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Pokémon X And Pokémon Y Director Confirms Existence Of New Mewtwo-Like Pokémon


During today’s “Pokémon Smash” episode, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y director Junichi Masuda confirmed that a newly discovered Pokémon that bears a resemblance to the Legendary Mewtwo exists. The name of the new Pokémon wasn’t shared during the episode, and, interestingly, Masuda didn’t confirm whether it is related to Mewtwo. As seen in the image above, it appears as though Mewtwo’s tail is on top of the new Pokémon’s head. What do you think of the new Pokémon’s look? Is it a form of Mewtwo? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: The Pokémon Company released a video of the newly discovered Pokémon in action.

362 thoughts on “Pokémon X And Pokémon Y Director Confirms Existence Of New Mewtwo-Like Pokémon”

      1. ok this is just proof then that the artists for the Pokemon franchise while talented are out of ideas. This new pokemon’s artwork is just taking the old mew and mewtwo putting them together and calling it a new pokemon

    1. Forget tits omg what is it with new gens giving pokemon dicks smh like kyurem btw stop rehasing old pokemons no more team rocket or babies aka filler waste of space trash hell gs had fillers smh 50 bucks for rehase and fillers fu

      1. I mean reshiram and that polar bear ew sick pedofiles u know children are buying this and palkia having a penis shaped head ana arceus having a sperm head too

        1. I am sure when kids play the game the first thing they dont look for is how much do pokemon look like penises or sperms, but how cool they look. They only look like that if you choose to picture that and in that case anything can look dirty and wrong.. i dont have a dirty mind and it looks fine to me.

    2. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

      Misleading title. They didn’t confirm it’s a form. They’re talking mostly like it’s a new pokemon that has ties to Mewtwo, I.E, Mewthree.

      Also, “As seen in the image above and the video below, the new Pokémon form shares many characteristics with Mewtwo.”??? If you state it’s a form then obviously it shares characteristics.

      1. I share the love for the first 4 and hate for the fifth, but my childhood was restored when I read this is actually a new Pokémon and not a form of Mewtwo.

          1. Thank you someone who finally agrees that all of them were great and doesnt complain about 1 being better or that 1 of them sucked

            1. I liked all generations but I dont even bother beating the elite 4 because in bw2 it has become plain boring after getting the last badge. Seriously, you just need to go from A-B.

            2. Yeah, I totally agree with you. This gen war and all those complains about gen 5 are completely stupid and unnecessary. You don’t like the game? Fine. But don’t complain about it all day.

    1. I hope Mewtwo doesn’t evolve into that , cus I think Mewtwo’s original form looks far more bossier than that.

        1. It has to be a prevolution of Mewtwo , cus it would be dissapointing to say the least if Mewtwo evolved into that. It would be like Ampharos evolving into Flaffy *shivers*

          1. Problem is Mewtwo has been seen as an infant in ‘The origin of Mewtwo’. I know it could be like a munchlax thing but even then it would be a big middle finger to people who have seen Mewtwo go from child to adult without a hint of evolving

      1. I hate to bring dragon ball z into this but it’s the best example I can think of. Look at kid buu, he’s a shrimp and he ends up putting super boo to shame. Could be the same situation. Personally I was expecting something much much much much much much worse. So I’m pleasantly surprised. This form emphasizes the pshycic type which I like

      1. Yeah nice video, man! Interesting theories and I enjoyed that poke music :)

        What tune is the one that starts at 0:59 ? I don’t remember pokemon music sounding that ”urban” XD

        1. Team Rocket secret hideout Pokémon Heartgold soulsilver…
          I have entire library of Pokémon music in my head. (No joke).

          1. It kind of ringed a bell when I heard it :) Pokemon music is incredibly awesome. It ranks amongst the best music in gaming history even if the majority of it is basically polyphonic.

            1. Pokemon music ranks among the best in video game history.

              I would strongly disagree with that statement.

              1. Course you would. You hate everything Nintendo. Not sure if your a troll, hater, or fanboy. But your no different then Ness, Neutron, Aeolus and such.

                1. Actually, I think Nintendo is a great company. But here’s the thing, I’m a Nintendo fan, not a Nintendo fanboy.

                  1. Pokmeon has some awesome tracks. If you take all the best tracks from all the game, I can see why somebody would say they create some of the best music. A lot of tracks in Pokemon are really good. Lance at the Elite Four, The original battle theme, The boss battle music in Pokemon Black and White. Pokemon does have some of the best music in the gaming industry.

              2. It may not really sit at the top in terms of music, but it does have some pretty great tunes in it.

      2. It is a good theory and i agree with it except… i dont think the person who did this was Giovanni, I think he was too depressed after the Kanto events and even the special HG and SS event to try again… Plus i think Xerneas and Yveltal are already existing legendaries… But with that said maybe a rocket grunt or scientist chose to follow Giovanni ideals and creates a new team in the new region

      3. I like it. It is interesting. My thought is the last few generations have been about different forms. also in black and white 2 there is the use of DNA SPLICERS. So I think your guesses are close to what might be the truth about the next version. I also think the same way about X&Y part of it which can mean male and female chromosomes or just gender DIFFERENCES in other words different FORMS. I don’t think it would be Giovanni but some other team since Giovanni and Team Rocket are pretty much faded out. But another team may do the same thing and maybe stole Giovanni’s ideas and research and used it for their own cloned Pokemon. But if they are not careful this may change what we know about legendaries and breeding them if this is not a clone through research but a female version of Mewtwo which then can change them to being breed-able. That’s another thought. Overall good video. and love the music.

    2. What are you talking about? Mewtwo isn’t evolving because Legendaries don’t evolve it is another “form” like Meloetta and Keldeo have. The same Pokemon just different appearance.

    3. Holy crap that gameplay video makes me litteraly want to have sex with my 3DS. That is how excited I am for pokemon X and Y.

                1. Wohoa I didn’t know Nintendrones are damage controling outside of negati….I mean true Nintendo news too.

                2. Lol. I don’t actually because I’m not a perverted freak like you. Nice try at slandering me though. Now get back to making bad jokes about how you’re going t rub one out to your 3DS.

            1. He deserves getting exposed! By the way EXXXXXXXXXPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD !!!!!!!!!!!

            2. So you don’t know how to take a joke ? You should of shut your window that night your sense of humour flew on out of it.

              Basically 3DS is fucking awesome and the only way I could sum up how happy I was with the device was by saying that I would litteraly have sex with it (if i somehow could of course)

              1. Just because I’m not amused by a stoner’s perverted jokes means I have no sense of humor?

                Man, you talk a lot of shit on the Internet. I bet you’re not half as tough in real life as you are on this site.

                1. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

                  sorry mr Tough, we apologize if we hurt your feelings with this joke. By the way i found it humorous

                2. Why are you flexing your muscles on this site ? You’re making yourself look like you wanna act all tough. Pipe down Popeye.

        1. My point stands. I don’t know or care who you are and I don’t give a shit what you think of my comments.

    4. Legendary Pokemon do not evolve. It can’t be an evolution. It is just an alternate form. Like Rotom or Castform. Or Deoxys. Or Shellos. Actually, there are a lot of Pokemon that change form rather than evolve now that I think about it…

        1. I have not played Pokemon since gas prices www $2.20 a gallon. I’m buying this. I love what I see. Those I lost track of Pokemon names after Pokemon Stadium on N64. My last Pokemon game was Pokemon Gold. I also played Pokemon on the Game cube when you captured certain Pokemon with their hearts closed. I hope they put Pokemon on Wii U. I’m buying Pokemon X.

      1. Obviously, you don’t play much Pokemon. Manaphy can be bred into Phione. Therefore it is an evolution.

      2. Or, like the website says, it’s a new Pokèmon.

        Also, Mr Anonmyous below raises a good point; Manaphy can breed a phione; as Mewtwo is an experiment, maybe giving some element to it gives it some offspring?

        Either way, it’s a new Pokémon. Probably some other Mew related experiment.

  1. sigh…..wasted time, there currently trying to promote the new movie i guess, from sylveon now mewthree(or mewtwo new forme), now what time is the twitter gonna reveal something? (or they will just be revealing this pokes name in english)….

  2. I’m not sure I like it… specially the tail-head thing… I think they risked a lot here, I believe Mewtwo is one of the most liked pokemon… putting another form is risky…

  3. Man, I really wish they would announce some more stuff about the game itself, such as the region, new ideas, or even just how many new Pokemon there will be. But there’s nothing wrong with this either.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Yeah, I squealed in delight when I saw this but I was expecting actual NEWS, not just one Pokémon. I like to discover the Pokémon on my own while I play the game. I’m more interested in the actual facts of the gameplay.

  4. -_- can someone please explain the point of this? this could have been something new and unexpected. not some mewthree that people have been gossipping about since Red&Blue

      1. I’m not retarded. I just don’t see the point. Unless it’s some part of a major storyline, then it seems to only exist as another Pokémon. There’s no need to insult me over my opinion

        1. It had better be part of the storyline. Something like someone tried to make another Mewtwo, got ahold of the genetics, or something. Mewtwo isn’t capable of evolving; it is a clone of Mew. Genetically, scientifically, created by humans. As long as they don’t mess with original Mewtwo it’ll be good.

          1. Now that I’d like to see. Some return of Team Rocket going all over the new region searching for the DNA of Mew or Mewtwo which was stolen from Giovanni (being he probably had the DNA to create Mewtwo in the first place).

      2. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

        Why? You’re just being an idiot. She/He talked Her/His honest opinion. And it’s true, they hyped the shit out of this and it turned out to be that Mewthree we all hear about more than 10 years ago from our 8 year old friends.

  5. Mixed feelings about this. Giving Mewtwo a new form is almost blasphemy for old fans, but giving him the highlight again is surely welcome.
    I don’t think it is ugly or anything. It’s cool, but the “halo” in its head feels unnecessary

          1. To be honest I do not care for the views.
            I am pretty hyped for this game and wanted to share my theory. I wanted to hear the response.
            You was the roughest though
            Apology of course excited… Of course only if it was one…

            I am one of the few members here that you can take serious I guess.
            This site is crowded with trolls.
            I posted a Mewthree theory video on a Mewthree announcement post.
            I think it was kind of suitable.
            I mean it is the comment section.
            The comment section is to talk about the article which I did (so I believe) by posting my thought about mewthree in a video.

            I know that trolls are trying to take over and we do have to defend us but I am not one.
            I do not have any burden.
            Everything forgiven.

    1. Well it is kinda a big deal to anyone that played the origional Pokemon games. Giving Mewtwo(One of the most popular Pokemon in the whole franchise!) a new form is shocking to say the least, but awesome in my opinion! Glad it is confirmed now!

  6. It looks like fan art on deviantart… Seriously?!

    Mewtwo has been my favorite Pokemon since gen 1. Not sure if I should be happy my favorite Pokemon is now confirmed for the X and Y release or if I should be upset that his alt form looks horrid!

    Anyways, I hope this isn’t all the news they wanted to share, still waiting for the punch-line here…

    1. First, you should be extatic! Think of all the possibilities! What if Mewtwo gains a new type like Dragon or something!? Second, his form looks awesome! I love how he continuously floats now instead of stands on the ground. Reminds me of how Mewtwo floated in Super Smash Melee. and Lastly, I think this is all the news for today… kinda anticlimactic if you think about it. We all kinda new the news already…

      1. It’s not Mewtwo, though. I mean, there’s a slim chance it might be, but the website clearly states it’s a new Pokémon, and states the similarities, simply asking: what could this mean? I’m excited.

        Oh man, THIS kind of conversation is what the comments section was made for! Not pointless arguing and insult throwing. Just wanted to say, you’ve really earned my respect for keeping a cool head when insulted and when others would just start a complete war of how much they can personally insult the other commenter.

        1. “It’s not Mewtwo, though. I mean, there’s a slim chance it might be, but the website clearly states it’s a new Pokémon, and states the similarities, simply asking: what could this mean?”

          You have a point. With Mewtwo in the new movie and the obvious similarity, I know he’s related to the Mew-tree somehow, but they never said how he’s related (I don’t think). He could be the official Mewthree, or another Mewtwo form. I don’t think it’s an evolution of Mewtwo, as Legendary Pokemon never have evolutions (as far as I can remember), on top of which Mewtwo is plenty strong already!!

  7. flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP, that was worth it

              1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

                Hahahaha Rofl. That’s something my 5 year old brother would come up with, and I’m not even defending that other faggot you replied to either.

  8. Defo looks like a stage between Mew and Mewtwo, like it has elements from each. I hope it’s a seperate pokemon and not another form of Mewtwo, also hope it doesn’t evolve into Mewtwo.

  9. I totally called this like Monday!!! I waited all week for THIS!!! Waaahaha!! Oh well, this is awesome Mewtwo rocks!

        1. It is definately true. Pokemon is a noob RPG and the only reason it’s still around is because the fanbase consists mainly of bumbling nostalgiafags

          Not to mention Pokemon is almost milked as badly as the Mario character. There have been almost 50 Pokemon games since 1996. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

          1. Of course is going to be milked like Mario. Nintendo is a business and it does what it does to survive. Mario and Pokemon are the two biggest money drawers in the video game industry and as long as people keep buying it there’s going to be more and more games. That is why Activision keeps making call of duty, Nintendo keeps making Mario and Pokemon. As far as you saying Pokemon is a noob rpg game that is a matter of opinion because there is over millions worldwide who thinks Pokemon is a good rpg and one of the best,

          2. haters gonna troll lol if you come on here just to try to spread your meaningless troll wisdomless “opinions” then you have no life. get one and get off this site. get a good job and a signifigant other and money and some fun in your life and stop trying to rag on people for enjoying things you don’t. you don’t have to like it, no one said you did but leave people be. they aren’t gonna stop likeing it or care if you say something negative and try to get them to feel how you do. let people be different and enjoy what they want and you go enjoy what you want.

      1. It’s my opinion, I’m trolling.

        If you disagree with could you please do it in an intelligent manner instead of posting obnoxious videos?

          1. This is not an opinion it is a fact! The dark age of Sonic games are pire pleasure conpared to pokemon and by the way Pokemon is Call of dutying itself.

          2. just ignore them they can’t take criticism very well. Which is sad because they can have a friendly debate on their opinions but instead like to call everyone who bashes Nintendo a troll.

            1. The Nintendo fanboys on this site have a habit of overreacting. If you don’t agree with them they either scream “troll” or make a bunch of perverted, immature insults.

              1. I hate all type of fanboys. They too over emotional (especially Nintendo fanboys) about their consoles and think they make the best games. They make me feel ashamed to be a fan of the company because of their immaturity.

              2. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

                Honestly, you can avoid all that shit by saying “In my opinion, I think…” Not saying what you think as downright facts. It’s like I come to your house and say your mom is a bitch because X factor and it’s the truth. Of course you’ll get fucking mad.

                You asked for it.

          1. Why are you on a Pokemon news site to complain about Pokemon one of the best selling companies in the world… Someone is jealous because they are not rich like Satoshi… Plus it is an OPINION… Because not everyone thinks that Pokemon sucks so it cannot be a fact

            1. First of all, this is a Nintendo news site. Secondly, it was PiionU not me who claimed my opinion to be fact.

        1. Who says he’ll suck in SB4? They could give him an awesome new and improved moveset. Plus, it isn’t about who is good or not, yes, it matters a little, but it is more about seeing your favorite character in the game and being able to fight with them against other iconic characters.

      1. or maybe it can be a super of sorts. Depending on whether they switch up or add to the super mechanics, it could be a decent super to see him transform and kick some butt in this form for a while. Especially considering the rumors suggesting that in XY there will be pokemon fusions of some sort

  10. Think of what will happen if Mewtwo joins Super Smash! Down B could be his transformation!!! :O Especially if his transformation involves using a move in battle like Meloetta.

    1. That’s right. I used to like Pokemon when was young (Gen 1 & 2). I have grown out of since then though and I’m glad I did.

      The new Pokemon they’re creating are ridiculous. I mean seriously, an ice cream cone Pokemon? Pathetic. Just take a look around the room you’re in, a few years from now all the objects you see in it will be a Pokemon.

      1. They kinda have to do that though… They can’t keep making turtle pokemon and monkey pokemon and freaking DOG pokemon. <THAT gets boring. I love having Pokemon that resemble Ice cream cones and Trash piles and stuff. It is fun to see what they will do next! Rotom can turn into appliances and Chandelure is an awesome looking chandalier! I hope they make a Pokemon that looks like a rocket ship or maybe a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern.

          1. The first generation had it’s fair share of funny and deliberately unimaginative pokemon. Muk , Mangnemite that’s the way they roll.

            In my opinion. all the new pokemon up to black and white are awesome and fit perfectly. Sure there is ones you will love and hate but they’re not all designed to appeal to one person,

            1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

              How come you and that chocobo featherfag make so much comments on this site every day, you’re almost as bad as the trolls you dismiss for being “hurrr idiots posting on this site all day”

              1. *make so many comments

                Lol. You’re one to talk. Judging from most of the useless, irrelevant comments you’ve posted on this site you’re no position to talk. And what’s with you’re immature username? … Let me guess, you’re a socially rejected teenager?

                1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

                  You hate pokemon apparently and yet you come here to comment on a topic about Pokemon. You’re obviously trolling and you’re an idiot. Yes, I make irrelevant comments to piss off retards like you.

                  My username is in fact immature so that immature people like you can get offended by immature things.

      2. To be fair, many 1st gen Pokemon look dumb. And I wouldn’t call it a bad thing, but that’s me.

        It’s the reason I’m so interested in Magneton and Hitmonlee.

          1. I never heard someone say that before. Usually it’s a short description about Gen 1 childhood memories.

            1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

              Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 combined for me are the peak of pokemon designs. From 4 on it went just downhill.

    2. Yet your on a Pokemon news site??? Someone cant let go of the past and is trying to ruin it for all of the faithful true fans

        1. Last time I checked if you don’t agree with the opinion of the majority on this site you’re a “troll”.

          Of course the Nintendo fanboys can’t discuss their disagreement in a civil or intelligent manner they just scream, “TROLL! TROLL! TROLL!” or reply with obnoxious videos.

            1. It’s ironic. These people claim others are trolls when in reality they’re the ones doing the trolling.

                1. It’s even worse when certain people seem to think this a Pokemon focused news site. Maybe it’s just me but I see “My Nintendo News” not “My Pokemon News” at the top of the page.

      1. Are you REALLY that stupid? This is a website for general Nintendo news, hence the name MY NINTENDO NEWS! Even if this was a Pokemon only website what’s wrong with Mike S. having an opinion that differs from the majority? Can’t handle people who think differently from you?

    3. Every generation has its ups and downs, for example, Kanto had bad sprites and a handful of unimaginative Pokémon, Hoenn had trumpets everywhere, Sinnoh had a slow interface and whatnot. But hey, the games were (and are) fun to play. If you honestly ditch a whole game solely based on the design of a few things, you must be either excessively close-minded or just dumb (also nostalgiafags can’t quality).
      On the more subjective side, I like the new pokémon designs, they are more imaginative, instead of just getting an animal and tweaking stuff here and there, the designers are actually taking steps forward (one of the reasons I like Trubbish, it’s got an imaginative design although the actual concept of a trash bag pokémon is pretty silly). Say, a pile of slime or a bull with three tails or a horse with fire for a mane aren’t the most creative things ever, are they? To me, it looks like the whole nostalgia thing is creating an iron wall in front of the old fan’s heads, a wall that pretty much prevents the entrance of new and/or innovative things, it makes it look like the fans don’t want changes, they just Kanto or Johto over and over. Ironically, they claim GameFreak hates them for not going back to past concepts, and just when it does, they complain again saying that GameFreak is dumb and is just rehashing stuff. I don’t know about you, but I call this “hypocrisy”.
      Honestly, you are all sounding like boring old geezers that can’t see anything new in front of them that they start bragging about how things were better in their time and how these new things suck and yadda yadda. And that’s shameful.

      tl;dr Nostalgiafags can’t quality.

      1. This isn’t the only reason I quit playing. Long story short I had nearly all the Pokemon when my dog chewed my cartridge. I decided it would be easier to just not go through everything I did again.

  11. just as I predicted! well and ton of other people who have been Pokemon Smash for years can easily predict what’s gonna happen when they have major announcements

  12. Okay! Now this MUST be the Pokemon that will be in Smash Bros! Everybody wants Mewtwo back and many people think Lucario will be replaced. The video showed moves similar to those in Smash and I think this would be awesome!!! But we can keep Lucario at the same time right? ;)

  13. A lot of people are acting stupid over this. Why does it matter so much what a Pokemon looks like? Its an RPG, not a Pet Simulator.

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    1. It is things lime this that make me LOVE Pokemon! Always making changes always finding new and fun stuff to add to the games. The Pokemon Company keeps it’s fans on their toes!

  15. OMG what if this is another clone of Mewtwo who is the main Pokemon of Pokemon Z(or Pokemon XY or Pokemon XX) and his name is Mewzee or something? Also, what if his typing is Psychic Dragon!? Mewtwo can learn moves from every typing except for Dragon! So it would make sense, plus if he is the main legendary of a game the Pokemon company tends to make those Pokemon dragon type. So I am predicting his typing will be Psychic Dragon. Please be true!!!(though I probably won’t because I am pretty bad a guessing…)

      1. Who says it has to look like a dragon to be a dragon type?!?! Thinking along those lines makes you the idiot…

  16. It would have to probably be an Alpa or Beta version of Mewtwo or something. Because Mewtwo was created by humans, wasn’t it?

    1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

      In my opinion. I think it’s something created by some scientists on X and Y, for mass production, based off Mewtwo. Therefore it isn’t a legendary, and people who don’t use legendaries will be able to use it without regret. Something among these lines.

      They never really reveal more Legendary pokemon except the two titular major beasts early, My guess is that this thing will be Lucario/Zoroark of this Gen.

  17. I thought the comment section was getting better…

    Anyways, whether if it’s Mewtwo’s new form or not, I gotta say, it looks pretty sweet. Mewtwo already looked like a Dragon Ball Z character, so I can’t complain.

    In fact, a DBZ Pokemon isn’t really a bad thing…(Well…, Jynx)

  18. so….. that’s the big news? That was it? All hyped up just for one pokemon? I honestly thought they were gonna speak more on the content of the game, the gameplay, and etc…

  19. Fuglyyy. How many fanmade “Mewthrees” have there been pretty much since the release of Red and Green? Impossible to count. And pretty much all the fanmade ones I’ve seen were much cooler than…this. You would think the designers would have realized how big of a deal making an evolution (or form, whatever) for Mewtwo would be. And this is what they came up with? Disappointing is an understatement.

  20. On the poster it looked ugly but now I like it.
    I’m saying it’s a new form to Mewtwo. We’ll see…

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  22. They can’t make money off of cool pokemon cuz fans keep taking all the cool ideas and they probably are cool people and refuse to make money off of other peoples ideas who don’t work for them. Also ill like this form/ new pokemon as long as he’s not 6ft like mewtwo. More than 1ft less than 4ft. I think its pretty cute.
    If you think its a noob rpg I don’t think you really understand the thought that goes into making a good team. Not as easy as it sounds.

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  25. This is completely unrelated, but I think that some specific things could be fixed. Like, why is the Poison type only strong against Grass? Why is it not strong against Water, which should be obvious, and maybe even Bug?

    1. Why would poison be strong against water and bug? Water is the universal solvent so it can dissolve poison, and bugs make poison(venom) in real life all the time, such as spiders, scorpions, etc.

      1. I wasn’t thinking scientifically, I was thinking more like poisoning a water supply. As for bug, you do have a point, I was thinking of them as lifeforms getting poisoned.

        1. Baby, he does have a point about water being poisoned. The only problem is they can’t mess around with the typing system now… It would literally change the whole game! Right suger!? 💋

          1. I would like if Fighting began bein weak to Poison. Fighting pokemon resemble kinda boxers or other that kind of things, and they obviously could get poisoned. If i correctly remember, fighting is not very effective against poison, so…

            1. Look, I was just suggesting that the Poison type is almost as useless as the Normal type and it didn’t seem to make much sense. No need to get all smartass.

  26. Seeing as we are getting new forms for old Poké’s I would really like my hot rod mamma, Jynx to get an evolved form! It would be really hard to best her sexiness as it is now, so just make her kinda the same, but with more power, and awesome moves. Thanx!

    1. At first, I thought that the DNA Splicers may have to do with Mewtwo’s transformation,but now, not so much (I do agree that Jinx’s new evolution does look hot)

  27. Yet another misleading title. In the title it says that the director confirms that it’s a new form, yet in the article it says it’s a new Pokemon. It’s two different things.

    1. it is a new form of course as u can see and its a new pokemon because it was not their before 6th generation it is as simple as that….

  28. Wow my inner child just took over me I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GAME and Holy crap it’s tail is on its head I’m loving this xD

  29. Mewtwo should not have an evolution or a pre evolution, this new pokemon shall be a clone of the clone, I have spoken.

  30. This is a completely new pokemon, and has been recently discovered (according to the official Pokemon X and Y site). It says that this pokemon bears a RESEMBLANCE to Mewtwo, not that it is a new forme of it. It might be the evolution of Mew (as it is a real pokemon and not artificially created like Mewtwo) or just a completely new species. All I know is that it looks cool and I can’t wait to catch it.

  31. That is mewtwo’s new form cause then the movie wouldn’t be called genesect something and”Mewtwo’s awakening

  32. hmn… why?!
    i always considered mewtwo (and mew) the -> perfect <- pokemon…. i really don't like the idea of mewtwo having a new and stronger form

    well it isn't even confirmed it's a new form, could also just be a pokemon similar to mewtwo, but i'm not a fan of that as well

    mewtwo + mew were always special and i guess you could say my 2 favorite pokemon

    [x] not liking this

  33. It better not be a new form of Mewtwo because i think its wrong to go back to generations and mess with the originality of them. It should be a whole new Pokemon to expand the series and keep it going on. What could work is if it is a clone of Mewtwo this time and not Mew since Mewtwo was already cloned from it.

    1. this…
      they better not mess with mew/mewtwo… they’re perfect, the 2 perfect pokemon, always loved them!

      i really don’t like this, was hoping for something else to be revealed today

  34. I would like to think this is just a natural evolution to mew. It would make since, and also give some insight as to why mew-two looks the way it does. I’ve wondered why mewtwo looked so much different than mew, so perhaps this is a great way to tie in the knots of that connection. Mew’s real evolution.