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Miyamoto Says People Will Come To Depend On A Second Screen


Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told CNN that he believes that consumers will genuinely begin to depend on a second screen. Miyamoto feels that as people get more familiar with Wii U and other touchscreen devices there’s going to come a point where they feel like ‘I can’t do everything I want to do if I don’t have a second screen.’

“There was a period when we first released the Nintendo DS that people would say there’s no way people can look at two screens at once.”

“I almost feel like, as people get more familiar with Wii U and these touchscreen interfaces, that there is going to come a point where they feel like ‘I can’t do everything I want to do if I don’t have a second screen’.”

“I feel a device like Wii U, with its ability to continue to offer new features and that network connection and the connection to the TV and the interface, really makes it feel that it’s more than just a game machine, but something that offers a lot of practical use and practical purpose in the living room.”

45 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says People Will Come To Depend On A Second Screen”

  1. The GamePad is a cool device, but I doubt it’s going to become something that I can’t live without, lol. Also, I don’t get this whole comparison to the DS. The second screen on the DS was actually attached to the main screen, and it was required for practically every game; this is not the case with the Wii U.

    1. That one little bit hardly makes them more different than similar.

      The Wii U’s usage of the 2nd screen in some ways is better than the DS’s in the sense that because the 2nd screen is separate and gyro-capable, you can pull off several functions that you couldn’t do with the DS, or even with the 3DS (this was also gyro-capable, but at the 3D screen’s expense).

      1. No I think what he means is that with the 2 screens on the DS being so close, your eyes naturally absorb info on both screens at the same time, since your eyes are seeing both screens simultaneously.

        With the wii u unless you hold the controller up towards the screen, you won’t be able to get the same ease of viewing as you would with the DS.

  2. Just like the DS.
    I really hope we start seeing some PC only-games on Wii U since its the only console that has the ability to emulate the control interaction of a Mouse and Keyboard thanx to the Touchscreen on the Gamepad.
    Hardcore Stategy games or MMORPG like WOW are now possible on consoles.
    which is why I think its stupid that Blizzard put Diablo 3 on PS4 rather than Wii U since the PS4 controller(even with the Stupid touch pad) is a terrible way to play PC games. :/

    1. Yeah, That’s what I was thinking, I really don’t get why they don’t choose the system where you can control your character comfortably, maybe they’re just doing the bandwagon effect, meaning not supporting Nintendo.

      1. Ps3 and ps4 have KB/M support that’s one reason.

        Why would someone want to play a pc game with a game pad? Lol

  3. Personally, I already feel this way. I use off-screen play 75% of the time, and can’t imagine a handheld without 2 screens.

    1. Exactly the same with me. Especially with Heart Gold/Soul Silver. That touch menu is so damn convenient. I hope they bring that specific menu back for X/Y.

      1. They better not get rid of disappearing TM’s either, baby! Its so much sexier to have a TM that don’t run out! Holla! 💋

  4. Like Supreme Commander Miyamoto said…

    Nintendo’s will is the only one that matters in the end when it comes to the gaming universe…

    Keep showing us the path of joy and innovation!

  5. I can’t play monster hunter 3 ultimate with a pro controller. It just doesn’t interface as wellas the game pad. If they would actually utilize all of their control schemes in every game from wii motes to fitness board they’d have a truly interactive game environment. Imagine a zelda game the uses the game pad, Wii mote +, Wii fitness board, a game that featured wii sport resort like mini games a deep, emotional story. And amazing game that features hundreds of hours.

  6. Unless the 2nd screen actually helps me out or provides me an expansive experience beyond the simple “move all the HUD stuff to the second screen,” I won’t always need it.

  7. darling miyamoto, the second screen is not the major problem of not buying the console, but the updates and the faults it causes into the machine. You have to address all these things and deliver a more stable console ASAP.

  8. Licensing game consoles are over, thats why your console fails. You could license back in the day because computers were scarce and weak before. Now their not so no point in licensing anymore.

  9. Not feeling the desperation to abandon my ordinary controller & I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon either…

    I like Nintendo and their new concepts (before other companies copy them). But I’ll hold off on the Wii U for a price drop and for more games. The console will take off eventually, but until these two things happen people will continue to question the potential of this (not up to date) hardware!

  10. Miyamoto you so sexy and SO SMART!!! You are totally right, baby! Everyone will be like “I want a second screen!” Oua Oua! 💋

  11. I like the second screen. I love that I can still play some Wii U games while others watch television. I love how I can go on Miiverse and Youtube (the Youtube App sucks just click the interent Icon and it). I love how on Lego City when people are talking to me, it through the Gamepad not the television making it seem as if it is really happening. I love how the Gamepad showes images the telvision does not see. Now I can’t wait for E3, E3, E3, E3, E3. Wait for E3. Nintendo has a sercet. I secret I tell you a secret. Something that will totally trip us the hell out!!!! Something mean, powerful, scary, grounbreaking, suprising, something I don’t even know what it is yet…but I will find out or my name ain’t…….jtz.

    1. Sorry everyone for putting a youtube website on here. I hope it does not freeze up or cause the blog to be closed for 24hours. Please don’t cut me off the Blog like bitch as Aelous.

  12. Sorry Mr shigeru, not everyone enjoys having two screens for everything, it works fine on the 3DS/DS, but the Wii U, is not the same.

    Personally, I hate the gamepad, so I am glad the CCP is an option.

    1. Sorry… but everyone is already enjoying two screens for everything– inventory, switch weapons, change night to day, disrupting the cops and run scot-free, calling plays on the fly, etc. I love the GamePad… not only I can play it off TV, but also use it as your personal remote control for TV and cable/digital satellite and enhancing your TV viewing experience.

  13. i cant wait till monolith soft’s “X” comes out because its perfect for the touchscreen. it will make the battle system much better then in xenoblade chronicles. i think things like that is what miyamoto is talking about. it will be very useful indeed.

  14. I do like the second screen as a fun tool, not for looking at both at the same time though. But looking at it one at a time or play off TV. lol

    Often though, I mainly like the Wii U for the higher graphic games and often like to play off screen a lot to be honest. Since gaming should be about gaming often and stories too sometimes. And that I want to be comfortable.

    I hope it doesn’t become a hard focus more than gaming though, aka turn it into a phone like system. But I do like the second screen, mainly to play off of TV and for touching. :P

  15. Sorry guys, did not read comments but more than once have I swapped to my Xbox( tomb raider, Bioshock) and have found myself feeling naked without the Gamepad, it’s hard to explain but given some time, I do agree…

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  17. Well, I’m not sure about the Wii U, but I do really like the DS family.

    Speaking of the DS, I was pretty little when the first one came out so I was wondering, what were people’s initial reactions to it? Were they negative like with the 3DS and Wii U?

  18. I guess he thinks if he says it enough, it’ll come true.

    I just picture him, hair frazzled and unkempt, sitting in a dim-lit padded room, curled up in the corner…

    “They’ll come to depend on a second screen! Depend, yes. Depend. Wii U; it just needs more time! Yes! Time! More time! Depend on the second screen! HDTVs are a cool new thing! Wii U is the future! Second… screen… depend… DEPEND!”

    This man has lost it if he thinks a second screen is some sort of revolution. DS is doing okay, simply because it’s the only viable portable gaming device for actual, real games. Vita is terrible, even Sony knows it. They have no real competitor other than smartphones, but those aren’t real gaming machines; they play different types of games well, they play most “real” games poorly.

    He’s taking the success of the DS and trying to use it as a template for consoles. While not a bad idea, to think that people will regard it as “the standard” for the future is ridiculous. At least, not in the way he thinks. Having a screen in a controller is a neat idea, but Nintendo are forcing things with it that just don’t serve much purpose other than novelty.

    The real benefits of a controller screen are for extended controls and interactivity; proving a list of actions for an in-game character’s cell phone, for example, rather than bringing up a menu on the main screen. Or having inventory items or map for an adventure or RPG game be displayed at all times so as not to break gameplay flow.

    This idea of holding the controller up to the screen to look around, using it as a pseudo portable screen (that only goes a matter of a dozen or two feet if there aren’t many walls in between), or having it be a secondary choice for when “someone else needs to use the TV”; these are novelty ideas. Most gamers have their own TV; even many children these days dot have to hook their game systems up to the family-shared TV. Maybe this is a huge problem in Japan, but not many other places. The sales of the console elsewhere aside from Japan reflect this notion.

    It seems his & Nintendo’s “we don’t pay attention to the other guys” mentality (which is surely false, evident by their blatant copy of XBOX 360’s controller for the GamePad Pro) is doing more harm than good. Sure, innovation and being unique is often good, but not at the expense of ignoring what has made your competitors successful.

    Nintendo needs to get with the times; stop trying too hard to reinvent the wheel and start trying to make it a smoother ride. Their late embrace of HD, their late entry to true online infrastructure, their lack of core AAA title due to dated console specs that developers have been asking for for the last 4 or 5+ years, and their stubbornness to embrace already-proven successful business models; they’re all weighing what once was & could otherwise be a truly mighty force in gaming, and reducing them to an afterthought to everyone that is not a die-hard fanboy.

    It’s sad to see indeed, but it is the reality, whether fans want to admit it to themselves or not.

    1. U mad because Nintendo’s stocks have risen BIG TIME!!!!! After the closing bell, it went up at around 1,130 yen per share (10.54%) closing at an astonishing 11,850 JPY!

      1. And?

        What do stocks have to do with the quality of a console or its software? Nothing.

        Lineup of games is still terrible, hardware is still dated, and AAA titles are still passing on the console. Higher stock prices means absolutely nothing for you, as a gamer.

        1. You’re denying it, Fry guy. Stocks have to do with everything. Personally, I don’t think the lineup of games is terrible… compare to the PS3 lineup of games which is pathetically poor. You don’t know fucking shit about the stock market or the lackluster economy. I pay for the games because of the quality the publisher and developer who’ve made games on select consoles.

          1. You still haven’t said exactly what stock prices have to do with the QUALITY of games on a console. All you said was, “Oh, derp, it DOES matter! So there!”

            Explain, in detail, what stock prices have to do with quality of games on a console. I’ll wait.

            What YOU think of the lineup doesn’t matter. The population, by an large, does not agree with you. The sales (or lack thereof) of the Wii U reflect that, as does the lack of support by many AAA titles that developers are passing the Wii U for.

            So no matter what you say, that doesn’t change anything. Hurl all the cute quips and insults you want, the Wii U still isn’t selling well, and the vast majority of gamers are still not impressed.

            And the PS3’s lineup *is* dismal. That’s because there’s a new console (the PS4) coming out, genius. And the complete launch lineup for it hasn’t been announced. You’re grasping at straws, here. And behind all your pathetic attempts to be clever and insulting, you’re just an ignorant fanboy that can only appreciate one console, and only if it has “Nintendo” on it.

            It’s sad; and you call yourself a “gamer”.

            1. Pyro wannabe… you’re nothing but a fucking poser. You always change subjects on purpose. It’s sad and you call yourself a “gamer”. I’m a gamer because I enjoy it no matter what. Not only that… I also have a life, in which you sorely lacks thereof. You lose. Good day sir!

              1. See? Just more insults and now, cursing.

                You can always tell when someone’s reached their wit’s end when they resort to insults.

                And I didn’t change the subject, YOU DID. Nobody was talking about stock prices in this post or this news story, YOU brought it up. Then when I asked you to explain what that had to do with quality of games, you resort to insults and cursing like a child.


              2. Fyrecide is right dude. He may be negative a lot, but all you seem to do is troll and insult anyone who posts anything that even remotely questions anything having to do with Nintendo.

                And he’s right, stock prices don’t automatically mean great games. I don’t think Wii U is as bad as he makes it seem, but it certainly isn’t doing well and stock prices don’t really help is (the gamers) much.

  19. Not to mention, your grammar is horrible.

    “in which you sorely lacks thereof”? The “thereof” makes no sense in that sentence, and “lacks” should not be pluralized, it should be “lack”.

    Furthermore, how do you know he has no life? He posts less often on here than you do? You sound like a very, very young kid who’s one step away from using “yo mamma” jokes to “win” an internet argument. You’re either really young and unintelligent, or you’re a really lonely troll. Or both. Either of which are equally sad.

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