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Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3DS Only $19.99 At Best Buy


US retail chain Best Buy is currently selling the well received Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the bargain price of $19.99. Paper Mario: Sticker Star launched last November on the Nintendo 3DS and received an average review score of 75 on online review aggregator, Metacritic. The game was also awarded the accolade of best handheld game of 2012 at this year’s D.I.C.E Awards.

Thanks, Kevin

97 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3DS Only $19.99 At Best Buy”

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  1. out of all the games on my want list, this isn’t one of them. ofc best buy has a sale on the one game i do not want.

  2. Pitfall near your door

    Good price but i really didn’t like this game, it was still pretty fun to play though but it wasn’t really the same without the RPG elements in it.

  3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    How in the world did this beat Kid Icarus? IDEC if people didn’t like the controls, it was still better.

  4. This game recieved far more praise than it deserved. It’s a total sham of a Paper Mario game and took the glory away from REAL games like Kid Icarus Uprising and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

  5. Mario and luigi destroy paper mario by so much. Idk wtf nintendo was thinking that this game would be good without a good funny story and great gameplay from the past n64 and gamecube title. Why do they always think they have to try and innovate things even when its already almost perfect in the past?

    1. Their biggest problem in my opinion is that they can’t figure out how to balance old and new. Trying new things is always welcome, but not when it comes at the expense of everything that made the series great in the first place.

  6. No. Keep that garbage away from me. Just wait for M&L4. Sticker Star is absolutely atrocious. Easily the worst Mario RPG. At Least SPM had a pretty good story.

                  1. I am not Tony Lane, Jellyfish! It’s just a coincidence that I have the same syntax and vocabulary as him and use the same immature insults. It is also a coincidence the only time I comment is to defend N-Dub Nation or attack trolls.

                    1. im a troll because im speaking the fair truth. nintendo rpgs just dont really have much of a story to them. oh wait thats right you guys dont play anything but nintendo made games of course you would get mad or your a blind fanboy

                    2. iceazama, it was just Neutron imitating Troll Whisperer (N-dub) to mock him. He wasn’t attacking you.

    1. Still would not recommend it. There will be plenty of other great games that would be worth your time coming out soon.

  7. First of all, they shouldn’t have put a Paper Mario game on a hand held. Should have stayed on home consoles.

    1. same with luigis mansion and maybe yoshis island. the wii u will suck by the looks of it, they dont even bring the games that should be on a console to it

  8. For people who don’t own this… GET!! IT!!!
    At first I though this game was stupid so I didn’t get it. I got it for 20$ and this game is unbelievable good.
    It has worldmap like New super Mario Bros. and every level is very very creative.
    This game is nothing, really nothing, like Paper Mario for the Wii.
    It has a great humor it is very fun creative and good. The battle system is a little lame compared to the battle system of Mario and Luigi RPGs but it nice smoth and fun.

    I would give this game about 8.6/10

    1. Every level is completely different and you just really notice that Nintendo put really had effort in this game. I don’t understand why this game is underrated.

      1. Because some one from a popular site give it a dubvious review. None of the people whinning have played the game.

        1. Agree, its not the best in the series, but its not bad at all. If it didn’t have the Paper Mario title on it, it wouldved been a solid game, but since it does, its considered the black sheep.

          I give it a 7.5 out of 10

  9. I liked this game , and yes I have played the other Paper mario games. If you did not like then fair enough. I liked Solving puzzles with stickers , bite me.

    1. People here seem to hate it. IT SHOULD HAVE STAYED ON HOME CONSOLES, NOT AS GOOD AS MARIO & LUIGI RPG and blah blah.
      This game is really good. It is really funny. Did you see those ancient Toad paintings? I laughed so freaking hard when I saw them. The Toad in his swimming pool. This game is great!
      Every level was completely different. Nintendo over did themselves with this one. I love it!

      Anyway. I always look for your comments because you are one of the few people who don’t post bull shi* the whole day.
      I don’t get what is wrong with having a paper Mario game on a handheld.
      Real gamers play games even if it is on a handheld.
      Mario kart SNES N64 GCN… It was a home console series.
      Now Super Smash bros. N64 GCN WII…It is comming to the 3ds, a handheld.
      Paper Mario N64 GCN WII… Also a home console game that showed up on a handheld after appearing three times on a home console.
      But somehow people do not complain about Mario kart and super smash bros. They somehow managed to tolerant it.

      Anyway. This game is great.

      1. Exactly! I like the overall feel and humour of the game it is ”memorable” .

        I dunno the game would get an 8.5/10 from me. Any score less than that is criminal. It’s like they don’t want Nintendo to try new things ever , even with a handheld spin off like this…

        I liked this game :) , but people are entitled not to.

          1. He is uneducated. He cannot put this thoughts into words so he just screams, “8.5! If you disagree you’re criminal!”.

          2. I believe that there isn’t a need to focus on numerical scores in video games because people become obsessed with them, for example “8/10” “You’re crazy! It’s an 8.5/10!” “No, 8.2!” Does it really matter? Also, people often skip reading the actual article which is what is really important, and nonsensical people freak out if the original game scored better or base their decision to purchase based off of the score.

      2. People don’t really care about the game being on a handheld.
        They care about the fact it has NO story, NO characters and a completely butchered battle system.

        1. Butchered?

          Fans have been bitching at Nintendo for “rehashing” concepts, and as soon as Nintendo tries something different, they butchered it?

          I rarely agree with Edward, but this is one of those rare occasions.

          1. 1. Can only fight by using the stickers, when Mario should logically be able to jump normally. Picture trying to play any RPG by only using items.
            2. Lack of partners removes a lot of strategy and variety.
            3. You can only attack either the enemy in front of the line, or all of them.

            There are ways to try different things without completely scrapping a good formula. Thousand year door added different mechanics in the battle system and those changes were universally well received.
            Sticker star did nothing but remove stuff all over the place, and replaced it all with a sticker gimmick.

            And don’t even get me started on the story…if you can even call it that.

    1. Yeah , the sticker collection was awesome , that was my favorite thing about the game. I was compelled to full as much of it as I could.

  10. I got this game the last time it was on sale. It is quite good. Not as good as the first two games, but totally better than Super Paper Mario. Super Paper Mario was a complete disgrace to the Paper Mario series and should just be completely retconned from existence.

    1. Nah Shitty Star is the shitter game since Super Paper Mario actually had a proper RPG mechanic in the game and a story. Shitty Star is a joke that will be retconned.

                1. Yes I do have the game. I even have the amazing art book that comes with it.

                  For a 39 year old you’re quite sad.

      1. The battle system is pointless outside of Boss battle as you don’t gain experience from battle and all you get is money which is useless as Sticker can be found everywhere thus making the battle pointless and a waste of time.

        The lack of story also hurts it as the Paper Mario series are know for their great story.

  11. People actually think this game was humorous? What humor? The game was nothing but paper jokes which got old before Chapter 1 was even finished.

    There’s also the fact that it was stupid to require a sticker for every action. Why can’t Mario even do a simple jump or hammer attack with a sticker? Bogus.

    The environments weren’t even unique. It was plain and simple forest, fire, and ice stages, nothing unique like Shy Guy’s Toy Box or the Gitz Pit.

    This game has only bare bones detail. I got to Chapter 6 three months ago and haven’t finished it. No motivation to finish it. Bowser doesn’t talk. Peach is back to being useless, unlike the other PM games. This game spits upon PM’s good name.

          1. Yeah, I went camping with my girlfriend over the weekend up in the mountains. Was quite peaceful and quite relaxing :)

  12. I don’t understand the hate! Sure, Paper Mario 64, and TTYD are better, but it’s a handheld and a really good game in my opinion. I have enjoyed it thoroughly! (Except looking for the wiggler parts :P)

  13. Am I the only one who just stood there and stared at the sumbrero guy for 5 minutes just cause it was random as fuck.

    1. Also was I the only one who enjoyed super paper Mario? I played both paper Mario 64 and TTYD before this one.

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