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Select Games Go On Sale In The Nintendo 3DS eShop


For a limited time, select games in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS are on sale. Among the temporarily discounted titles are Aero Porter, Crimson Shroud and Liberation Maiden – all of which will return to their original prices toward the end of the month, on May 30th. Nintendo’s Pushmo is also on sale but will return to its regular price next week, on May 9th.

16 thoughts on “Select Games Go On Sale In The Nintendo 3DS eShop”

  1. Nintendo, I hate your digital policy, in regards to it being tied to a console and not to the Customer. BUT it is really hard to resist your special sales. I think i have to buy Pushmo now.

  2. you know i was saving for the an oracle game and the end of the month, but then pushmo had to be on sale well done nintendo

  3. Bought Liberation Maiden on Sunday April 28…. it was on sale then $4.99 along with the other two Level 5 games (Aeroporter and the other one) o.o
    Why are people barely finding out ?

    Dillon’s Rolling Western and Pushmo are news to me though, they weren’t on sale before. Might get Dillon myself.

  4. Also Art of Balance, Kirbys adventure 3d, nano assault, and tokyo crash mobs are on sale. Bought AoB last night and am addicted.

  5. I have owned Liberation Maiden for a while now.
    If you liked Zone of the Enders, this is a little similar to that.

    It’s shorter, though, and higher difficulty levels are very punishing and unforgiving.
    It’s worth a few playthroughs but it definitely needed to have more stages and a deeper storyline.

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