BearShark Video Game Coming To Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo has announced that a BearShark video game is coming to Nintendo 3DS. The video game will be based on the BearShark series, in which an ordinary guy named Steve is constantly being chased by a bear and shark – both of which will do anything to devour poor Steve. The BearShark video game will be released on May 2nd in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

You’ve watched Steve run for his life from Bear and Shark on Nintendo Video. Now it’s your turn! Dash, jump, dive and swim as Bear and Shark pursue you in a never-ending chase across land and sea.

Starting May 2, download the new BearShark game from Nintendo eShop!



  1. This and Dinosaur Office are the only reasons I still have Nintendo Video on my 3DS. Everything else is pretty much crap :/

      1. My account been hacked, also any manager s who run this site see this I’m not trying to spam, my account has been sending out the wazoo ever since I gave them (free Wii points) my gmail sorry

      1. Yeah it is, don’t now my gmail account along with all of my other account are hacked by it now this stupid thing get put up, its not me its them, now I’m gonna have to make a new account, they’ll hack your account and spread viruses

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