Crowdfunding Campaign Launches Monday For Eternal Darkness’ Spiritual Successor

eternal_darkness_gamecubeIGN revealed a tantalising teaser trailer of the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem earlier today, in order to kickstart a crowdfunding campaign. Details of the survival horror game, named ‘Shadow of the Eternals’ will be released next Monday, May 6, when the campaign begins.

Silcon Knights originally released Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem on the GameCube in 2002 and went onto considerable success – it even received one of the IGN Editor’s Choice Awards. Denis Dyack is reportedly involved within the game, but by all accounts, the project is in development by Precursor Games. So far, no platforms have been announced but, either way, we won’t have to wait long for the rest of the details to be spilled.


  1. It makes little sence to make a spiritual sucesor away from the original console manufacturer unless they treat them bad.

        1. You look very cute and sexy on that pic shadow. Are you single? Respectfuli asking.

                1. Thats the catch if i knew her i would not try or need to, dont you think? Im still being respectful you dont see those thing on the internet.

          1. LOL! Well thanks for paying me a compliment. But it would be unprofessional of me to answer – I tend not to mix my work with my personal life, and I’m sure you can respect that. :)

  2. Yes! I loved Eternal Darkness! The bathtub part freaked me out. Ahhh someone hug me! Guy or girl, whoever!

        1. I usualy dont give my all when huging mens . I dont want to enter in a sword fight xD

  3. Wii U and PC are the platforms planned so far. According to a page pulled from their website.

    1. I dont mind if it is multyplat but it makes more sence that it comes to Nintendo consoles too.

  4. if nintendos not behind this game how could it even come close to eternal darkness without nintendos pattented insanity effects?

      1. the console screwing ones were the ones that i was really looking forward to though. like the home screen popping up in a critical moment, the gamepad screen saying you lost connection with wii u, or low battery. those type things would really screw with you though.

  5. If Denis Dyack is involved in any game, stay away. The industry stories of how horribly manasged Silicon Knights is frightening.

    1. Those are usualy the storys that comes when working whit Microsoft. Pay no mind.

    1. This game is exclusive to Wii U and PC. Probably rate M too. Not sure how that’s kiddy ¬.¬

  6. Will it be a digital only or boxed release? Is the company big and have the devs made any good game so far?

  7. Motherking yeah I want be scare out of my fucking mind ….. wii motherking U Yesssssssssss…. p
    My penus dont belong to me it belong to aelous ass hole

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