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New Super Luigi U Adds 82 Alternative Levels To NSMBU


Nintendo of America has confirmed that the New Super Luigi U add on to New Super Mario Bros U will add 82 alternative levels to the game. Luigi’s jumping ability gives you advantages – but you’ll still need to clear each course in under 100 seconds.

6 thoughts on “New Super Luigi U Adds 82 Alternative Levels To NSMBU”

  1. Anxious for more details. This mean they’re all new levels, or just different takes on existing levels specific for Luigi? Free add on or paid DLC? Glad I never traded it in despite beating it and getting every star coin, except in those hard a$$ bonus levels.

  2. 82 extra levels! o-O Sure, they’re alternate and not completely new, but it’s still going to be a blast playing through those. Way to go Nintendo!

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