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Miiverse Receives Two New Updates On Wii U

miiverseA brand new update was provided today for Miiverse on the Wii U. The update, which sees a the creation of a better community layout, provides a standard limit of 100 posts to be displayed at any one time, which gives speedier loading times.

Communities are now also grouped by category – you can search for ‘Wii U Games’ or ‘Virtual Console’, so you’ll be able to find a community with ease. Nintendo of Europe’s Marty has confirmed more updates will be provided in the near future.

35 thoughts on “Miiverse Receives Two New Updates On Wii U”

    1. I hope soon. Games like mario kart and animal crossing would be much better with miiverse. Even nsmb2 to show off coin rush records

  1. I stopped reading at speedier loading times…to celebrate! Aww yeah! Miiverse freezes on me so much, and I suspect it’s because of all the posts that have to be displayed.

  2. the wii-u is the biggest piece of shit ever nintendo just send me a forth console that is once again is a paper weight ytf do they keep sending me broken fucking consoles i could truly say wii-u is a fail it is not worth the money at all. do not buy this console.

    1. Stop buying used consoles behind alleyways and paying the seller by closing your eyes and sucking from a hose.

    2. SortableShelf19 (Typing on Wii U Gamepad)

      If you think that Wii U is bad, fine! It’s your opinion. But keep your opinions to yourself! no one likes to hear your stupid talk about how bad the Wii U is and how the PS4 and Infinity are better. Who really cares?

    3. Oh stfu!!!! You sound like a child. F u and your PS4. MAYBE THE Sony is more powerful but how will the games hold up against SSBB and Zeld? We Wii U owners know PS4 is more powerful but obviously we dont give a rats ass because we still bought it and if we want Unreal engine four and EA games we will buy a ps4 or Xbox.

      1. I agree chk out my the Wii u is dead? Post @ it talks about how Nintendo is long from dead and the Wii u is the only true next gen console when it comes to gameplay

    4. I call BS. Unless your tossing the thing around I doubt it’s crapping out. The thing runs extremely cool and the HD is a SSD which have an extremely low rate of failure as does the rest of the hardware unless it’s over heated but even without the fan spinning the system would have an extremely hard time over heating as it consumes such a low wattage of power. So the only thing that might be failing is the disc reader, and if that is the case then the console would still work you just won’t be able to read discs, albeit a serious issue, but one that is easily fixed. Other then the aforementioned reasons for failure it could be OS issues, so bricking it by turning off the power during OS updates. Perhaps attempting to hack the OS would also cause system failures.
      Either way, if you have actually had the ridiculously obscene misfortune to have 4 console failures just be happy that Nintendo is sending you new systems as when the 360 was having catastrophically high system failures they wouldn’t give you a new system, so gamestop was losing money on their protection program, everyone I know that purchased one got the protection program and one dude actually got a fifth new console within 2 weeks of the system being released. I over heard him when I was in a gamestop at the same time. Blew my freaking mind.

      1. The only issue was that each time he got the new console he had to buy the protection program again, he wasn’t too pleased about this.

  3. Miiverse is pretty good but other nex gen consoles will be better. The worst thing is the controller it’s just a bloody giant thing, wahaaaaaaaaay

    1. Thats cause there is a touch pad built in it… Even though it is in fact larger then a dual shock controller, it actually isn’t all that much larger then the original xbox controller lol. Also it is very light weight for the size of the controller. That was actually my first reaction as I took it out of the box, then handed it to my wife and she literally said “whoa!”. The Wii U pad is only 1.1 lbs, and as comparison the ipad 4 is 1.44 lbs.
      By the rate that the Miiverse is evolving, it will be on par or likely better then the sony or ms social media connection programs.

  4. It’s awful funny that everything nintendo does as far as gameplay gets copied by everyone else look at motion controls and 2nd screen gameplay off t.v. Gameplay all of it copied and if u think your going to get a ps4 for $400 or less I feel bad for u it’s going to be $450 to $550 at least then another $230 for a vita to do what the Nintendo Wiiu already does I mean there already starting cross platform play with 3ds and I have a PC if I want great graphic so why get a ps4 or a Nextbox? For one or two exclusive every few years I don’t think so

    1. apparently 300 in the uk according to the announcement, so likely 400-500 in the US/Canada, but don’t forget, that will be for the base model.

      1. But that’s just what there saying and u know just like I do they can anything and I could be wrong but I don’t think your going t get one for $400 or less I think it’s going to be at least $450 for a base (plain Jane) model

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