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Here’s The Japanese Overview Trailer For The Super Mario AR Cards

Nintendo has released an overview trailer for the recently revealed Super Mario AR Cards. The new cards differ from the six AR Cards that are packaged with all Nintendo 3DS systems. For example, the characters that appear from the Super Mario AR Cards are animated and can interact with each other – similar to the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards. The Super Mario AR Cards will be released in Japan on April 23rd.

Thanks, Daan.


    1. I’m pretty sure the store scans the barcode to activate the card. It isn’t that easy.

  1. Mean time in the west……….. We get FPS after FPS Crysis 3 and Aliens colonial marines.

    1. Shut up you obnoxious weeaboo. While I don’t like generic shooters either I’m sick of you stereotyping all western developers.

      1. Did I hurt you feelings, wow! Didn’t know trolls got sensitive. I support TT games, Criterion, WB games, Rockstar, retro studios, and indies. Now you are stereo typing me lol.

      2. You are a drone or PC troll that shows up on a nintendo site and want nintendo fans not to comment. Maybe you are the one that should go comment on a PC site. Mypcnews lol.

    2. Meanwhile, we get the FPS Bioshock Infinite, probably the best, original and most relevant game of this generation since Mario Galaxy or the original Bioshock.

      1. Yes and no one cares about cowardly anonymous comments either – if you are brave then please identify yourself, otherwise please keep your voyeurism to yourself. Negative waste of hard drive space.

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