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Nintendo 3DS And Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Rule Japan

luigis_mansion_dark_moon_mansionThis weeks sales figures are in from Japan and they once again show that the Nintendo 3DS remains the dominant platform. Wii U hardware sales improved with the release of Dragon Quest X and Game & Wario. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was the best-selling game overall and sold 110,840 units, easily retaining the top position. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  2. [PSP] Fate/Extra CCC
  3. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  4. [PS3] One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
  5. [PSV] Muramasa Rebirth
  6. [Wii U] Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online
  7. [PSP] Dungeon Travelers 2: Ouritsu Tokoshan to Mamono no Fuuin
  8. [PS3] Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013
  9. [PSP] Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013
  10. [Wii U] Game & Wario
  1. Nintendo 3DS XL – 38,442 (40,924)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 31,795 (41,073)
  3. Nintendo 3DS – 28,538 (35,629)
  4. Wii U – 22,829 (11,398)
  5. PlayStation 3 – 19,069 (22,942)
  6. PSP – 12,594 (12,690)
  7. Wii – 1,858 (1,720)
  8. Xbox 360 – 598 (610)

144 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS And Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Rule Japan”

    1. Am looking at the 3DS monster hunter game in my hand right now. Wishing I had a 3DS, sending a prayer now :).

        1. Thanks for the advice Macarony64. I shall buy the game now. Then save up for a 3DS XL ( LL ). If anyone has not bought a 3DS do it now. One of the greatest entertainment machines ever made.

          3DS plays golden sun new dawn. All other DS greats like niño kuni or dragon quest IX ( 9 ). Once the 3DS makes way for it’s successor in 5 years the DS would have sold close to 500 million console.

          See what I did there ? The 3DS is part DS part amazing and part marvelous :).

  1. Wii U after going after that number one spot, watch out 3DS with your ever lush and green library of games.

      1. Ever green and ever lush :). Question AC why are you on a nintendo site when you let people like Aldaraz and Billy, who is really a nintendo fan dictate your choice of wonderful software? Make your own decisions and remember on the Nintendo machine you shall forever find fantastic games from third parties and first. With a library that extends from the 70s and 60s if push came to shove. Let me let you in on a secret, I have all systems. I play the life out of Halo reach, and Tomb Raider on my Xbox. Nintendo is my gaming favourite but I can tell you what games to get on the PS3 or Xbox 360 that are not COD, killzone or Crysis 3 ( the most wasted investment ever ). Play shadow of the colossus HD PS3, gow1, racket and clunk, Gran turismo 5 now that’s sony gaming.

        1. You just said Racket and Clunk.

          It’s Ratchet and Clank don’t hurt the series I miss by not being able to afford a PS3.

    1. Nintendo commander our troops world over, our nintendo gamers that think independently have spoken. We buy quality products only, like Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, need for speed most wanted, Lego city undercover. Had Ubisoft released Rayman legends they could be enjoying a share of that lucrative pie of sales that keeps on being consistent unlike those that peek for a month or two such as COD. hold fort well in the PAL regions.

      1. Indeed, our people are often buying games that are unique, fun and that cannot be obtained in any other way than our own machines…

        I hope we see in the near future the pathetic regret from the Ubisoftians when it comes to the Rayman game…

        I’m sure it will sell some but it will be severely overshadowed by our own titans…

        Luigi’s Mansion 2 is about to become one of our great ones aswell it seems…

      2. “think independently”
        “only buy quality products”

        LMFAO! Get your Nintendo Commander alt out of here!

        1. Nintendo’s dominance in greatness and value of affordable products has you delusional and seeing double, you must have taken the Psychoserum from Monster hunter 3 Ultimate. It’s okay just go take a nap in moga village and you shall return to base status. Yes nintendo makes quality products; reason the sell well in every country on the planet. Ask yourself a question, why do the xbox360 and the Vita ( at times gone by ) suck in adoption percentages in Japan and most of Europe?

          1. I know Nintendo makes some good games you idiot. I’m just saying you’re acting like your on some kind of evangelical mission to preach Nintendo’s greatness.

            1. Aldaraz, I think you are a great gamer. Maybe one day we could hunt a silver rathalos or two. Am educating the masses of the wonders of nintendo that they might not experience due to ignorant media houses in some remote intances that baselessly bash the company from Kyoto Japan. There are some that would have never experienced the Link Side swerve sword slash of The legend of Zelda the Windwaker had I not brought nintendo’s creativity and game marvels to light. Here we have trolls bashing nintendo on a nintendo site thus I post or comment.

    2. I enjoy the fact that this is based on 1 day of Dragon Quest X being out. Doubled sales in 1 day? I’ll take it.

    1. Are you retarded? See a game makes it to the top 10 and the gema bombed? Guys i present to you our future… Yes i know it looks bleak.

      1. These Xbots and Sony Units will say anything to try undermine the supremacy of our Empire…

        Even if one of ur games would be at second place, they would still attack us…

          1. No jellybean, this kid is too young to get laid. He needs to go do his homework and by homework I mean coloring book.

          2. That’s because I’m not a pathetic lowlife human being…

            Getting laid and so on is for primitive lifeforms…

              1. Says the one coming in here to bash Nintendo fans when it’s a NINTENDO site…

                Your logic is as useful as washing your hands with fire…

    1. Im more happy about japan sales cause even if western developers dont support the wiiu Nintendo of japan will have tons of games to bring to up the sales.

    1. lol. it’s 10 million+ units behind 3DS . it really NEEDS to start selling the way it is and maintain it if it wants to do anything significant.

    1. Not really, its doing even better in America, better than the Vita anyway which is still below the original PSP… sad times

    2. The 3DS does very Well in the US, in fact it sold better here than Japan when it had that bad start :). Now with Luigi’s mansion 2 hurray :).

    3. lol America is like the second best supporter of Nintendo you fool! Japan is the first! Canada is probably 3rd and Australia is up there as well.

  2. 3 PSP titles in top 10?
    No wonder Vita fails. Sony, stop supporting your older consoles if you want to sell the newer one!

    1. Third party devs are the ones putting out games on the PSP still and there’s no problem with that either.

      They can sell both. Sony has always had a long-term plan when it came to selling their systems. Even the PS2 was still selling quite a bit into the PS3’s life cycle.

  3. Aeolus, Billy, Aldaraz, Ness, Von Scrontum and all the other haters will not feature here. Even the Sony fans with a liking for nintendo don’t like nintendo good news. Remember when nintendo stock went up in February after the PS 4 was announced? I was happy for Sony and competition but no, they were mad nintendo stock rose in Japan, Europe and the US. Guys I like the Vita, there is no way that little contraption could have been the same price as a Wii U. Now price it like you have Sony that more of us have the vita as a back up to the Wii U and 3DS.

    1. Their minds have been corrupted ever since the abomination known as Xbox got released from the depths of the Microsoft Realm…

      1. Shut the fuck up the both of you. You both are the main reason Nintendo fans are not taken seriously anymore in the gaming community.

        Stop giving the rest of us a bad name.

        1. all the normal ones left pretty much, those two fags are what a lot of them seem to be now, thanks wii, for ruining everything normal about nintendo

        2. That’s basically why the industry is getting worse every day, because creatures like you take gaming way to seriously…

          Did your parents suck the fun out of you?…

  4. Let’s see how many other sites start reporting the upswing in Wii U sales. Keep in mind this increase is based on just a couple of games being released. A COUPLE.

    Bodies are NOT ready for the Wii U.

    1. Some sites are actually spinning these numbers in a negative tone. I would link it here. Just go on the Wii U N4G page and look see. One title reads “Latest Media Create Japanese Sales Charts Paint a Gloomy Picture for the Wii U”

  5. Did the xbox360 not sale those exact numbers in Japan these last three months? With an exception of last week when it sold 1000 units.

  6. This is just the beginning. SSBB, Zelda, Pikmin 3, Srarfox. KEEP YOU GODDAM UNREAL ENGINE 5!!! KEEP YOUR BATTLE FIELD 3. Nintendo can make their own engines!!!

      1. Unreal engine 4 runs on the Wii U,it was corrected by cheesy mark rein. Third parties shall bring their games do not worry. They are taking stock at how well Capcom, TT games and Criterion have moved Wii U’s in the UK and Europe. Now dragon quest X by square Enix has lifed those consoles of Japanese shelves. Problem with FPS making third parties like crytek, is a lack of history studies and understanding of it. Smile we shall get great games that are worth the beautiful machine that is the Wii U. Also buy a 3DS great and amazing system. Even gamers with great gaming foresight like macarony64 have advised enthusiastically so.

        1. yea i know it runs on Wii U, the site posted mark rein’s correction last week. jtz said “KEEP YOU GODDAMN UNREAL ENGINE 5!!! Nintendo can make their own engines!!!” just because Nintendo can make thier own engines, doesnt mean we dont need unreal engine (i assume alot of good 3rd parties are going to use it.)

  7. I don’t understand gamers these days…back on the NES i’d have 1 game for 2 months (or more), WiiU launched with 24(!) games, I play quite often, got Mario, ZombiU, ME3, AC3, Batman, Trine2, Nano Assault, Little inferno, The cave, Fifa, NLand, Lego, i barely finished one of those games to the max…how many hours do you have for playing in a day?

    I’d say it’s the opposite, there are a LOT of games (good ones) for a 5 month old console. WiiU will be fine, Nintendo always delivers the best games, so I don’t mind not having another generic shooter or action-rpg like ME3. AC3 is boring like hell, so is Batman. Lego is friggin’ amazing

    1. You know what I don’t understand, is why people always say the best are the first, or the origionals? I mean quite frankly, the first of something typically suck conpared to new stuff because they are outdated. Outdated things shouldn’t always be te answer to the question “What is the best game of all time?” It gets so old. Like, we get it, back in the day Zelda and Mario were awesome. Playing them now-a-days… not so much. The new stuff is SOOO much better. Yes, there are still flaws, but they are so much more entertaining, there is so much more to them.

      1. Disagree, old zeldas and marios are pure gameplay oriented, level design, to-the-point mechanics AND are hard. I play Batman and AC and it’s boring and easy, big cities full of nothing to do. Lego City is already teaching what an open-world should be: fun to explore

        1. I am so glad that the old Zelda’s and Mario’s are gameplay oriented, because I have NO FUN playin them. The only reason I want to, is to say I did lol. Other than that, I am bored as hell. Newer games can have much more in depth story lines and better graphics/art styles(I’m not a graphics whore, but c’mon 8- bit compared to 3D?) Look at Rayman Legends, beautiful artwork and I have had more fun with just te demo alone than I ever could with the older games…

          1. Actually I dif say it, my bad. What do you mean by doing things? Killing the same generic guys over and over again?

  8. Here’s something to chew on: The sales for DQX do look shocking at first, selling about 33k compared to what it did on Wii, but on the other hand, it’s 60-80% of its stock, so it’s not as bad as it looks.

  9. double the Wii U sales is certainly something, hopefully DQX catches on more and pulls in some more fans of the series. If the sales can stay where they are and allow themselves to slowly rise, then the Wii U should eventually be in pretty good shape

  10. ” At least the PS Vita is bought by adults rather than bratty kids and nostalgia fags like you.”

    Children don’t have jobs so how the fuck would they buy a 3DS!!

  11. ” The Wii U has pulled it’s self out of the gutter and is now lying nearly drowned on the curb.”

    The Wii U didn’t do it, the Nintendo exclusives did it dummy!! There are more exclusives games too stupid troll.

  12. Let’s bring up what the haters said before Wii U games arrived. Remember the haters saying the Wii U is doomed? Remember they brought up it’s weak. Some even said that the PS3 was more powerful than wii U but Desus EX shut that up easily. Nintendo is waiting to release more games when PS4 and 720 arrives which is smart.

    1. no they are waiting for there competition to come out. think about it. nintendo 3ds hold of there games still they release it close to ps vita launch. i bet they will do the same.

  13. Why is Animal Crossing still top ten! According to the haters graphics brings in sales. Animal Crossing doesn’t have graphics like Unreal Engine 4 and Lego City doesn’t have graphics like unreal engine. So why is Game & Wario top 10? Haters?

    1. Pitfall near your door

      I know where tho find real awesome graphics!…Walk out the house and there you have it.

    2. This is japan (keep that in mind), these so called graphic whore are mostly the western gamers. Not only Americans but also Europeans.

  14. So from predicting. What if 3D Mario and Pikmin arrived around the holidays? Would Sony be worried! After all Not only will Pikmin 3 be a slick game but it has aggressive graphics and new and different strategies. Where would Wii U sales be then? Haters care to answer?

    1. jtz my friend haters only show up when their cheif Pachter presents his minutes :). It’s a shame, we on the other hand are happy as gamers. Nintendo being on top makes Sony and Microsoft work a little extra hard.

    2. Their arrogance knows no limit…

      Even if Sony falls, they would still hang on to the doomed Dominion they so cherish…

      But ofcourse, Microsoft and its Xbox must be sent to oblivion…

      Well atleast the Xbox which the Steambox will heavily attack it from all sides…

  15. Can the Vita still hang when Pokemon X and Y debut? Oh wait that’s right according to the haters the game will be a flop because Vita is more powerful than Wii U. In order for a game to be a success the console has to be powerful.

          1. Reply button my ass. I can care less about a reply button fool. What would you do if I didnt hit the reply button ? …. that’s what I thought. Im JTZ have a nice day Wii U hater!!!

  16. No question. How long will retailers keep selling the Wii U at a price cut now? Let’s give them to the 10th.

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  18. Holy Crap! Mewtwo has a new form like Keldeo and Meloetta!! Serebii has just shown some pictures of it. This must be the shocking Pokemon news that will be showed on Saturday! 😱

      1. Yeah, but it looks pretty real to me! The info is out of what looks to be an official Pokemon magazine. It makes so mich sense too. Pokemon X and Y have to do with genetics and Mewtwo has to do with Genetics. The Pokemon company promised shocking news and THIS is on the level of shocking.

  19. Holy comeback! The Wii U is outselling PS3 and X360 this week. And the Nintendo 3DS XL is outselling the surviving PSVita. Thanks to the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

    1. Company real soon for a Nintendo hand held? Ignoring that the Gameboy took out Tiger and Gamegear. Ignoring that the DS took out PSP and ignoring that the 3DS is taking out the more powerful with better graphics Vita.

  20. Hey Patcher!!! Where your bitch ass it now! WHERE ARE THE HATERS NOW!!!!! Bring it on. EA and Gamestop. I want to know how a Wii U exclusive will do against an Unreal engine 4 game In sales. Zelda vs. Battle 4 In sales. Or Pikmin 3 Vs. Halo 5. LETS SEE sales then. Im bout to go and play Lego City ONLY FOR WII U now. Wake me when new info of 3D Mario arrives!

    1. Calm down^^ One week says nothing, we will see when nintendos big tanks arrive and start bombarding the newly born competitor(s).

  21. man, the 3ds is doing great, it keeps boggling in my mind, but i wonder what the succesor will be to the 3DS i hope they change the DS name cause unless they have 4D Gaming in 2017 i dont think they should keep the DS Name but 4DS does sound like a good gaming handheld also cant wait till the day E3 2016 rolls along cause then we’ll see the bad boy in person.

    but anyways i love my 3DS Cosmo Black, but i really want a Black 3DS XL :( i wonder when they’ll have them in the U.S.

    and man might i say luigis dark moon rocks and blows the 1st one out of the park.

    1. I’d rather have something more traditional, but still innovative, with the gimmick more useful than 3D, and still be backwards compatable.

      1. So haters after one week of the Wii U’s sales compared to 5 MONTHS of your bitching about Nintendo being doomed and now you Sony fanboys want defened your commets? Pikmin3 will be ready to sale agains Battle Field 4!!! Zelda is ready for the next Halo… may the best exclusive win.

  22. Sony and Microsoft are babies who never want to grow up and evolve their IPs. Instead they need their deveoplers. Nintendo is independent. Thanks Nintendo for bringing All Stars to Sony…

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  24. All sony seems to be focused on is that one Wii U gamepad. In the future Wii U will support 2 GAMEPADS. Does this mean Sony fanboys have to buy 2 Vitas?

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