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Aonuma: Zelda 3DS Will Be A Significant Departure From The Way Most Zelda Games Are Played


The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma told CNET that the spiritual successor to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past will be a significant departure from the way most Zelda games are played. For example, the forthcoming game introduces at least one brand-new mechanic, which is Link’s ability to shift from a 3D character into a 2D drawing.

The inspiration for the new ability comes from one of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Forest Temple’s main antagonist,  Phantom Ganon, had the ability to jump into one of six paintings on a wall – to which Aonuma wondered, “what if Link could have the same power?”

Furthermore, Aonuma confirmed that a light and dark world will make an appearance in the game, though it’s unknown as to whether it will be similar to the mechanic seen in the orignal SNES game. The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is scheduled to arrive this holiday, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Thanks, Mike.

57 thoughts on “Aonuma: Zelda 3DS Will Be A Significant Departure From The Way Most Zelda Games Are Played”

      1. If the dungeon we saw on the trailer looks ”clean” it’s because developers want to. It must be related to the story. No rock is placed in any wrong place on Zelda, they have such care with details that it’s really creepy. (hyrule historia anyone?) It’s so funny to see kids getting pissed over masters of design and concept artists… LOL

        1. I agree it is a little creepy, but it really shows how much the producers pay attention to details of the other games.

      2. I agree with the analysis a bit, because overall recent zelda games have looked more ‘clean’ and cel-shady lacking detail. Having said that in motion Alttp2 still looks great. A little bit more grit rather than play-doh like models? yes. I’d even argue the recent 3D models in pokemon look too play-doh like.

  1. So there trying to fuck with Zelda gameplay again…what else is new? Hope its not to twangy….just intro

        1. My point??? Here let me dumb it down for you…….Every Zelda game has been different……adressing the manor by testing your history by a simple question, reveals that your statment acussing me of complaining is illogical by all standards. Aka sarcasm

          1. Why do you use so many question marks, and seperate all your words with periods? We’re you even in school long enough to learn punctuation?

            1. While we are scrutinizing eachother..

              “We’re you even in school long enough to learn punctuation?”
              We are you even in school long enough..
              We are you even?

              C’mon bro.

  2. Please be open world, have button controls, and keep it real. I can see them wanting to do something with paintings a la Mario64……significant depature sounds dramatic….so i hope they dont fuck this up…..which the never really do..but in my opinon…the last 4 zelda games have zero to 2x replay value..PT GLASS,SP TRACKS, TWILIGHT, and SS SWORD…just saying

    1. It will have button controls.
      Open world is a given considering it’s taking place in the same world as ALttP.
      I don’t know what you mean by “keep it real”, though.

      1. Here let me slOwwww iT dOWn for yoUUUu……”keep it real” make sure it stays true to the Zelda formula, not vering off by introducing to many changes all at once. Dramatic dosent sound good?

        1. “Keeping it real” means different things to different people, bro.
          There’s no need to be like that when asked for clarification.

          Anyways, I doubt there’s going to be that huge a change.
          It’s taking place in the same world and the demo already showed us that it’s going to have the same combat style and many familiar items.
          I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about.

        2. justcallmeashley

          Keep it real could mean so many different things, so don’t talk down to him for not understanding what you meant.

  3. People will complain that is isn’t Zelda enough. Then praise it 2 years from now for being the definitive/best Zelda game. This is how new Zelda games go…

      1. Agree. Back then nobody regarded it so highly. All of a sudden in the last few years everyone’s a MM fan calling it the best game in the series. Load of pathetic mindless drones looking to artificially differentiate themselves from the crowd.

        1. The butt hurt is strong in this one.

          1. The Majora’s Mask fan base is composed of the core Zelda gamers.

          Now why is that?

          2. It is because they are either consciously or unconsciously bored of the direction the series has taken or they never liked the series that much in the first place.

          Now how does this message pertain to you?

          3. You see them as a threat of the status quo. If you like Zelda games already, why would you want to differentiate the formula to something that may or may not be feasible?

          4. /Deal with it. Majora’s Mask fans will never be the majority.

        2. I love MM and I prefer that game than all other Zelda games but that did not mean it is the “best” Zelda game in the series. I like it because it is different and yes I wouldn’t play it in the first place weren’t for the Zelda title pasted on the game. It is my favourite game and I still play it.

  4. Ss sword??? Phantom hour Glass?? Spirit Tracks????? How many times have you replayed these Zelda titles????? These are are the latest Zelda titles

    1. I’ve beat Skyward Sword 3 times, Phantom Hourglass 2 times, and Spirit Tracks about 6 times. There all okay in my mind, except I don’t like the stylus control in the DS gsmes that much.

  5. Mr Retro Junkie

    As long as this game isn’t fully stylus-based like the two DS Zelda games, it’ll be awesome! Nothing was more annoying that having to use the stylus just to make Link run and attack. And this 3D feature sounds very interesting.

    1. I wish those two could be deleted from the series. Hate stylus control, and generally didn’t like those games.

  6. Off the hook! I only wish it was available sooner, its going to be a very cluttered holiday season, already have to skip a few parties to save up for all these games and now prob a few more just to play them all.

    1. No disrespect, but surely most Zelda games have a gimick – for example:

      Link to the Past – Dark World / Light World
      Ocarina of Time – 3D Zelda
      Majoras Mask – Limited 3 Day Timescale
      Wind Waker – Sea Based / Cell Shaded
      Minish Cap – Can Become Mini
      Twilight Princess – Can Turn into a Wolf
      Phantom Hourglass – Touch Screen Controls
      Spirit Tracks – Drive a shitty train
      Skyward Sword – Flying / Motion Controls
      Link to the Past 2 – Turn into a painting

      I would say the majority of the time the gimmick is what makes the Zelda game? No?

      1. gimick = the forced motion control and touch screen, dull…. everything after windwaker, different, do something different instead of doing the same thing, like skyward sword and TP was pretty dull, like MM windwaker, there was time, masks and masks that transformed you into them, side quests, and it was dark and harder. OOT was the first 3d zelda. windwaker had a ton of islands with a ton of exploration with a ton of secrets/ treasures to find. sykyward sward and TP just trying to be OOT and it was boring and dull. you cant try to be like a classic, you will fail it is already what it is. you mentioned very light gimicks, the ones stated above are just plain old forced gimicks.

        1. I guess it depends on your perception – I really enjoyed Skyward Sword and thought it brought quite a few new and fresh ideas to the plate. I have to say I’m a little confused as you say gimmicks=the forced motion controls and touch screen and then you include Twilight Princess which had an option for traditional controls (although I guess you would have to buy the GC version of the game).

          I do agree that that TP was trying far too hard to be OOT but to be honest, apart from the beautiful art design I felt similarly about Wind Waker too (although it was definitely a better game than TP).

          Traditional Controls or otherwise though I’m sure Zelda Wii U will be great, Zelda games almost always are…

        2. There were more meaningful things to do in the N64 games, and world full of dynamic stuff and interaction. Skyward Sword however was pretty different. It’s faults lied in having a bare overworld with hardly any islands to explore, and other parts of the 3 areas being a bit repetitive, but it was different enough. The N64 games were still the height of the 3D games though.

          I feel the developers were very excited then and truly wanted to ram everything in to make the best games they could. Now, it’s more, let’s make a game to sell as a commercial product. Has it got enough in? Yes, we can round it up here and release instead of wasting more resources. I have yet to see many games that pushed forward with the dynamic aspects of Majoras Mask. Around that time coincidentally were Pokemon Gold/Silver too, which also were extremely dynamic for an 8-bit game, using time, night/day, day of week, phones, radio etc. which again decreased in the following titles. I’m really surprised the internet hasn’t been used massively in this process of making single player games dynamic yet.

          1. yes i think MM is a really awesome games, how it works and how well it was made, and how the time was used so much. how you get to see people lives in the 3 days. to help them with there problems, there dread. its all pretty much seeing what everybody wants or getting ready to do before they might die. out of a lot of games this has to be the most dreadful ones, surrounded by death. there is just so much more there in the 64 titles

            1. Agreed with both of you, the N64 ones are by far the best of the 3D Zeldas :)

              Personally, I’d like to see the Wii U Zelda game coming up with a completely new set of items (with exception of a sword and shield, of course) which haven’t been used in any previous Zelda game. Which would at least help to keep things fresh.

  7. I’m just super excited for this game! It is going to be such a great year for gaming. Just wait until around E3 when they announce Mario, Mario Kart U, Zelda Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. on top of games that I really want like Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pikmin 3, etc……

  8. I think it may also have to do with the way magic is used. I have a suspicion players will have to heavily rely on it. example; When the arrows were shot, and the hammer was used the magic metre went down (which has never happened before with non-magical items likes these).

  9. Hearing that you can go back to the dark world sounds nice, but also bad as the over world might just be the same but remixed, rather than a new thing happening there.

    Still the game looks great. :)

  10. This is definitely going to be a game to look forward too! I’m glad that Nintendo is acually making a direct sequel for this LoZ game. That’s pretty rare in itself. The 3D into 2D sounds a bit like Paper Mario which could be interesting to try out

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  12. I can’t wait for this to come out. I’m not that big of a fan of A Link To The Past, but this game looks just plain epic in my mind. It’s an instant but for me!

  13. That’s what they said about Skyward Sword. Which wasn’t a bad game, I like it, but had a bit of an awkward progression for the sake of change.
    Zelda just needs to be epic and awesome, with a few new twists here and there. But don’t fix what ain’t broken.

  14. Got the idea for switching between 2D and 3D Zelda from Gannon in Ocarina of Time? Bitch, please… Zelda II…

  15. It only adds one new mechanic. Otherwise, gameplay looks nearly IDENTICAL to A Link to the Past. How is that completely “different”?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m so stoked for this game because I’ve totally lost interest in Zelda games since after Wind Waker (the last really good console Zelda game, in my opinion) and A Link to the Past is my all time favourite Zelda game, as well as one of my top 3 best games of all time. But implying that it’s way different to traditional Zelda games? Come on, that’s just stupid.

    Now all they need to do to win me back is release an HD 2D Metroid game as a successor to Super Metroid. Same art style, same music style, same gameplay engine and such, but set in a completely new place, new puzzles and bosses, same weapons with some new additions, and either a) amazing 2D, HD sprite-based graphics (like Capcom did with the Street Fighter II HD remaster), or b) use 3d models and special effects but with a 2D side-scroller perspective (like Rayman Legends does).

    If they made that for Wii U, as well as a good Mario Kart and 3D Mario for Wii U as well (hopefully something akin to Mario 64 rather than Mario Galaxy, even though Galaxy games were good), then I’d definitely buy a Wii U, and I’m sure many people would as well.

    As of right now though, until I see what the Mario Kart U and Mario U look like, I’m still on the fence.

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