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Kickstarter Title Buddy & Me May Yet Be Coming To Wii U

Buddy & MeKickstarter funded Buddy & Me was hoping to come to the Wii U after a stretch goal was added to provide extra support for the Nintendo console port. Sunbreak Games reached their goal of $40,000 but didn’t quite make it to the Wii U target of $55,000. However, that is not to say that it will never reach the console, thankfully, as Sunbreak Games have announced that they will try to find the financial backing to provide their fans with their fantasy forest platformer.

“First up, let me say that we owe our loyal Nintendo fans so much. You guys have been amazing, and are one of the biggest reasons this Kickstarter survived after its first three weeks. You’ve reminded the team of how much our previous games meant to you, and really inspired the team. We will not forget that. We don’t want to let you down.

“Bottom line, it does cost a lot extra to port to Wii U, and we will need to find that funding somehow, somewhere, sometime. We can’t in any way promise or guarantee it until we’ve figured out how to do it… but what we can promise, is that we’ll try.

“You’ll be happy to know, we’ve already reached out to Nintendo (Nintendo of America headquarters is just a few miles away from us), and are trying to figure out exactly what it would take to get development kits, and get more familiar with the technology.”

– Sunbreak Games

36 thoughts on “Kickstarter Title Buddy & Me May Yet Be Coming To Wii U”

      1. Ignoring that Vita can’t keep up with 3DS. Ignoring that All Stars is nothing like SSB. Ignoring that God of Wars can’t outsell Zelda, Metroid or Mario. ignoring that Nintendo doesn’t need 3rd party or a souped up CPU like Sony. Ignoring that Sony had to sell their headquarters yet Nintendo bought a $2 million dollar headquarters expected to hire over 1,500 new employees yet according to Ness Sony blows.

        1. Ignoring that Nintendo are becoming irrelevant , ignoring that the wii only sold because of the motion control gimmick, ignoring that Nintendo had their FIRST loss recently, ignoring that the Wii U will be the Wii all over again, ignoring that uncharted 3 outsold skyward sword, ignoring that 3rd parties are ditching Nintendo , ignoring that Nintendo is in serious trouble with the Wii U and so on.

          1. Unlike Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3 isn´t even a real game! It´s just a movie, where you have to climb and shoot from time to time :D

          2. Ignoring that the Move was more a gimmick than the Wiimote. Ignoring that Super Smash bros did more on Wii Sales than All stars did for PS3. Ignoring that Skyward sward still made top ten best selling games. Ignoring that Wii u is getting third party support. Ignoring that Wii U has more secrets not unveiled yet. Do you want to copy again like Sony copies Nintendo?

          3. Uncharted 3 you mean Unchanged 3. Its the same as Uncharted 1 and 2. Though it go its success from ripping of Tomb Raider.

      2. I’d say only Microsoft blows. Paying for online when I can get for free on other consoles? Not that many good exclusives? No thank you.

  1. Well, Nintendo have been providing free devkits to some smaller developers. Getting a devkit for free would already cut some of the costs I guess

  2. That seems kinda shitty, if loads of WiiU owners funded the kickstarter then just said, “thanks, not coming to WiiU though”.
    Hopefully they’ll get their full target through other means

  3. You know what I find hilarious?

    This project has been up since March 21. On April 20th, after nearly 3 weeks, they only raised about $1,000 out of their $40,000 goal. They announced a Wii U port as a stretch goal, and it suddenly passed their goal in the seven days they had left.

    I’ve contributed to a lot of Kickstarter projects, mainly in gaming, but this is the first time I’ve seen an obvious “going-to-fail” suddenly become a success in so little time.

    Looking at the comments, a large majority of the contributors are hoping for a Wii U version.

    So, yeah, I think it’s safe to assume what was the cause of their sudden success.

  4. That creature/buddy needs a lot of work. It’s way to generic looking. My niece comes up with more creative(and better) drawings then that all the time and she is still in elementary school(grade 4), and that is not an exageration!

    1. Buddy looks a lot like the creature from “never ending story”. Falcor? I’d play this it seems like a boy and his blob style game and the original and remake of that game were great!

    1. We did and that’s why it met any goal at all! Without Nintendo fan’s support they wouldn’t have even reached their regular goal. That’s why he said they “…owe a lot to their loyal Nintendo fans!” No goals were even potentially going to be met before they announced the stretch goal for Wii U development. It had about $1000 of its goal until the last 7 days when they announced the stretch goal for Wii U, then it suddenly jumped to $40,000… Now tell me Nintendo fans didn’t want this! Do research before you type ignorant garbage like this!

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