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Level 5 File Trademark For Fantasy Life In US


Level 5 has filed a trademark for its immensely popular life simulator Fantasy Life in the United States. You may remember that last month Level 5 filed a trademark for the game in Europe. It seems almost certain that the game will receive a Western release date. The publisher has said that they have big plans for the game and intend to turn it into a franchise.

18 thoughts on “Level 5 File Trademark For Fantasy Life In US”

    1. By the time square anouce it people will have lost the excitment for it and when it dosnt sell they will blame us.

  1. Wii U gets a ton of games now because of everyone that was whining. Now I won’t have enough money for Fantasy life nor a 3DS.

  2. Fantasy Life looks a bit more appealing than Animal Crossing, though I’ve heard really little about it

  3. Let nintendo keep making games for 3DS in abundance. Now that the Wii U is on the rise, am scouting what cheap games I shall buy for my 3DS on bargain yeah yeah yeah!

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