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Capcom: ‘Wii U To Get A Dose Of 16-Bit Capcom Love’ For Virtual Console


Brelston, a Capcom employee, has announced via the official Capcom Unity blog that the developer has a number of 16-bit titles planned for release on the Wii U Virtual Console. Some of these game have already been announced such as Mega Man and Super Ghouls’n and Ghosts. Brelston hints that they have more surprises to come and will issue release dates in the not too distant future. Here’s what he had to say.

Many of the listed games (and others) are indeed coming, but we’re working with Nintendo on the actual release dates and other details. We should have an official release schedule soon – but yes, Wii U is about to get a dose of 16-bit Capcom love :)

73 thoughts on “Capcom: ‘Wii U To Get A Dose Of 16-Bit Capcom Love’ For Virtual Console”

        1. Yeah, lets hope they misplaced 6 and 7. What I would give to get those two horrors out of my head.

    1. That’s 8 bit, they’ll just release all megaman games like they always do, but of course, we don’t get an actual new megaman game.

      1. Well we don’t know if Castle of Illusion is coming to Wii U VC because SEGA is stupid.. So not kisses :,( 💋

        1. Lighten up baby <3 smooches for everything! be happy and smooch till' the end! love you jinxy baby send smooches to mr. mime ! :*

      1. I remember the Dreamcast and I think PS2 said ”128 bit” as one of the features on the box.

        1. They stop counting Bits because the bits stop been important for the graphic fidelity of the games.

          If you don’t believe, sit down and let this: the PS3 it’s primarily a 32-bit console that can operate at 64-bit sink in.

          1. I never said I didn’t believe anything. I don’t know what bit modern consoles are. I know the dreamcast said 128 bit on the box. And as a kid I remember raving about it and saying it was twice as powerfull as the n64.

      1. I know. I’m just saying. Nintendo needs to show us a sign that they’re going to put gamecube games up on VC. Otherwise , look what’s happened to GBA games on 3DS. Only Ambassadors have them. No reason not to put those GBA games up for a price.

          1. Exactly. I just don’t understand why only Amabasadors can have GBA game atm on 3DS. They should be putting them up by now. It’s over 2 years.

            1. We im doing those clubnintendo point that you have to till out and they ask what will make you come back to the eshop i always say gameboy advance games.

    1. I really want Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD and Super Mario Sunshine to appear on the Wii U VC. Those are still my favorite games

      1. Just play Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD on the Gamecube as you can trade the Pokémon over to the third gen games and then transfer them over to gen 4 and 5. As that feature will be removed in the Virtual console release.

        And Super Mario Sunshine requires analogue triggers to play the game which the Wii U pad and pro controller lacks. Unless Nintendo release another controller for that purpose.

        1. I want to but I don’t have enough money to buy a GameCube plus a Wavebird plus Colosseum, XD and Sunshine

        2. What? There’s 4 analog shoulder buttons on the gamepad/controller. They can make it work.

          1. The the Wii U pad and Pro controller shoulder buttons are digital not analog. Super Mario Sunshine and any other Gamecube games that used analog trigger won’t work with the Wii U pad and Pro controller.

            1. Ever heard of reprogramming? Maybe that’s the reason why there’s no mention of Gamecube games coming to VC right now is because they’re working on fixing that problem.

    2. Yeah, we’ve BEEN getting 8 and 16 bit love. The 3Ds is packed with it, as was the Wii Virtual Console.

      Now that we have a NEXT GEN console, what if we… Sorry if this is a radical thought, have NEXT GEN calibar V.C. Games, like MORE 64, and 128 bit games.

      I love the old school classics, I buy them and play them, but it’s the Fucking WiiU. Can we really not get some gamecube games and/or an extended 64bit library.

      Not to sound jaded, but I Didn’t buy my WiiU so I could re-buy and play all the 8 and 16 bit stuff I’ve been playing on my 3DS.

      I’m not convinced Nintendo WANTS to sell WiiU consoles… They’re more like a perk for Nintendo fans…

      I’m in a bad mood. Don’t mind me…

  1. Super street fighter 2, we need more n64 games on virtual, how about world driver championship, rr64, wipeout 64(believe it or not the latter of the 3 I never played on nintys console)conkers bad fur day, banjo kazooie, body harvest, resident evil 2, come on give us summat for our money!

    1. Fuck ridge racer xtream g and the rush series is where is at also some turok and beatle adventure racing would be great but the last one is ea.

    2. Yeah, forget Banjo and Conker. Microsoft has them and will not let Nintendo re-release those games (the reason why the DKC trilogy was pulled from the Wii VC).

      1. Why would Microsoft let Nintendo re-release Banjo and Conker when Microsoft owns them?

        And I also doubt they were the reason why Nintendo pulled the Donkey Kong Countries off the Wii Virtual console when Nintendo owns the game and don’t require Rare or Microsoft permission to re-release it.

        There was probably another reason why they were pulled.

        1. That’s the only logical reason I have for them pulling the triolgy. Maybe there was a threat of a lawsuit from Rare that we don’t know about. Otherwise, IDK why they would do it.

          As for the Banjo-Conker comment: I know, my comment already said forget it happening. I would love Nintendo to get those IPs back and give them to Retro and let them work their magic, but I’m not holding my breath for that.

  2. So basically Mega Man X.
    Although, we know Capcom, so it’s most likely just going to be;
    1. Just that. Old VC re-releases, fuck all else.
    2. Probably Mega Man X7

    Fuck you Capcom.

  3. Feliz Cinco de Mayo mis amigos! Abrasenme! Lol! I just want to play the other Megaman Xs.

      1. Lol are you stupid? You crearly never owned one if you dont think it sucks. Here my xbox my xboxlive tag Macarony 69 feel free to send me a mesage.

  4. So, the first Next Gen console Megaman game will be Megaman X for the SNES now in the virtual console?

    :'( OMG Megaman, WTF has Capcom done to you?

  5. Fuck you Capcom. I want an english translation of Miles Edgeworth 2, not old, shitty Megaman games.

  6. I’d like to see these games: Street Fighter Origionals, Alien V Predator, Darkstalkers, Dead or Alive, Marvel V Capcom origionals. Kisses! 💋

  7. At least Capcom is showing that they care about the Breath of Fire games since some of them are 16-bit.

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