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DICE Reveals Why Frostbite 3 Will Not Support Wii U


Earlier this year, it was revealed that the next generation version of developer DICE’s Frostbite, Frostbite 3, will not support the Wii U console. Johan Andersson, technical director on Frostbite at DICE, says the game engine was tested on Nintendo’s Wii U, but the attempt to have it run on the console was unsuccessful.


176 thoughts on “DICE Reveals Why Frostbite 3 Will Not Support Wii U”

    1. so they tried FB2? and the results were no promising, and then they will publish Battlefield 4 for Xbox 360 and PS3?, hahaha that makes perfect sense

      1. You just got a good point. DICE and EA “fantasy world” doesn’t make any sense at all, AT ALL!.

      2. Exactly… Makes no sense at all since the 360 and Wii U both use the same PowerPC processor Architecture and AMD based graphics with the difference being the Wii U processor is a couple generations newer and the graphics card is a few generations newer as well.

      3. Exactly! If it doesn’t work on the Wii U then that means that they didn’t make a scalable engine. Which would mean that they couldn’t run FB2 or FB3 on the 360 or PS3, but wait they both are able to run unhindered on the PS3 and 360… how does that make sense??? I’m actually positive that the Wii U has more power, albeit not that much more, then the 360 or the PS3! Then the question that should have followed in this twitter battle should have been “Why are you able to get it running on the consoles that are 8 years old and less powerful?” The true answer would have to be because of a failed partnership and because they are unfamiliar with the Wii U and its framework and weren’t willing to put in the time it might take to modify the engine for optimal performance on the Wii U! EA just isn’t going to support Nintendo this gen and that’s perfectly fine, we will still have great games without the need for EA’s dreck!

        1. Textures don’t look as good as the Shadow of the Eternals, lighting doesn’t look as good and also the ploygons are much better in Shadow of the Eternals… yeah, stop bitching because the Wii U is getting a new game and your out of date system is becoming more and more out of date.

          1. You’re talking about the PS3 being out of date? It’s still more powerful than the Wii U. Look at Beyond: Two Souls or The Last of Us. (Plus no, I’ am not a fanboy).

            1. Actually the PS3 is less powerful than the Wii U in a lot of ways. Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us may look good but compared to the Shadow of the Eternals game it pretty much says the Wii U is more powerful .
              (Plus, I never said you where a fanboy)

      1. I guess we can expect another reaction video over this piece of news? I’d certainly look forward to it ;)

      2. 100%. This is some huge malicious lie. It’s frustrating as a Nintendo fan that the Starwars franchise is in these peoples hands.

        ”We made a Significantly better peforming and looking version of NFSMWU , So we’re basically lying . Exposed ourselves” that’s all I read.

  1. Aw, you left out the best part. mutedpenguin replied back “I guess your “test” ended around the same time as the “unprecented partnership.”

    1. Right now everything bad thats comes from there have to be taken whit gloves and trow it into the butthurt bin i also hear crytek cry for help

  2. Ganonseviltwinbrother

    I saw this news a lil while ago and
    I saw a valid point.
    Didn’t they say they had battlefield up and running on the console?
    And that the cry engine was “running beautifully” on the wii u and that the cry engine is more
    CPU heavy than frostbite.

    Correct me if I’m wrong anyone

    1. cry engine 3 is more advance than frostbyte 2 and this fuckers saw the wiiu could not run fb2 properly on wiiu

      1. They are too lazy to optimize the engine to run on wii U. Just look at cryengine 3 wich they had running on the system, or as cryteks boss say – crysis 3 run beautifully on Wii U. Nuff said :)

        1. even the developers from dead island said there game engine was nworking perfecly on wii ubecause you dont fuck with your own money,dice is stupid ea too crytek can be saved

        2. Look at “Shadow of the Eternals” 9 minutes gameplay. That’s running on Cryengine 3 and it’s running on the Wii U. It’s a pre-alpha as well, and it STILL looks great. These guys are full of shit.

  3. So cry engine 3 runs perfect and frostbite 2 not… while cry engine 3 is much much better.. interesting.

  4. CryEngine runs beautifully which is a far more powerful engine.
    Something smells fishy… Well, whatever. Specs never really mattered to me, I just want to see games that play well.

    Ubisoft, roll in the games. (Still waiting on Ghost Recon Online.)

  5. Who cares? Like Nintendo will die if it doesnt have Buttfrozen-byte on their Wii U. My distaste to the uncordious mannerisms of salty developers leads to mutual feelings. I bet the fucking engine will be running on Wii U by the time its selling like hotcakes. Who wants to bet on that? Fuck, I really hate the way people react. Just do it, just put it on Wii U. Youre only hurting yourself. Just stop.

  6. Let me get this straight.

    Cry Engine 3 runs beautifully on the Wii U, but Frostbite 2 didn’t have “promising results”.

    Leems Segit.

  7. Excuses, excuses. The Wii U IS more powerful than 360. Not by much, and some individual parts are weaker, but it just simply *is* overall.

    The real reason why devs aren’t releasing impressive titles on Wii U is numbers. Low installed base, game sales biased toward first-party (which is the case for any Nintendo console).

    For some reason, they prefer lying about specs than complaining about profitablilty. I guess they want people to believe that they are “teh hardcorez” rather than “teh fiscally responsible”.

    1. “Not by much” — lol.
      Even Iwata himself says the Wii U will be able to compete with the rival next-gen consoles.

    2. PS4 is getting Battlefield 4 and it’s not even out, hasn’t sold shit. Low install base, exposed for a shitty excuse.

  8. maybe cryengine 3 is better optimized than fb3. even if it is, fb2 should be able to run on wii u, the devs are either too lazy or butthurt.

  9. Wow, if that’s so. Then DICE is kinda admitting they’re making a crappy engine. Why so? Because saying it won’t run on Wii U is like admitting that the engine is not scalable or flexible enough to work on it. Unreal Engine 3 runs on Wii U. CryEngine3 runs on Wii U, so why not Frostbite 3?

    And why would they even announce BF3 for Wii U before? Are they saying they made the announcement by not even testing the hardware, or at least had a look into the architecture of Wii U?

    Most likely, the “real” reason is tied to the business side of it all, and these are all plain excuses.

    1. Just to add…

      At least CryTek had the balls to admit that the reason for Crysis 3 not coming to Wii U was dictated by the business end.

  10. “I guess your ‘test’ ended around the same time as the ‘unprecedented partnership'”
    Hahaha, Nailed It™

    1. Its funny how FB3 “can’t work” on the Wii U, yet the CryEngine 3 which is a more powerful engine ran on the Wii U at full power and looks amazing… I think he is just covering the fact that EA is still butthurt about what Nintendo did

      1. They are too lazy to optimize the engine to run on wii U. Just look at cryengine 3 wich they had running on the system, or as cryteks boss say – crysis 3 run beautifully on Wii U. Nuff said :)

  11. Funny, because a more powerful engine called Cryengine 3 is running on the Wii U and there is already gameplay footage of a game that runs the Cryengine 3 and it runs like a dream…. I call BS on his claim

  12. Ps4 and xbox3 are only going to be 3x more powerful than wii u… Wow impressed, I’m not, I saw stats for that somewhere recently but sorry forget the link.

  13. DarklordNintendoFan

    Oh… would you look at that. More lies from the big guys at EA. Cut the shit, EA. We know what’s going on here. You’re still butthurt about Origin.

    Well, a couple of my friends called it from a mile away… since EA now has the rights to the Star Wars games, we’ll NEVER be seeing them on the Wii U… or any future Nintendo consoles. Why don’t you take this piece of shit excuse and shove it up your own asses?

  14. …But it can run on Ps3 and 360. Uh-huh.

    I remember when Capcom said the Wii couldn’t run the title screen in Resident Evil 5. Anyone remember that?

    Point is, these big publishers come up with the biggest BS and just feed the fire to the Wii and Wii U underpowered internet bandwagon. Like Super Mario galaxy did for Wii, some game for Wii U is going to show similar results to the masses as to what it’s capable of.

  15. I wonder if this will affect the relationship between Nintendo and Disney? Things could get interesting…

    1. It really makes this interesting.
      So far, Nintendo has been good enough platforms to sell Star Wars and Disney games.

      1. You guys DO know that they only licensed the Star Wars franchise to EA?

        They didn’t license any other franchises to them, nor do they have exclusive rights to develope their games, so EA doesn’t represent Disney here.

        Other companies to develop Disney games are Traveler’s Tales (IIRC A Mickey Mouse game for PS1 {Pal regions}, Capcom (classics like Duck Tales and Chip and Dale), Junction Point Studios (Epic Mickey) and Square Enix.(Kingdom Hearts series).

  16. so they made some shit up AND THAT REVEALING WHY

    did it ever cross your mind that this EA slave might actually be lying





    i love how 4+1= 17645 to a insane person

    its anti wiiu viral campaigning ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND

  17. 10mb edram xbox 360 tile rendering for two 10mb gbuffers

    wiiu 32mb edram plus 2mb edram CANNOT RUN FROSTBITE 2

    yes and i a grown man cannot lift a tv remote im so weak like wiiu Do you people ever stop and ask why there doing this




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  19. They must suck as programmers then. As there’s engines equivalent, or stronger than FB3 currently being worked on, and you think others besides Nintendo don’t already have new strong engines as well? Look at the new xenoblade type rpg game… Next gen visuals. And what about Mario U 3D? And X? There’s going to be some graphic candy on Wii U soon. It’s a shame the FB3 won’t come to wii u because of inexperienced developers on wii u hardware.

    1. Yes. That must be it: developers of one of the best/most advanced engines in the world just “suck as developers”.


  20. Exactly what I’ve been saying all this time: FB3 will not be on Wii U, despite all the fanboys on this website saying it will.

    Now suddenly, fanboys here will all diss FB3, saying it sucks and blah blah blah, only because it’s not on the Wii U. Whereas before, when they thought it WOULD be on Wii U, fanboys had nothing but nice things to say about it.

    Hilarious. Hypocrites aside, this is more sad news for the Wii U. I didn’t hope for this, I just knew it would happen is all. I actually want the Wii U to do well, because it would mean more competition, and competition breeds creativity and means good things for ALL gamers of all consoles, including Wii U.

    Unfortunately, aside from a few promising first party titles (Zelda U, Wind Waker HD, a 3d Mario title, and an unannounced Retro title that might be a Metroid game), the Wii U just keeps getting bad news constantly. It’s a shame.

      1. True. But just because the Wii U may be POWERFUL enough to run it, doesn’t mean it is capable of running it. Power is just one of many requirements.

    1. Wii U runs Crytek Engine 3 though. That’s why people don’t believe n this article. Crytek Engine 3 is more advanced then FB2 yet they said they couldn’t even put FB2 up. That just sounds fishy! I don’t think they really took the time to learn how to develop for the Wii U. They obviously don’t want to really support the console.

    2. You seem to forget what an engine programmer’s job is.
      Their job is to bring their new engine to every possible relevant system with enough potential. Not to state whether or not the system deserves their holy wisdom.

      Does the Wii U have enough potential? Yes.

      Is it a relevant system? Hell yeah! It’s typical western nonsense to even assume Nintendo has become irrelevant. The next Mario and Zelda will prove them wrong, but it’s a shame it’s gonna take that long and that many missed opportunities for them to come to this realisation.

      Right now they don’t do it because it’s not a commercial priority, that’s all. It’s not absurd, given the install base of the WiiU, but it will become after the sales have tripled (which like as not will happen even before the release of the PS4), and then they’ll suddenly come to their senses and optimize their so-called state-of-the art engines for the Wii U.

      Whether haters like it or not, the Wii U is nowadays THE state-of-the-art system. Just so.

      By that time in 2014, CryEngine 3 , Frostbite 3 and Unreal Engine 4 will run magnificently on the Wii U, and a lot of fake spit will have been swallowed back.

      1. Maybe they don’t see it that way?

        Many developers right now probably don’t see potential in the Wii U. Or maybe they DO see potential, but they’re not seeing practical application of that potential. And it takes at least one or two really good third party efforts to get that ball rolling.

        Unfortunately, game developer companies are, first and foremost, businesses. And they have to take many things into account before taking that plunge. What Wii U lacked in spades were several very-strong first-party titles that proved the Wii U had what it takes.

        The Nintendo 64, for example, had Mario 64, and soon after, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Two really huge titles that both sold console units like hot cakes, and also showed developers what could be possible with the console. Wii U doesn’t have anything even close to that caliber at the moment; it might have it soon, but it NEEDED it right off the bat, to make the console hit the ground running upon launch.

        The original XBOX had Halo, a revolutionary FPS that influenced FPS games thereafter (and still does), which is why the original Halo still holds up today, much like Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time do. XBOX 360 had Halo 3, while not as game-changing as the original Halo, it still showcased not only what could be done visually with the console, but also the breakthroughs and advancements of the XBOX Live platform, which was (and still is) an integral part of the XBOX 360’s success as well as the future of multiplayer gaming today.

        Nintendo is far behind in all of those aspects currently, and while the idea/concept of the Wii U/GamePad is promising in many respects, it alone isn’t enough to drive the console through this generation. The standard of gaming that both PS3 and XBOX 360 set in terms of online/multiplayer gaming, connectivity, graphical capabilities, game/library variety and support, etc. is something that Nintendo needed to AT LEAST match with the Wii U, in addition to providing the GamePad concept. It didn’t do that from the get-go, resulting in the slow crawl (and thus, lackluster sales performance) that the Wii U has experienced.

  21. I guess what I don’t understand about this whole deal is, if EA is not going to make Star Wars games for the Wii-U, can Disney still sell the rights to Wii-U Star Wars games to somebody else? I noticed they retained the rights to a bunch of other platforms. Does this deal even cover the Wii-U?


    wiiu version of that taki game runs using 200mb less ram for textures than ps3 and x360 right hold that thought in your BRAIN (if u have one)

    ps3 ram is 512mb no edram 50mb is lost to OS thats now 462mb for games

    wiiu has 1024mb main ram and 35mb fast ram embedded to gpu so wiiu has 1059mb total for games (we aint talking cpu catch just ram and edrams)

    edram on wiiu gpu is HUGE its more than xbox 360 wii gamecube ps2 psp combined BY A HUGE AMOUNT

    but its weak hhhhhmmmmm!!!!!!! retardation a terrible affliction…

    right the edram takes a huge amount of work away from main ram and increases performance massively it massively improves memory efficiency

    wiiu has superior compression systems and much faster latency

    the wiiu discv drive loads/streams data way way way faster than ps3s bluray not only does it load slow the way ps3 files data is also very slow

    wiiu streams data fast and has great compression and its custom drive loads data 2.5 x faster minimum vs ps3s blu ray drive

    right we have established using FACTS not idiot talk like DICE ARE DOING that wiiu is

    vastly faster at loading data , has far more ram ,has far more sram and edram to gpu,has better compression ,way better latency and last but not least is using 200mb less ram space to deliver the same ps3 textures in that taki tori game

    we have established that edram so huge takes away a huge amount of work from the main ram we also know that wiiu has a seperate ram for the OS

    right any sane person who learned ADIDING UP NUMBERS at babys school can see that wiiu with sheer ease UTTERLY DESTROYS PS3S RAM /BANDWIDTH/LATENCY /LOADING PERFORMANCE


    wiiu cpu 3mb edram catch vs x360 1mb sram catch OH BY THE WAY WIIU CAN COMPRESS CPU DATA AT 2TO1 AND 4TO1 RATIOS




    1. Except the engine is largely dependent on the CPU for calculation, and Wii U’s CPU is garbage.

        1. Says specs. Look them up, I’m not your personal Google. If you know anything about hardware and benchmarking, it would be plainly obvious to you.

          1. Specs also says that the GPU is a GPGPU, meaning it can aid in the CPU in calculating complex stuff.

            I’d say research the specs properly.

  23. Ok, this makes no sense. Considering the engine works fine on the xbox 360 and ps3. The Wii U is slightly more powerful than those consoles so I don’t have any understanding as to why it is not technically possible. Maybe its just a bad relationship between the two.

  24. I wish people wouldn’t lie to us Just tell us your being huge bitches and get over it. UGH.

  25. You haven’t the first clue about hardware. EDRAM alone doesn’t determine a console’s power. If that were the case, XBOX 360 would be orders of magnitude more powerful than PS3, but it’s obviously not.

    Power is determined by SEVERAL hardware elements, as well as the architecture of the development environment and how they operate with the hardware (and each other). Wii U has already been benchmarked, torn apart, and analyzed. It’s no longer a mystery; it is only moderately more powerful than an XBOX 360 once you account for the power needed to operate the GamePad.

    If you remove the GamePad from the equation (i.e. of the Wii U didn’t have it/need to operate it), then it would be significantly more powerful than an XBOX 360. However, that is not the case, as a fair amount of the Wii U’s raw power is tailored for the GamePad.

    Even without the GamePad, the Wii U still does not come close to the raw power of the PS4’s specifications. The processor alone on the Wii U is far, far weaker than the PS4, not to mention it has 1/8 the amount of RAM that the PS4 has, and the RAM itself is a much older, slower type of RAM, creating a bottleneck that severely inhibits the Wii U by comparison.

    Now, you could argue that “power isn’t everything”, but it’s also important to remember that power means more than just “pretty graphics”. It means larger worlds, more enemies/objects on screen, faster frame rates, smarter/more complex AI, more interactive environments, more dynamic environments (i.e. destructible environments, less “static” things that don’t more or are not affected by things like gunfire, magic spells, etc), farther draw-in distances for less pop-in issues, less tearing/glitches, etc.

    Games will just be larger, more complex, and yes prettier, on PS4 and the next XBOX than they will be on Wii U. That doesn’t mean Wii U still can’t/won’t have great, fun games, but it DOES mean it (like the original Wii) will miss out on many next-gen engines and thus, many future third-party titles. That’s the plain, cold-hard truth. You can insult me and curse me out all you want; call me a dumbass if it makes you feel better, but that doesn’t change anything I just said.

    1. Dunno bout the less glitching part. It seems like the more complex these consoles get the more problems I see in video games.

    2. Just one thing: You failed to consider the fact that the Wii U Gamepad’s only connected to the Wii U via special Wi Fi Technology, and thus, is technically a separate device from the Wii U (complete with its own batteries).

      The only trouble, though, is that it needs to send a graphics fed to it for gameplay reasons (which can be worked around by either sending the same graphics render you’ve used for the TV to the Wii U gamepad, or use less complicated imagery like 2D artwork).

      Also, just because the PS4 seems more powerful than the Wii U doesn’t necessarily mean the Wii U’s not powerful.

      Also, me guessing the PS4’s going to be more expensive compared to the Wii U to cover the costs of the console (even if it’s going to be sold as a loss – I doubt Sony would want to lose a lot of money per month when it comes to console sales).

      I think comparing the PS4 to the Wii U is like comparing the PS Vita to the 3DS: More powerful, but not necessarily more popular.

      Of course, that’s just my speculation, but the 3DS selling better than the PS Vita proves that raw power isn’t what gamers necessarily want.

        1. By the way, the majority of sources estimate the PS4 will cost around $399, which is not only in-line with the deluxe Wii U, but is also much better than the PS3 was at launch. Sony will NOT make the same mistake it did last time, especially since the economy is much worse than it was back then.

          The PS4’s specs may seem much more expensive than Wii U’s (I mean, the 8GB of DDR5 RAM alone, compared to Wii U’s 1GB of DDR3, seems pretty pricey), however: keep in mind that the PS4 also doesn’t have a 6-inch tablet controller factored into the cost. The DualShock 4 definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to be “cheap”, but it’s definitely not as expensive to manufacture than the Wii U’s GamePad is.

          And Sony will also likely sell the PS4 at a bit of a loss, unlike Nintendo. So considering the lack of having to manufacture an expensive tablet controller, and the fact that they’ll price the console at a bit of a loss, and suddenly $399 doesn’t sound too far fetched even for a console who’s specs are far more advanced than the Wii U’s at the same price level.

      1. It doesn’t use WiFi to connect the GamePad. It uses a similar wireless tech, which is akin to Bluetooth more than it is 802.11n. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Wii U’s CPU/GPU is responsible for RENDERING the images that are sent to the GamePad; in other words, the GamePad itself doesn’t render the images/video you see on the GamePad’s screen, therefore the Wii U is tasked to do so, which means a good deal of the Wii U’s overall power is used to do that, which means that developers cannot use 100% of the Wii U’s raw power for game visuals, AI, etc., a problem that PS4 doesn’t have since it doesn’t have a secondary 6-inch screen to push a separate secondary 480p video to.

        Doing so takes quite a bit of power. Think about it: the original Wii was 480p, so essentially, the Wii U has to render 720p/1080p video to your TV @ at least 30 frames per second (otherwise it’d be laggy as hell) and then also render a secondary 480p feed (i.e. equivalent to an original Wii) to the GamePad. So even if the Wii U is TWICE as powerful as an XBOX 360, it also is having to process TWICE the amount of video feed, which means there isn’t a whole lot of power left over for next-gen type graphics. Essentially, with having to push both 720p/1080p video to your TV as well as 480p separate video to your GamePad, the Wii U only has enough raw power left over to create visuals that’s are fairly akin/in-line with top-notch XBOX 360 games.

        That being said, that’s not too shabby, considering current-gen XBOX 360 games look fantastic. However, when you compare that to visuals & game sizes/environment sizes that PS4 and the next XBOX will be capable of doing, there will be a very noticeable difference.

        Again, some people might prefer XBOX 360-level visuals/game sizes with a secondary screen, some might prefer bigger environments & better visuals/smarter & more complex AI, etc. It all depends on what you look for in a game.

        All I am saying, thought, is that the people who claim there won’t be much difference visually between Wii U and PS4 are kidding themselves. And yes, I know that being more powerful doesn’t mean it’ll be more popular. But considering how poorly Wii U is currently doing (which may or may not change when some of the announced first party titles come out), an considering how the sales of PS3 & XBOX 360 have been steadily increasing in the past few years even to this very day, I doubt very much that PS4 and the next XBOX will both do as poorly as Vita has been.

        The good news is that if the Wii U DOES start to pick up after the new Zelda/Mario/Mario Kart/Smash Bros. games come out, it will breed more competition between all three companies, which means more games & BETTER games for ALL consoles. And for omni-gamers like myself who enjoy games regardless of consoles/platform, that’s very exciting!

        1. One, I said “special Wi Fi”.

          I’d assume you’d know what I meant when I said that.

          I didn’t say it uses the official standard, like what you seem to take out of my comment.

          Also, who says that it can’t use the same render for both the TV AND the gamepad?

          In fact, who says one has to render to TV as well?

          These two describe ways Off-TV play can be used.

          In fact, the only extra processing needed if you’re going either route is to downscale the graphics when it’s to be displayed on the classic controller.

          Also, stuff like 2D art doesn’t take that much processing power unless you’re doing intense mathematics to do so.

          Even 3D art can be less power hungry if it’s either optomised correctly or more primitive (ie, sacrifice pretty graphics for more power).

          By the way, it HAS been noted before that the Wii U’s GPU is actually a GPGPU (a type of GPU that in addition to being able to do graphics, can also do tasks typically handled via a CPU).

  26. It’s just about numbers. I got the PS3 when it was launched, it was the same crap. The only games I had was Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Resistence fall of man and Genji (these was the best games I found) Sony lost a lot of exclusives on the beginning, being forced to create many studios and do their own work to make the PS3 sell, there was a lot of doom and gloom too. It’s the same thing over and over, once it starts selling, 3rd parties (mostly western) start supporting it. I bet the PS4 will be the same thing, that’s why all thirds are announcing their games for both PS3 and PS4, so they won’t lose money. New platforms can’t compete with last gen ones, PS3 and 360 have more than 70mi each and their tecnology (in a business perspective: development costs x profitability) is not really old.

  27. a wii bit of thought goes a long way

    a machine that is more powerful, effective ,modern, and efficent ,and has lightning fast loading from disc, a sram catch to gpu as big as ps4 and xbox durrango combined gpus ,a aditional 32mb edram and 2mb edram also internal to gpu

    a cpu catch bigger than xbox 360 ps3 gamecube ,wii and xbox1 combined

    and huge improvments to latency bottlenecks and bandwidth a 2012 release and out of order branch predicting cpus and a dedicated HD SURROUND SOUND PROCESSOR and a ARM co cpu



    1. They are too lazy to optimize the engine to run on wii U. Just look at cryengine 3 wich they had running on the system, or as cryteks boss say – crysis 3 run beautifully on Wii U. Nuff said :)

  28. a wii bit of thought goes a long way



    4.5MB TOTAL





    THATS 35MB VS 512 K



    1. They are too lazy to optimize the engine to run on wii U. Just look at cryengine 3 wich they had running on the system, or as cryteks boss say – crysis 3 run beautifully on Wii U. Nuff said :)

  29. It’s obvious they don’t like Nintendo, folks. Get over it.

    But to those saying the Wii U is “way more powerful than the XBOX 360”, you’re dreaming. If Wii U didn’t have the GamePad to power, it would be significantly more powerful than the XBOX 360. But with it? It’s not THAT much more powerful in terms of the level of games it can run.

    And as far as how it compares to PS4 and the next XBOX: it’ll be far, far weaker. I know you all hope and think it won’t be that big of leap, but the truth is that it’s going to be similar to the difference of the original Wii compared to XBOX 360. It won’t be VISUALLY as distinguishable, maybe, but in terms of AI, enemies on screen, draw distances, frame rates, visual effects (tesilation, shadows, particle effects, lighting, etc.), anti-aliasing, size of worlds/environments, etc., Wii U will definitely be significantly behind. You can’t argue with specs, and PS4’s are far, far beyond that of the Wii U in nearly every way. Not to mention x86 architecture will make it a dream to develop for/port to.

    1. They are too lazy to optimize the engine to run on wii U. Just look at cryengine 3 wich they had running on the system, or as cryteks boss say – crysis 3 run beautifully on Wii U. Nuff said :)

      1. It’s not laziness. It’s business. Simple minds make it out to be “oh they’re just lazy” or “oh they’re just big babies cause Nintendo didn’t want Origins”, but the bottom line is that there is a lot more going on than any of you realize, and it all boils down to business decisions and what they feel is best for their company.

        You may not agree, and that’s fine. But you aren’t running the company, THEY are. I don’t necessarily love EA myself, but I also don’t demonize them like Nintendo fanboys do simply because they’re not bowing to Nintendo’s every whim.

        I do think they have made some bad choices & missed out on some great opportunities with the Wii U, however I do also agree with some of their choices, or at the very least, understand the reasoning behind some of those choices.

      1. I never said that; you’re putting words in my mouth. I simply said that x86 architecture is much easier to develop for and port to as compared to PS3’s cell, which will make the PS4 more appealing to developers, especially considering Sony also gave developers pretty much everything they’ve been asking for in terms of specs/hardware configurations.

        And making developers happy means more console support, which means more/better games, which means happy fans, which means more sales.

        That doesn’t mean there won’t be problems/issues, it just means the PS4 is in a much better place to do well than the PS3 was, or the Wii U currently is. That doesn’t guarantee it’s success, but it definitely makes it much more likely than if they went the same route that they did with the PS3.

    2. Except the Gamepad only connects to the Wii U via special Wi Fi and thus, is not technically part of the system when it comes to power.

      Since all it needs to do for the Gamepad’s screen is to send a feed to it, devs either can either use the same render for both the TV and the gamepad, or use less demanding graphics for the gamepad (like 2d art).

      1. No, the Wii U’s GPU/CPU is used to render the video prior to sending it to the GamePad, thus the GamePad requires a measurable amount of raw power in order to utilize it. The GamePad does not magically render the video by itself; the Wii U is responsible for rendering it and then pushing it wirelessly to the GamePad. In essence, the Wii U is required to render both a 720p or 1080p video feed, as well as a 480p (like the original Wii) video feed as well.

        It’s akin to having to power both an XBOX 360 as well as an original Wii; so even if the Wii U were technically “twice as powerful as an XBOX 360”, it is also required to do the work of both an XBOX 360 (and then some, since it’s rendering native 720p and sometimes even 1080p) as well as an original Wii. That doesn’t leave much spare raw power for enhanced visuals that far exceed XBOX 360, which is why all of the games for Wii U so far basically look almost identical (visually speaking) to XBOX 360 games, but with a slightly higher resolution.

        They may get slightly more visually impressive as time goes on, but don’t expect Wii I games, even in a year or two, to look really close to PS4 or next XBOX games, because that just will not be possible. The sheer leap in specs alone between the consoles makes that virtually impossible, even if developers forego the use of the Wii U GamePad screen and make full use the the Wii U’s power for the main screen/output; the gap in specs is still far too large.

        Visuals aren’t everything, for sure, but remember: “power” means more than just “prettier graphics”.

        1. As I said in my above post, who says one can’t use the same render for both the TV and the gamepad?

          Also, who says one can’t use graphically complex graphics (like 2d art, optimized 3d art or even primitive graphics)?

          And who says you’d have to render for both the TV AND the gamepad at the same time?

          Two of these can be used for off-TV play, while the third one can provide similar experiences that the NDS and the 3DS can with a third screen.

          In fact, the only processing one needs to do if one’s going down one of these three routes is to downscale the size of the graphics (kinda like resizing a picture), which doesn’t have to be that complex.

          About the power, I ALSO said that the GPU is actually GPGPU, which means that it can aid in complex calculations normally exclusive to the CPU.

          Meaning, the GPU can make the console more powerful not with just the graphics, but with the complexity with the software as well, if the programmers know what they’re doing.

  30. They are too lazy to optimize the engine to run on wii U. Just look at cryengine 3 wich they had running on the system, or as cryteks boss say – crysis 3 run beautifully on Wii U. Nuff said :)

    1. fuk off u loser, your worse then a spam bot, sheesh., grow up son, an let your balls drop a little, until then stay the hell of the internet!!!!!

  31. Nintendo Commander

    The lies from the Electrons are just endless and pathetic…

    I bet they ar eall bunch of racists with Xbot agendas trying to undermine and control everything the rest of us enjoys…

    If the Sony Unitd were smarter they would counter attack them all aswell and go back to the times before PS3…

    And I salute you Mutedpenguin!

  32. So… Dice is willing to blame their incompetence over EA’s business decisions?
    Zero respect for those guys.

  33. They seem to have forgotten what their job is.
    Their job is to bring their new engine to every possible relevant system with enough potential. Not to state whether or not the system deserves their holy wisdom.

    Does the Wii U have enough potential? Yes.

    Is it a relevant system? Hell yeah! It’s typical western nonsense to even assume Nintendo has become irrelevant. The next Mario and Zelda will prove them wrong, but it’s a shame it’s gonna take that long and that many missed opportunities for them to come to this realisation.

    Right now they don’t do it because it’s not a commercial priority, that’s all. It’s not absurd, given the install base of the WiiU, but it will become after the sales have tripled (which like as not will happen even before the release of the PS4), and then they’ll suddenly come to their senses and optimize their so-called state-of-the art engines for the Wii U.

    Whether haters like it or not, the Wii U is nowadays THE state-of-the-art system. Just so.

    By that time in 2014, CryEngine 3 , Frostbite 3 and Unreal Engine 4 will run magnificently on the Wii U, and a lot of fake spit will have been swallowed back.

    1. nah nothing will be swallowed back
      in that case they’ll just act nonchalant like nothing ever happened and they’ve been supporting the system from day one :)

      typical large publisher obliviousness




    1. Because the Wii U is currently out/available and the PS4 & next XBOX are not.

      Believe me, it will change once those two consoles are out and available. There will be a lot more talk about them then. Right now, there isn’t a lot to talk about because a) they’re probably under contract to not reveal TOO much about the PS4 since it’s not out yet and Sony hasn’t even revealed ALL the details about it yet, and b) there currently are not finished games for either the PS4 or next XBOX yet.

      It’s common sense. Use your brain, if you have one.




    1. are you RETARDED? whats up with the caps? jesus are you like 12? what is it with this site an idiotic fanboys, i was reading your posts but got fed up of your rambling, seriously most on this site are Nintendo fans, so we dont need you caps an talking like we are all 10! seriously go to school, or learn how to conversate like an adult. OR GTFO!!!!

  36. I call bullshit.
    Seriously, cryengine 3, unreal 4, all the other engines can work, i doubt it very much that FB3 wouldnt work.

    1. They are being misleading. This is EA , the same company who just put out a significantly better looking version of Need for Speed most Wanted on the Wiiu.

      I believe they slapped the xbox 360 code on , it ran at 24fps and they said ”can’t be bothered”. Now if they made an effort (like Criterion did , and even they admitted they had problems getting the game running on Wiiu) then they could make it considerably better than PS360. If they built a game from the ground up with FB2 or FB3 it would obliterate PS360 graphics.

      That’s what they were trying to say.

  37. For Dice’s incompetence, I’m going to become a CoD player,
    and let me give you a hint, there is nothing I hate more, than CoD.

    1. Why not just avoid BOTH games? You not Battlefield will be enough, buying COD instead only helps Activision, doesnt “ruin” EA or DICE

      1. It’s just my fuck you for EA.
        Though, they are already losing to CoD sales wise, so my +/-1 does not really make a huge difference.

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  39. I dont know how twitter works, but did “repi” hide that last comment or something?
    It doesnt show up when I view the discussion.

    1. that seems likely.. also because it was likely correct and identified that remark by DICE as a lie

      battlefield 4 will apparently run on xbox 360 and ps3 (since it has been announced for the 2)… there is no sensible reason why it shouldn’t also be able to run on wii U

  40. nintendo is like that kid at school that gets picked on because its not as powerful that the others but has many secret talents that blows them out of the water, but even when they see it they wont admit it because they still want to be the alpha male, nice metaphor, i think thats the correct term

    1. Nintendo Commander

      I couldn’t agree more…

      Thankfully, High Command have their commanders like me and their troops to support them all the way…

  41. FB3 can’t run on Wii U? They are seriously giving us this bullshit excuse? If the ps3/360 can run that engine, i’m pretty bloody sure the Wii U can.

  42. This is the most retarded excuse that DICE ever said! what a fucking bullshit!, DICE and EA are all the same crap!.

  43. I can’t believe they couldn’t get fb2 running… That’s a load of bull. Translation is they didn’t want to spend the time in it, not that it wouldn’t work.

  44. Dice is a part of EA. EA hates Nintendo because they rejected Origins which has received lots of problems.

    Bottom line, I call bull on this one.

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  46. EA: Wah, wah!
    Nintendo: Awe, don’t cry. What’s the matter?
    EA: We want to break some world records too!
    Nintendo: *smiles*
    EA: So we were thinking… Battlefield 4… on Wii U!
    Nintendo: *not impressed face* Okay, but just be aware that we are planning to release many 1st party games so if you want to actually make a profit you better hurry up.
    EA: *nervous chuckle* How soon are you planning to release them?
    Nintendo: Well, to name a few we have Pikmin 3 and Wonderful101 in Summer of 2013. Fall 2013 it’s our next 3D Mario, MKart, Zelda WW, Yarn Yoshi, StarF… oops!

    EA confrerence meeting:
    EA guy 1: Did you hear that…?! Starfox we can’t compete with that guys!
    EA guy 2: Uh, yeah boss this partnership that we have with Nintendo… I know we agreed on it and all but…
    EA lady: It’s not going to work out!
    EA boss: True, I’ve got an idea, if we jump ship now, we can just comeback after the smoke clears.
    EA guy 1: *just realized face* Of course! The Wii U will be popular by then!
    EA lady: Uh huh *shakes head* That will be the BEST time to take advantage of the gamers. *greedy grin*

  47. That’s rather amusing since it could run on the ps3 and 360 previously. I guess it’s understandable seeing as how the U is a gpu based system unlike the 360 and ps3; let’s also not forget that if you don’t modify the engine to work on different architecture then of course it’s not gonna have adequate results.

  48. maybe its the wii u coding I heard many developers talk about the wii u and its coding if this is true maybe wii u will be better if people or developers use different teams for the wii u particular coding I mean it sounds like wii and ps3 different tems.

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  51. “We did have Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. We were very close to launching it. But there was a lack of business support between Nintendo and EA on that. Since we as a company couldn’t launch on the Wii U ourselves—we don’t have a publishing license—Crysis 3 on Wii U had to die.”

    Honestly, if developers give the wii u a chance, they will highly see increasing numbers on their products. but then again, having endless shooters, online passes, and my personal favorite.. season passes! never the less, i love nintendos exclusives, and playstations, i do respect xbox, but there is not much great memorable exclusives there.

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  53. frostbite 2/3 x360

    10mb edram gbuffer tiled out tpo main ram second pass render 10mb edram the x360 supports a 10mb x 2 edram gbuffer to obtain 20mb gbuffer

    wiiu 32 + 2 mb edram and 1mb sram on gpu

    right 32mb edram gbuffer vs 10 or two pass 20 mb

    right now wiiu 2x pass gbuffer = 64mb ……64mb gbuffer vs 20mb EA AND DICE ARE LYING SCUM

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