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Sega Still Says “No Comment” Regarding Aliens Colonial Marines For Wii U


As you are probably already aware, Aliens Colonial Marines was originally meant to launch on Wii U by the end of March. That hasn’t happened and publisher Sega is still refusing to comment on when Wii U owners can get their hands on the critically flawed game. GameSpot contacted Sega and was given the following message from a company representative.

“Still no comment on ACM, sorry!”

73 thoughts on “Sega Still Says “No Comment” Regarding Aliens Colonial Marines For Wii U”

  1. *looks up from playing Sonic Racing Transformed*
    Whatever Sega, Sonic transformed will have me playing for a while. in the meantime, try harder.
    *goes back to playing*

        1. I have seen that this game sucks.
          The story is mediocre, the AI is insulting, the gameplay is broken, the sound is crap and the controls are horrible.

    1. You obviously have no clue how a “preorder” works, or you would not have made such a foolish remark.

  2. @Sega, what the fuck is wrong whit you people? you guys have more chance by porting jet grind and the others classic to wiiu.

  3. I hope they aren’t just sitting on it, but actually trying to fix it. Or at least bring the hammer down on Gearbox who totally mishandled this game.

  4. Hahaha, thats literally the only response i have to this, i mean…what? xD
    Just avoiding talking about the game full stop, its like, just come out and say it.
    Oh SEGA, how far you’ve fallen.

  5. I try to avoid leaving comments like this, but….FUCK this game. The game was horrible and I dont know one person who is sitting around saying “gee, I wonder when Aliens is coming out on the Wii U”. If you want it, get it on PC or rent it. The game is atrocious.

    1. I think SEGA is hoping that something else bigger will come along to take everyone’s minds off of this, kinda like the dig’em smacks frog events from family guy. This is a huge flop on Sega and Gearbox’s part and a gigantic red mark on their resumes, but Gearbox doesn’t care anyway since they had almost nothing to do with this game other than outsourcing, SEGA on the other hand has their reputation as a publisher on the line and that is why they keep brushing off commenting on the cancelation of this game on the Wii U. Not a big deal, this game wouldn’t sell after the pitiful excuse for a game that it was, even if they rebuilt it from the ground up for the Wii U!

  6. Of course you will not heard anything regarding that game until they end the talk to GearBox regarding all the money SEGA give to them to finish this game and that they actually use for Borderlands 2

  7. This has gotten to the point where I almost feel sorry for Sega and Gearbox.
    I mean, the game is such a colossal fail that they can’t bear to release another version, so they’re refusing to comment on it further…….

  8. Can someone explain me why the game was so bad? I haven’t played, but i was interesting in the WiiU version in the future. I read every where is bad. Bad Gameplay? Bad Graphics?
    It can be improved? It’s a game that can be resurrected like Ninja Gaiden or Deus Ex for WiiU? Or is something that needs to be killed, and start from 0 making a new one?

    1. I haven’t played it either, but from what I hear and have seen it’s kind of all the above actually. The gameplay is pretty bad, the graphics are quite terrible, and the story is incoherent. They might need to start from scratch, but ya never know, that might be what is going on with it. I mean honestly for a game like this I don’t think the story needs to be all that great, and it can’t be any worse then the COD dribble that has been getting good ratings… It seems like more of a online co-op party type game to me. No I don’t mean Mario Party, I mean like Golden Eye, but co-op. Or, much better comparison would be TF2 co-op. That’s hella fun.

  9. Sega’s reputation in the gaming community certainly isn’t gold right now, so such comments like these only bring them down further.

    However, think about this. What if the reason why Sega continues to say “no comment” on ACM is because Nintendo behind the scenes is secretly about to merge or purchase Sega and which they cannot make any public statements on future games and content?

    Food for thought.

    1. Doubt it with SEGA being bought by Nintendo, especially with a new Sonic being developed for all consoles.

          1. Oh well, their loss (along with Microsoft and Sony’s) is our gain. Hopefully Platinum also releases the first one as well.

        1. For all intents and purposes Nintendo has access to all of the Sega franchises anyway due to their partnership. A merger would just make it academic. Money is a major reason why the Shenmue franchise did not continue the story. With Nintendo backing you could easily see a return of that franchise.

          Also, another reason why Sega is mum on ACM on the Wii U is due to possible litigation towards Gearbox for jacking everything up.

    2. There could also be some sort of behind the scenes legal action dealing with sega and gearbox. People keep dissing Sega about this, and sure they had their part to play, but they are just publishers. Gearbox has certainly damaged their reputation with this, and deservingly so. Even if the story of them siphoning money to borderlands 2 is not true, them out sourcing the entirety of the game is terrible business. Generally these things happen with games that have multiple versions of play. But not the entire game. I hope these fraudulent buggers get what is coming to them.

      1. There is also FOX to deal with. To take the Aliens franchise and rip it to shreds like that is a major problem. They also might be perusing legal action against Gearbox and possibly Sega as well.

        If the Wii U version is actually “better” than the other versions that would only intensify the public backlash over the game. They could just be waiting for the crap-storm to die-down and then release it later on.

  10. Their silence suggests to me that its still coming but they dont have a date yet. If it was cancelled they would probably say so.

    Perhaps they are not talking about it because they are fixing it – but Im guessing they can’t exactly say that either…..

  11. Sega needs to come out and say if the game is coming to the Wii U or not. This no comment BS sucks for the people who were looking forward to it. However, after the horrible reviews, I don’t think any Wii U owners what this on their system.

  12. Ummmm why are people questioning them? The game suck for the other systems how will there be any difference? Just keep it because there will be barely sales for the game if ported to wii U

  13. SEGA do a ravemp!!! Give is the superior version!!!! *Smeagle comes down from my ceiling “Yes, YES!!! My Precious!”

  14. SortableShelf19 (Typing on Wii U Gamepad)

    If they do plan on releasing it on the Wii U, They should fix the problems with the game first.

  15. Is the option to make a wiiU version the proper version actually fair? So many xbox/ps3 and pc users will have to re buy the game if they want the proper experience all because Sega baited and switched. I know if a game sucked ass on the wii U that I paid for day 1 came out completely revamped and way better on the ps4 I would be gutted. 50 euros worth of gutted.They should just forget about it and admit their mistake.

  16. They are going to keep saying no commen until we stop asking so they can sweep this under the carpet and move on

    1. Nintendo nor its fans need or have any desire over the game! I’m off topic now! So cowardly B***h a** Microsoft is holding on to Banjo Kazooie’s IPS huh. That’s because if Ninety got a hold to then they would do something with Conker and Banjo. Keep them then coward! By holding on to Banjo just prices Nintendo’s IPs are better. If not, why is shit box holding them hostage then?

        1. To the fans! If SSBBs went on sale the same time All Stars did, who would outsell who? If Zelda debuted on Wii U and Halo debuted on 720, who would win in sales? This is why it took a while for Wii u games because Nintendo want to debut their shit when Sony and shit box does. When you bring something out first, you don’t bring everything out all at once…. you wait.

  17. Sell it for $20 on Wii U eshop and I will probably get it. That way Sega won’t lose money on physical retail and would just make money off the digital release and customers won’t feel so bad about buying a new game at only $20 but they know it’s only fair at best.

  18. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Again, the devs need to take the opportunity to fix everything that was wrong with the original release. Then the release the improved version on the Wii U complete with all the features they wanted to include on the Wii U version in the first place. Team Ninja managed that with Ninja Gaiden 3. Now these guys have to learn from all the mistakes that were made. Gearbox, Sega, Demiurge, you guys have a chance to make the Wii U version of Aliens CM the game that Aliens fans actually like. Don’t just sit on it or give up. Redeem yourselves!

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