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The Pokémon Company Reminds Fans ‘Big’ Pokémon X And Pokémon Y News Coming Tomorrow

pokemon_x_pokemon_yThe Pokémon Company has reminded fans that it will share ‘big’ Pokémon X and Pokémon Y news tomorrow. Until then, the company’s lips are sealed in terms of telling us what news it will reveal. What do you think the ‘big’ news is? Will a new type be announced? Will Sylveon‘s type be revealed? Let us know in the comments section below.

114 thoughts on “The Pokémon Company Reminds Fans ‘Big’ Pokémon X And Pokémon Y News Coming Tomorrow”

  1. It’s going to be a new Pokemon. They already said as much on Smash. Here’s hoping to other info though, it’s getting really annoying wondering.

    1. YAY! second comment woo hoo I already know its a new pokemon like callum said smash did show and egg with a question mark but i want to hear about gyms or more legendaries or see some more and better gameplay like they do in most previous trailers like pkmn b and w 1 and 2 hg ss d/p/p

    1. Well personally I believe that they are going to announce the hd wii u version of the game. Cross play…. Much like monster hunter ultimate. And 3ds…was jut the teaser.

          1. ^Yes it would! And a bug dragon! Like a cute little reptilian creature with butterfly wings, but also has fire thpe attacks XD

    1. But saying that, I hope they don’t give evolution to pokemon that don’t need it. We got Lickitung and evolution and it sucked

  2. Maybe they’ll reveal the 1st evolution of the 3 starters and next month or so reveal the final evolution.

    Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to the news, being updated is always good.

      1. U.S has the best anti Nuke defense system in the world. N. Korea can try all they want. Also they talk the talk, but I don’t see them walkin the walk any time soon either.

  3. Light Type
    Some new thing that connects Pokemon in no other way before (Or a major improvement on the Dream World)
    New evolution types for… I’m going to say Medicham.
    The full evolutions on the starters and their final types.

        1. We already have the Light type. It’s called the Fighting type.
          In Japan, it’s not Dark, it’s Evil. Fighting is Good (or something similar).
          We’re not getting a Light type.

        2. Because Darkness had some sense along with it. Strong against Psychic (fear of dark) and weak to Fighting (fighting your fear). All I can see with Light is it either being weak to or strong against dark or both. You redesign the typing chart.

    1. Pokemon-mythology Humor

      Maybe they’ll release Pokemon number 666. What are the odds that it’s a Dark-Fire type? Actually, that would be sort of religious discrimination, but still

  4. They’re creating the world’s very first VR-to-life version of Pokemon, complete with portable mats that display holographic versions of pokemon that you can order around just like on the shows and in the games.

    Or, you know, just a new Pokemon.

    Whatever works.

  5. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service

    Actually, Pokemon x and y were released last night but cancelled one second after so now we are in gen 7. Also, the new X and Y are code name for Hey You Pikachu 2 in which you control a fire-fighting type pikachu on his quest to destroy all non- fire fighting pokemon( ethnic cleansing).

    1. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service


  6. As much as I hope the new Mewtwo form is a fake, it seems pretty likely that that’s what they’re going to reveal tomorrow.

    1. Disregard Eeveelutions while I say this, but why would they give Mewtwo a new form six whole generations after he was made?

        1. Genwunners not welcome

          And why exactly are the older Pokemon cooler, and how are they running out of ideas?
          Generation 1 had a living pile of sludge, a magnet, and a Pokeball, among others.

        2. Lol…

          In gen 1, they have a living pile of sludge, a magnet, a pokeball, a rock necklace, a dozen of eggs, a floating mine, and a chewed-on bubblegum.

          In gen 2, they have unowns…all 28 of them!!!

          In gen 3, they have a floating exoskeleton, a good-for-nothing eat-all-it-wants thingy, a living balancing doll, a floating piece of metal, a heart shaped…is it even a fish?

          In gen 4, they have shield face (well, at least it’s based off ceratopsians), a bell, a tomb, and a possessed appliance

          aaaand in gen 5, they have the candle>lamp>chandelier, gigantic snowflake, a pile of trash, a vanilla ice cream cone, a pharaoh’s tomb, a floating mask, floating gears, and a chess piece.

          If that’s the case, then they’re always running out of ideas…

          1. Nice.

            Is true, although people have bashed them for unoriginality or ‘non Pokémon-ey Pokémon’, they’ve always been this wacky and thinking different.

          2. What sets muk and garbador is design. While muks design wasn’t oozing originality… it was oozing something…possibly radiation…anyway, moving on. It atleast didn’t look stupid. Garbador looks like Micky mouse fucked…something…

  7. The Nintendo video for this post. If you laugh about it then you’re a Nintenfan but if you get mad and upset then you are a Nintendrone.

  8. Thi game better be awesome. To me this is the only nintendo exclusive worth buying. Except for smash bros of course.

    1. yes… YES……. YESSS.. just think of aaaaaalllllllllllllllll the possibilities. maybe when you find out the news you will get slapped in the face and say fuck off

  9. I’m kinda thinking there will be another Eevee evolution. The last two times they introduced eevveelutions, they were in pairs. Like Espeon and Umbreon, and Leafeon and Glaceon. So in my opinion, I’m thinking there will likely be another Eeveelution

    1. yea…but really, they introduced three eevelutions in gen one…they want them by pair…I think they thought it’s time to even up the number..

  10. the only news that is “big” enough for me in terms of Pokemon X and Y, is if they decide to have cross-play features with the Wii U. and that Wii U will have NFC capability for it too. now that would super awesome news!

  11. Hmm…”What do you think the ‘big’ news is? … Will a new type be announced? Will Sylveon’s type be revealed?

    Sylveon confirmed for ‘big’ type! What we don’t realize yet is Sylveon can grow to enormous sizes. Snorlax will become Normal/Big, and Wailord will become Big/Big, and thus the first Pokémon to ever have the same type twice!

  12. quite excited for this
    oh and stfu already with mewtwo evolution blabla

    not gonna happen, mewtwo is perfect the way it is

  13. Galactic Boss Cyrus

    Here is what I am hoping for:
    1. Evolutions of the starters and/or their final types.
    2. Sylveon’s type and method of evolution.
    3. Remakes of the Hoenn and the Orre games for the 3DS and Wii U respectively, to go along with X and Y.

  14. They are never making R/S/E remakes. People are seem to forgetting that it is the remake generation. If they remade it, they would have to remake the remake. They might happen just not until X and Y have been out for a couple years.

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  16. What if it was an earlier releas date?!?! And I predict Sylveon is flying type, if light is not a type. I hope they don’t make SOUND a type, and mewtwos “”form”” is just a hoax.

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  18. You stupid dumb ass bitches sure do feel stupid after they announced that there would be a new Mewtwo form, don’t you? Dumb fuckers.

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