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Sega: We Have ‘Fantastic Developments’ For Wii U

sega_logo_sonicFollowing the news that Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer heading to Wii U, Sega sent an expanded statement to Game Informer, in which the publisher assures that the reasons the game’s no longer in development aren’t related to the fact of it potentially being on Nintendo’s latest console. Furthermore, Sega supports the Wii U and says it has unannounced, ‘fantastic developments’ for the console.

“We are constantly looking at all areas of our business and in this case have made the decision to not continue development of the Wii U version. Rest assured that we have some fantastic developments for Wii U in the pipeline which we will announce at a later date.”

-Sega representative

Thanks, Mike.

116 thoughts on “Sega: We Have ‘Fantastic Developments’ For Wii U”

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    1. i hope so! and sonic adventure 1 or 2 for the 3DS and you could trade chaos among the systems omg that would be awesome!

  1. If the developments include Madworld 2 along with Sonic, I’ll survive without that disaster called Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    1. I’d love a sequel to Madworld. Anarchy Reigns doesn’t really count.

      I think its unlikely that Sega would publish another Madworld. But Platinum did say they wanted to do another one. Maybe Nintendo could publish it? Like they’re doing with Bayonetta.

      Would be awesome.

  2. Well sonic & all stars racing was a pretty decent game.

    Whereas, aliens was just terrible.

    So I’ll believe them, for now…

    But I expect to see these “fantastic developments” soon.

    1. What happened with Aliens is not really Segas fault. Gearbox sunk all the money for Aliens into Borderlands.

  3. Get yo shit together Sega. A nice new Sonic game taking advantage of the Wiiu would be cool. Sonic colors really demonstrated what the Wii could do.

    1. Tell me what Sonic Colours demonstrated. It was polished Sonic Unleashed Daytime gameplay and Sonic Generations was polished Sonic Colours/Unleashed gameplay.

      1. I’t demonstrated that old school gameplay can still be good there was nothing in the game that broke the gameplay like unleashed some minor differences(the powers) but nothing that changed the formula of old sonics

      2. Colors was better than Unleashed and generations. It looked graphically awesome on Wii aswell. That game in HD would look good enough to be a Wiiu game.

    1. This please!…..wouldn’t mind a WiiU version of PSO 2 as well with the gamepad doubling as a keyboard mmo’s would work pretty good imo.

  4. Colors and Generations are pretty good leaps in the right direction. I’ll just be happy if the next 3D Sonic has the platforming of Colors/Gens, while offering large areas to run around in, like that one bit in Modern City Escape that was barely ever in any other level. I’d like a Spindash to replace the boost too, with tons of slopes. It was great fun in SA1 charging up one, and going flying off an incline.

    1. you mean not like the olympic games? it should be like sonic generations except you can switch from mario and sonic and each have there own levels and bosses.

  5. I prefer they bring more hd classics on wiiu like the ones they put on xbla. Sega must be thinking if the gamecube sold less why did we make more money on it than on this gen. Nintendo fans now how great sega ips are and we welcome them.

      1. Ummm, you’re saying they have no third party support on a post that states a third party (sega) is giving the Wii U full support. There is no word for how stupid you seem.

  6. Old-school Sonic… Ah, I’ve had an awesome time in my life playing my Sega Genesis and my SNES throughout the nights… :)

      1. Chao garden was one of the greatest aspects of SA2:B in my eyes. It was a lovely place just to hang out (and occasionally throw around the odd Chao)…

  7. Good
    Colonial marines was shit, I think it’s a good thing that Wii U owners aren’t getting that game, and instead get actual good games like all star racing transformed and whatever this announcement will be

    1. Dude, your comment is my exact wishlist from Sega. A JSR3, a NiGHTS 3, and a new Skies of Arcadia, either reboot the adventure of Vyse and Aika, or have new characters who’re also Blue Rogues.

        1. I remember how these things got spammed everywhere before the PS4 announcement.
          Everyone stopped posting them once it was revealed as a facebook machine.

                1. wii u their commercial shows gameplay features wich really appeal the sony is just cut content from their press conference and shows 2 dancing puppets kinect just sucks all the way and i still can’t control my pc with it

              1. Still not the point. Cake said if you don’t like the video or get mad (which you did), you’re a Nintenvirgin.

                1. we should kill reggie haha, reggie blows so hard, next time he sais my body is ready, thats when we through our bombs and say you ruined everything that still made nintendo good

    1. I don’t get how you don’t get excited about that video lol. I have a Wii U and it still reminds me of the potential possibilities. If you don’t see them then you must seriously be missing something.
      I bet you guys would be salivating if that part with wario ware was a FPS instead of taking a picture of someone in a building. But it’s actually the SAME thing lol. Point and shoot :P. Oh gee, don’t get mad now. Lol.

  8. Sega we need new HD versions of Streets Of Rage, Burning Rangers, Golden Axe, and Altered Beast for the Wii U. You would be greatly loved and appreciated for these games I promise you


            1. Is an exception that tricks people to buy that system. They pirchase that console because it has a quadruple A title and after they played the game it will collect dust. Same thing with Gamecube and Eternal Darkness.

          2. And the 360 and PS3 run at native 544p. What is your point other than a broadcast of your immaturity and loneliness?

            1. 360 and PS3 are are almost 7-8 year technology. The other versions of that MFS game ran at 1280*704 too and Sonys first party games run at solid 720p30fps e.g. Uncharted 1-3. If Wii U is supposed to be “so much more capable than the PS3 and the XBOX360” why is it struggling to outperform them?

              1. It isn’t struggling to out perform anything. The Wii U version is using textures and lighting that the PS3 and 360 aren’t even capable of. Keep in mind this is a port FROM those versions too. Deux Ex for the Wii U is said to look as good if not better than the PC version. And that is a port.

                And Sony’s first party games did NOT run at a native and constant 720p and 30fps. Anything on the PS3 or 360 higher than it’s native 544p is obviously upscaled and whip-de-do about that. Welcome to 2001.

                Here we are in 2013 and Crysis 3 on the PS3 can barely run on the PS3 at 25fps at 720p. I’ve watched it drop BELOW 20fps. Observe…..


                The fact that the Wii U can take a game made on a sub-HD engine and make it so that it can use assets from the PC version is a testament to how powerful the console is and it not even trying. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make but you clearly do not have a clue on what you are talking about in this matter.

          3. So does the PS3 and 360 version deal with it. But guess what ? Wiiu version looks better in every single way , fool. And guess what ? thief for PS4 is confirmed to Use Unreal Engine 3 running a 30FPS. LOL SUPER DUPER POWERFULL PS4 :O

            1. Yes true Next generation for developers starts in 2015. And yes Wii U is a very powerful system! We want see its true power for at least 18 months after it debuted.

              1. Sony just duct taped two low end CPUs together. And Sony fan boys consider the PS4 next generation but not Wii U If Nintendo Duct taped two IBM chips together the CPU would be just as slow as PS4’s. Like Sony always does look at Nintendo’s specs copy it and have a goal to duct tape and just to have it more powerful than the Wii U. You call that innovation?

  9. isnt skies of arcadia supposed to be really good, how about a sequel. sega if you didnt through all your ips away you wouldnt suck and just rely on sonic which has been horrible. the best sonic games lately are the racing ones… really

    1. Skies of Arcadia is indeed really good. Along with Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS, Shenmue…Ristar…Gunstar Her- Sega has a lot of awesome IPs they rarely ever use anymore.

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    1. Adventure Battle 3 exclusive for Wii U… lol fans across the globe would be furious and I bet mobs would riot in the streets hahaha! So probs won’t happen.

  12. Alien anyway is a total flop and crap.It’s useless to bring that game on Nintendo.This is the real reason why Sega cancel it.I still have hope for that console and can’t wait for Super Smash bros made by Namco yay :P

  13. Sonic Adventure 3 Battle! Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 2! Sonic the Hedghog 1,2,3 for Virtual console as well as Sonic Adventure Battle 2 on Virtual console. Bayonetta on VC, More SEGA/Nintendo colaborations like with the Olympic Games franchise, Crazy Taxi for VC and why not a new Crazy Taxi game!? Golden Axe, House of the Dead, Jet Set Radio, Madworld, NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon, Samba De Amigo, Monkey Ball, Space Channel 5, etc should all have their origional games on VC and then SEGA should bring back the franchises with awesome sequels for the Wii U!!! Plus SEGA should give the Wii U a good sequel or two because we “missed out on Aliens C.M” despite the fact that no one really wanted it.

  14. .How about a sega saturn collection,sega can you say shining force 3 complete with the japanese version translated to english or sega can you say landstalker remake.

  15. Fantastic developments = more “Sonic [insert generic activity]”

    Sonic Dishwashing!
    Sonic Shopping!
    Sonic Finger Painting!
    Sonic Retirement Community Spong-Bathing!

    And coming soon in 2014, the game you’ve all been waiting for, Sonic Goes Hawaiian!

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