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Deus Ex Wii U Is “Even Sharper Than PC Version”, Wii U Features Won’t Come To Other Platforms


Emile Pedneault, who is one of the game designers on the Wii U version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, believes that the game looks even sharper than the PC version. Pedneault was pressed to go into more detail about performance differences, but he would only say that the team had perfectly optimised the game’s engine, and that the Wii U hardware had “helped” with that task. Pedneault also said that they are not looking to incorporate any of the changes created for the Wii U version into the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC versions of the game.

“Right now, this is the best-looking Deus Ex. It’s even sharper than the PC version.”

“Pedneault said the team is not currently planning to institute any changes made for the Director’s Cut into the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC versions of the game.”

218 thoughts on “Deus Ex Wii U Is “Even Sharper Than PC Version”, Wii U Features Won’t Come To Other Platforms”

      1. Oh brother don’t you know that devs talking BS like this all the time anyway believe on what you want fanboys Nintendo had make this junk Wii U to keep washing your brains with same Mario and Zelda

  1. nice, but my problem is. not many people will buy this lol. so i hope square enix will still support after this.


        1. This game didn’t lite up the sales charts on the PS3 and Xbox 360, part of the reason Square Enix is in trouble right now. The only problem with this game is the price. If it was at $29.99, every single Wii U owner would consider picking this up. But at $50, many will pass or wait till a price drop.

            1. Edram cache and tons of edram on the MCM make wiiu a beast look it up,it’s more future proof than ps4 end of,with this much edram shared with both cpu and gpgpu as well as 2 MB of edram cache on the cpu cores is imense and even pc’s don’t use it due to cost,it’s this and GAMEPAD that makes nintendo loose money on every console…

        2. Butt hurt Sony drone this one has enhanced everything with lag free offscreen play. Sharper than PC, just keep on moving and while you are at it kick rocks.

          1. there is no way that the wii U version is sharper than the PC version, that is an outright lie, the pc version at 1080p (and higher) with tessellation and 8xMSAA is so much sharper than this that there is no contest. The wii U is without a doubt the sharpest of the console versions though.

          1. Your a Dick, yeah so his first console was PlayStation big fucken whoop, PlayStation one and two had a really good libary of game which were quality triple a+ titles, I never got the chance to play playstion, as I had the n64 growing up, but from what I see is your still butthurt and in denial that Nintendo had the better when clearly they didn’t, I hate Nintendo fans like you u think that anything that has Nintendo seal of approval slapped on to it makes it amazing, growing up with Nintendo or PlayStation, you know your child hood was awsome, I Love Nintendo and love everything about I just purchased a Wii u last week and I’m having a blast, best purchsse

      1. Yeah, well, the last post about this game on MyNintendoNews had a lot of people putting this game down.

        “If it’s not published by Nintendo, I’m not going to buy it.” People talking about how Square Enix games suck and they aren’t interested, etc.

        Seems to be a common mentality unfortunately. At least some people will buy it though. We’ll see how the sales turn out.

        1. I understand your point. This group of nintendo fans needs to die off. I admit that I used think like them too at one time but just because a game isn’t published by nintendo doesn’t make it a bad game. If you guys really want 3rd party support on nintnedo home consoles then you guys need to support 3rd parties again. I say, let’s buy this game!!
          It will be the start of something big, like more square-enix support. Possibly more RPG’s on the Wii U. Come on nintendo fans wake up

          1. agreed,Nintendo fans are the problem, they are the reason 3rd party devs skip wii u, if all they buy is first party games, then no wonder nobody wants to support wii u, i love my wiiu, an i love my ps3, an pc, an 360, an trust me, deus ex human revolution is a AWESOME GAME!! i had it on ps3,an traded it in, an will be buying the wiiu edition, since theres jack all to play on wii u at the moment,fact is Nintendo fans need to broaden the horizon, there are some fantastic games out there released in the last 7 years on 360 an ps3, if we could get those games made for wii u ,an not just ported, where they perform an look worse then the 360 an ps3 counter parts, if they make the ports better like criterion did, an like with deus ex, then i would be willing to buy them all over again, even though i have played most of the best games this last gen on ps3 an 360, imagine if oblivion elder scrolls or skyrim were ported to wiiu, the ram in wiiu, which is double of 360 an ps3, would make the wii u skyrim run like a dream, an imagine all the inventory management done on the gamepad, that would be awesome, i would so buy the game again on wiiu, these great games are what wiiu needs, also i would love ubisoft to port far cry 3,an this time to take advantage of the extra ram, an gpgpu power,if farc ry 3 on wii u could run with vsync enabled an eliminate all the terrible screen tearing in the ps3 an 360 version, an make the frame rate locked at 30fps, i would buy that game all over again, an what about bioshock 1,2 an infinite, a box set? using the ram once again, would make the game run an look much better,there are so many epic games form the last 7 years,that Nintendo only gamers missed out, those could be ported at lower costs to the developers, an lower risk, an would make wii u owners happy, but most likely like most nintendrones, they would complain that these were all old games, which is irrelevant, they are all great games, wake up call, other developers besides Nintendo can make great games too!!!

  2. Great news. I’m probably gonna download the game the day it comes out. Never played a Deus Ex game though

      1. Hey guys!!
        It’s “Tommy!” he says not to believe it!
        Move along, nothing to see here, Tommy says not to believe it soooo legit right?!

      2. Not one developer before launch said ”it looks better than the pc version” you know why ? ”cus they ported the untouched 360 versions and added some nice touch screen features” .

        Now , with NFSMW and this game and the exclusives like X and Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 , the Wiiu will start to express its self graphically which is what all the haters seem to care about.

        Monster Hunter Ultimate is proof that gameplay is 1000 times more important than graphics. Not one Ps4 game will ever be able to make me rethink whether or not that is a good game.

        1. I hate to say it, but a troll isn’t going to care. They cannot be proven wrong, this is the essence of their being. There is no point in attempting to get them to shut up as it won’t work. The Wii U could be the most powerful of the newest generation and sell as well as the Wii and have great support and it still wouldn’t work to quell their thirst of argument and ridicule. This is the food of the common troll. If you cease to believe in them and ignore them they will eventually fade away.

            1. You guys say that, but none of you exactly follow through on it. Many of you blatantly try to start something on your end as well. Instead of blaming everything on the “trolls”, how about reflecting on your own comments?
              I happen to be responding to you revolution, but I just mean the comment’s section in general.

          1. In the scenario you just described, the trolls would end up trolling themselves by refusing to admit their grudging respect for the Wii U’s success.

        2. Actually if u have a SD TV then the text is barely readable. cap on says u mut only experience in HD and there will be no patch for this.

    1. Yup, I will as well. I only briefly played the first one and thought it was very cool and interesting. If you own a computer you can probably find it super cheap somewhere if you really wanted, but it is dated. But the gameplay features still stand strong.
      I had a shadow run vibe from it when I originally played it if that helps.

    1. I’m beyond tempted; I’m deliberately holding off buying other titles to wait for this one. Deus Ex h always interested me, and by people’s comments and talking to friends who have it, it’s a work of art. One of my friends said it even stands up to MGS4, and even if it came near close, it’s worth playing.

      Plus, always good to show some support for third party WiiU games, I guess.

      1. Fact. People praised this game so intensely. But there’s something in it that doesn’t catch me. Still not sure about grabbing it or not, but I will keep an eye on this.

        1. True that. Deus Ex HR was a better Metal Gear game than Metal Gear Solid 4, and it accomplished that by not being a Metal Gear game.

      2. I played this game with OnLive and it was a horrendously painful yet exciting RPGs premise. Horrendous only in it load times. everything else was fantastic.

  3. That’s awesome. Always wanted this game, and glad it’s coming out for my WiiU now :D

    And in terms of ‘sharper than PC’, to all you guys out there that have automatically recoiled in disbelief, I’m pretty sure it’s thanks to them optimizing the game to make it neater and ‘sharper’, and by the looks of it, better graphics than the PC version. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the PC is less powerful, it just means that this somewhat older game’s been polished for the WiiU.

    1. Right. In other words, Wii U version will be the one which could be polished the most and will deliver a good experience, in all senses, hopefully due to the neat hardware Wii U harbors in it. The same applies to NFS Undercover: it is impressive – repeating: impressive! – how people from Criterion made that game similar to the PC version. Stunning graphics, soft framerate, excellent playability.

    1. Maybe not. Wiiu more powerfull than current gen with a screen on it’s controller with 1/60th of a second latency amongst other things and the worlds finest exclusives ? YES.

      1. Next Gen not as powerful as Next Gen in peoples minds confirmed! The hardware in the PS4 isn’t anything too amazing. Go buy an entry level lap top, BAM there you have it. The only difference is the DDR5 RAM. And the GPU in the APU is mid range. None of AMD’s APU’s have super stellar performace, but they are reasonable for the average user.

        1. Actually is GDDR5 which is slower for CPU and OS type applications than DDR3 Ram and only slightly better for GPU uses. There is actually no such thing DDR5 yet, the next step up is DDR4 which still needs an upgrade to a computers mother board to work.

            1. I don’t know what that means, sorry I wasn’t trying to be a Tech Nazi, cause I do agree with what you are saying.

          1. actually GDDR SDRAM is a lot better for GPU applications than normal DDR SDRAM
            but yes you’re right, a CPU that has to use GDDR SDRAM is at a disadvantage compared to normal DDR SDRAM because of the higher latencies

        2. this is what people dont understand. since it’s built similarly to a pc, the games are going to be designed as if it was designed for pc hardware. so it’s like having a graphics card that has 2 gd of ram and then 6 gb of on board ram. counting that with the less than 3ghz processor, the ps4 specs aren’t really anything to be too amazed of. my pc already completely destroys the ps4 spec wise, so graphics shouldn’t be a main focus on this next generation of consoles.

          1. I think the RAM hype was primarily for the developers rather than for consumers. I believe the size isn’t their primary focus, but the fact that the RAM is now unified. These days it’s all about appealing to the developers as well; no games would exist otherwise.

            1. i’m pretty sure developers are also happy about having 8GB of memory available, which, at the moment at least is quite a lot
              but yes unified GDDR memory is also a big advantage for a platform specialized on game performance.. for a general purpose machine like a desktop pc …not so much.. the CPU needs its low latency RAM and the GPU needs its high bandwidth RAM
              can’t have both with unified memory thus the separated memory pools won’t vanish anytime soon

              however rumor has it AMD is starting a campaign with their next GPU generation to allow the GPU to directly access the main system memory for computational purposes.. they might receive a small ARM companion core to perform calculations all on their own, independently of the main CPU which would significantly speed up GPGPU performance
              the effect is not the same as unified memory of course but i’d say the results could be even more interesting with lots of tasty physics effects being implemented into games through openCL at a low performance cost (bye bye physx)

      2. still with devs saying this thing is better than the pc version, it’s exciting for wii u owners. need for speed is amazing! maybe ps4/xbox 720 will be powerful but who said the wii u won’t be far off ? as for this next gen thing everyone seems to be argueing over….The Wii U even if it might be less powerful than the next ps or xbox. it’s innovative and i think this game will really help bring this potential beast to its feet :)

      1. I’m not saying anything delusional like it’s on par or better than the PS4, just that it’s not as bad as many people make it out to be.

        1. Most sensible people know it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. You don’t need anything like this to prove it. Just enjoy the games and your console.

        2. It really doesn’t matter. The Wii U, like all Nintendo consoles since N64 will be great for playing Nintendo exclusives, noting else.

              1. Depends how it plays I guess. I have been a very avid gamer on the PC and there are certain games I find much better on PC, however there are games that just aren’t. Even with controllers they don’t seem to play as well. For instance the original assassins creed I found didn’t play as well as on a console. FPS games dominate on PC though.
                Graphics wise, yeah.

                1. For you perhaps. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the GamePad. If a Wii U gives me the choice of pro controller or GamePad, I’ll take the pro controller every time.

                    1. I guess so. I just wish Nintendo would stop focusing on gimmicky controllers and innovate with their gameplay. They obviously have the ability, look at games like Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

                      1. Didn’t play Kirby, but Galaxy and Prime are both amazing games. I’m sure the Galaxy team will make great use of the GamePad with their new 3D Mario game.

                    2. ewww no. Off screen play , and gamepad features are way better than any caveman controller. I prefer Gamepad to any controller and I have the Pro controller.

                    3. If you really respect the fact that he has his own preference, then why the hell are you so damn bent on trying to change his mind?

            1. Well , 1st , 2nd and 3rd party exclusives is always the reason Nintendo consoles are so awesome. mainly for the 1st party exclusives.

          1. and ps4 wont be impressing you ether there all about the same the differance between the 3 is tighter than ps2 xbox gamecube ITS IRRELEVENT …..


    2. Are you looking trolls ? Yeah . That is my nutsack . Suck on it’s salty almightyness.

      lol. hater logic- ”Wiiu is on par with PS3” ”Wiiu can barely outpeform 360”
      Niintendo fan logic – ”Shut the fuck up” ”Give the console a chance” ”don’t judge rushed launch ports , look at 360 launch titles” ”of course it’s more powerfull you piece of shit”

      1. I honestly doubt this generation will even bring that much of a change, graphically either. At most the PS4 and dumbass-box will be like comparing the PS3 and the 360 if it’s any more than that, they’ll probably hike up game prices like they did in comparison to the Wii

        1. I’ve been watching all Will ferrel movies these past 2 weeks. Although it’s a tough call , He’s probably my favorite comic actor.

      2. At least Xbox 360 launch titles looked better than PS2/Xbox360/GCN games. Wii U launchs games were on par at best.

        1. Errrr. Yeah, cause they were the same games as the ones released on the PS3/360. Thats the point of the direct port. Basically it’s like transplanting a house. You have to lay the foundation in the new location for the house, then you pick it up and plop it on the new foundation. This does not change the houes, it doesn’t give it a new paint job, or add a garage, or add an extra level. It’s the same house in a different area.
          An enhanced port is like what criterion did with NFS, and should be what is happening with this game as well. In this case it would be like giving it a new paint job, redoing the exterior and adding a build in espresso machine.
          The ports released when the Wii U was launched were direct ports only with added dlc that were released for the other consoles as well.

        2. 360 had the advantage of being the first HD console to follow strictly SD consoles, of coarse it looked better by comparison. The Wii U is an HD console following HD consoles, it has a little more convincing to do. I saw the PS4 games. They looked good, but nothing mind blowing.

            1. How many games are actually comparable to PS360 games? Other than that I guess I am wrong about “strictly” SD. Maybe “mainly” SD would’ve been a better word choice.

        3. Meh, they were okay. Some were barely noticable though if not for the HD, and some were just straight ports

              1. It isn’t the truth though, not entirely. In some cases the games looked better others not so much. The problem here is that you aren’t comparing ports to ports. Plus there is one other matter that isn’t taken into account. Many of the ports went from SD to HD which would make it look better. As a PC gamer you would understand this. Find a game, pretty much any game and boot it up at the lowest resolution, be sure to disable AA, then change no settings except the resolution to the highest available or 1080p. The difference is quite drastic. It would be the same with going from Xbox to the Xbox 360 even with a port as long as it is coded to be a higher resolution. However, in most cases it was actually identical unless they were enhanced ports or built from the ground up.

        4. “At least Xbox 360 launch titles looked better than PS2/Xbox360/GCN games.”
          what the hell has PS2/Xbox360/GCN has to do with next gen you know xbox 360 did terrible with launch, all those game suck.

      1. yeah because next to nobody owns a wii u man. games usually don’t sell very many copies on a dead console n shit. just look at all the good dreamcast games, complete bombs in terms of sales man. come on folks.

        1. Well, this game is 2 years old and most people have played it to death. The only ones who wouldn’t really have played it would be the people who just went with the Wii last gen.

          1. I had all last gen systems, but I did not buy this game. I was planning on buying this on Steam/PC when I get my gaming rig. (Still saving for a gaming rig). I’ll be buy this on Wii U now, and wait for Steam to have it on sale for like $6 or $10 dollars.

            1. Honestly, just go with Wii U version. PC version just seemed like a crappy port from the other 2 consoles (Still amazing none the less)

        2. dead console? odd considering up to this point in it’s life cycle it has actually sold more then the PS3 or the 360 did in the same time frame. Are they dead consoles?
          Of course I’m not sure why I am actually wasting my time stating this fact to you, it makes no difference, you are likely dumb enough to ignore what I said and try jumping to another point. Or better yet, start calling me names.
          Did you enjoy this food troll? Yum Yum, eat up!

        3. New Super Mario Bros U has already outsold the best Sega published Dreamcast game. Sonic Adventure. And the Wii U outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the same time frame. Sorry troll try harder.

    3. Although I have this one PC already i’m still going to buy it because obviously the devs but a lot of work into this

    4. wow 15 comments and not too much trollin did they just die a little inside when hearing this ? wii u used deus ex… it’s super effective! lol what about not being able to run UE4 again ? i’m pick this up asap!

      1. I’m assuming they’re in bed. The trolling should be fairly simple to do on this one.

        Who said it couldn’t run UE4? My phone can run UE4 for christ sake.

    5. Tempted, but I think I’ll wait until I can pick up a pre-owned copy somewhere, or if it starts going cheap in shops.

      Looks interesting!

    6. The fact I haven’t played the game was going to buy it anyway,as the guy as come out looks better pc version and with features for gamepad will pick this up day one or soon as I get paid that month anyway.

      1. I wouldn’t call this amazing. The NFS port would be more amazing than this one. This game is 2 years old where NFS wasn’t.

    7. “But it’s not next gen!” Since when is nintendo’s eighth generation home console “not next gen”? Bring the hate from all the ppl with the other consoles that these improvements aren’t coming to! Buying this day one and I will pay full price if that’s what it takes, I bought it for 360 in 2011 for 60 and I’ll buy it in 2013 for 60, if that’s what they ask for it, because it will be worth it!

      1. ” I bought it for 360 in 2011 for 60 and I’ll buy it in 2013 for 60, if that’s what they ask for it, because it will be worth it!”
        you bought an old 360 for 60 and another in 2013 and you tell me its worth it? it sound to me you got the red ring of death on that console. And what happen to you don’t buy weak console or last gen consoles?

            1. No you imbecile! “I bought it(“it” right here, would refer to the afore mentioned game in the earlier parts of my comment, as in a pronoun for “Deus Ex”. So that I didn’t have to write “Deus Ex” every time I referenced the game. Any person with even an inkling of english composition understanding probably got that reference in the original post… get a clue and learn the GD language, Toddler!) for 360 in 2011 for 60 and I’ll buy it in 2013 for 60, if that’s what they ask for it, because it will be worth it!”

            2. @revolution5268—
              I’m gonna break this down 3rd grade style for you!

              “either he bought two the same game or his grammar is mess up.”

              “E” in “either” should have been capitalized signifying the beginning of a thought, or sentence.

              “two (of) the same” — Do you see the (of) that you didn’t put in there, that’s used to signify the beginning of your pitiful prepositional phrase! “(,)or his grammar…”– Use commas in proper places to denote the pause that readers should make when reading your sentences!

              “mess(ed) up.”– Again note the missing letters that you FORGOT to use, but are utterly needed to complete your sentence in a proper fashion!!

              Also, it should say “…, or he has poor grammar.” That would be the proper english way to say it… Douche!!!

      1. I doubt it’ll be exclusive, but more like a multiplatform between WiiU and PS3 and PS4(maybe). Considering that KH has done good with both Sony and Nintendo systems.

        1. Yeah, it wouldn’t be a Nintendo exclusive considering all of the core games (except for Dream.Drop.Distance) and most of the games in the series were on PlayStation.

          As you said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is multiplatform, Wii U and PS4 (or PS3). First Square Enix has to get its act together though.

    8. I’m now an extreme state of shock. With that, I’m buying Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut for the Wii U. Square/Enix and Eidos Montreal have ultimately shocked the video game industry since Nintendo publishes Bayonetta 2. The more support, the better. If it’s not released this May, there’s a greater chance for the Director’s Cut version to be showcased at this June’s E3.

      1. ^Signed them all except for Skype and South Park… Skype is owned by Microsoft right? and I HATE South Park. Everything else is a Must have!!! I want Minecraft on Wii U and Bayonetta 1 soooo badly!!!

    9. Cool.
      I dont know how the PC version looked compared to the PS3, but you know, thats cool.
      Would be nice if we could, i duno, SEE the game…

      1. The PC version was definitely much better to look at than the PS3 version. And yes, I’ve played the game on all three systems. It’s not like The Missing Link quality, but it does look better. They say the Wii U version will have Missing Link quality throughout the entire game, so if that’s the case, the Wii U version easily beats the crap out of the other three versions, and that’s just only graphics.

    10. geez anyone else seen the Gamespot article about wii u not getting unreal 4? That comment section is like nothing i have seen on any site before. The amount of hate is the most ive seen about anything game related on the internet.

            1. I haven’t really seen people say it’s better than PC but rather that it’s similar. Can’t really say too much until the system is out, or at least more details are revealed and finalized.

              1. I’m confuse as well but somehow the sony fans are saying it better than PC…which leave me to believe on how is that possible if PC evolves every year.

    11. Please release every third party multi-platform game 2-3 to 5 months after the Wii U’s so as we get sharper than PC graphics with every physics mechanics and DLC plus off screen play for way cheap. This is a game that should be worth 150 with all the goodies which we will get for retail or discount. Aeolus and his cousin Billy must be pooping bricks right now lol.

    12. I think the reason why some 3rd party companies are making deluxe edition ports of some of their games is cause not all 3rd party companies are making games for the Wii U and its unfair to the Nintendo fans. So if these games shine, they we might get more games from other companies

    13. For every positive Nintendo article, there’s at least 56 negative ones.
      So I’m gonna enjoy this!

      Btw, trolls seem to have this selective amnesia: PS3 got a lot of bad ports in the 1st year (not to mention the 1st Resistance being ‘Boring-Average’ at best).
      Wii U has some iffy ports, but we’re getting enhanced ports from 3rd parties that never showed any interest in the Wii. Wii U is a undeniable step up from Wii.

    14. Seeing all Japanese third parties except Kojima support the Wii U am happy. Crytek, EA and the other bozos take notes, this is how you make a game based on mechanics then graphics are icing and a cherry on top.

    15. Wow, I’m happy to hear some good comments about the Wii U after all the negativity coming from others.

      I heard something similar about the Wii U being easy to develop with, so I can assume that his comment might be honest.

    16. Awesome if true! It’s nice to hear that they aren’t making a lazy port of the game and I will most definitely be picking this up.

    17. Need For Speed: Most Wanted U gets rave review for it’s graphics.


      Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets rave reviews for it’s graphics on the Wii U.


      It’s just starting a checklist to things to have on standby on June 14th 2013. After E3 is over there is going to be COLOSSAL damage control from Wii U haters after Nintendo drops the bombs. Just want to keep the scorecard up to date.

      1. You forgot to add one final thing.

        Playing Deus Ex: Director’s Cut and/or NFS: Most Wanted U on Wii U and telling everyone on Miiverse about the game and sharing screenshots worldwide– PRICELESS!

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    19. To the haters: According to the haters Wii U aint next generation. How can something outdated out perform a PC? I told you Nintendo is holding out on that GPUPU. If you google Wii U and click “news” you will see a lot of developers and journalist against Nintendo’s WII U saying “it’s weak, outdated, can’t hold up agains 720 or PS4 etc.” but no NINTENDO defending the Wii U. The thing from Nintendo is the interview with Miyomato about Wii U having a long life.

      1. I think it’s a case of western developers and companies jealous of the success Nintendo has while their companies fail miserably. Even when Nintendo makes serious mistakes like with the 3DS launch, they come back to have the fastest-selling console ever. Deep down they know that they are in big trouble. Nintendo doesn’t need a lick of 3rd party support to be successful. It proved that with the Wii. This 8th gen that have far more than they did 7th gen and most of it is from independents, developers overseas, and SMART western developers. I think they are afraid of what Retro Studios is doing. I think they are afraid of what Nintendo is doing.

        No one can convince me at this point that there isn’t a conspiracy to ruin Nintendo. It’s become that transparent. Try as they will, they will fail.

    20. So Unreal engine 4 On Wii U Could look as good as PS4. How could a developer say Wii U is weak to handle the latest engines if the CEO never took the time to work the Wii U? Because it is not about power but about trying keep Nintendo not to outsell PS4 and shit box!!!

    21. If Wii U is outdated how and why is Lego City top 10 in UK? Lego City’s graphcs are nice but isnt Pikmin 3`s graphics better? So according to Wii U haters the better the graphics the better the sales. Yet Lego City proved you fools wrong again!!! Im jtz have a nice day!!!

    22. Also Doesnt Lego City have better graphics than Dark Moon? Since graphics are everything why is the Nintendo exclusive with the less graphics top 5. I’M just going by what you haters say and reality.

    23. Another question for Wii U haters. Why is it everytime Wii U news is not in your favor, you haters are no where to be found? Yet when sales were lower than PS3 and Wii U specs finally came up, you were all over this blog?

    24. I wish they did this with Tomb Raider, and I wish all the third party developers did this with their games like DMC, Metal Gear Rising Revengence, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Far Cry 3, Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite, GTA 5, Lost Planet 3, Dragons Dogma Dark Arising, Metal Gear Solid 5, Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2, and more. They already made them, they just have to do a good job porting them. But they don’t because they don’t like Nintendo and they want to drive little creative talented people out of business. All the big entertainment third party publishers want to control everything and screw everyone.






      WIIU EDRAM 32MB = 140GB



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    27. Now if the rest followed the path of gaming that Capcom and now the Tribal Leader Pedneault and his forces are doing, things would be better…

      But ofcourse the evil forces of the Microsoft Realm, Electron Army and Crytek Tribe will do everything in their power to ensure gaming and fun comes to an end…

      Which is why we Nintendos are here to stop…

        1. I said the Path of GAMING, not Capcom…

          Capcom only started to follow it again with the release of MH3U…

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    29. If a game doesn’t look significantly better on PC than on consoles, then the game developers got lazy and ported the game from a console (GTA4 is a horrific case of this, originally made for 360, they didn’t optimize for PS3 or PC, making GTA4 one of the most demanding games of its time on PC). PC has always had a graphics and sometimes physics advantage over consoles because of it’s extra power (if you had a good PC). Consoles took over because of their price and level playing field. However PC still reigned supreme for features, until developers started to get lazy. However now all 3 ‘next gen’ consoles will be using All in one AMD Jaguar quad core processors, meaning they’re all x86 capable, and should easily level the playing field and make games that span all consoles much more even.

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    34. I believe what you posted made a ton of sense. However,
      what about this? what if you added a little content?
      I am not saying your information isn’t solid., but suppose you added a title that grabbed
      people’s attention? I mean Deus Ex Wii U Is Even Sharper Than PC Version, Wii U Features Wont Come To Other Platforms | My Nintendo News is a little vanilla.
      You ought to look at Yahoo’s home page and watch how they create post headlines to get people to open the links.

      You might add a video or a related pic or two to get readers interested about what you’ve got to say.
      Just my opinion, it might make your posts a little livelier.

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