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Shadow Of The Eternals Confirmed For Wii U, PC


A spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness titled “Shadow of the Eternals” was revealed earlier today, via a teaser trailer posted on IGN, and now we know which platforms the new game is headed toward as well as its first details. Shadow of the Eternals is in development for both the Wii U and PC. The game stars a detective named Paul Becker, who is requested to investigate “one of the bloodiest” gang massacres in the history of Louisiana. The following plot description was given by the game’s developer, Precursor Games:

When Detective Paul Becker is called to one of the bloodiest gang massacres in Louisiana state history, only two survivors remain from a brutal conflict between two rival cults. As Becker begins his interrogations of the suspects, their combined recollections will uncover the truth about the ‘Eternals’.

Featuring an ensemble cast of heroes and villains, Shadow of the Eternals will span over 2500 years of history throughout Egypt, England, Hungary, and the United States. Players will question the perception of reality as they try to balance the mechanics of combat, magick, and sanity events to progress through the adventure.

Shadow of the Eternals will take players on a memorable journey throughout time; weaving historical fact with disturbing fiction to create an experience unlike any other.

Thanks, Nintedward.

170 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Eternals Confirmed For Wii U, PC”

    1. Absolute score for the Wiiu. This is one of my most anticipated games around. Xbox and PS fans don’t deserve the game unless they played the original Gamecube game :)

        1. She kinda doesn’t. But she’s exclusive because Nintendo saved her.

          My point was , if the game was confirmed for All consoles except Wiiu – all the haters would be banging their drum ”this is one of the best games ever , the reason I loved the gamecube so much blah blah blah”

          1. Incorrect as Bayonetta belong on any console that Sega see fit to publish the game on. So saying that she doesn’t “belong” on the Wii U is factually wrong.

            Otherwise by that logic I could say that Final Fantasy “belong” on a Nintendo system since it was originally was on a Nintendo system.

            No game “belong” on a console.

            1. Pandora's Last Chronicles

              Mario not belong to Nintendo ? Halo not belong to MS ? ehmmmmm i don’t really care what belongs to what all i care for is that my Wii U is on Fire

        2. hell yeah!! it’s a kick right in his balls of Nintedward hahahahahahahahahahaha fuck you Nintedward

              1. hahahaha!!! If you notice, you are the only one acting like a stupid here, fail troll is a fail. ;)

            1. Saying “Fail troll is fail” or “Obvious hint is obvious” and however you wanna put that phrase together has to be on of the dumbest hipster online phrases in existence. Although I am not against you, I had to say that. I hate when people do that. You sound like a drone. A drone that thinks he’s cool.

  1. This will be a must buy since I like horror games but I still never played the original Eternal Darkness. Nintendo, put it on the Virtual Console

    1. I haven’t played the original Eternal Darkness, either. I seen it at EB Games yesterday for $50.00 dollars.

    2. Yes. If you ever get the chance to play it, and you like mystery/horror- It’s just amazing.

  2. I have never heard of the Gamecube version. Is this any good? Sounds interesting enough to pick up!

      1. yea i thought there was something wrong the first time i played it lol, i’m sure everyone did.

        1. The first one that happened to me was the controller disconected will a huge monster was coming. I jumped from the sofa to check if it was lose and then it kill me all for nothing because it was the fear.

          1. LOL i remember when it asked me if i wanted to delete all saved games and the options were “yes” or “continue without saving” i didnt know what to do.

            1. so i clicked continue without saving and it says “deleting all saved games” and for about 10 seconds i lost my mind lol. if it comes to Wii U im buying it immediatly.

              1. the Blue screen of dead happened to me twice 1 while on the world war chapter and the other on my original xbox.

    1. Eternal darkness scared the fear out of me it was that good :). Beyond good and evil and the first game are instant classics no holds bared.

    1. I litteraly had to down a full glass of Peach shnapps to stop my heart from racing with excitement :D

      1. When i saw them looking at the opened Tome of Eternal Darkness, i flipped shit.
        Good to see survival horror making a come back.

        1. Definitely. How many times on this site have people brought up ”Eternal Darkness sequel this” ”Eternal darkness that” …. I’m going to play the Gamecube soon to celebrate not played it for a couple o years!

            1. i agree with you. But why would they try to compete with there rivals again? GameCube sold 22 million units(not bad but not good) and Wii sold 100 million. i sadly dont see Nintendo making a GameCube 2 because the Wii made them the most successful they have ever been in sales. Wii U is still a great console though.

            2. Whatever. You’re just a spec whore. The Wiiu can produce amazing graphics. Look at the trailer for this game. That’s what you’re gunna see on the Wiiu and better. If you still want more and more then there is something wrong with you as a gamer.

            3. I actually study hardware, and the Wii U is a VERY efficient product. The way they put all these specs together actually saved them a LOT of money whilst making a really powerful piece of hardware. PS4’s and Wii U’s graphics will be VERY close to each other for another 3-4 years. By then, Nintendo will be planning on their next console.

              1. i sure hope your right. wait so the PS4 has better hardware but nintendo’s inferior machine can still match it in graphics? YESSSSS

                1. To be accurate, PS4’s graphical POTENTIAL is higher than the Wii U’s, but it’s doubtful that the difference is going to be so astronomical that it makes the Wii U’s graphics look ugly in comparison.
                  In the end, the Wii U will still have gorgeous-looking games that only a truly biased spec-whore will look down upon.
                  If people need proof of this, all they need to do is look at what Monolith Soft is making for the Wii U.

            4. We don’t need an 8-core, 8gigs of ram, 4 gig video mem, 300 watt 4 fan, airplane sounding power-house to run Eternal Darkness 2.

              I LOVE the gamepad, and use it all the time. And game on it exclusively for 75% + of my gaming (without the TV)

              Yes, yes, we all wish it were stronger, but it’s fine.

  3. Im thinking that if they have told ign what the game was coming to they would not have showed the game.

    1. Our Armada is made up of independently thinking soldiers generals warriors and tactical units. All our forces are established and versatile like VOLTRON. On whatever platform this game ends up, it shall force them to purchase the original on the Wii with game cube backwardility. Or, they shall await the tantalizing original to grace our stargates on the 3DS or Wii Us. As the Sony raith and xbox orai ( don’t have time to search the correct spellings ) are amazed at the Wii U’s 3DS resurgence we smile and Colonel MacGyver Oneil salute :).

    1. I’m starting to get that feeling too. Now all we need is a date for the next Direct and we’re set :)

  4. Awesome! I hope they put up the original on Virtual Console so I can play it but this definitely sounds like something I would buy.


    Young Padawans and Jedi YoDa!

    Hans Solo and the Millenium falcon.

    The Wii U is getting real and absolute great games, not broken nonsense like Crysis 3, dead island reptide hahahahaha horrible mess of software. Dead space 3, Aliens Colonial Marines.

      1. Thank you, I’m so happy! I love horror games, this is a Day 1 purchase for me, Love it!!! c;

  6. I can already see the gaming media cry because its not coming to their beloved sony and microsoft consoles fr now :P But they will most likely highlight the ”for now”…..
    Well, I’m looking forward.

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  8. Brilliant news,hope it’s out sometime this year if not still plenty games coming out to keep me happy.

  9. Thank you Macarony64! I’m instantly buying this game just to show that I still care about Eternal Darkness.

  10. Reports say Q3 of 2014. Crowd funding starta May 6 to reach 1.1 million usd. Teaser trailer here-

  11. Is this confirmed, for example, will Nintendo be endorsing it? Or is this project’s entire existence totally dependent on crowdfunding. As far as I’m aware crowdfunding is not guaranteed. The spiritual successor of Sega Dreamcast’s “Ecco the Dolphin” failed to meet the anticipated funds for that project.

    1. crowd funding only. I think Nintendo may step in and publish it as an exclusive. my only worry is if Nintendo either doesn’t see this or just plain doesn’t do it. I would be seriously sad considering it would stop everyone from asking for a eternal darkness 2 and well get it faster.

  12. Screw Dyack…but it sounds like his involvement in this is limited, and he’s no longer at the helm. If that’s the case… SCORE! I’d buy it anyway simply because there are other employees besides Dyack the Douche… but he needs to go. NOW.

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  14. Was the original a Gamecube exclusive? If so then this being a Wii U and PC exclusive makes sense.

    1. how could that be even physically posible

      gamepad wii remote-plus are they supported on pc

      the gamepad things they could do with insanity meter and magic spells leaves a pc -ps4-xbox confusion FOR DEAD


    2. I like how you say this but you haven’t played or gotten details on the game on any platform. you have no way to judge if its better on PC WHATSOEVER, besides stuff you assume. don’t be an ass when you don’t need to be. for all you know Nintendo could swoop in and publish the game as wii u exclusive. where will you be then? crying about how it sucks because its on wii u?

    3. Game hasn’t been released yet. How can you know the PC version is better? The Game-pad could provide some great game-play tactics that the PC version lacks.

    4. You can get the insanity effects whit any game on pc lol. Especialy the Blue screen and deleting your save files ones hahahahaha.

  15. I’m excited for this game but a kickstarter shouldn’t even be needed. Fund the damn game yourselves Nintendo, that way you guys secure exclusivity to it. Basic common sense. Come on Nintendo it’s not that hard

  16. I see this working very well on the WiiU. Using the touchscreen to flip through tome pages and tapping runes to make spells. The possibilities are awesome. And considering how far games have come since 2002 this could well be THE game for WiiU up to that point. The game mechanics for the first one were SO awesome. I still play it every once in a while. I, like everyone else, hope they put is out on VC so I don’t have to set up my GC or Wii to play it again. Although I am feeling a litle nostalgic for my Wavebird right about now.

  17. 1st of all booo I wanted a Shadow of the Colossus sequel. 2nd is the game Shadow of The Eternal or Shadow of The Ancients? But, yay Eternal Darkness sequel.

  18. one thing though this was a nintendo thing and they knew it was big and acclaimed. then why dont they fucking fund it for themselves and still make it there thing. i want the hardcore gamer, fuck that i smell bullshit, all you care about is your shitty franchises. an eternal darkness 2 game for wii u could be a serious effort for the hardcore. instead there image is getting more kid friendly and shit. if it wasnt for there image they wouldnt get so much hate, it doesnt work anymore.

      1. there image makes them look like its just for kids and families, thats it, with this game it will show people that, maybe nintendo isnt just a for kids and there for the core too. havnt you noticed anything about there image? there image isnt going to help them with the core. nobody coll like nintendo, thats how it is

          1. You’ve just proven my point; you’re looking at one side of them and using that to troll instead of giving a fair evaluation.
            Do yourself a favor and stop talking about things that you don’t understand.

            1. so you dont think that nintendos image is kiddie!! why do you think that everybody talks shit of nintendo!! have the trolls on here, people in real life. remember how the gamecube scared a lot of the core audience and wii destroyed that audience!! its a no brainer, yes its nintendos thing to be family friendly, but as a whole there just kiddie and pathetic and arnt for older people. seriously havnt you seen this!! another question they wont even release fatal frame or make them when they own it. they have no core game and if they do they dont advertise it. see the freaking commercials they have! haha tell me that they dont look like there system is just for kids. there image is what is screwing them, nobody who didnt grow up with them or who already didnt leave, sees them as casual kiddie laughable pieces of shit

              1. I expect more games to be aimed older generation this time around.I expect nintendo to release details in the near future of some of these games.

        1. oh my fucking God!! learn the fucking difference between their and there, fucking god dammit!!

          1. i know the difference you grammar bitch. it should of been their. i just didnt care to wright it in, like capitalizing sentences. this is the fucking internet not an english exam. you also missed they’re, you failure of a grammar fag. if your going to act like a smart ass do it right.

            1. ITZ DA INTEERNETZZZ DEALZZ WITHZ ITZZZ, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAH xD!! you are funny (:, but not really

  19. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Hmm. Maybe I’ll try out Eternal Darkness then. This should be great boost for the Wii U. And Wii U should also have a Fatal Frame game.

    1. Well done for explaining benefits of fatal frame on the wii u with the unique controls of the gamepad.I totally agree with you the gamepad would work wonders with this game ie zombie u.Put it this way I would be very surprised if fatal frame didn’t end up on the wii u.

  20. This is fishy. Silicon Knights is no more. Nintendo owns the Eternal Darkness IP. And you can’t find anything on these “Precursors Games”, can’t even access their “site”. I wouldn’t spend anything on that “crowdfunding”…

    1. Well, I guess because it’s a spiritual successor Nintendo doesn’t need to be in the picture. Well let’s hope they can figure that out and make it a real sequel.

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  23. Nintendo won’t give eternal darkness a true sequel yet ill give you nerds a kiddy game like kirby or the gay kid icarus

    1. Asshurt! Nintendo is planning to make a true sequel to Eternal Darkness. Just because they’re renewed the intellectual property doesn’t mean they’re not making it. Your pathetic “kiddy game” is no longer playable after they’ve released their first M-rated game Perfect Dark.

  24. I knew nintendo was gay since the 1990s because they censored mortal kombat and wouldn’t bring the good japanese rpgs to usa…say it. Sega

    1. Your boyfriend sucks your dried up vagina. U mad because Nintendo innovates while Sony imitates. And besides, Nintendo’s download policy sees otherwise now that indies are brining more eShop games like Nano Assault Neo, and Trine 2.

          1. nintendos dowload policy sucks ,sony actually has a decent download policy u stupid kirby fanboy

      1. Geneis does what nintendo don’t…….ever heard of blast processing?nintendos 4 little kids and geeks.

  25. Nintendo used 2 be cool but ever since the 64 it has sucked..the 64 should have never came out.

      1. N dub nation I bet you live in poverty that’s why you’re happy with wi u…..guess what punk I can afford a ps4 and I got a cam ready for your girl friend.

  26. The nintendo wi u isn’t more poweful than a ps3 its a piece of junk when ps4 and the next xbox come out it will be blowed away the wi u sucks and every person who spent money on its a dumbass geek..its reminds me of the n64 a piece of crap,the nes and snes were actually good systems the wi u is years behind sony and microsofts next offerings…the wi u is 4 little kids or 4 peolp in poverty livin with mama the ps4 will usher in the real next generation of gameing the wi u sucks I wouldn’t take 1 for free.

  27. The wi u is a piece of underpowerd garbage for people in poverty who cant ps4s ,,,,,damn the ps3 and 360 look just as good or better than the wi u……the ps4 will user in the real next generation of gameing…the wi u is for peolple in poverty and little kids……..this is not a review its a fact.

  28. The wi u is a underpowerd piece of garbage with high priced games only a idiot would buy 1 its doomed just like the n64 and virtual boy

  29. Nintendos download ploicy sucks,the wi u is underpowerd piece of outdated garbage for kids and peolple in poverty,get a ps4 geeks.

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