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EA Sports Confirms Madden Is Skipping Wii U In 2013


Earlier this year, EA Sports announced that its all-new Madden 25 is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, leading people to believe the game was skipping Nintendo’s latest console. And today, a representative for the publisher confirmed that the Madden series will not arrive on Wii U in 2013. This may come to a surprise to some, as it will mark the first time the series will skip Nintendo platforms since 1991, and because the last title in the series, Madden NFL 13, was a Wii U launch title.

“We will not be releasing a Wii U version of Madden NFL in 2013. However, we have a strong partnership with Nintendo and will continue to evaluate opportunities for delivering additional Madden NFL products for Nintendo fans in the future.”

-EA Sports representative

122 thoughts on “EA Sports Confirms Madden Is Skipping Wii U In 2013”

  1. Well, darn.
    I’ve been playing this series since 07 on Wii.
    Guess 13’s my last game.

    And I lol’d at “strong relationship with Nintendo”.

        1. Yea Eric you douche. I know it’s a little off topic here, but Ashley…you are gorgeous! :), moving on, yes EA sucks.

          1. Really getting on to Eric for saying that would it have been better if he was a girl and said yeah its like telling a guy he has a good size? I mean come on where is the line drawn

      1. the last games i played from “EA” was……007 nightfire and everything or nothing…I’m not even close to cry, they are just a fucked up company…yes I know they have their battlefied and sport games but meh…they wheren’t “that great” I just recognize them just for bond games lol

  2. That is stupid. A lot of stuff can be done in the Wii U that cannot be done in the other two consoles.

  3. Nintendo Commander

    More lies from the Electrons…

    Just admit your pathetic anger against our Empire or keep your mouths shut…

    1. Exactly how did they lie? They said no Wii U Madden, no reasons, and I’m sure they will bring Madden to Wii U like they say they will once enough consoles have been sold to warrant it.

      1. They also said “we have a strong partnership with Nintendo” and that is clearly BS, they still butt hurt from Nintendo not putting Origin on the Wii U.

      2. They do *not* have a strong relationship with Nintendo–why do you think that PR chimp went out of his way to state that? Don’t you think it’s a little odd given they just pulled Madden (and already pulled Battlefield)? They are upset because they blame, in part, Nintendo for their current dire fiscal straits.

        (EA has lost 2/3rds of their value in five years–any more missteps like, I dunno, this one, and they’re going to be selling off chunks of the company.)

      3. Nintendo Commander

        Madden is the last thing I’m thinking of, besides Madden is just another layer of their consistant treacheary…

      4. These same companies are still supporting the Vita with games, which in turn will eventually drive sales. It’s purely ‘political’ why many of the developers are skipping Wii-U. Being Nintendo is like being a black person; you often have to work twice as hard to get to the same place overcoming prejudices, but if you do you get a temporary mass support of the people.


    Haha. Incredible news on the anniversary year!. Third-party Wii U software is totally f-‘d up the pooper.

      1. Crysis 3… Not
        Battlefield 3… Not
        Dead space 3… Not
        Madden 25… Not

        How is that good enough?

        1. Must agree with this, I feel so sorry for Crysis 3 developers, they worked their ass off for the Wii U version and they get denied and screwed over. I just fucking hate EA so much.

        2. So because a handful of their games didn’t reach a brand new system, they automatically have been giving Nintendo hardware bad support with software?

            1. Mass Effect 3 is on Wii U, FIFA was on it last year, as was Madden 13. This year Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which was also another best version of a game. Those are four of their biggest franchises.

              They don’t have to put every single game on a brand new system. Chances are, that wouldn’t be financially viable for them. They’re first a business.

              EA still has tons of games on 3DS, DS, and Wii.

              1. Yes, indeed, they’re first a business, and to what has been leading them to be all this business decisions that they are been taking since this past two or three years? Oh yea, be the worst company in America two years in a row, beating Bank of America.

                Clearly as cristal they are been taking the right decision, aren’t they?

                1. I’m not going to even argue with that because if you really think they’re the worst company in America, you have a lot learning to do.

                  1. If you do not want to discuss why EA most resent desicion related to not give full support to a console as a business decicion, hurt them more in the long term rater that the oposite, just because I point out and only point out the fact that their recent business decision enrage so many people that let them get voted as the worst company in america two years in a row, over worst companies like Bank of America, I have to make it clear, aparently, that I never said things like “I believe/know/think EA is the worst company in America”, then, you need alot of learning about diferentiate fact from opinion.

          1. The fact that Crysis 3 was finished and running perfectly on Wii U and then EA just cancel the game make your argument invalid.

            What EA do with that was way worst that what Ubisoft did with Rayman, at least with Ubi the developer will finally see all their hard work be appreciated by the Fans in September, in fact they already are seeing their work been praised by the fans thank to the Rayman Legends Challenge App.

            What does EA have done? Cancel 4 games, give only the last part of a heavy story driving trilogy game (while the consoles that already got the trilogy get a special trilogy pack) and Fifa 12 but updated and called 13.

            Excuse me if I do not see that much support reflected in NFS:MW when there are this nasty thing making so much noise in the closet of EA

              1. A lots, but most of those game are canceled during Alpha or Beta stage (ex: Megaman Maverick Hunter) and the rest that get pass those stage are canceled mostly because the companies involved got deep in economic or legal trouble (ex: ACM for Wii U), heck even THQ in bankruptcy put enough money to finish and publish Darksider 2; then why EA cancel a game that already is done and work perfectly? I would understand if the game was cancel been in 20, 30 or even 50% in development, but the games was done 100%, the money set aside for that game had already been spent there was not a reason not to published it.

                There were not reason not to, beyond that they were/are butt hurt because Nintendo did not want to give to Origin the power EA demanded for it to have.

  5. inb4 “Good, this game sucks”.
    Any third party support from big publishers is good support, and every console has some of the target audience.
    This is something the Wii U needs.

    1. The Wii U doesn’t “NEED” this game in particular.
      Think of how many other third-party companies there are. One single Madden game isn’t a bone-crushing loss, and it’s well known that EA has been bitter towards Nintendo for ages, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise, either.

      1. Okay, Madden in particular is not a gigantic loss, but considering how the Wii U is right now, anything will do.
        Ubisoft alone can’t support the console third-party wise.

        1. Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate did help the console’s sales in several European contries, though I’m not really trusting them that easily.

    1. You do realize that third party support is something the Wii U needs, and alienating a part of your audience is not good news.
      At all.

        1. Well, when a big company like EA does it, others might follow suit.
          Maybe even “good” ones. And we’ll end up with a repeat of the Wii, where all the good third party software is tough to find.

  6. Strong Relationship? No FIFA 13, No Crysis 3, No Battlefield 4, No Dead Space 3….How is that a Relationship??

  7. I read somewhere that this is the first Madden game not coming to a Nintendo platform since 1991. EA must have some real butthurt to suddenly break that streak.

  8. LOL EA still butthurt about the Origins fiasco as ever, #1 worst company in america right here.

  9. who gives two fucks about ea games this company should end up like thq. fuck’em less money for them. besides sports games become worthless after you purchase them and i like games that have a resell value.

  10. They didn’t mention PS4 or Next Xbox, I have a feeling there will be an early 2014 release for the new 3

  11. OH NO! You’re telling me that I will not be able obtain the unique experiences of Madden NFL 2013 on my shiny new Wii U?!!! I’m Devastated :| #Sarcasm

  12. While I am not into the sports titles, I know that this game not being released for the Wii U is deterring my brothers from picking up the Wii U, as they really enjoy Madden and the other EA sports games. And I am personally more concerned about EAs non sports IPs as EA’s so called “strong partnership with Nintendo” has become less and less evident over the launch of the Wii U. I personally would love to play Dragon Age 3 or the next Mass Effect on the Wii U, but will likely never have the choice.

    1. THANK YOU!
      Finally, someone understands that this is an issue.
      The Wii U needs more third party games, especially from big franchises like Madden.

      1. Again, Madden isn’t a huge loss.
        Other games from EA might be, but that’s a future issue, a bridge to cross when we come to it. And, again, there’s tons of other third-parties out there that Nintendo still has the chance to convince.

        1. Well, no. Madden alone is not a giant loss.
          But this is a chain going on.
          BF3? Canned.
          Crysis 3? Canned.
          BF4? Canned.
          Madden 14? Canned.
          FIFA 14? Canned.

          Maybe I’m the only one that thinks every publisher counts, and maybe that’s a bit paranoid, but I still think everyone deserves to enjoy a game.

  13. That did it right there. I’m done with EA. I have a PC, Xbox 360 & a PS3 and I’m still not gonna purchase any of their games based off their treatment of Nintendo as of late. Bottom line, EA can eat a dick and choke on it for all I give a damn

  14. This shit again… EA, now I wont buy even the discounted games on origin.
    If I want your game, I’ll buy it from 3rd party retailer, less for you mothafuckas.

  15. i really dont give a rats @$$ about sports games not coming to wii u and they will actually bring it down even if you somehow did something amazing with the gamepad

  16. Well, I swore to myself that if EA did skip Wii U this year, that I would stop buying EA products. So, I am going to be spending my money on getting NFL 2K2 for the Sega Dreamcast. While I’m at it, I’ll pick up World Series Baseball 2K2, NBA 2K2, NHL 2K2 and Tennis 2K2. The NFL 2K series is a way better football game anyway.

    Need for Speed Most Wanted U was my last EA game that I purchased, and that’s only because Criterion was the developer.

    EA has every right to skip a console if they don’t think it’s cost effective to release a title on it. But as a consumer, I have the right to take my $$$ elsewhere.

    Since EA has the NFL license locked up, and there is zero chance of the 2K Series of NFL games making a comeback, I’ll turn to the classics on a system that was way ahead of it’s time, the SEGA DREAMCAST!!

    S#!K IT EA!

    1. New Dreamcast? Believe me EA needs Nintendo WAY more than Nintendo needs their nearly bankrupt EA asses.

  17. Well I understand why. First, EA hates Nintendo and quite frankly, the feeling’s mutual. Also, EA took huge losses last year and won the golden poo award so it makes sense that EA would only be putting their games on Xbox 360 and PS3 at the moment. That is where they will MAKE $! There is no guarentee selling on the Wii U will generate profit so they don’t want to risk it. Kisses! 💋

  18. Definitely not the best moment for Nintendo. Madden always sells loads of money on their games so that could have helped pump up te Wii U’s momentum. Well, either way I wasn’t planning on getting it. Once the next Super Smash comes out, things will look good for the Wii U again

  19. The problem isn’t the system but the lack of systems out there. Go online to play COD and you find thousands of people online on ps3 or 360 and WiiU has 2 or 3 thousand (on a good day) online. Has nothing to do with EA hating Nintendo, they are in the money making business. Why would a company spend the massive amounts of dollars it takes to develope a game for a system that isn’t selling, and those that say WiiU doesn’t need Madden will be one of the firsts to buy for ps3/360 as soon as it hits the market. Wether you like EA or not, they release big name games that arent going to end up on WiiU making it impossible for system to move. I have a WiiU and ps3 and I play lots of games on ps3 that WiiU would have no problem running only I cant seem to find a WiiU version and the next few months has big name games coming to ps3 that WiiU can easily run but wont because system is being skipped meaning less people looking towards WiiU meaning more companies wondering if system is worth producing for. Thats the REAL PROBLEM with the WiiU.

    1. Why does NO on in the World understand right how this works??? Games sells Hardware and not otherwise!!! First they have to release Games, than a Console will sell!!!

      1. no ONE*

        Games SELL* hardware* (why capitalize the “h” in “hardware”?)

        …and not THE OTHER WAY AROUND* (the word “otherwise” makes no sense in the context of that statement/sentence)

        games* (again, why capitalize the “g”?)

        then*, not “than”

        hardware (no capital; you love capitalizing things that shouldn’t be; why?)

        For someone who’s trying to convince other people that they are dumb/don’t understand anything, you yourself come off as incredibly uneducated due to your horrible spelling, grammar, and sentence structure (or lack thereof, as it were).

    1. Happy that the Wii U isn’t getting games? You know, shit it needs?
      “Durr hurrr but it’s football”
      It sells. And Madden 07 showed off what the Wii could do at launch and many bought it, this could have been a repeat of that.

      1. Yeah, and i suppose EA churning out shitty ports with stripped out content from the Wii U versions means we should bend over and kiss their asses? Pfft yeah right, if the GC couldn’t be saved in the market back then even with EA multiplats, then it wouldn’t be different with the Wii U. Fuck their butthurt BS over origins.

  20. “Strong partnership with Nintendo.” Yeah right.
    But do we really want support from the worst company in America?
    I’m saying we’re better off without them.

  21. EA’s in full blown heel mode.

    It sucks that Wii U isn’t getting Madden 25, since there are people who enjoy the series and third party period is something Nintendo could do with. On the other hand if you have last year’s version of a sports title you have like 98-99% of the new game. That 1 or 2% being the updated rosters.

  22. Another example of why EA IS the worst company. I used to buy all their games from the beginning of their company, but through their poor treatment of their customers I have gradually purchased other titles from other companies. EA is the only company I can think of in any area of my consumer life which I boycott.

  23. Oh EA trying to get a good headstart to winning worst company in North America for a 3rd year in a row lol.

  24. I will never buy any EA Game in the future!!! I do not support a company who does not support Nintendo!!! Nintendo can live with his own first party games and can make money with it like hell, and every 3rd party game is a good bonus!!!

    The same with Battlefield 4, its always anyway the same game and not fun anymore, and for those who like these games get Call of Duty: Ghosts –

    1. “I do not support a company who does not support Nintendo!!!”

      Wow, and you call yourself a gamer? That is the most ignorant, fanboy comment I’ve ever heard.

      Liking one console more than another is one thing, but refusing to play any games simply based on business politics of the company who makes them? That’s fucking moronic.

      Have fun missing out on literally hundreds of great games in the future simply because the companies who make them are not Nintendo worshipping companies! Idiot.

    1. But its good that Nintendo doesent want the Origin shit on the Wii U!!! No one needs these type of controlling things, its only good for the publisher who spams useres and stuff!!! No one needs this Origin thing!!!

    2. Wow. Genius observation. You, a random kid on a Nintendo blog site, must know this due to your connections in the industry, intimate knowledge of the inner business workings of both EA and Nintendo, as your vast experience in the field…

      …or maybe you’re just some kid who thinks he knows everything just because he read a couple of news stories on the interwebs.


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  26. I love the EA-hate bandwagoners. 6 months ago those same people loved EA, even if they won’t admit it now. Suddenly, they’re saying EA are the devil, just because they’re not supporting Wii U.

    News flash: they’re not the only ones not supporting Wii U; many companies are skipping it with some of their biggest, best-selling games/franchises. It’s business; you all seem to forget that and think every company should support Wii U no matter what the cost.

    Which is why probably none of you own or WILL own a successful business. You think this is all just a matter of EA being “babies” and holding a grudge. That’s a child’s view/evaluation of a much more complex situation. But then, I’d expect nothing less from most of the posters on this site, considering the likely median age and maturity level here.

    In that same vein, I expect many “ZOMG FUCK YEW ARSEHOLE! KILL YOURSELF, UR SO STUPID!” type replies to this very comment, thereby proving my point.

  27. Will planning on selling gamecube stuff now to also start selling the Wii because if its not coming out on Wii U then its not coming out on the WII.

    1. Also not getting the Xbox my brother has one says that that you have to be a member to even play on franchise mode.

  28. DarklordNintendoFan

    And… we care, why? The Madden series is just the same shit every single year! It’s like CoD… except worse. So really, this is ONE game that I’m sure no one will give a shit about skipping the Wii U.

    1. I don’t think it’s ever a good thing when a big game franchise isn’t going to be on a console, but personally, I haven’t paid full price for a Madden game for a decade or so. Popular gaming franchises do sell systems, though, and the U does need that. I know that it will be huge soon enough, but every bit helps.

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