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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Confirmed For Nintendo Consoles

Many will be familiar with YouTube’s JamesNintendoNerd aka ‘the video game nerd’, but recently he’s been working with game developers FreakZone Games – who brought Manos: The Hands of Fate and Awesome Land to the iOS – to present an all-star retro 2D platformer for all your classic playing needs.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures was confirmed that it would be available for download on ‘modern Nintendo consoles’ – presumably the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this coming summer. The game was officially greenlit on Steam earlier this month after pre-alpha footage was released in the game trailer above. The title, said to be influenced by classics such as Castlevania and Megaman, features 10 levels of fast-paced 2D action based on the popular YouTube series.

47 thoughts on “Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Confirmed For Nintendo Consoles”

  1. I had to fucking port this shit to the diarrhea known as the the Wii U. IT FUCKING SUCKS and it’s hard to develop for and not to mention using gamepad piece of shit is the worst gimmick known to man. I admit… i liked the NES,SNES,N64,Gamecube,Wii but seriously the Wii U? i would rater eat a dogs giant turd mixed with skunk fart than play that abomination of a console. in the end… most of my fans wanted it on nintendo systems so yeah, i did it. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCKK

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  2. I love the little details like the phallic shaped missiles, the snowman from the series the power glove and blaster (power gun) I just hope it’s better than the games he plays.
    (also i want s*** pickle to be the final boss)

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  3. Working with “developers”?

    More like hackers. This game is basically just a mod of Mega Man with the textures changed around. Hell, they ripped the “big floating head w/ spikes that pop out of the sides every few seconds” thing DIRECTLY out of Mega Man 2.

  4. I’m happy for James, certainly releasing his own game for both Nintendo platforms alongside making his first major theatrical movie is like a dream come true for him. I bet he’s thinking if he could go back in time and tell this to his child-self, he wouldn’t believe it. Let alone the fact he’s going to be a father soon!!!

    I’m a fan of him more than being a fan of AVGN. I just like to hear him talking about pretty much anything – he’s probably the most interesting dude I’ve ever seen, he knows a shit ton of cool stuff.

  5. This is so perfect, the AVGN game had to be on Nintendo, especially considering that he was at once the Angry Nintendo Nerd.

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