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Check Out These Screenshots From Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


Nintendo has released new screenshots for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. As you can see in the images above, during gameplay, each screen on the Nintendo 3DS displays different content. The bottom screen displays collectibles, whereas the top, 3D screen shows protagonists Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong side-scrolling toward their quest to reobtain a cherished banana hoard. Click here to view more screenshots from the game.

50 thoughts on “Check Out These Screenshots From Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D”

      1. Uhh… No. Retro Studiod is already working on a new project at the moment. Even when the are finished with that I doubt they will go back to DKC.

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Retro is nearing completion on whatever they’re working on now. They’re next project could still be a new DKC. There’s plenty of time to develop one for the Wii U.

    1. I think that what will blow mind is not the graphics, but the use of 3D. I don’t personally own a Wii (but I do have a WiiU – however, Wii mode looks awful on my PC monitor) so grabbing it for the 3DS will be awesome.

  1. An easy mode and Download Play hardly counts as new content. There should be new levels or a new challenge mode.

  2. why cant we just get rare back, retro did a great job with this though. maybe just get the ips back so retro can work on them. i just beat banjo tooie, got everything, after all these years. the games is fucking hard and really makes you think of what to do in order to get the things you need. the game also has big levels and isnt as friendly as the first game even if the first one is just as good

      1. it made me think really hard sometimes and took me along time to complete some of the tasks, like grunties factory level. halfire peaks and the sky one, they took around 5 hours to beat, because i got evrything

  3. The game is alright. Worth playing once and then getting rid of it. Definitely won’t be buying it again for the 3DS.

  4. What I would REALLY like to know is when that damn Pokemon news is coming!!!? Ive been waiting all freaking day!

    1. This just in: Pokemon game series to be discontinued due to recent events. Nintendrones all over the world have been capturing real animals and making them fight.

      1. I put my Dairy Queen ice cream against someone else’s Kangaroo. And I won the battle. The guy gave me enough money to buy another Dairy Queen ice cream.

    1. Beep! Beep! Beep! Tony Lane, King of the N-Dub Nation. You are awesome? Yes! You are amazing? Yes! You would die for Nintendo? YES!!!

      1. Aeolus… why the fuck are you stalking N-Dub Nation? Leave him the fuck alone and play ass grab with Zaire, Pyro, and the rest of your asshurt boyfriends. It’s already getting fucking old and boring.

  5. Seem like a lot of wasted space on the touch-pad. They should take the HUD completely off the top-screen if they are gonna do it like that.

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  11. I am surprised that they are porting the Wii game to the 3DS instead of advancing the franchise with a new release. Still, I never played the first version I would be interested to get teh 3DS version.

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