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Pokémon X And Pokémon Y To Introduce ‘Fairy-Type’ Pokémon?


There will be brand-new Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Among the new Pokémon are Eevee evolution Sylveon and Legendaries Xerneas, Yveltal and an unnamed form of Mewtwo. The Pokémon Company hasn’t yet revealed which types they are, but, according to a rumor, both Sylveon and Xerneas will be ‘Fairy-type.’ Furthermore, Normal-type Pokémon Clefairy and Togetic are said to be ‘Fairy-type’ in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games. What do you think of this rumor? Do want ‘Fairy-type’ Pokémon to be introduced? Let us know in the comments.

380 thoughts on “Pokémon X And Pokémon Y To Introduce ‘Fairy-Type’ Pokémon?”

      1. Light type isn’t relevant. Though we have “Dark” type, it’s known in Japan as “Evil” type. The Pokemon Company just made it Dark type so it can appeal to a wider audience. So when people say we need “Light” type so that it is opposite of Dark type they don’t realize “dark” type isn’t dark in Japan.

              1. In Japan dark is evil as in bad fighting styles such as biting and fighting are good fighting styles so light wouldn’t make since to be opposite to dark

          1. How many times… Fighting type represents honor, valor, dignity, and opposes the Evil (dark) type, which represents trickery and cunning. Light type is unnecessary.

            1. Not really. Why is it then that fighting is weak against psychic? Goodness and valor is bad against…telekinesis? And yet evil thwarts psychic? How does that make sense? Fighting can’t replace a type like light, they’re far too dissimilar. And if anything, its fairy that would be unnecessary. Also, what if light is weak against dark? No one seems to consider that.

              1. Trying to physically punch someone who can mentally stop you without lifting a finger. Then with their mind holding you still in the air and throwing you into the ocean and drowning you against your own free will. I stand by Psychic being strong against Fighting.

              2. A possible “Brains over Brawns” reference?
                “Think” before you “Act”?
                I’m just throwing out possible meanings.

              3. el durako akolatronico

                Psychic is strong against fighting because Brain over Brawn. Psychic is weak against dark, bug and ghost because they represent fears.

                  1. Er… Light Type doesnt make sense, because dark was made to counter psychic, also, gold is a metal, so saying that there should be a golden type is like saying that steel type needs a new name. About fairy type, if they called it Magic type, people may accept it more easily.

              4. brute force (fighting) is defeated by reasoning of the mind (psychic) and reason is defeated by the cunning skills of evil (dark) types

              5. Well the Psychic type ends up representing people with fears. That’s why psychic is weak to bug, dark, and ghost, those are common fears.

              6. Well. Did you ever consider the fact that Psychic type generally has moves relating to the mind? And if you dont know what the term Psychic means, feel free to take a book to the face. Yeah… *COUGH COUGH* FUTURE SIGHT *COUGH COUGH COUGH*

                1. Odds are, there isn’t going to be a new type, and sylveon is just going to be a normal type eeveelution, which would be beautiful.

                    1. Yeah, except, why wouldn’t a normal type eeveelution look like eevee? It doesn’t make sense that it’d turn into this pink thing with bows and big blue eyes. I’d bet that at the very least light type will be introduced. And the idea of a sound type would make sense as well. Speed of light being faster than sound, it’d make sense if Yveltal was Dark/Sound and Xerneas was Psychic/Light.

              7. Light can never be weak against Dark.. That’s like saying Water is weak against Fire.. It would make no sense..

              8. Psychic beating fighting is a reference to mind beating brawn. Treachery and tricks can deceive a psychic with unpredictability. That deceptive fighting style would never beat an honor bound fighter in a movie(good triumphs evil) The concept is fairly solid.

            2. No, fighing is unnesesarry. Normal is there to… Be plain and light or fairy shoud be there to beat darkness. Fighting doesnt represent valor. It represents mindless evil cruel fights. And its weak to psychic not because victory manipulates the mind, its because mind>muscles

          2. Actually in Japanese fighting is considered hero type sort of so it’s supposed to be the opposite of dark

      2. Well a light type is irrelevant, because only on english translation dark type exists, in other languages like japanese dark is evil type and spanish is siniestro (spanish word for grim) so there isn’t a real dark type. Also the antagonist of dark types is fighting type or in the original japanese version the heroe type, so it sound more factible a fairy type or a sound typem

        1. Pokemon has never been about polar opposites. Light could reference “physical” light /laser style attacks, or it could be a ‘holy’ style one. It doesn’t need to be connected to dark specifically. Light has interactions with grass, bugs, steel, electric, water. People act as though the type chart has reached some kind of perfection, when it is really just an arbitrary set that works ok. It doesn’t mean additions or modifications to that set couldn’t work or wouldn’t work better. The whole system of battling could do with quite a few changes to shake it up a bit. Gen V took a few steps, but I’d argue it could go further.

          1. I agree! I thought there should be a Light type as well as a Wood type, but Wood would probably be too similar to grass to be necessary. Also, Poison should be super-effective against Water, IMO.

        2. I see fairy as more of a Saint or Angel type, making it the opposite of Ghost instead of the opposite of Dark. In the end I think it is supposed to round out a circle with Normal and Ghost, possibly being weak to Normal.

        3. who says light type has to be the opposite of dark? also, what the hell ‘original’ version are you playing? there is no hero type, idiot. fighting type is ‘fighting type’ in japanese too.

    1. I think it would be difficult to add Fairy type if Pokemon like Snubbull who are called fairy Pokemon. Plus, what would there pokemon attacks be like? It would probably be healing moves and moves that just raise stats. So I 100% disagree with Fairy type pokemon.

              1. That was very offensive you should be ashamed. . This site is open to young people like me and that language is unacceptable. Any way this is meant to be about pokemon NOT insults…

        1. I’m talking to you ‘The Observer’.

          As for you, GayGuy99, way to go. One might say you and I are fairy type. Looks like fairy type is super effective against bigotry.

          1. Just for your interest. ‘The Observer’ is an alt of N-Dub Nation.

            He really does bring shame upon Nintendo fans.

            1. By the way, identifying as a fan or a part of a group is a silly thing to do.
              It’s more sensible to remain individual so you don’t get lumped in with morons.
              That way, you don’t have to worry about anyone bringing shame on anything.

              You can like Nintendo games, but you don’t have to be a “Nintendo fan”.
              Obviously there are games besides Nintendo games that are worth playing.
              Judging solely by your avatar, you seem to understand this.

              Fanaticism or zealotry of any kind is the mark of the purposefully ignorant.
              I would refrain from associating myself with such things, were I in your place.
              It only damages your reputation, and people will just assume the worst of you.

              Just a little advice. Take from it what you will.

    1. No, they’re not.
      Normal is… normal. Average, balance, etc.
      Fairy, from how they’re describing it, sounds more like the idea of Light-type mixed with some magic and mystical elements.

    1. Sylveon is obvious fairy type. Just look at all of its names, in all languages; all of them aludding to Fairies: Sylveon – Sylph; Nymphali, Nymphia – Nymph; Feelinara – Fee(Fairy in german + sufix Linara). Plus this would give a huge boost to Clefairy, and that’s welcome.

        1. Rofl, you are blind, just ignoring everything I said and saying NO. It’ll be funny to drink all your butthurt tears when this gets confirmed. it’s a fucking children’s game, you just look at the thing and you can guess it’s a fucking fairy.

          1. Calling people names isn’t going to help. Also, a “Nymph” in japan is actually a Forest Spirit, which completely different from a fairy. and Sylveon may just be a reference to the Silph Scope from the Gen 1 games. This implies it may be a ghost type. in the Newtwo movie trailer, the egg around Sylveon looks relatively like the insect badge from Black/White (2), which could point to it being a bug. No new types will be introduced because we don’t need them. the only reason Dark (Evil) and Steel were introduced was because Psychic was OP in the first gen. Also, Game Freak has done this before. Reshiram and Zekrom were both classified as Light and Dark types before the games came out. what makes you think Game freak would change their mind this time?

  1. There have been rumors like this for every upcoming game for years. Introducing a new type in the sixth generation would make it drastically outnumbered and completely rewrite the metagame. It’s not real. How it made the MNN front page is anyone’s guess.

    1. ¬_¬ That’s the whole point of having new generations of a franchise – TO rewrite the metagame!

      1. Speaking of new generations, its a bit late to release a new type considering this will be the last gen, as promised by nintendo right off the bat when they first did red/blue/green(japan)

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced a Light type. Fairies are a bit too…specific, and Xerneas looks nothing like a fairy.

  3. Yeah, no, this isn’t a thing. I see no reason why Game Freak would deviate from the current 17-type system they have at the moment. Also, if they WERE to introduce a new type (or two, which would be more likely), I can’t imagine fairy type would be one of them.

    Firstly, GF are very conscious of how young boys think – they have to, as that is their main target market. Girls will be happy either way, but I think boys are much more likely to buck from a fairy type.
    Secondly, what the heck would a fairy type actually DO? In battle? I can see them being strong against dark, possibly psychic, and then weak against basically everything else.

    Most of this speculation is coming from Sylveon’s unreleased typing, but I’m not alone in saying that I’m pretty certain it’s flying type.

    1. Boys should get over with the gender rules then, because of those idiotic male insecurities is that we see so less females as main hero in videogames. A fairy pokemon would be fine

      1. I agree with you completely, but that’s the problem – developers are reluctant to add more stereotypically feminine things to games for fear that boys won’t like them; subsequently, boys aren’t exposed to these things and so don’t get used to them, meaning developers won’t add them. It’s a vicious circle.

        But still, fairy Pokemon would suck.

    2. Fairy could be strong against dragon, which would make them actually incredibly powerful against some of the stronger pokemon in the existing games, which would even it out a bit

    3. I just realized, maybe the type is “Spirit”. In the west we associate spirits with ghosts, but in Japan spirits are more akin to elves, fairies, pixies, etc. So I guess it would probably get localized as Fairy here even if the type was Spirit :/

  4. Sure, why not.
    I just want the game to be good

    Inb4 fanboy says “wtf da pokemans are always amazing, 10/10, dey be selling 200 millions units”.

    1. Pokemon is the second best-selling and one of the most acclaimed series off all-time. Graphics whores like you will never understand it’s beauty.

  5. Here’s the thing about Light Type. People have been expecting a Light Type since they introduced Dark Type. It would be good against Dark and what else?
    The idea of Light being “The hero that defeats the Dark Type” is exactly why Fighting is good against Dark. Because Fighting is the hero. Kind of defeats the purpose. And then Electricity is the physical sort of Light. God damn.

    Fairy sounds silly though. Maybe if they gave it a different name.

    1. Fairy sounds fine. People seem to forget that technically Pokemon is for kids. So did you ever stop and think that maybe it isn’t about what sounds “cool” and more of what will attract the attention of a younger audience? 💋

      1. You have completely contradicted yourself there. Surely to attract the younger audience it needs to sound ‘cool’? I agree that fairy is a silly name for a type. Maybe if it were simply spelled differently, like faerie?

        1. I disagree, technically pokemon is very overrun with “cool” types (fire, electric, dark, ghost, dragon) I don’t think the younger audience cares as much about how the game is perceived as the more veteran trainers. After all, while many of us are grumbling about how the names are unoriginal (because gen 1 had such incredible names, “mankey” what could that possibly look like?) the kids are just like “whoa, look at these things i can catch and train and they look cute/cool and that one’s a little fire pig” Yeah, kids were exited about tepig while a lot of negative ‘Oh look another fire/fighting starter’ *collective groan* comments were being made by older pokefans. It’s still a new experience for the target audience, and that’s what’s important about pokemon- the adventure, not the types.

      2. Actually, because of more older people playing pokemon the hero/heroine will be 14 years old. But I still think fairy tyepe would be good, weak against steel, in myths their weakness is steel.

    2. Rock and Ground always seemed relatively similar in concept to me, but they still exist and are different, as are ghost, dark etc. Light would naturally have interactions with Steel, Grass, Bug, Electric, Water, Fire. Work out the specifics to fit the game, but for example, i’d imagine it wouldn’t be effective against steel or grass, would be against water, bug, dark. It’d also be an idea to introduce split effectivenesses such as x1.5, thus nerfing some types a bit and making others relatively more poweful. For example, poison could be x1.5 effective against normal and water types.

      1. Also maybe giving types other attributes that can be utilised when using a pokemon of that type. For example, some moves might have an additional effect such as a chance of burn, but only if used by a fire type or All poison types using a poison type move have a 10% additional chance of poisoning the opponent. A few new statuses are overdue too.

      1. Nope. With the amount of rumors that have been circulating about Pokemon, it’s hard to believe anything about it these days.

        1. Yeah just wait till Pokemon comes and sells millions in the first week. You’ll probably change your avatar to a Pikachu and hide behind that.

          1. Nah, Pikachu is overrated. Of course it will sell millions, I’ll be contributing towards the sales as well, got 4 copies on pre order.

            Had enough of hiding behind one of your many alts yet Tony?

            1. Liar. There will only be two versions: X and Y. Saying you will pre-order 4 shows you know nothing about the game or series.

              Tired of hiding behind that Luigi avatar, Pretendo faggot?

              1. 2 copies of X, 2 copies of Y.

                I have a girlfriend who wants both copies too ….

                Wait I forgot, you have no idea what a female is.

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                                1. You’re alright really. There’s just people getting butthurt over a kids game.

                                  1. I suppose I don’t help the situation by being a smartass though ;D But yeah, people need to realize they’re just games.

                                    1. How about we just have occupation pokemon, then wed have doctor pokemon to heal all the sick cubchoos and wed have adorable little ice cubs running around everywhere :D cause cubchoos are swaqq

                                      1. Y’s Demon here. I understand doctor pokemon. It is a pain to go back and forth when your grinding your pokemon so its a good idea. I don’t think such a pokemon will ever exist. If it did, Happiney, Chansey, Blissey, and Audino would be perfect considering their appeaerences as Nurse Joy’s ”intern” in the animaes.

                                  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                    Well, you’re not very pleasant. Or mature. Attacking people over the Internet because you can doesn’t mean it’s okay. Same goes for rape and other heinous crimes. Just because an opportunity represents itself doesn’t mean said opportunity should be taken.

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                                    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                      Okay, poor sentence arrangement may lead some people into thinking I include “attacking people over the Internet” as a heinous crime. It is obviously not -.-;;

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                        1. Because you and everyone else thinks it will be light type that probably means the Pokemon Company will choose to be unpredictable and will add Fairy Type instead. Makes more sense. game companies can’t be too predictable and people have been saying “light type” for YEARS now. 💋

                        1. God no then it would be broken as hell, Togekiss will keep it typing as this rumour is most likely to be false.

                      2. I want to see MORE Dragon-types!!

                        I’ve yet to see a Dragon Pokemon that is both Fire-Type and Ice-Type, not counting Reshiram and Kyurem, White Kyurem. An actual Dragon Type that is Fire and Ice in one.

                        1. You got your wish with Reshiram and Kyurem, what you are asking for is a broken Dragon type Pokémon. Stop asking for broken Pokémon we got rid of them in gen 2 we don’t need them back again.

                      3. This game will nail the PS Vitanic in it’s coffin. Cry me a river and suck Kaz Hirai’s dick Sony drones.

                          1. You are mistaken… I am not Tony Lane.

                            You only know me as The Observer. You will never know my real name and it’s nunya damn business anyway.

                            1. Actually we can trace your IP address and find the location of your computer (your mother’s basement). We can also block your IP address to stop you posting comments from your computer.

                      4. hahaha lol at all the comments like “why would they add more types, if the formula works right now?”,i’m pretty sure fans said the same thing when silver and gold came out

                        1. That was different for two reason;

                          1. the series was just starting out so there was no set rules in place.
                          2. the new type was brought in the balance the typing chart as Psychic were pretty much broken.

                          1. Yeah, well I am sure they will balance it this time around even if Fairy Type is added or else the Pokemon company wouldn’t add it. They aren’t going to ruin the game for the sake of adding a new type. 💋

                      5. NOOOOO, we don’t need any new types! The 17 we have are more than enough! And “Fairy type”? Come on, that’s ridiculous!

                      6. If this is true, then how would they balance the typs out? In red/blue they had the same issue with physic Pokemon. If they add a new type, there would have to be another new type in order to balance it out.

                        1. that’s not true. Think about it, if it were true that it’d need another type, there wouldn’t be an odd number of types – 17. It isn’t completely balanced anyway, changes will always need to be made, if not through moves, pokemon typing, gameplay mechanics, then through the actual type chart itself.

                        1. Everyone called “light type” so Pokemon company obviously won’t use it! They are going to do something no one expected. Hence “fairy type.” No one saw it coming. 💋

                        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                          Unless you get a special Fairy Net that catches the Fairy Pokémon! They can’t be caught in any way other than through the Fairy Net! You find them in beautiful meadows, where endless rows of dandelions and daffodils sway in the wind, where the sun shines and where Fairies dance!

                          I bet I ruined someone’s childhood with that. If Nintendo does this…I called it.

                      7. Nah, just implement cutscenes(like 5th gen, but even more), get rid of 8bit pokemon sounds, bring contest back, replace them with sounds from the anime(or more realistic), keep PWT, and then after this game, remake Hoenn region for 20th anniversary. That will make me happy. But KEEP FAIRY TYPE OUT!!!

                      8. Can’t wait for this game. 3DS becomes a GOD when Pokemon , Animal crossing and the new Zelda are all released this year…

                        1. Fire Emblem, Mario 3D land, Starfox 64, Zelda Ocarina, Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Mario kart, Yoshi’s island 3, Pokémon mystery dungeon, Super Smash Bros., Golden sun (lets be honest. We will see one. Camelot even said they would make one if the demand is there), Phoenix Wright 5, Kid Icarus: uprising, Animal crossing, Zelda Link to the past two, Zelda ( I bet we will see a new one or MM remake), and a new 3d world Mario (We should see one), Moster hunter IV, Paper Mario

                          Come on. The 3DS is amazing. There is nothing to do about it.

                          1. And Castlevania LoS – MoF, Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon, Resident Evil: Revelstions, Lego City: Undercover – The Chase Begins, heck, even a Ninja Gaiden game have been confirmed!

                      9. If this is real, I guess that Fairy type Pokemon would be weak to Butterfly Nets; and there would be a crazy teacher like character that will be obsessed with finding them and proving he’s not crazy.

                        (Come on.. I just had to make the Fairy Odd Parents reference in there.)

                        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                          I made a similar remark except I wasn’t referencing Fairy Odd Parents on purpose. Must’ve seeped through subconsciously lol… So that’s why I put “fairies” and “nets” together xD

                      10. I’m surprised there’s a lot of people here just instantly taking this as truth… It explicitly says it’s just a rumor! It may be made up, possibly just to get negative reactions! :( How ’bout we save the anger until it’s (maybe) officially confirmed? :(

                        I don’t even get why rumors are being reported.

                            1. I am ashamed to see graphics whore Pretendoes like yourself and Jellybean invade this site! Get off my dick, trick.

                          1. i’ve been a massive pokémon fan for over 10 years now, and a nintendo fan even longer, but i really cannot help but feel you’re bringing about a bad name to Nintendo fans.
                            Tony, no matter how many times you and jellybean946 fight, its not going to change the outcome of Pokémon. i appreciate your effort, but come on now. its a game, not a presidential election.

                            i know this won’t have any effect on you whatsoever, and i’ll most likely get a snarky response, but hey; i tried. short story is; you’re giving a bad name to us. i’m both a PC and Nintendo fanatic, but to see this… kind of ruins my faith in the internet, seeing someone start flame wars just for the satisfaction of being noticed.

                      11. Fairy type huh? Sounds interesting. Plus wouldn’t Light type technically be Electric type? Just saying. As for fairy type, maybe if you call it Magic type? I mean why not? Plus having a new type would mean that the entire core battling would have to change, but hey, if it gives me an awesome game I’ll play for a long time then I’m up for it.

                        1. Not all light is a form of electricity though. The sun isn’t electric.
                          I think electric would deal more with the power effects of light. Light would deal more with the ‘mystical’ side.
                          Does that make any sense?

                      12. Ghost Type sounds SUPER silly, and Fairy Type does too.

                        Which is why I want this to be true. No joke.

                      13. Will not happen. Shitty rumours about types always result in the same thing. People getting their hopes up about nothing.

                        1. ^Yes I agree, also fairy type sounds soo much cooler than light type. I feel like it would have been “too easy” to just be like okay we are adding a light type. Ya know?

                          1. i agree, i mean both light and fairy type sound cool but fairy makes me think of dreams and myths while light makes me think of actual, physical light. plus, if they add light type, they might as well add sound type which makes things harder and sort of obvious and a bit boring. if they’re adding a new type, hopefully they are, then it just has to be fairy type, in my opinion

                      14. FAIRY TYPE POKEMON?! This could only be the work of…
                        FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! fdaodkswldokdfiojfueiiofjaesoakdaspdksaoidjsaodpksaofkasilsakddsak

                          1. Here we go again Jellybean. We disagree. Fairy for me seems…weak…like in Yugioh. Plasma would be like a combination of Phsychic and Poison. Think Muk and Reniculus combined.

                      15. I reckon it could be the Japanese’s answer to the western call for a ‘Light’ type (since fighting [hero] fills that position in the Japanese games)

                      16. what the fuck is this. fairy type, really. might as well call it light type and have it be super effective against dark, psychic, and ghost and weak against all three.

                      17. They already did make “fairy” types. They’re known as the 1138 non-canonical ones or whatever the hell the number is these days. At least it’s earning Nintendo money even if the series has been continually jumping sharks for over a decade.

                        1. Actually, magic type should be Psychic. Just look at Mr. Mime.
                          You mean mystical? Lugia, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi… And it would work as the same for Light:
                          If you mean “good”, fighting and psychic does the job together. (Wait, then Gallade is the perfect Light pokemon? Cool *-* )
                          I’d like to see a new pokemon type, but… there’s no place for another one…
                          17 types are a lot yet…

                      18. They have said that the new games will ‘redefine’ Pokemon as we know it.
                        Easiest way to redefine the games is to add one or two new types like Gold and Silver. Personally I think new types are overdue for the series because with more types then the potential designs for pokemon are expanded.

                        My idea for a light type would be some kind of crystal pokemon, let’s say its light/rock type. Give it an attack, call it Refraction, that is powered up in sunlight and produces a rainbow colored burst of energy like when you shine light through a crystal. I feel like that is a design that can’t be fully translated into an actual pokemon at the moment with the current types.

                        In addition one complaint that reviewers and gamers have had, especially since the fourth generation, is how old the 8-bit cries of the older pokemon sound in comparison to the multi-layered and natural sounds of the newer pokemon. Personally i would love to hear the cries redone so that they are recognizable (Zubat still sounds like Zubat) but they are updated to have the same more natural sound of newer pokemon. On a side note to that I would also love hearing Ikue Otani as the cry for Pikachu again, it was one of my favorite parts of Yellow version.

                      19. Virus ranted a bit on

                        Light Type wouldn’t be bad. Fairy type on the other hand… :P

                        And the Electric type does not disqualify a possible Light type. Light and Electricity
                        are (vastly) different forms of energy.
                        Then there’s ‘we don’t need Light to counter Dark because we have Fighting’??? ?
                        I think some are just scared they’d do it wrong or unbalance the game or something.
                        But there’s a lot of potential for a Light type.

                        1. Light could be weak against dark, that’s a possibility I haven’t heard thrown around too much, but it makes about as much sense as ghosts being weak against dark, so hey, who knows? Or, light and dark could be like ghost or dragon where their weak against each other, I’m partial to that idea.

                      20. I think it’s more likely to be a shiny pokemon type. We have dark type, so why not a light type or shiny type. They have shiny stones maybe it would be geared towards the normal types of pokemon that have the white and pink color scheme. Or a moon / space type I think. Maybe fairy type but it seems like such a small catagory. At least dragon types can be any shape, size, type, and color. But fairy type makes me think of tiny with wings kind of pokemon.

                      21. Fairy doesn’t seem to be suitable for a type. Light makes sense because light is energy, as is Sound. Light even makes sense in regards to Dark, though I’m not sure how Sound would fit in. But about Fairy, that’s like saying we should make all the pokemon like skitty and persian Cat types instead of Normal; just because certain pokemon have cat attributes doesn’t mean they should all be Cat type. Fairy should be left as what it is, an egg group and “species” of pokemon like Clefairy. If they were aiming for something more like a “Magical” type, well we already have Psychic and Ghost, so what’s the point? I really hope this rumor is meant to throw people off and nothing more.

                      22. I believe that it won’t be fairy or light but maybe DNA or something to do with DNA in the next gen. X and Y are the genes on a chromosome, the Japanese logo of the new gen has a little DNA symbol on it. It is only natural that Mewtwo is in it.

                      23. Hell no. I don’t want any types added because it would fuck up the entire chart, but honestly, I would rather take a Light and Sound type over a fucking fairy.

                      24. That’s kind of….strange. O_O it seems highly unlikely, though I have no complaints if it’s true, as long as they balance it out…Still really strange…

                      25. I think it would be kind of funny if this rumour was true, Then all the people in the comments saying that it isn’t true will look really silly. Vise versa for the people that think it will happen.

                      26. Really is amusing reading all the 13 year old boys demanding the new type (if there even is one!) not be called Fairy as it could somehow immaculate them. Grow up.

                      27. Unless it’s on, it ain’t happening. Rumours are just that, and there’s already LOADS of rumours that have already been proved false (Mr. XY anyone?) – so I’m not gonna give any “rumours” the time of day unless I see it on Serebii.

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                      29. Yeah its very logical to call dark pokemon evil ever since they have their own personalitys.
                        And seriously fairy type pokemon?? Its not like id actually bother having them as a type. never liked clefairy and, im choosing y anyway. But still fairy come on man… wtf kinda type should that play? and, what will be their strengths and weaknesses?

                      30. I think a Sound type would be cool, they could change some old Pokemon to it (like Exploud) just like they gave magnemite the steel type in Gen II and add new Pokemon of it’s type. They could also change moves to it’s type (like screech or hyper voice) just like they changed Bite to Dark type and Gust to Flying. Sound should be super effective against Water and Ground since sound travels fast underwater and through solid material. Also against Psychic because very loud sounds can make it difficult to focus your mind. It should be weak against Steel because steel can block sound out and weak against electricity because it travels faster than sound. As a type it would work great.

                      31. Personally, I’d rather have it be called Light type, and have only a few Pokemon retyped to Light/Fairy/Magic/Whatever it’s gonna be called

                      32. Introducing a new type is awesome as it should really shake things up (and this series really needs some shaking imo) i’m just not sure ‘fairy’ is gonna be very cool though i’m sure there are lots of other types they could have added that would be more badass

                      33. Sounds really lame, honestly. Fairy type sounds just about as useless as Normal type Pokemon except for being HM tools.

                      34. That would be nice with a fairy type!

                        I don’t think they would made a light type. If what I heard is true, is the dark type in japan a demon type or something. So fairy type would be more realistic.

                      35. Let’s look at this objectively for a moment: Normal type- only has one use. To defy ghosts. If anything, people should complain about NORMAL being useless. Normal type has always been lacking in every possible way. Not only can it not hit a ghost (the only use for normal type is to counter-ghost), which makes this completely void, but rock and steel somehow resist Normal type attacks. And Fighting is somehow super-effective against it.

                        Flying Type is only useful against fighting (for some reason) and bug (Cause birds eat bugs?). It’s only natural for these two to be paired up… Because neither of them really have anything useful to bring in a battle.

                        Ice Type is useful only against ground and dragon. (look out garchomp lool) But is pretty much crap in comparison to everything else. Yeah it can do super-effective damage against grass-types… But when do people ever use grass?

                        Now if we looked at “Light” as a type, it could defy both ghost and fighting (As in being immune) due to mythical things being beyond your reach. And is super-effective against Dark, resistant against itself, resistant against Dragon Type attacks (cause dragons are mythical too), resistant against Bug Type attacks (because insects usually hide during the day), and would not be very effective against Water (cause light doesn’t travel deep into the ocean), fire (because fire gives off light), and Steel (cause metal reflects light). However Dark type attacks would be super-effective against “Light” in contrast. You could also see Normal Type attacks being super-effective against “Light” due to Normally (get it?) Mythical creatures hide from everything else. Grass Type attacks would be super-effective against “Light” obviously due to photosynthesis…

                        If the above pros and cons for “Light” are used, then the meta-game would be drastically changed. You would no longer see people blindly using Fighting types, but you would also see Dark being used more often (which seems strange, but could be quite dynamic).

                        So to sum this up: If anything, your attention should be focused on how bad Normal, Ice, and Flying types are, and not a new “Light” type. And that “Light” type could swing the current trend of the meta-game into a more balanced state by adding in a new resistance to dragon and another immunity to fighting. Pokemon like Empoleon would get more use, and would make Fire Type a bit more useful. (cause we all know how much the stone-edge/earthquake combo is used that would normally deter us from using fire)

                        1. You can say normal types are useless, but they’re ONLY weak against fighting, and they use to be normal/flying, like almost every bird pokemon, or they can learn psychic moves, like Clefable. And if they don’t, they can learn lots of fighting moves (first time I saw Vigoroth and it’s moves, I though it was fighting), so they break rock and steel.

                          However, not every type needs to be strong against lots of type and weak against lots of types. Maybe it’s much better to have a pokemon which won’t be defeated by a x4 super effective hit.

                          (Oh, and Ice types also beats flying)

                        2. I agree immensly. No light types. And maybe they should buff normal types attacks, like they are much stronger or more acvurate. Maybe even an update where normal types can learn new moves, or be the first behind a double typed move. (In damage sense, the damage is relevant to the dominant type. If the move makes no damage due to type conflicts, then the second move type takes effect. If both moved are ineffective, no damage is delt)

                      36. I hope it’s fairy, when I looked at the Ninfea’s names I bet my brother it would be fairy. It would be weird to have a light type since I’ve always thought as Dark types as being closer related to fear than evil or darkness. If fairies are typically thought of as cheerful then it might provide a more balanced ‘opposite’ to dark.

                      37. sound type : whimsur/loudred/exploud the mangnamite/magneton/magnazone, zubat and new pokemon thoughts btw fairy type =end of pokemon. GARANTED

                        1. hey same person with sound type ideas. first off as i said before, fairy types would start another should we cancel pokemon crap.

                          Second, ideas of my sound type campain are open. Reply if have any ideas. I’m open to moves, pokemon, and more. I just wont listen to ”…you suck man.”, or,” this is bogus bro.”

                          Now,I’m gonna say one thing and one thing only only about this suggestion. Chatot. This parrot thing needs to be a sound type and maybe an evolution.
                          Signed- Y’s Demon. P.S. if anyone reply,s try posting your friend code for black 2.

                          1. Y’s Demon here. Forgot to mention, you can post your light types, fairy types ect. on this area and still im the only to post so do it or im moving on. Peace out.

                      38. Oh, please… NO
                        I really hope it’s just a bad rumor…
                        I’m not against a new type (but it would make weakness/advanges system more complicated), but… ¿Fairy? No, no, no, no, no, please, no…

                      39. I’m actually fairly excited about this. It was a pretty neat idea for them to implement the steel and dark types with the second generation. I feel like adding a fairy type would be a good idea for the sixth generation. It’s probably better off as the fairy type as well, and not the light type, just because they would have to dispute more of the normal type Pokemon as either light or normal. With the fairy type, it seems pretty clear cut.

                      40. Dude we Already have so many types, a lot of which still dont have all that many pokemon in them, like steel and ice …and even dark type only has a few purely dark pokemon. Plus, introducing a new type would mean they’d have to factor in its strengths and weaknesses into the current system, or create even MORE types to counter-balance it–and it just sounds like a whole lot of work for not that much payout. Plus, how many types can there possibly be? Light and sound? Are you kidding me? All pokemon produce sound, many attacks do as well, most all pokemon need light or have attacks which require/ produce light and already have types (such a solor beam, being grass type) and fairy? How is that even an elemental type?? Thats a creture, not an element. Naming it magic or mystic as was stated by somone earlier would help that problem, except, isnt a fire breathing dog kind of magic? Doesnt walking plant creatures who can throw razor sharp leaves at enemies sound like something that belongs in a myth? Something mythical? All Pokemon are already kind of members of a “magic” type, if you ask me, (particularly psychic ones, I mean they can artack in the future and with their minds) so do we really need a specific type for that? Its fine the way it is, they should work on filling up the other less used types with stronger Pokemon purly of that type, (and make more attacks for them while their at it) so it doesnt look like there are only 5 Pokemon in the entire universe with pure ice or dark or steel or poison clasifications. =.=;; the types are fine they way they are, in my opinion.

                      41. I’m not sure I like the idea of a new type .. Pokemon already has such diversity, maybe for new players it wouldn’t make much of a difference but for players playing from the time the game started it would be a major change. If there is going to be a new type, I’m not sure the name “fairy” is satisfactory. What would it’s weaknesses be

                        1. OG from the 1st Gen

                          As a veteran from Red and Blue. I can tell you its good to see the game changing over time. My wife and I both agree that there will be heated comments about the idea of a new type but things will calm down eventually when the new pokedex comes out and the reclassification list.

                      42. OG from the 1st Gen

                        I don’t have a negative comment about the idea of adding a new type such as fairy. I was in highschool when they first started red and blue. I can tell you that I’m a veteran of the game and that even though I am a big fan of the franchise. Its great to see something fresh brought to the table and its been 13 years since gamefreak introduced steel and dark. For the people that is mad and annoyed that it isn’t called light type. Think about this, the pokemon that would be classified light type to you are the basically 80% of the same pokemon that are going to be reclassified fairy type (just a theory guess). So get over the crushed idea it isn’t named light type and that the idea of at least there is something new to be brought to the table. Dissect my comment if you want and please comment on your thoughts on what I think.

                      43. I say they should let the new Pokémon be fairy type but leave the old Pokémon types alone and leave Pokémon like clefairy a normal type but let Sylveon and Xerneas be a fairy type

                      44. “Fairy” type pokemon don’t sound like something you could brag about catching to your friends. Why not a “mystic” type

                      45. I still want a sound type. Anyhow I’d just like to spit ball Fairy types being a-sexual or transgender. Yeah yeah kids game and all that, but if they do more gender specific evolutions I could see it working in. Also, would it be such a bad thing if third gender worked it’s way into pokemon? Might help teach tolerance and gender equality.

                      46. Ok, here’s my feeling towards fairty type.please reply to this as much as possible. I say yes to fairy because it has a type variation, and maybe this pokemon will be unaffected by dragon type moves, or have a stronbg resistancr to thrm. But, the name of the type sound too farmiliar to tugiohs fairy type monsters, which consists of magicians and chibi. I also agree that while there should be a light type, it would cause an issue between dsark types. Would this make dark weak against light type moves, or light weak against dark type moves? And what about dragon moves?

                        My only hope that is if a new breed of fairty typez are needed, try not vhanging norm

                      47. oo many questions. E.I. affect to all types? Also, why change preexisting normal types to fairy, it changes our common knowledge.

                        2. So long as were talking fairy ( the same name used in yugioh monsters fyi) what will the new movesets be? Does this changing new type have the first ever duel type abilities?

                        3. I have reports saying slyveon will evolve with a shiny stone.

                        4. I look forward to seeing a fairy type legendary move4 the books. (I wish that the legendary had been a grass, grass fairy, or first ever bug – dragon type legendary)

                      48. This is how I see it… Psychic has three weaknesses: Dark, Bug, and Ghost. As of Gen. 5, Dark only has two: Bug and Fighting. This could be the Pokemon Company trying to even things out between the two sort of “rival” types, making Dark weak to Fairy and Fairy resistant to (or unaffected by) Dark. But why would they wait all the way till 6th Gen and suddenly go “oh, let’s change Clefairy’s type completely to match the fact that it’s not normal but it’s a fairy.” That’d just be disregarding the fact that Clefairy has had weakness to Fighting and resistance to Ghost for 5 generations, AND that it’s gotten STAB for Normal type moves for all these years. Maybe the Sylveon and Xerneas thing is true, but it’s too late to change types of 1st/2nd gen Pokemon.

                      49. Sylveon is going to be a normal type. I’m not really sure why everyone is saying flying. If we look at pokemon like Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Chansey it’s pretty obvious that Sylveon is a normal type.

                      50. Really don’t care either way, Fairy type or not, Pokemon is Pokemon, fans will be fans and everybody will not agree. It happens. However reading all the comments from top to bottom. Jellybean wins, hands down.

                      51. I bet its a fairy type. And I bet many of the pokemon in the fairy egg group (clefairy line, chancy line, togepi line, etc) will be retconned into this typing.

                      52. Calm down nerds it’s pokemon a new type wouldn’t make much of difference. Normal is represented as light in Japan and china therefore it might be called fairy in Japan and something else in the other countrys(USA Australia Europe )

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                      54. This is how I see things:
                        the fighting type is weak against psychic because of brute force vs. reasoning and mental strength. The psychic type is weak against dark type because they represent fears.

                        If there was a fairy type, fairy type could represent dreams or myths, and fairy type could be either sort of weak against psychic or maybe strong, because, if weak, it’ll show that dreams only empower the mind. And if strong, it’ll show that both fears and dreams can effect the mind.

                        As for the light type, it doesn’t have to mean “good,” it could mean physical light that we need to see and to survive (and could have laser attacks), so could be strong against ghost, and weak against, maybe (just maybe), normal. So the normal type doesn’t keep looking like the weakest type there is!

                        (this is just my personal opinion, don’t judge me.)

                        1. ok so after listening to a video on youtube,
                          I think sylveon might have an advantage or disadvantage against jolteon and other electric pokemon. also, based on sylveon’s english name, it could mean either a spirt or a type of butterfly’s name.(also looking at sylveon’s jappaness name and french name, they probably mean nymph, in Greek mythology, a nymph is a minor female nature deity typically associated with a particular location or landform.this guy in the video supports these ideas, sylveon could be either:
                          1)fairy type or
                          2)flying type (or
                          3)normal type)