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Nintendo Believes 2013 “Is The Year Of 3DS”

nintendo_3ds_nintendo_3ds_xlAccording to an interview on MCV, Nintendo have said that 2013 is the unequivocal year for the 3DS as the next 12 months are absolutely crucial for the continuing success of the handheld console. In fact, Nintendo is adamant that 2013 will see the grand conversion of many DS owners, hopping on the proverbial 3D wagon, and purchasing a 3DS. The sheer influx of triple A games – Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion and Pokemon X/Y – hitting the console this year will certainly provide ample opportunity for DS owners to upgrade.

Nintendo’s UK marketing manager Shelly Pearce said: “Our aim is obviously to upgrade as many DS owners as possible and with our strongest ever software line up and with games which appeal to all of our different audiences, this year really is the year of 3DS.”

Backed by vigorous marketing schemes and television advertising, the 3DS will not lose touch with its consumers, as it continues to build its social communities through media and events. And Shelly Pearce believes that there really is something for everyone on the console: “[The] 3DS has really come into its own over the last two years.  The 2013 software line-up is the strongest we’ve ever had and combined with a diverse back-catalogue that includes both Nintendo favourites like Mario, Professor Layton and Zelda as well as titles like Kid Icarus and Heroes of Ruin or New Style Boutique, there really is something for everyone.”

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  1. The Troll Who Owns a 3DS (AND WII U!)

    that’s honestly a terrible business plan, they should have made LAST year the year of the 3DS, not the year when they launch the first 8th generation console that is seriously lacking software.

    1. Well majority of the games that came in 2013 were suppose to be release in 2012, but were delayed like Luigi’s Mansion 2/ Dark Moon

    2. But Pokemon on 3DS is coming, meaning truckloads of 3DS’s will be purchased, just like DS’s did with Diamond and Pearl, and the GBA did with Ruby and Sapphire.

      1. A lot of people forget that the DS gets huge 3rd party support, so they also get exclusive games like, professor Layton, ace attorney, persona, ect

        1. Yes, but so is the 3DS now. A lot of the devs who were previously unwilling to make the leap from the DS to the 3DS are starting to.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I think in terms of television, it’s really hard for Nintendo to market as a video game company. They’ll only show ads for preteens or young teens. I don’t think Nintendo is kiddish but an Animal Crossing commercial would not fare well for channels/shows watched by adults.

      Sony and Microsoft are fine in this department as their “grown-up; mature” games appeal to adults, which, in terms of appeal, is true. Not to mention every commercial, TV-show, movie, any sort of media, that includes kids playing video games will use a 360 or PS3 (or PC). Not a single one is really gonna show Nintendo Land.

        1. All I’m hearing is a “$599 console” with no “backward compatibility” + the “monthly fee” hahahahaha! ;)

          1. Even with all the PS4 parts known so far it’s not possible to reach a 600$ price tag. Keep in mind that Sony gets a big refund + mass purchase refund and cheap manufacturing by childr…..I mean Foxconn :( Bundling the system with a 3rd party game can reduces the lost money because of the licensing costs.

            1. 400 is the price of the KNOWN pieces of the PS4, of course that is the price anyone can get them, Sony will get the cheaper for wholesale purchase, but that are just some parts and not all the console, and that price is not counting the new control with the touchpad, the manufacturing, the packaging and the shipment of the console.

              If Sony sell the console at 400 will be at loss (probably at big loss) and if they sell the console above that will be PS3 “599 dollars” all over again.

              1. Think about it, the PS3 was so expensive because of its Cell processor, the Blu ray drive and its small horsepower advantage over PC. The PS4 is using semi off the shelf parts which are not up to par with current PC’s and cheaper because they’re standard. Sony is taking a bit of a loss but they will reduce or conpensate it the same way console manufacteurs did it for ever. Licensing costs for a game are BIG. They can make a lot of money from that. Just like Nintendo with their “It takes a game to make Wii U profitable”

              2. No matter what the price is going to be, Sony is already taking a loss. The question is how much of a loss will it take and is it worth it.

                The short answer is ‘no’ because of all 7 generations not only has the most-powerful system lost, but many times it has come DEAD LAST. Casuals and non-gamers win you console wars. To their credit, Sony is trying to target that audience with some of the new social features of the PS4. If it works, the PS4 will be the best of both worlds. A machine to satisfy the hardcore spec-trolls, and the casual/social gamers. However, I am not convinced Sony quite has the pulse of the casual market. The fact that the PSVita was not a smart phone when clearly it should have been and there was no reason for it not to be shows me that they are not as innovative as they like to claim. They are more ‘reactive’ to what Nintendo does that ‘proactive.’ It didn’t used to be that way. I don’t know what happened to Sony. I’ve said before that Sony basically pushed all their chips to the middle of the tabel and said, “ride or die.” We’ll see if it works. I hope the PS4 is successful because if it is not Sony will be all done and that woudl be bad for the industry as a whole.

                Microsoft on the other hand is going WAY over the top on the casual front. It seems like with all the apps and service and devices incoporated with the 720 the tagline for it will be, “Oh by the way. It plays games too.” The core audience that backed the 360 might migrate over to the PS4 because they don’t want Kinect 2.0, Illumiroom, Windows 8, and 10 billion apps shoved down their throats.

                Nintendo is in a good position right now. The 3DS is a absloute monster and the heavyweight stuff is just startng to roll in. It is on pace to become the best-selling console of all time and get there a lot faster than other consoles have. The Wii U survived a miserable first part of the year and now is starting to gain momentum in the same manner that the 3DS did. The 3rd party games that are missing on the Wii U are not really games that would have done much to bolster console sales. The main course of NIntendo consoles has always been the 1st-party franchises. 3rd-party titles amount to as much as a dinner roll or a piece of cornbread on the side. Good to have, but not necessary.

      1. No BC isn’t a big deal because those people who seriously want to play PS3 have one. How often did you use the PS1 BC for PS2 or the PS1/PS2 BC for PS3? I used the Wii’s backward compatibility a lot but only because my Wii is replacing a broken Gamecube.

        1. It is very much a big deal for a number of reasons. Your PS3 won’t last forever. What happens then to your games library, as well as the digital downloads? What happens if you want to save a few quid (and I’m sure the PS4 price will make you want to save up) and trade in your PS3 for the new console?

          1. I treat my consoles properly. The only system that doesn’t work anymore is the Gamecube because I had one of the faulty launch models. My Dreamcast works, my PS1/PS2&PS3 work, my SNES/NES/N64/Wii work, my Genesis works, my stomeage Gameboy/Gameboy color and Advance work, my DS Lite works. Everything works fine. If the PS3 breaks then I can get a used one, ship it to Sony for repair or get a new one within the next few years (Sony long time support e.g. PS2). I could use Gaikai as well because latency isn’t an issue for a fast solid cable connection.

            1. Treating a console properly has various meanings. I bought a second PS1 after my original eventually started to die due to being used so much with the disc motor failing to start and when it did, it would stop after a while. I treated the console better than I ever believed I could, but nothing is made to last long-term unless you buy it and just put it on a shelf somewhere and clean it every day.

              1. Treating a console, Wayne edition:

                +Avoid drops
                +Clean it from time to time
                +wash hamds before playing or inserting discs/cartridges.
                +Put it on a place that isn’t catching dust so fast
                +Put your unused system into a box where it is ave from dust and Moist air.

                1. Which is pretty much exactly what I did with mine. But as I said, nothing in this world will last forever. My car, for instance. It’s almost 20 years old, and I had to replace the battery the other day because it finally gave up. Had I done things differently, I may have been able to prolong the battery a bit longer, or break it sooner.

                  It does suck though when things don’t turn out too well, like when I first got my GameCube and I still wanted to play my N64 games, but had to keep alternating between which one was plugged in because of the lack of backwards compatibility. That’s just a minor annoyance though, but having to keep unplugging and plugging different things into the mains can eventually damage a console.

                  But, on the other hand, you buy a console to play games for that console and not for the previous console.

            2. How the hell do you find room for all your consoles? Good grief, you can make a fortune selling all of them.

        2. It is a really big thing, because BC make it easy the change from PS3 to PS4, and those are 70 million users of PS3 and the most of those are from 2 or 3 years, and not having BC actually put the PS4 in competition not only with the Wii U, the Next Box but with the PS3 to.

        3. Plenty. 1) Trade the old system in to get a discount for the new console. 2) Gives me some games to play from the old system I still want to play while I’m waiting for the new ones to come out.

        4. The problem with a lack of backwards compatibility is that people do not carry their old software. When the PS3 came out, many kept their PS2 games and upgraded their hardware, so that alone is a great selling point.
          Without any backwards compatibility, the only thing that will sell the PlayStation 4 extremely well at launch is early adopters who are willing to wait a little bit for all new games. The new amazing games will happen, but until then, I have a feeling the PS4 will have a bit of a rocky start, but it won’t make or break the console.

      2. I’m hearing that they weren’t even thinking of always online, which I think is bull, they probably left it once they heard all the negative responses. I’m also hearing consoles that aren’t $500 because of their lack of backwards compatibility.

    1. seriously lol. they reaaaaaaaally need to start focusing more on the wii u than the 3ds. the main reason why a lot of my friends don’t want to buy a wii u is purely because of the lack of content. if they would just announce some new games and release dats for said games, they would be sold out of systems.

  2. It definitely is. Monster Hunter 3U/4 , Pokemon X and Y , Shin megami tensei 4 , Animal Crossing , Fire emblem awakening , Luigi’s mansion 2 , and about 15 others that I can’t be bothered to list.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      People always forget about the games already released on it. Obviously people will care more about upcoming games or games they haven’t played, but for gamers who recently get a 3DS, there are other games that are worth buying, despite their age. I still play Mario Kart 7 when I feel like playing an on-the-go 3DS game.

    1. I know lot of people like you are saying that the Wii U is not getting enough support. E3 will be the WOW for the Wii U, so until then we all have to wait

        1. E3 2013 is gunna make you shit your pants for the first time ever. Nintendo will be unveiling all of their BIG wiiu projects and MS and PS will be going all out to demonstrate their new consoles.

          It’s gunna be fucked up.

            1. That’s a preposterous suggestion to say the least.

              Nintendo has MASSIVE things planned for the WIiu , obviously. And it’s all going to be shown off at E3 as well as third party projects we do not yet know about. 100% guaranteed to happen.

              1. Yours is equally preposterous. Yeah, they are going to show more stuff than before, but lord knows if their stuff is actually any good. Quantity don’t represent quality, no correlation.

                1. Nintendo is going to show off some amazing Wiiu and 3DS content at E3. Even the stuff they have already confirmed : Smash bros , Mario kart Wiiu , 3D mario Wiiu , X , Pikmin 3 , SMT X FE , Yoshi Yarn , WIndwaker Remake and more is mind blowing.

                  Trust me , this E3 is likeky to be one of Nintendo’s greatest ever. Wiiu projects will be shown off in full force , unlike last year where they were not ready to be shown.

            2. It can’t be worse than last years. No matter what happens, people will look back on last year and think that Nintendo actually got their shit together for this E3, even if it turns out to be pretty shit.

              1. There is still the “Iwata factor” to mind. It can turn out to be a disappointment and a bunch of “Please understand’s or I apologize’s. What happened with the Gamecube? The Wii? The N64? I mean it can’t be that hard for such a rich company which even said that they would pay the proting if neccessary to get those games. Even MS with their terrible developer treatment is able to pull that off. Don’t get me wrong I will get a Wii U when Bayonetta 2 and the 3D Mario game launch but I want to have constand support of games.

                1. Nintendo have pretty much always put out a constant support of games. The problem they have is that they can’t please everyone. The GameCube received criticism because it only made “core” games, and the Wii received criticism for doing the opposite. MS have a constant support of every kind of game because they’re swimming in cash and they can pay for more devs easily.

                  Nintendo could do the same, but devs aren’t willing to make games for their consoles because nothing would sell well due to the amount of big-selling first and second party titles on the DS and Wii.

                  1. Iwata himself said that the inhouse development resources of Nintendo aren’t enough to get the amount of games they need. SNES was the perfect example, the times between the Nintendo release which are called droughts when you talk about N64,GC ,Wii and Wii U were filled with third party games.

                    1. He knows they’re not, and so does the rest of Nintendo. But the problem they’re having is that they get limited support because other devs know that people buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, and Sony or Microsoft for multiplats. The only real droughts that there ever are for Nintendo are at the end of the consoles life or at the start. The DS and Wii had slow support for their first year, but then they began to pick up.

                      As Miyamoto said, the Wii U just needs a bit of time.

            3. Yeah, no. There are indie games from kickstarter announcing Wii U support every day (EVERY DAY) not to mention WB, Activision, Ubisoft, and Square are all behind the console (EA isn’t for a particular reason). It won’t be “losing 3rd party entirely”. If anything they’ll gain more and more support as the generation wears on, Nintendo have done something unprecedented. They’ve removed requirements for third party licensing that was in place since the NES, they’ve lowered licensing fees on top of that, they’ve reduced the royalties for digitally distributed games, they are actively and aggressively courting up and coming studios, they are giving away dev kits, licenses to the Unity engine, etc. They are making it very easy to make money on their platform.

              Not only that, but at e3 they will have another partnership(s) (collaboration? maybe) to announce, they will be revealing Retro’s game(s), they will be showing live, playable demos of some of their biggest hitting 1st party games. It’s definitely going to be an interesting holiday season, one where the Wii U will be hitting its stride on the software side of things, on the heels of system overhauling patches and features that have been announced, as well as some that haven’t (MiiVerse related).

  3. Why not make it the Year of Wii U. Seriously some of the 3DS games could’ve worked well the Wii U. Even though it’s supposed to be the Year of Luigi.

    1. Because all the long-term projects that devs started when the 3DS’s sales went off are now all starting to be revealed for 2013/early 2014 releases. Wii U games will start coming out quicker come mid-year due to smaller projects started at the console’s launch will all be coming to a close around then.

  4. Oh well, I guess Nintendo has forgotten about the Wii U and there lack of support for it! Again I live my 3ds, but my Wii U is what needs games right now, and ports aren’t enough to make the Wii U start rolling faster. Unique, NEW games are what the Wii U needs and the 3ds can still maintain its current posture of domination without having all of the focus! Year of the Wii U should have been what they announced along with some release dates aside from pikmin 3. Sorry, I guess I’m ungrateful.

    1. Cmon man…. Use your head.

      They have not forgotten about the Wiiu. The projects and games everyone started developing for the 3DS a long time ago are all now starting to finish development and release. The Wiiu is in the exact same position the 3DS was 5 months into its life cycle , which was nowhere.

      You think about the Wiiu when it is 2 years into its life cycle like the 3DS is now and it will/should be in the same position. All the big exciting games (which take time to develop) will be ready to launch.

      No console launches with all the best AAA exclusives right along side it. , it’s virtually impossible to do. All those PS4 games that were shown off. I bet 1-2 of the good ones actually launches this holiday. Killzone SF and Driveclub and a load of multiplats available elsewhere.

      1. ^This. Those complaining should name the last console to have a brilliant first year. I bet that will be quite a challenge.
        Many people misunderstand what Nintendo mean here. Year of the 3DS doesn’t mean they’re focusing exclusively on the 3DS. It means that this is the year the 3DS becomes the ‘must-have’ gaming device. Obviously the Wii U can’t do that after only a few months in the market.

        1. Exactly. Look at the DS’s first year. I’m pretty sure it even failed to ship 10 million units. The Wii’s first year would’ve most likely pushed out 20 million had Nintendo actually produced enough consoles, seeing as it was sold out all over the UK and Europe for almost 2 years.

      2. Dont you wanna say “All those PS4 games —that also will be runing on PS3— that were shown off.”?

        Siriusly, Would you be really impressed with the N64 if you were told that the SNES can also run those games with the same level of graphical fidelity?

      3. I am, I just get discouraged with nothing truly new being announced for a console, pretty much since it’s release.
        Where are the “release window” games? I think Nintendo has really gimped early adopters like myself by keeping so quiet on everything pertaining to Wii U. The Direct announcing games that we most likely won’t see til next year or fall of this year is great, but where are the games for the here and now? Here are the games I have right now for my Wii U and I’m enjoying all of them, I just want more from Ninty…

        Mass Effect 3
        Assassin’s Creed 3
        Nintendo Land
        Toki Tori 2
        Trine 2
        Zen Pinball 2 with 4 tables
        Kirby VC
        F Zero VC
        Punch Out VC
        Balloon Fight VC
        Chasing Aurora
        BLOPs 2
        Monster Hunter 3 U
        Need for Speed Most Wanted U
        Any and all Demos from the eShop
        I think there are a few others, but I can’t think of them at the moment.
        My point is that the Wii U has more support from games that aren’t really designed specifically for it. I just want to see more games released or even announced that are made specifically for this machine. I know I’m gonna have to wait til E3 for the announcement I want… i just felt like complaining. Sorry.
        If you have a Wii U add me – Unit_DTH

        1. You have some great Wiiu games already like myself :D . I know what you’re saying , but we just have to be patient. Games like Mario Kart , Yoshi Yarn , X , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Pikmin 3 , etc etc are all on the Way. They just need to be developed first.

          xNintedwardx add my ID as I may not have access to my Wiiu till later.

          1. Will do on my lunch break. Look forward to seeing you online man! ;) X, Which I will be surprised if it isn’t another xenoblade continuation, is the game I’m most excited for and I hope they have online MP like MH3U or The Last Story. That would kill!!

        2. You already have a much more solid Wii U library than I do….damn :P
          I understand how you feel, it’s just…try and put yourselves into Nintendo’s shoes. Would you reveal your ace cards now…or closer to and during E3 itself?
          The wait will be worthwhile…trust me

          Wii U Nintendo Network ID – darkgamer

          1. Adding you darkgamer. I know I just lack patience…LOL
            I wanna know what they have in store for us!! Time seems to stand still in the week leading up to E3, at least that’s the way it feels for me. So, in the 2.5 months leading into E3 time is fairly slow as well. I have yet to be disappointed by a Nintendo E3 showing, even though the press always takes the low road on their reactions to Nintendo’s E3 conference. Can’t Freakin Wait!

        3. Nice library! I myself have

          All VC games
          Madden 13(wish I hadn’t)
          LEGO City
          Getting Kung Fu Rabbit tonight
          Runner 2

          It’s very hard to be patient, but we’re Nintendo fans for a reason, they always deliver, regardless of what the NPD outlook is. e3 will definitely be worth the wait, so hard as it is, we have to.

          My NNID is Routerbad

          1. Puddle is another one that I have. Can’t believe I forgot that one. I’ll add you later today Routerbad.
            I wan’t Runner 2, is it any good? Kinda feel like the endless runner genre has been played out recently via iOS and android apps.

            1. Runner 2 is not so much endless runner, as it is rhythm platformer, complete with an overworld, levels, collectibles, goals, challenges, etc. Really fun and addictive game.

      4. IDK, I heard reports that Infamous: Second Son is gonna be a launch title as well. If that’s the case, oh boy.

  5. See here is the thing, releasing the Wii U on 2012 was a mistake, it should’ve been released this year, with that, Nintendo could have improve functionality on the Wii U and who knows, maybe improve some other hardware. But now, they are totally in a world where they only support the Nintendo 3DS, i own a 3DS and i like this but why did i bought a Wii U for then? remember how the 3Ds started? no games, price too high and i still bought it. Months after the price lowers, us ambassadors(people who bought 3DS the first months it was released) got some good games before anyone else did. Is this going to repeat the same way for the Wii U? started slow, no games, who knows…..we’ll have to be patience.

    1. No, they did the right thing releasing it last year. Releasing this year along with the PS4 and Nextbox would have killed the Wii U right from the start, since everyone would go after those 2 rather than the Wii U.

  6. I hate to be nit-picky, but in this sentence: “In fact, Nintendo are adamant that 2013”, it should say “Nintendo is” not “Nintendo are”.

            1. I clicked on silvershadowfly’s profile and looked at the oldest post, March 27. I just am surprised that people don’t know that there is a new reporter yet lol.

  7. I believe the 3DS should get more support. It had a slow start in 2011 and it is now catching up. The Wii U will be fine. With E3 almost here, I am sure the big announcements will be announced for it. Nintendo has not forgotten about the Wii U, they are just trying keep things as a surprise. Patience is needed. In the meantime, enjoy what you have and don’t be ungrateful.

  8. For those of you whining and butthurt because the 3ds is getting more support than wii u grow up or shut up the wii u will get plenty of support at e3 and the 3ds as well those of you who are mad are eithier dont have a 3ds or you are stupid there supporting the 3ds because it is selling like crazy and its nintendos only way of income right now just wait for e3 both 3ds and wiiu will be good for BOTH systems not just wii u or 3ds p.s i own both just love my 3ds more cause i love portables must be the japenese in me lol.

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  10. 2013 will be the year of 3DS, and then 2014 or 2015 will be the year of Wii U.

    I’m already getting Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Mario Party, New Zelda, Batman Blackgate, Bravely Default, Professor Layton, and Pokémon X as for sure purchases.

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