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Nintendo Announces New The Legend Of Zelda Game For Nintendo 3DS

During today’s Nintendo Direct online presentation, Nintendo revealed a brand-new The Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS. The upcoming game currently has no official title, but it will take place “in the world from A Link to the Past,” and it will arrive this holiday season, exclusively for Nintendo’s latest handheld console.


154 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces New The Legend Of Zelda Game For Nintendo 3DS”


          1. Walter white seeing your coming on this blog lately has really made the comments more injoyable xD idk if you troll some times or are you just making a point but unlike Billy and neutron (trolls who comment on this blog) you comments doesnt sound like they were made by 12 boys and also there funny as hell!

      1. Walter white I am glad, that unlike Billy or neutron you acknowledge great games. For this and only this you rock dude!

      2. Looks like a remake though. It seems they hired two noobs to fuck up the artsyle and somehow come up with the 2d shape change mechanic by accident when their code went to shit one of the 2067 times that it did. I hope they sell it for 10 dollars on the eshop.

        Nintendo, 3d world please and bring Link to the future while you’re at it. Maybe on a log would be nice, like in Animal Crossing? I hate how they still make these games from the view of a bird about to shit on Link’s head. It’s not immersive at all. Btw, it’s the year 2013!!!

        ALTTP is a nice game though.

    1. That was not enough, let me continue for you sir.


    1. It is 3D. The camera vorw is just over head at an angle.
      There’s nothing 2D about it except when link goes into the walls.
      Just be glad we’re getting the oracle games on eshop, HD remake of ww on wiiu and now this NEW game! You’re getting 4 zeldas. Be happy!

  2. And here I thought Luigi’s Mansion would be the only 3DS game I get this year and I could save the rest of my money for Wii U games *facepalm*. My wallet hurts ;(

  3. Hmmmmmm. It looks interesting , but also wierd at the same time. I was expecting a more 3D style adventure for 3DS. Art style looks wierd.

      1. Looks a bit bland to me. Needs more vibracy and artwork. What’s with link , he looks like play dough or some shit.

        1. It looks as if they modeled it on the original artwork for the game.
          All it needs to be more perfect is the pink hair.

        2. I know! Lately I have found Nintendo games to be very bland in the art department, the new pokemon game looks disgusting, an this game just looks plain old bland. That art style looked better on a 16 bit console. Not on a 100 something bit handheld.

          1. Well neither this nor what we’ve seen of x and y are the final products. They will look fer better for they have time to polish ot and make it better.

      1. Yeah , but it also looks a little odd. Link looks like he is made out of playdough and there isn’t much detail in that dungeon.
        The game will probably turn out amazing , but I’m not 100% sure about it , by that trailer.

        1. Another thing I thought of when this game was shown was what Aonuma said about the Wii U Zelda game. It really seems like they’re serious about bringing Zelda back to it’s roots.

    1. The game looks ugly. Especially coming after 2011’s decent looking OoT 3D.

      I seriously question their art direction choices lately, especially with Yoshi’s Island as well.

            1. And get your teeth kicked out in the process? Because I can assure you that you can’t do shit to me, kiddo.

    2. Simeon Yialeloglou

      I suspect they’re saving the 3D style for the inevitable 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask, and they wanted to do something more interesting for the original title. Besides, the past DS games for Zelda have had a similar top-down style.
      Also, don’t question the art style yet. Wind Waker’s art style was questioned and the game was amazing, and we all came to love it. Besides, I’m sure that’s all probably still in development.

    3. I am also unsure. :/

      I am looking forward to a potential MM remake more than this. I am not a fan of how it looks.

      THAT SAID: I also, with Wind Waker, was like, What the hell? Cell shading?! – and Windwaker became a very loved game for me. Truely amazing.

      So I totally leave room for Nintendo to crush my doubts as they have before, but right now, I’m very concerned it will feel like a virtual console game- which is great, except I was hoping for something on par with Oot, SS, and WW… This does not feel like it is high caliber.

      Again, WindWaker took me by surprised and blew my fucking socks off, so it may be the case here as well. *shrugs*

  4. My wallet is gonna be empty. To many great games. Looks different from other games in LoZ, I’ll will be getting it. I was hoping Majoras mask would be release and remastered also. I never experienced the original game

    1. First I was disappointed that it wasn’t majoras mask, because I haven’t experienced it, but then I realised that it’s new game and it’s zelda. So I can’t really complain.

  5. Wow this Nintendo direct was absolutely worth to watch.
    I like the idea of this game but I’m not fond of the art style. Hopefully we’ll get more information soon.
    P.S I can definitely see why this site is so popular.

    1. i just hope it’s not touchscreen controled again!!!! idc about what arstyle as long it’s top down or 3d not 2d…. like ehm link 2 or how it’s called

      1. It won’t touch screen controlls because it’s based on a past Zelda game and if you watch the gameplay footage, you’ll see action commands on the bottom left screen.


    1. Nobody commented because that isn’t the Windwaker art style. It’s classic-look-gone-3-Dimensional style.

    2. It doesn’t look like the Wind Waker style to me. Looks more like the style in the art for the classic games. Only the drawing or whatever looks WW style.

      1. Windwaker HD is the remake I was talking about. If you knew how to read, you’d know I was talking about 2 seperate games.

    1. Vita must release something good to at least match THIS single game. All together will crush ViTA for sure

    2. They keep rolling out shitty cars (that will be recalled eventually for some dangerous issue) for old people or folks on welfare while the last truly decent vehicle they had stopped production more than 10 years ago?

      1. What games you looking forward to on the Vita?

        Soul Sacrifice? That’s about it.
        “All the 3DS games suck”
        Fine, your opinion, but while you’re off playing 1 game for your Vita this year we’re looking forward to about 10 on 3DS.
        But clearly you’re the more intelligent one here /s

          1. Britfag?
            Pfffft, hahahaha xD
            I’ll happily drink my tea and eat my crumpets along with all the games on my 3DS, PS3 and eventually WiiU and PS4.

            “Oh man, sure sucks being a Nintendo Britfag” haha xD ahhh you’re stupid.

            1. I don’t care about the games you play on your goddamn 3DS. Fabricating quotes I NEVER said, and we have a problem.

              Which is all you do, you fucking asshat and brony.

      2. Yes but those shitty cars gonna still beat the vita by far far far dude. you still hating on nintendo, but they rule right now with the 3ds. and the wii u will follow just wait and see, nintendo is gonna rule with games games games!

          1. vita is a supra??? lmao.
            here is how i seet it the vita might have the body of the supra and the 3ds might be the prius
            but the prius is a 600hp monster while you look inside the supra and its fucking automatic with n/a motor lol.

            1. Worst anology yet considering the Supra is all around better in both technical aspect and design aspect.

              idk where that 600hp prius is coming from when the majority of games barely look better than the psp’s best and the supra on the other hand has things like Killzone: Mercenary which utterly wipes the floor on the visual front compared to any similar Prius title.

              lolololol how do you achieve that 600hp prius? Maybe after you gut the interior and swap in some sort of V8 on spray

              a better anology is more people probably own a prius than MKIV supra; and would suit their daily needs a bit cheaper in comparison rather than a potential money pit if you plan to take the latter to a next level (expensive proprietary memory cards for Vita)

              in the latter’s case, then that much is true since software quality is pretty much equal and subjective going by metacritic

              but at the end of the day 2jz all the way for me since my taste goes far beyond nintendo’s first party

              1. Actually, now that I think about the Vita with PS+ still offers more value than the 3DS AND it benefits PS3 as well if that device is owned alongside one.


                1. Cool story bro.
                  I can appreciate any car or bike built from the ground up no matter what they are if its fast, you have to give props. Same for video games.

                2. but, which one is more popular and gets the most amount of fun from? the one that is litterly everywhere and so so many games, yes some are bad, but there are still lots of good games, games that sell. to people. who buy them. and play them. and not have sit on a shelf and pull it out just to use the internet to watch porn on every now and again

    1. my goodness commander, as much as I detest sony’s business ways. We need the vita to force nintendo to make games like this Zelda. Best believe there is a 3D Zelda in the making as we speak.

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  8. Simeon Yialeloglou

    It’s funny, really, we were told ages ago that this is exactly what they planned on doing. It was just posed hypothetically.
    “I think the answer would be the same if we’re talking about just porting, but I think I’d be even more interested in creating something new maybe based on, or starting from, A Link To The Past. I think it’s important to bring some really new software.”
    — Miyamoto
    They even told us about how the 3D will be genuinely useful.
    “Of course we’ve thought about it. I’ll give you one hint, but maybe you won’t understand it. It will be a game in which having 3D will mean something.”
    — Aonuma

  9. Am I the only one who wants puke up their guts? It looks horrible, the wall prospective idea stupid I’m pretty sure in a 3D game I can angle my camera to do just the same thing. And what about the people who don’t give a rats ass about the 3D?! Huh?! All they’ll be playing is a game boy advanced game with less pixely models..or sprites…Or whatever this is. I’ve waited this long for…”this”.

        1. No, because your complaints are stupid.
          Complaining about the “wall perspective”. It’s an entire gameplay mechanic.
          And why complain about “what if i dont want to use 3D!?” Then dont?
          “Pixely sprite” what the fuck are you talking about?
          What, did you want a Majoras Mask remake? Or a “3D Zelda”.
          Guess what, moron, people want a top down Zelda game, same way we want a good 2D Mario, and 2D Metroid.
          Who cares if its “sprites”, which it isnt anyway, it’s a 3DS, what visuals were you expecting? We’re you looking for a game to shove jn front on Sony fanboys and be like “look at the graffixxxx”, like a pathetic fuck? are you that butthurt? Get the fuck over it, you whiney bitch.

          Fucking fanboys, never happy with anything, just whiney fucks, “oh but praise Skyward Sword”, fuck you

          1. Hahaha fanboy, I’ll give you that one. I love the legend of Zelda more then any other series. So yeah, I’ll say I’m a bit of a fanboy. But really, “love skyward sword” ? “rub the graphics in Sony’s face in it”? “Hoping for majoras mask”. you reeeaaally dont know me man. I was gonna apologize but since you’re being an ass so I won’t. I will say I don’t see how the wall perspective will add anything real good to the game. Infact I found ST and PH touchscreen concept better then this. I just don’t see it. Maybe it’ll be better when I actually play it. Even though I said I won’t be buying it I more then likely will. Cause, like you said, I’m a fanboy. should’ve kept the graphics at I don’t like them and only that but Ah well.

  10. Call me crazy, but the SSF2 devs must have known that there would be a new Legend of Zelda game based on A Link to the Past since they made a stage called Hylian Skies, which was based on that SNES game, before hand.

  11. Link looks like a Lemming. Now I love Lemmings, but Lemming Link looks funny to me.

    I think maybe the simplified rounded art style is an attempt to accentuate the 3D effect.

  12. What did I say? This was coming this holiday season. I have said it since LAST E3!!! Once again I was right.

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  14. Hate to nitpick but…I’m not sure I like Link’s design in this one =S
    Anyways, still thrilled to learn more about it !

    1. yeah, i thought the same thing at first. maybe theyll change him up before they release it or maybe we will just have to get over it

  15. A Link To The Past was my first Zelda game I played, and the game that made me fall in love with the series. So this news is pretty exciting. : D

    1. ALttP Was also my first Zelda game, however OoT was what made me fall in love with the series. I have to admit though, that after I finally revisited ALttP and beat it, I concluded that I definitely enjoyed it more than I did OoT. Therefore, I’m glad to see it get its sequel.

  16. So with this taking place in the same world as ALttP, does that mean we’ll most definitely be playing as ALttP’s Link? Or is this going to be an entirely different character who happens to exist in the same world?

  17. i wonder what the bottom screen will look like? i never played a link to the past as i never owned a snes, i think ill have to download it from the virtual console when its released now

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  19. wow, this is a must buy for me. LTTP was my first ever Zelda, and one of my favourite games ever! I bet Nintendo will make a special 3DS XL to go with it too :)

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