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Indie Dev’s Personal Dream To See Rex Rocket’s Nintendo Console Debut

Since Nintendo has opened its doors to indie developers by handing out free dev kits, games developers are looking more and more to Nintendo consoles in order to create ports for their upcoming titles. And Rex Rocket indie developers are hoping to add the Wii U and 3DS to their PC-only game.

In a recent interview by Joystiq, Rob Maher and Tyler Bud are making it their ‘number one goal’ to see a port of Rex Rocket to Nintendo consoles. Their Kickstarter campaign was a rousing success and has currently raised over $7,000 of their $6,000 goal – a relatively small target compared to other Kickstarter pages such as the Wasteland and Torment sequels, but one that was significantly important to their development team.

Rex Rocket – a traditional 2D platformer which pays homage to classic NES titles such as Mario, Mega Man and Metroid – is currently planned for PC, of which you can see the trailer above. But it is Maher’s personal dream, however, to see Rex Rocket on Nintendo consoles:

“That is definitely my number one goal. I’ve been a huge Nintendo fan my entire life, and if Rex Rocket does make it to Nintendo, that will be another dream come true for myself. I know Tyler’s a huge Nintendo fanboy. He’s already started researching what goes into getting on the platform and all the little intricacies that go along with it.”

Rex Rocket is hoping for a January 2014 release on PC, so it’s still a long way off and the Wii U or 3DS port even longer still. But is it a title that you’d like to see on both consoles?

10 thoughts on “Indie Dev’s Personal Dream To See Rex Rocket’s Nintendo Console Debut”

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  2. So this was part of their plan all along. Well played nintendo…using the web frame network to your advantage and combining futuer designers to use kickstarter. I was wondering why you all started paying more attention to beginner designers like the creators of “A hat in time”. It’s becoming so clear to me now…and a smart move. Now, I wonder what else you got in the rest of your plan. I’m game, I’m willing to follow along, after all, “one must know in order to begin his/her dreams of being a designer of games” or should I say “content is king”! “Games are nothing more than a digital book, only difference is, you are the star and you can make the story however you please”…am I right…Nintendo? So come on, show me what the next move…I’ll be waiting.

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