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Michel Ancel ‘Wasn’t Shocked By Backlash’ On Rayman Legends Delay

rayman_legends_box_artAs fans know, Rayman Legends was originally meant for a Wii U release in February, but the decision to delay the game was made by Ubisoft, who wanted to release the Wii U version along with the Xbox and PS3 versions. Now, Rayman’s game designer Michel Ancel has said he ‘wasn’t shocked by the backlash’ in an interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine.

He continued: “No, I wasn’t shocked, but it was really hard for us. Of course, there are more important issues and problems in the world but we worked really hard to make something and were so involved, it was difficult for us and the fans.”

But with the extended time, Ancel and senior game manager Michael Micholic have worked on adding 30 extra levels and a few boss battles to make it up to the fans. Rayman Legends will be released in September and you can check out information on an upcoming demo for it here.

53 thoughts on “Michel Ancel ‘Wasn’t Shocked By Backlash’ On Rayman Legends Delay”

  1. Wow, I love this guy! The fact that the Wii U version won’t be sitting on shelves collecting crap and new levels will be added made me pre-order the game.

  2. I am still not planning to get this game. In part because i am made at the delay, but beyond that there are just to many other games that i want to play will already be out or will be out shortly after rayman is finally released (zelda, resident evil, assasins creed). I had planed to purchase it in Feb, but i dont even have it pre ordered anymore.

    1. Well while you’re still sour about the delay, the rest of us will be enjoying an even better version than was originally intended.

      1. Trev is only half mad and rightfully so. He is wise thus he shall enjoy Pikmin 3, Assassins creed 4, monster hunter 3 Ultimate, then when February 2014 rolls around and we have all recovered from Zelda windwaker and Mario Kart U this Christmas trev shall like myself purchase Rayman legends, at $ 19.99 with all DLC :).

      2. Yes honey, right, they’re gonna trash away all the units they packaged in January and all the money they spent on them just so you can have a better experience.
        Man, are people in this site stupid and gullible.

  3. Michel Ancel should be hired by Nintendo’s retro studios.

    Calling nintendo commander, what is your take on him joining our respectful gaming company?

    1. I definately think High Command should recruit him into our Empire, along with his comrades who backs him up 100%…

      I think they could certainly add a few fun twists to the New Super Mario games…

        1. No, just 2 proud members of the Nintendo Empire Swarm…

          We live way apart from each other since I command Nintendo’s northern bases while Gamer watches over the Pacific area if memory serves me right…

  4. “But with the extended time, Ancel and senior game manager Michael Micholic have worked on adding 30 extra levels and a few boss battles to make it up to the fans.”

    If those added levels and bosses are for the Wii U version alone then it’s a 3 months later buy for myself :).

    1. If the Wii U version doesn’t have these levels and bosses exclusively then I will also reject this Michael for not telling us about it…

    2. Only if they are exclusive? What are you, part of the Super Wii U Army? Who cares about exclusivity, bro, enjoy your improved game, that’s it!

      1. The question is though, are they really putting new levels and bosses or were they there already and is just an act to make amends with our people?…

        Plus those of us who owns a Wii U should get these things exclusively since many got backstabbed hard during february…

  5. I think the devs have showed they care enough about the fans, by releasing that challenge mode for us for free, and adding extra levels and bosses. You are forgiven. But that doesn’t mean ubisoft isn’t a terrible, terrible company.

      1. To be fair, it was a finished game, there wasn’t a good reason, or a morally sound reason to delay it.
        Apparently it’s to do with Microsoft (who else) multiplat game policy where a company cant release a game on any system before the 360, fucking bully tactics, atrocious.

        1. It was clarified by both Microsoft and Ubisoft, that is a false rumor and the decision was by Ubisoft and Ubisoft alone.

            1. Hard to belive indeed, especialy when that assholish rule did exist, but if that is the case, then why Ubisoft would acept all the blame for the delay when they could put all the blame in microsoft politics and why microsoft denie all blame in their assholish politic?

              1. Because Ubisoft agreed to the clause when signing up to have the game on the MS console. The clause doesn’t change and has been around for quite some time now, probably longer then we know. So Ubisoft is indeed responsible for this change.
                It’s like a contract when you buy almost anything of real value. The contract is the contract, everything is outlined in front of you. If you sign it then you are accepting the terms of the contract and it is now your responsibility. Your other option is to say “no” and move on without purchasing/signing.

            2. Right, but just because they have the clause in place doesn’t mean that companies need to agree to them. Meaning, if everything was ready to go with the Wii U and Sony, they could have just said, “no thank you” to MS and there would not be a release on the MS console. The companies are not ‘forced’ to release on the xbox.
              Plus the clause is quite fair really, and something that every company should have. Then PC and Nintendo wouldn’t be left behind (released weeks or months later)when multi-platform releases are made released. Also the exclusivity clause is not very encompasing according to your pose on edge. Each different company could have different exclusive content available after launch on their own terms. This write up is a bit biased, but it’s written as if it isn’t supposed to be.
              In summation they are ensuring that when a game is released on multiple platforms the version that is released on the MS console will be the same and include all the content that is on each of the other platforms and it will be released at the same time as the others. This doesn’t seem unreasonable.

        2. Ubisoft is not a bad company. They turn a profit and develope for every system, which is good for both gamers and investors alike so then they can continue to do so.
          Morally ambiguous, sure I’ll give you that one, barely. But a good reason? Yeah, there is good reason, despite you or I not liking it, them extending it to each platform is a good reason, as it means more money for Ubi, the investors and more games for the gamers.
          As far as MS multiplat game policy, well, I really don’t know and don’t care. If it is/were that hard to work with MS then I would be that many would just go with Sony and Nintendo unless mass amounts of money is thrown at them. It’s pretty normal practice to release multi-platform games right around the same time and this game did need to get ported to the other systems as well, plus they wouldn’t want to make it too tight for release because that is bad business, like what Nintendo is doing with Pikmin 3. These kinds of moves on a business standpoint are bad for gamers and investors because without proper communication investors will loose faith in the company they are backing, as opposed to with what Ubisoft did, they instantly announced it being developed for the other platforms as well. Clear concise and to the point, plus they had a release date shortly after. We still have no release date for Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101, wind waker and others. Certainly patience is a virtue, but a lack of proper communication is unacceptable. If I were an investor I would certainly be questioning Nintendo at this point because the longer these titles get pushed back, the closer they will be released to the next Sony and MS consoles, and certainly at this point Sony and MS are doing a better job with media and marketing then Nintendo is this generation. So this is a real issue weather people want to believe it or not. Of course as a gamer I want the best experience as possible so I don’t have as much of an issue waiting because I’m fairly certain it’s coming and it will be very good, but again on the larger picture this still isn’t a good thing.
          I’m not a troll, I’m just stating some facts and opinions. I do own a Wii U and I am very happy with it, but so far the vast support for the system has been from others then Nintendo and that cannot be argued. We are sitting at about 1/15 ratio of Nintendo to third party developers of games released so far. We are at 5 months into the life cycle of the Wii U. There is probably only another 7 months till the next consoles are released. This is unprecedented. Early into the game without any players is not early into the game. You can’t start a game of baseball without your pitcher or hockey without your goalie, this is the same thing. They showed up to the arena without all their players, and they can’t assume that the other teams (MS, Sony) will do the same thing.

          1. “As far as MS multiplat game policy, well, I really don’t know and don’t care.”
            Then you’re not really analyzing the issue in anything more than your arbitrary parameters.

  6. Either way, im getting this on WiiU.
    I want the multiplayer feature.
    I’m hoping they added online co-op in too.

        1. this game had no competition in february, now its release date is closer to the big 3rd party titles. it’s not gonna sell as many copies.

  7. I understand his worry about the soft Wii U demand and Ubisoft’s desire for a multi platform release but they really screwed the pooch here. This game could have been a top seller with the slow release schedule of games early on. Now Rayman has to compete with Pikmin, Wii Fit U, Batman: Arkham Origins, Wind Waker and other first party possibilities?

    Good luck.

    The demo sucks btw.

    1. I actually think the demo is great. Every time I hear black betty now I think of the demo and want to play it. It will certainly have more competition now however, but will reach a much broader audience and since it’s generally a different genre then all the others listed, I’m sure it will find its niche, and my guess is that is what Ubisoft is better as well since high quality 2d side scroller are quite rare on and extrememly rare on the Sony and MS consoles.

      1. Again, the uproar is not about the game releasing on those consoles, don’t be stupid, it’s about it being delayed 7 months so it can pander to Microsoft’s nazi policies.

  8. 30 extra levels? Damn, that alot of extra levels… well… I wish luck to them and Rayman in september, sure as hell that they are going to need it against what is to come around that time.

    1. You really are gullible.
      Do you really believe they’re actually gonna trash away all the money they spent on the millions of units that were already packaged in January so they can include this supposed new content?
      They’re selling the exact same thing they were in February, I guarantee it.

      1. The units weren’t even produced. The game’s delay has been planned since early 2013, long before it was announced.

  9. I still don’t buy that the devs were the also the victims here. They just acted that way so the people wouldn’t turn on them and keep their anger focused on the publisher.

    Rayman gets delayed and a week later they come out saying and showing a Wii U “exclusive demo” plastered with Xbox buttons all over. They knew this going to other consoles way before the announced the delay or else they wouldn’t have had a working Xbox version so quickly to show it as the Wii U “exclusive demo” xDDDDD

    Still planing on getting cheap or used even, as an owner of all 3 consoles and the 3DS my wallet is pretty stretched out. It’s just not on my must-get-above-all-else list anymore with Pokemon, Wind Waker, GTAV, and The Last of Us and whatever Nintendo still has not revealed around Autumn.


    1. It was basic PR, the high heads had the developers appease the fans by basically saying: “I know it’s a shit move, but buy the game anyway”.
      So basically, we have to support Ubisoft’s nazi ways so the devs don’t feel bad, pretty clever yet completely obvious.
      And 30 new levels? Yeah right, like Ubisoft is not gonna ship the units that have been sitting in a warehouse since January, are we supposed to believe they’re gonna just trash the thousands of dollars they spent on making millions of units that are already packaged?
      Yeah, right. Heed my words, this game is selling with the exact same content as it was in February.

  10. I call bull on this one. They’re obviously lying. They sold out. bottom line.

    If Ubisoft keeps refusing to release the game early regardless of their excuses, I’m buying the game used just to screw them over. Oh and that challenge mode thing that’s supposed to be coming to the eshop (and I hope it never does), I’m not getting that either even though its free.

    Keep signing this petition to get the game released early:

    1. NOPE. I’m getting my online mode for free and wait for the 30 additional levels and bosses, good luck with your pointless petition n_n

  11. I’m not forgiving Ubisoft for that delay nonsense which wasn’t necessary if the game is indeed golden despite playing Rayman rarely. Delaying the game has also hurt the Wii U sales significantly and obviously of course like most third parties with their false promises and ambitions about the Wii U, they don’t care about Nintendo platform as everyone thought. Exclusive demo? Not good enough to be an appropriate “apology” for pissing off millions of potential buyers on Wii U platform. Extra levels and mode? Maybe but still not enough to make up plus releasing the game while other big releases like Zelda, Pikmin and such, Rayman is almost DOA status at this point. So this delay is their lost. All this done just to please those anti-Nintendo/Ubisoft, graphical whore gamers who clearly still don’t understand definition of “video gaming” besides buying games just as eye candies.

  12. “But with the extended time, Ancel and senior game manager Michael Micholic have worked on adding 30 extra levels and a few boss battles to make it up to the fans.”

    This is complete and utter bullshit.
    The game was delayed just a few weeks after it launched, do you think a multinational company like Ubisoft didn’t have the Wii U game already packaged since at least a month before?
    Do you think a multinational company like Ubisoft is gonna disregard millions of units like trash and not sell them?
    This game is gonna sell exactly as it was in February because they’re not gonna make more units and just trash the ones that costed them thousands to produce, if these so-called new levels are gonna be somewhere is in the versions that haven’t been packaged yet.

  13. The thing about saying it has extra levels is that it doesn’t matter. It was going to be a 10/10 game for me, I could feel that during the demo and having played origins. What’s it going to be now..10.5/10? You slap extra levels into a game when it’s being ported, so we can compare this new content to the old. Having extra levels means nothing unless a big stamp comes up on screen saying “THIS IS ONE OF THE EXTRA ONES, THIS ONE HERE”.

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