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EarthBound Fans Offer To Give Sequel Translation To Nintendo For Free


Clyde Mandelin, a professional translator on games including Kingdom Hearts 2, One Piece: Unlimited Adventure and The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King, has offered to give Nintendo the translation of Earthbound sequel Mother 3 to Nintendo for free. Mandelin says he will do whatever it takes to secure an official release of the game here in the West.

“I realize that localizing a game this size can cost a lot, so if it’ll help in even the slightest, I’ll gladly offer to let Nintendo use my text translation files for any use at all, completely for free. I’ll even edit the files to fit whatever new standards are necessary (content, formatting, memory size, etc.), completely for free. I’ll even retranslate everything from scratch if need be. Just whatever it takes to get an official release out.”

“In the end, if localizing Mother 3 should ever come up in a Nintendo business meeting or whatever and someone brings up budget concerns or it costing too much, my hope is that someone will at least mention this offer too, even if it isn’t accepted.”

Thanks, Cameron

132 thoughts on “EarthBound Fans Offer To Give Sequel Translation To Nintendo For Free”

  1. It’s awesome of them to offer it and would be awesome of Nintendo to accept it. I believe the trouble is that Nintendo thinks that by accepting it they will be promoting unofficial ROM hacks, which is something they obviously don’t want.

          1. Microsoft would prefer to ley the ip die instead. They would not even sell to Nintendo vampire rain to Nintendo.

            1. I seriously think Microsoft should just go ahead and sell BK to a company that, you know, actually can develop games for them.

  2. Ahh this would be so great if Nintendo accepted! People could finally play the amazing that is Mother 3…. Though, I wonder, would they release it as Earthbound 2, or Mother 3….? I know fans already know it as Mother 3, but what about the new fans?

  3. Completely off topic – Who downloaded the 3D video of the new A link to the past game on their 3DS ? OMFG!!!!! That game looks INCREDIBLE when it’s in 3D on the 3DS , I’m not exagerating. Seeing it on youtube in 2D does the game no justice at all.

    Honestly , go and watch that video on 3DS and your jaw will drop. It went from being ”This looks great” to ”THIS IS BY FAR MY MOST ANTICIPATED 3DS GAME” .

    1. To be honest the game looks really bland and boring. It’s just… Boring. They should have just let the 2D Zelda’s die out. The 3D Zelda is where it’s at right now. A link to past was great BACK IN THE DAYS. But today’s standard the gameplay is very dated.

      1. Right , So i’m going to presume you don’t have a 3DS and you have not downloaded the 3D trailer off of the Eshop and watched it like I asked ? No , then you can’t judge it.

        I’m being Honest here , when i first saw the trailer on the Nintendo direct I was a little dissapointed myself and was expecting a full 3D world (like Ocarina). BUT then I watched the trailer running Natively on 3DS in 3D @ 60FPS and it looks INCREDIBLE. The graphics and 3D @ 60FPS jumps right off the screen and it’s one of the best looking 3DS games.

        Go and watch it somehow and you will know exactly what I mean. It’s one of my most anticipated games now.

        1. I have seen it on the 3DS :P it doesn’t look that much better. Gameplay wise it still looks like a rehash. I mean the whole world looks the EXACT SAME as ALTTP but with minor changes. Idk but the game just looks like a quick cash in and the real Zelda is yet to be shown.

          1. It certainly does not look like a rehash at all. And Rehash of a 22 year old game ? really son ? lol. More like a Re-vival . NSMB2 is a rehash , this is not.
            And the game is based on stereoscopic 3D as a means of intensifying the layers of the dungeons and certain puzzles which is completely new to the series.

            All in all this couldn’t be further from a Rehash , we’re talking about a Sequel to a game which is older than the Playstation brand.

            1. Because someone else’s opinion can’t possibly be right… I think the 3D is indeed impressive, but I too am massively disappointed. I think it looks bland and Meh as well.

            1. Maybe not a rehash, but like 3D Land (which is actually good) it is obviously an attempt to jump in on nostalgia and earn some profit from it.

        2. The new Zelda game for 3DS looks extremely boring.

          The gameplay trailer screamed “SAME OLD ZELDA!” with a couple of new gimmicks tossed in. As usual in Zelda games the story will be shallow and predictable. The graphics you’re so excited about are not impressive at all. that game could be on iOS minus the gimmicky 3D effect.

          1. Comparing The Legend of Zelda to IOS = a tragic fail. You should go and cry in a corner for even suggesting that , troll.

            1. It looks like an iOS game. Are you seriously that blind to think it looks graphically impressive? Jesus Christ, I bet if Iwata shit in your mouth all you woukd say is, “Pass the ketchup!”.

              1. STFU retarded troll. The game looks fantastic running on the 3DS in 3D.

                3DS is roughly 1 trillion times better than IOS , so like I originally told you to , go and cry your self to sleep in the darkest corner of your house.

                1. Sorry Nintenward…I have to agree that the 3ds is probably just as powerful as the IOS…however I love the 3ds and really hyped for link to the past 2!. Your really letting the trolls get to you stop feeding them!

                  1. Exactly, don’t let those idiots get to ya! Link to the past 2 looks to be a contender for GOTY, I hope they bring a new Lttp themed XL, that would be fantastic!

                2. I always hear online people saying to the ones who reacted to troll like Neutron “Don’t feed the trolls”.

                  IE, don’t react to them.

                  Ignore them.

          2. yeah the last “same old zelda” was the minish cap and it is 9 years old, so im pretty sure it’s time to another 2D zelda games, if you want innovative Zeldas play the console ones, and then you can complain about “its to cartoonish”, “motion control sucks” and stuff like that, innovative stuff you want, but when nintendo give you them to you, you call them “gimmicks”

          1. Nintendrones will try to defend anything theur beloved company does. Iwata could start a nuclear war and they would come up with lame excuses to justify his actions.

            1. Now that I would like to see. Nintendo-brand Nukes. Of course, then Sony would copy their ideas and make more powerful nukes. Then fans would argue about which is better.

          2. By what logic? That series isn’t even 2.5D. Your comment makes no sense… then again, it was made by you.

            1. The NSMB games are made with 3D models.. But is it a 3D Mario game? NO. And Zelda also has 3D models but it’s still considered a 2D game.

              1. Yes, nsmb games have 3D models, but it is till just 2D platforming. Zelda 3DS uses 3D models but the world is also 3D and you are seeing this 3D world from a top view. If you watch the trailer again, notice the angles of things like walls and trees move as your view shifts. Not to mention they couldn’t do the drawing on the wall thing if the environment wasn’t Three Deminsional.

      2. Pitfall near your door

        Everyone has their own opinion i guess, personally i really don’t mind how it looks and plus being a sequel from LTTP really made me happy anyway.

      3. I have a similar opinion.
        Ocarina of Time 3DS showed the game could still hold up to today’s standards.
        This one…shows A link to the past hasn’t aged as well as others would claim.

    2. A very unmanly game and looks like an iPhone game, my toaster can push out better graphics than the 3D-ASS. The game is a rehash just like every other Nintendo game ~THE REAL BILL~

      1. So is Banjo Kazooie. But I see you not saying nothing as to Microsoft holding on to Conker and Banjo and Bottles the mole.

          1. ^Right on the money. Heck I love my Vita immensely and I believe it has fantastic games. But all the support is still stuck on the PSP!!!

    3. Downloaded the video, honestly its the best 3D I’ve seen period (I hate 3D BTW) the only places its hurt my eyes (or atleast made it a bit uncomfortable) was when link jumped up to the levels above. The bones reflecting off of links shield was truely amazing, It really they were coming out.

      Overall, this might be the first game I play in 3D.

      1. Exactly. The game looks stunning on 3DS and you can see its full 60FPS on that 3DS video. Looks 10 times better than it does on compressedtube …

    4. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited and getting it day 1 but I was never a fan of A Link To The Past. I don’t like any of the Zeldas before Ocarina. While this looks good and fun to me. Its nothing omfg worthy.

      1. Fair enough , we all have different tastes. I LOVE the old top down Zelda games , so it’s like a dream come true for me. And the way Nintendo has used 3D on this game looks masterfull.

      2. i liked wind waker and skyward sword, i saw the video on gamexplain youtube account and its pretty good, i might get it after i get a different game.

    5. It does look great in 3D, however I am concerned for the gameplay. It looks bland and unoriginal from the first, however the first dungeon is the easiest and it will probably be awesome.

      1. You’re absolutely right. There is a difference between dead and concluded games and Banjo Kazooie is definitely dead. Rare even said they would like to make a true sequel to Banjo Tooie but there are some pretty big complications that go along with that so it’s almost impossible thus a dead series. Even Rare doesn’t consider Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts to be a true sequel.

      1. 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      2. No no no no Neutron this how you do it *hrmmmm*Neutron: “I’ll tell you now… Trolling on nintendo website is the only thing that makes my life have meaning. I’m a sad person with many issues that can only be solved by trolling .If I reply to any comments this only proves i’m a leech that feeds.I’m not a true gamer I am a “hardcore gamer”” Thats how you do it

    1. I really wish you were wrong, but you’re just speaking realistically. Idiots will come and go saying “nuh its possible even dough i have no evidence to back my claim up im rite”. But they’re wrong. There’s not gonna be a Kid Icarus Uprising for the Mother series. It’s dead. Itoi doesn’t wanna make anymore.

      1. He doesn’t want to make them anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be done sakurai brought life to kid icarus and he wasn’t the original designer on the project. Someone might pick up on project probably not now but later maybe can’t let the game end the way it did ,with a cliff-hanger.

        1. It didn’t end with a cliffhanger. You say that as if the games are connected chronologically. Mother 3’s ending isn’t a cliffhanger, it leaves the player up to interpretation as to what happened. I guarantee you, if a Mother 4 descended from Valhalla, it’d have nothing to do with Lucas, or any of the characters from Mother 3. Itoi acknowledges the fan project Mother 4, but it’s still fan-made, not official.

  4. It’s amusing to see all the trolls screaming “it’s not gonna happen!!!” when they have about as much proof to back up their wails as those who believe a Mother3 import will happen. uwu

    It’s nice to see this. I don’t think Nintendo would use it, though, as Naner already said.

      1. This was years ago. Itoi’s opinions on the past 3 Mother games have changed since then.

        Obviously Mother 4 is out of the question, however. He’s said that time and time again. The fact that people still ask about Mother 4 at this stage is ridiculous.

  5. Such an unmanly game , why do these nintendorks want a game that’s as old as my granparents. New games is what SHITENDO needs not old crap. ~THE REAL BILL~

    1. Who cares if a game looks unmanly, who cares if it sounds unmanly, try saying that when you actuly play the game and know how good it is, Bill. >8(

    2. Ignoring that both old and new games on Nintendo reach top ten in sales. Also I can’t wait to play Wind Walker on the Game pad. Its not about the graphics it is about the Game pad. I also can’t wait to try Pikmin 3 and SSB on the game pad. Fuck a console to just have better graphics every 6 years.

  6. If the wiiU can’t run unreal egine 4 then it’s a previus generation console with a new controller,just like wii,thats why they named it first wii 2,

    1. the Wii U is 8th generation. it has a revolutionary controller, a social network(miiverse),video chat, and it is the successor to the Wii. it’s a TRUE NEXT GEN CONSOLE. you are one of those people who consider the XBOX a next gen console because of the more powerful graphics.

      1. Fuck graphics. I can care less since all consoles are weaker than PCs anyway. Wii U is fine. Besides Deus EX proves it has great graphics.

        1. He shared the Mark Rein Article of him lying about the Wii U not running unreal engine 4. Then next day Mark said it can be scaled to run on the Wii U. They blame the tools and not their lack of programmer skill or creativity. Miyamoto said hello :).

    2. Actually, it can.

      So can the Playstation 3, the Xbox 360, the Iphone, the Itab, should I continue?

      The engine’s designed to be scalable to adapt to less powerful systems, so even if it isn’t powerful enough to run Unreal Engine 4 games at their true potential (like on PC and other 8th generation consoles), the Wii U could still run it.

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      1. You right! wii needs Threeie. Microsoft believs hardcore sales yet want sell Rare Ips to Nintendo to revive them.

  8. beemothelittleboy

    Yay, now I can hear and see gygas, on my new 4k tv, starin, watching in my soul, every room I ever walk into he will always be there watching waiting, until the end of all time *shivers*

  9. As much as I love this guy’s dedication, for goodness sake, it’s Nintendo we’re talking about here! They have 1.3 trillion yen in total economic assets. They lost a lawsuit for $30.2 million over the 3DS patent fiasco and that meant barely anything to them. If they could afford to disregard $30.2 million over one person’s lawsuit, then they could afford to pay a small fraction of that cost to localize Mother 3 or pay this dedicated fan to do it.

  10. im still waiting for nintendo to donate 3ds’s and wiiu’s to people that cant buy them.. like when a bunch of ds’s were stolen from loading docks a few million worth of stuff was taken… then nintendo dominated ds’s to kids to say hey we are rich fuck you thiefs

  11. Can anyone who’s actually played Mother 3 tell me, is it as good as Mother 2 (Earthbound)? Because Earthbound is AMAZING!

    1. Maybe I’m biased because I played Mother 3 before Earthbound, but Mother 3 is an AMAZING game, and it touches the storyline a lot more than Earthbound does. It does get really sad at parts, though.

  12. Awesome! Hopefully Nintendo will see this and realize that Mother 3 has a dedicated fan following as well and will put a translated Mother 3 onto Wii U’s virtual console. A boy can dream right?

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