Level 5 File Trademark For Fantasy Life In US


Level 5 has filed a trademark for its immensely popular life simulator Fantasy Life in the United States. You may remember that last month Level 5 filed a trademark for the game in Europe. It seems almost certain that the game will receive a Western release date. The publisher has said that they have big plans for the game and intend to turn it into a franchise.


    1. By the time square anouce it people will have lost the excitment for it and when it dosnt sell they will blame us.

  1. C’mon! … I need BIG “Nintendo 1st party” games for my Wii U already released NOW!… GOD!

  2. Wii U gets a ton of games now because of everyone that was whining. Now I won’t have enough money for Fantasy life nor a 3DS.

  3. Fantasy Life looks a bit more appealing than Animal Crossing, though I’ve heard really little about it

  4. Let nintendo keep making games for 3DS in abundance. Now that the Wii U is on the rise, am scouting what cheap games I shall buy for my 3DS on bargain yeah yeah yeah!

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