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Here’s The New Trailer For Ace Attorney 5

Capcom has published the new trailer for the much anticipated court room drama Ace Attorney 5 after revealing plans to release a limited edition version. Due out on July 25 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS, the trailer features a new look into how the 3D effects will be used to enhance the games’ format and what you can expect from protagonist Phoenix Wright. The title has been confirmed for a western release, but a date is yet to be revealed.

14 thoughts on “Here’s The New Trailer For Ace Attorney 5”

  1. I thougt they already confirmed it for western release…? (maybe I’m thinking of layton vs. Attorney…?)

  2. Someone hasn’t been following this game closely… This trailer has been all over since Capcom confirmed the existence of the game!

      1. That doesn’t mean that the video wasn’t available elsewhere for longer. This was available on the Japanese site for ages.

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