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Devilish Brain Training For Nintendo 3DS Postponed Until September?

devil brain trainingIt appears that Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training for the Nintendo 3DS has been postponed until September. The brain-training puzzler was originally meant to be released next week in Europe on April 12, but due to a production hiccup, the official Nintendo site has listed it as ‘to be decided’.

Devilish Brain Training has already been released in North America – under the alternative title Brain Age: Concentration Training – so, is this just an oversight on Nintendo’s European site? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem so, as UK GAME stores have listed a September launch date for the game. European gamers may have drawn the short straw, once again.


  1. I think that for the European version (that means 4 additional translations!) they put all their resources on Animal Crossing, that can’t be delayed…

  2. such games are definitely needed for NA, but seriously… for europe?
    we’re smart enough ; o

    1. Oh look at me! I’m cool because I hate on the US! Right guys?? Seriously, don’t generalize, kid. You’ll start a pointless argument.

  3. Just wait some time and Nintedward will be here to say that he wants to fuck his console because of excitement.

    1. That would almost be funny if Nintendo haters didn’t love this website more than he Likes Nintendo.

      We get trolls here that are more infatuated with their anti-nintendo comments than we Like our new console.

  4. WTF is Brain Age anyway!? I doubt Europe wants the game in the first place Teeeheeeheehee!!! 💋

  5. Hope this doesn’t affect Australia too, was hoping to pick up this game.

  6. I don’t really plan to pick this up, but it does suck to be a european gamer lately. Things seems smooth here in Canada

  7. I never did like that title and I just thought it was kind of weird coming from nintendo.

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