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Mario Sneaks Onto The Luigi-Themed Nintendo 3DS LL


The Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS LL, which was revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct, launches in Japan alongside Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on July 18th. On the special edition Nintendo 3DS LL are multiple green silhouettes of Luigi, and his shorter brother, Mario, somehow made his way onto the back of the system. There’s no word on whether the new design will be released outside Japan, but let’s hope it does.

106 thoughts on “Mario Sneaks Onto The Luigi-Themed Nintendo 3DS LL”

                      1. Yes I am upset. Just found out Kazzy had to sell his basement to pay off Sony’s debt.

        1. I agree. Jellybean is a meance and disgrace to Nintendo fans. That Sonyfag should stop hiding behind his Luigi avatar.

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                      1. Hmmmm. The comment sounds familiar. Someone on this website always says it, but I can’t remember who… :P

                  1. I’m not sure but his comments are similar to N-Dub’s and I find it strange that him and The Observer are “friends”.

                    1. You’d be surprised how many people actually defend N-Dub. They seem to mainly have anonymous gravatars though. Kinda weird when you think about it.

                      1. The only thing weird here is you and ShitterZ having an orgy. Go back to the PlayStation section of IGN! Both of you! GET OUTTA HERE!

                      2. Shut the fuck up, ShitterZ. I have been friends with nxtgen-wiiu for longing than you’ve been alive.

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            1. I highly doubt it. Macarony has a habit of making false claims like this. He though I was Adarazz and WooferZ for a while.

                1. You cant blame me for confusing you whit those two …after all few people defends retards like adarazz wooferz is cool by the way.

        1. I think they only showed this in japan for people could get the animal crossing one since itll be out in a month.

        2. lol, Mario you sneaky bastard.
          I think he’s being caring, & he’s just watching over his little brother.

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