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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Teaser Site Goes Live


Activision has launched a new teaser site for the next game in the immensely popular Call of Duty series. The game which is hinted is apparently titled Call of Duty: Ghosts and will be revealed to the general public on May 1st. The teaser message on the official website cryptically says “The ghosts are real.”

62 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Ghosts Teaser Site Goes Live”

        1. This is true, but some speculate that Ghost was shot in the arm/shoulder, and Ghost did mention wearing fire proof vests prior to being burned.

          1. But YOUR comment does make a point. I think it’ll be taking a similar route to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

  1. Huh, well, sounds like COD is finally starting to change up its formula some. BO2 had a future thing going on and some zombies, right? Well, about time someone let us shoot ghosts. Maybe this one will get me to try it out, I’ve never bought into the series before, but I’ve just never been that interested. However, I do like the idea of shooting a ghost’s ectoplasmic head off. Reminds me of TimeSplitters a bit

        1. i mean, that even with you have obvious better taste in games that the majority of high schoolers, there are things that you “don’t like”, an example, you said that you are not into Yoshi, even having an avatar of him, and i get it, you weren’t back then, when Yoshi’s Island came out, you don’t know how fun it was, how cool it was, and there are a lot of things you say, that makes me thing, this is just a NintendoFan wannabe, but knowing you are in High School, now i know, that you aren’t the problem, your generation is, really dude, give some chance to the classics, maybe they having fancy graphics like the ones right now, but in the end,they were a lot of fun, and a lot of challenge, and when you had beaten them you were like OF FUCK YES I AM THE BEST, hell, my friends and i, could play Smash Bros on the 64 for HOURS, even having Brawl next to us, they are old, but they have its charm, remember they started the franchises that are now, maybe another thing is that you don’t have an older brother, my brother is in high school as well(or the mexican equivalent) and he love the old games because of me, we used to play them a lot, so please, give them a chance! (:

          1. Ohh! I almost forgot (I had to make a short comment because I had to go to school). Don’t worry I’m in to a sizeable amount of classic games (if the N64 counts). As a Nintendo fan I’m obligated to some of Nintendo’s classics. Just like you, I LOVED playing Smash Bros 64 when I was younger and a few other classic N64 games. I’m somewhat new in the gaming world so you’re right on that part. I never realised that people payed attetion to my comments. And yes, I will give them a chance, that’s one thing I will promise you :)

    1. Same thing will happen to me tommorow. I can see it-
      “OMG did you here they’re making a new COD?!?!”
      “WHAT? No way!”
      “I know right!?!?”
      “i wonder what the new maps will be!”
      “ya! and new maps!”

      high school …

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Preeeeetty sure silver bullets and vampire arrows work on vampires and not ghosts. Don’t know about the blessed items.

        And it was a bit of a joke, considering ghosts are spirits (the CONCEPT of ghosts) and don’t get hurt by physical matter.

  2. el durako akolatronico

    OMG ANOTHER COD HOW UNEXPECTED… not. Seriously who can be surprised? Its like Mario, except Mario is good and offers variety and creativity.

        1. New super mario bros 2 and super mario 3d land. Also, new super mario bros U and now new super mario 3d U… Too many too quick!

  3. You people are taking it too literally. I think Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be more like a spec ops type of thing. Like they go in, do their mission, and leave before anyone knows, like a ghost. Something like that. I don’t think literal ghosts have anything to do with the game.

    1. I wouldn’t put it past them, though. I mean, CoD has been much the same for so long, even taking into account the small changes, that I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs tried changing things up a bit.
      Still, your explanation makes the most sense.

    2. ghost is a past character in the game. That is what the hint is referring to. It will most likely be a prequel about him.

  4. I will probably get this version of CoD as well. The games are fun and on the Wii U with off screen play BLOPS 2 was great! If it doesn’t come out on Wii U, I won’t be purchasing.

  5. No big franchise ever really changes it just gets a new coat of paint and a new name with the new price tag for the gen it’s released on. I like the CoD games because I can play them with my friends from out west that I don’t get to see a lot. The campaigns leave something to be desired though.

  6. Ghosts? Is this game about spectres or like a secret “team” called “Ghost?” I hope it doesn’t involve REAL apparitions! Kisses! 💋

  7. note: to everyone who thinks this is about actual ghosts, sorry to dissapoint you but i don’t think even if you were jokeing its true. it’s most likely a term used in the military to name secret military agents used for certain unspecified missions that are not on a grand scale like a major war. they are refered to WW2 and yada yada. Basically just your average cod with some new elements seen in other games with “GHOSTS” in them. nothing new to see here, move along.

  8. Ghost would refer to a covert team operating outside the usual rules of engagement in a large scale conflict. Not to an other worldly apparition! Run, Shoot, Laugh at the Noobs, Repeat! And if they were actual ghosts there really would be “nothing new to see here…” LOL

  9. are you telling me that they were not able to find a white wall and create these designs? They had to do it all on a computer and make it look entirely fake?

  10. That picture…looks like something from a horror game…

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