on PS4.

          4. Back when Kojima said “Ground Zeroes” (not Phantom Pain), was coming to “current gen systems”, PS4 didnt exist, at all, things change, PR talk, ect.

          5. Maybe just like Watch Dogs has proven, it’s a cross platform game, and will be on both systems.

          6. Nintendo has shown NOTHING on what WiiU can do. At all. Yes, Pikmin 3 looks good, but hardly mind blowning, not even to the point where id brag about it, so it changes nothing, that PS4 is still showing its got a good leap ahead.

          1. dude, METAL GEAR SOLID 5 is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, RESEARCH before you start to talk, and NO, it’s not a “prologue” oh well it is, but it’s the same game, it’s just different Act or Chapter

          2. Ubisoft said that they’re focusing on the PC and next gen versions of Watch Dogs first, then the current gen versions. And since the Wii U version is already up and running, I guess Ubisoft is like the only western developer that sees the Wii U as next gen.

            1. It’s not that people think or even can question the wiiu’s status as a new , next gen console. However , they can question its power and ability to keep up with its rivals.

          3. The only game that I saw a great difference between PS3 and PS4 is the game Deep Down. There is no much thing to compare yet.

      1. In my local Gamestore , They have a big 1080p TV with footage being shown from all consoles like Company PR videos. Killzone Shadowfall comes on in Native 1080p form fresh from Sony and it looks like a slightly better PS3 game. :/ .

        The guy keeps telling me how when Average consumers see the video they think it’s a Ps3 game , and when they’re told it’s PS4 they say ”well it looks the same”

        Not hating and not juding. PS4 can probably do a lot more than KZSF. It’s the gameplay part of the footage which looks the same as current gen.

          1. Yeah. Good luck to Sony and the PS4 and trying to sell those specs at a profit!
            I have a feeling it’s not going to as much a plain sail as some Sony fans think it is though.

      2. actually i think the leap is exactly as big as from ps2 to ps3… the ps3 launch games looked a lot like ps2 games only in higher resolution and with better textures

    2. "Big N" is "small n"

      What’s now with the Nintendrone’s “Don’t judge a system’s hardware by its first titles because games will look a lot better as time goes on!”

          1. "Big N" is "small n"

            Just telling the truth. When there were bad news about wii u graphics you all said exactly what I stated above but when the same can be said about another system you are saying what haters said about Wii U. It’s always the same PS drones turn into Nontendrones while Nintendrones turn into PS Drones.

            Ps2: who cares about gfx and performance
            GC: the gfx are way better then on PS
            PS3:the gfx are way better than on N
            Wii: who cares about gfx and performance

            1. So… you want Nintendo fans defend Killzone because its a launch Ps4 game…..
              Are you serious ? people keep bashing wii u it looks like a never ending stream of negative news and comments and you expect people to act different with the Ps4 cause its a launch game ?
              To be honest wii u didn’t get any games to show of its capabilities but people keep saying its current gen NFS most wanted showed it looked better than last gen consoles people are still saying they don’t see the difference how is this different than Killzone looking almost the same and people not seeing the difference and saying they cant see it ?
              What you want is a double standard bash Nintendo cause they don’t blow you away immediately but defend Sony cause they need time to show better graphics .
              This goes both ways expect people to bash when bashed upon

    3. I wasn’t that impressed either, but how can you say with a straight face that the PS3 would be able to run those games? They’re obviously an upgrade.

    4. I’m not gonna downplay the PS4 graphics because that would make me as bad as the people who troll the Wii U. The PS4 graphics are AMAZING. Astounding. Very beautiful. Do I think that the Wii U can and will do the same thing at least for it’s lifecycle? Yes.

      Do I think that as a certain point the Wii U will top-out and the PS4/720/Steambox will be able to keep going further with graphical enhancements? Yes.

      Do I think that it won’t matter anyway because by the time that starts to happen Nintendo will be releasing the successor to the Wii U which will dwarf the PS4/720/Steambox in power while those console are stuck in mid-cycle? Yes.

        1. he didn’t make any comments on the wii u, he just said, he could see a future where nintendo is 3d party, didn’t say that nintendo is doomed, just the press exagerating the things, and no, he leaved the company long time ago

  4. And he couldn’t say this before because?
    Seriously, this guy dug his own hole because he wanted to be cocky.

    As for the “true” next gen system he said, lets face it, anyone who thought the WiiU was going to be on par, is dilusional.
    No, the difference isn’t as drastic as the Wii conpared to the PS3, the fact the WiiU can so far run all the “next gen” engines, is proof enough, the Wii couldn’t even use Unreal 3.

    Either way, i’m getting a PS4 and a WiiU, so no sweat off my back.

    1. Actually, the Wii did run Unreal Engine 3 for a couple of games. Only a few. The Wii actually was able to run HD graphics at 720p but was locked down at 480p to reducing overheating. That is one of the reasons why the Wii U has a state-of-the-art cooling system so that if Nintendo does decide to over-clocked the Wii U at some point it will not cause overheating.

      1. So? He is just saying that CryEngine 3 can run on the Wii U so why didn’t Epic bother their ass to put their UE4 on Wii U.

        1. "Big N" is "small n"

          Don’t know maybe because a lot of people think the Wii name is the equivalent of “not for gamers”

          1. gaming is nature of humanity itself, no matter what people played, be it sports games be it chess etc every human is a gamer by nature, some are just douchebags who are “special” ;)

  5. “While that game might not look as pretty as it would on a “true” next-gen console”

    Who gives a crap how pretty it looks? The only reason I care about Unreal Engine 4 is to get the games that will be made with it. Good to know Wii U can run it.

  6. Still, Mark is making it hard for me to decide whether or not I will use his engine for my game or should I just go to Unity 4 which looks far more better and actually looks next gen.

    1. unity 4 is free whit the wiiu sku and unity also has it whit the normal licenese whit unreal 4 you need to have to pay for both.

        1. the free version is good enough for prototyping and even for making an alpha build. you can always upgrade to pro later when you know it’s worth it. buying the pro version if you are just about making your first game doesn’t even make sense business wise.

    2. I’m currently using unity and it seems right on par with the ue4 setup, but more accessible… And cheaper ;)

      1. I use Unity for my games too, one of the reasons is that it’s “free” and only $1000 if you earn enough through a game. but with UE4 you have to give them 10% of each sale

    3. if it is your first game i’d suggest that you use the free version of Unity 4 for prototyping and early alpha, later on you’ll know if it’s good enough to justify buying the pro version. UE4 isn’t good if you want to actually sell your game because you have to give them 10% of your earnings. also what kind of 3D modeling software are you using?

  7. THATS WHAT I WAS SAYING THE WHOLE TIME! (Caps lock turned off) Inbetween that moron laughing I was like “But if someone “wanted to” they could port a game to Wii U with Unreal Engine 4. He shouldn’t have said UE4 “wasn’t coming” to Wii U, because it isn’t a “game.” It is an engine.

  8. The thing that bugs me here is what he says about “true” next gen consoles. The next generation isn’t defined by improvements in visuals, never has been, and never will be. I know that the Wii U won’t be able to compete with the visuals of the PS4 and the next Xbox, but that doesn’t make the Wii U any less of a “next gen” console than those two will be. It’s about bringing new things to the table, not just herp derp better graphics.

    1. he is half right too. also old tech can be considered new Gen if it is make to do something completely new.

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  10. This is what all “large devs” are doing to the Wii U. They scoff at the Wii U then say something contrary to their comment containing laughter, then they come back and say that “yes, it could work on Wii U!” Just stop with the Nintendo hate already! Answer the question based on the engines possibilities, not based on the fact that your engine is highly paid for by M$ or Sony! Answer the question accordingly without derogatory comments… Ass!

  11. I couldn’t care any less if Unreal Engine 5000 can’t run on the Wii U…

    The important thing is how much it differs from the Wii…

    It’s like 20 times more powerful than the Wii, that’s more than enough to entertain me…

    I have a PC, if I want fancy graphics and solid online gameplay then I get my kick from it…

  12. Mark, you already confirmed even the ps4 cant use the real ur4, instead substituting its core realtime illumination system with last gen prebaked lighting solutions.

    No one who knows whats going on is going to be impressed with ur4 on consoles as far as omg grafix!!!!

    The content pipeline mark. Remember that mark? Unprecedented content throughput enabled by ur4? Remember that? Remember who your customers are? Yeah, were the guys who need massive improvements in the content pipeline REGAURDLESS of how powerful the system is, Mark.

    Stop shooting yourself in the foot, and remember what it is your company sells again.

  13. That a$$hole retracts from what he said at the beginning because he knows WiiU could sell a lot, that’s a probability. And if that’s the case, he would eat his words. =/
    Hate people people like him. They laugh at the Wii at first, and then millions and millions sold.
    Hope it happen again with the WiiU, so i can laugh too. :)

  14. “Wii U is too weak to run Unreal Engine 4!!!!!!!”

    *can run Unreal Engine 4*

    Nintendo’s reputation is getting raped by developers and fanboys everywhere.

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  16. The problem I have been saying ALL along with Wii U is beginning a lot sooner than I expected. I knew true next gen developers would stray from it because its lack of power. I predict that with the first year-2 years of PS4 and 720’s lifespan, sales will exceed Wii U easy. Being that more people will own other systems will even make developers more skeptical. Sure the engine can be scaled down, but it costs more money and time than simply porting it.

    1. It will not begin anytime soon silly. Developers have not even pressed the PS3 to it’s limits yet. And when this becomes a problem the industry might look at a bigger problem: Too high development costs.

  17. If you guys played some of the games that ran unreal 3 u will know that some of the games on ps3 and xbox360 look like some wii games and yeah they were that bad.

  18. Implying that “true next gen” consoles will look and preform anything like last gen pcs. It’s adorable when companies try to make their consoles look powerful. That’s what’s great about Nintendo. They don’t waste their time making an expensive, half powerful machine and have to bribe companies for better ports.

  19. WOW! It’s hard to believe that this man is the head of a company. Like the old saying goes, regardless of age, your actions can still reflect that of a five year old.

  20. “I’m so sick of your stupid bullshit” “This is not a true next generation console” He fucking oozes fanboy.
    Is it too fucking hard to act like a mature person and state: “Wii U doesn’t have the power to handle the full version of UE4”? Why does he feel the need to behave like a brainless teenage girl? Why does he have to laugh and drag the console down? Is his penis that small?

    1. they behave that way because they are afraid of nintendo. they are afraid that they need to make more then pretty looking graphics with 4h of gameplay in order to make money. they smell that the rise of indie games is actually the rise of interest in unique innovative gameplay which is the death of pretty games which have the same gameplay since 10+ years…

    2. Because it doesn’t have the power to handle the full version? Only PC will. Heck, PS4 and 720 won’t have the power.

      1. True. Mark just tries to be cool. because obviously it is “cool” to be against nintendo. they also probably too lazy to implement dev. features for the wii u since you have to consider the gamepad AND motion controls etc.

      2. That’s not the point, we already know that.
        The point is, why does he feel the need to be as bitchy about it as possible?
        I mean, when I think CEOs and company representatives I think of someone educated enough to contemplate the possibility of losing market if they don’t choose their words right. You know, because this is a business and if I offend someone they and their followers may very well fuck me over.
        But the gaming industry seems to be populated by these very butthurt, opinionated and self-entitled fantards speaking up bullshit just for the sake of it.
        And we’ve also seen what these kinds of negative PR managing can do to a company, specially in recent years.
        So my case is, if you need to tell people that the Wii U simply can’t handle Unreal Engine 4, why be an ass? Why not just say it and then move on to the next topic, why not be PROFESSIONAL about it?
        Again, when I think of a CEO or a representative I think of someone educated enough to not let their opinions get in the way of their professionalism, their business and their market just for the sake of cheerleading.

  21. I’m just kinda getting sick of all this pathetic attempts at PR damage control, it is like they think they don’t need to budge in order to stop an uproar, not even pretend they are.
    Like this, a simple, logical analysis shows the man detests Wii U, due to the fact that not even among very shitty publicity that could cost him a lot he can stop dragging the console down, making fun of it, comparing it to a mobile device, still calling it a last generation thing when the term generation explicitly refers to the chronological order of release of a product and not its technical specs.

  22. Like, the latest iPod nano is called a 7th generation item, is it on par with what a PS3, also called a 7th generation item, can produce?
    Yet it is called a 7th generation item because it is the seventh product in it’s chronology.
    That way, there is no reason to call the Wii U an item of the seventh generation of gaming other than flat out fanboyism, since the product is the eight in a series in the gaming chronology.
    If I wanted I could call the PS4 a FOURTH generation item, because technically, that’s what it is, I mean, if we’re gonna accept that people just give the word generation an arbitrary meaning based on their subjective pretensions on what makes a product technologically acceptable then we can also use it in it’s most primordial acceptance, can’t we?

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  24. Okay thank you! That’s what I thought all along. So it really will be a developers own lazy fault if they don’t make Wii U versions of multi-platform games.

  25. I define a “next-gen” console as a console which offers me a whole new experience, so far only the Wii U does that. I don’t need a ps4 because i can have a better experience on my pc.

    also this Mark Rein person is obviously an idiot. Insulting a whole system just to get attention. way to shoot yourself in the knee. No matter if Wii U is not your target system, NEVER make yourself look like an absolute douche! no matter if you think it’s not your target audience anyway. some gamers actually care about gaming and not on which system they play on, and THEY may be your audience, but now they know you are a douchebag.






















    1. wow calm down oO nintendo is in no trouble at all, this guy is just trying to get more news about UE4. remember the dreamcast? it was the strongest system at that time and sold like no other system before, then it suddenly died. having a slow start could actually be good for nintendo, since now they readily get indie studios on board, and people start to love indie games more and more thanks to kickstarter etc

  27. hisvunreal comments again about 3ds were not hardware power IT WAS ANTI NINTENDO POLITICS





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  29. no one knows what wiiu is capable of yet!!! nfs most wanted looks better on wiiu than even the pc. and thats a bs developer like criterion. they did a fantastic job. the bottom line is nobody will invest in the wiiu due to 3rd party sales being so abysmal. making every excuse not to bring aaa titles w big budgets to the showw!!! developing ue4 will hafe huge costs

  30. i always welcome new ways to control games THATS NEXT GEN TO ME… whens ms and sony gonna make something that becomes a industry standard? never im guessing… new graphics do nothing for me when movement and environment innovation is just watching cgi then walking opening a door looking finding the item crafting or selling it yay kill something walk in a door climb something walk read read walk look open door press button now this button text bad voice acting loading loading loading save loading cgi walk no run now crawl stop use item save resave cgi keep crawl.. no run 180 the camera look back and run maybe jump nooo gun reload right auto aim lock on fire miss reload and run? no do a roll and take cover! now wait mess with items die loading loading loading….. AAA GAMES ARE FUCKIG TRASH.















  32. the very thought theres people out there defending dualshock4 is fucking frightening

    there-is-nothing-defendable-about-dumb shit 4-controls

    a stam sized stupid rubby panel thats of no use whats so ever in gaming other than VIRTUAL SCRATCH CARD PLAY LOL,is next gen gaming


    its a sixaxis with a stamp sized laptop lie RUBBING PANEL and a stupid move light bulb

    seriously to even try calling that the future of gaming is 100%MENTAL ILLNESS

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